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Pirate's Passage
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Pirate's Passage William Gilkerson Off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1952, fierce winds force a small boat into port The boat s pilot, the eccentric Captain Charles Johnson, takes up residence at the small inn run by Jim and his mother With each day, the captain s presence becomes valuable to the family as they struggle to keep the inn open for business and his background becomes mysterious as JimOff the coast of Nova Scotia in 1952, fierce winds force a small boat into port The boat s pilot, the eccentric Captain Charles Johnson, takes up residence at the small inn run by Jim and his mother With each day, the captain s presence becomes valuable to the family as they struggle to keep the inn open for business and his background becomes mysterious as Jim discovers how much he knows about the lives and battles of the old time pirates Who is this man whose compelling stories bring to life in such detail the day to day experience of sailing on a pirate ship And how can he possibly know so much about how it feels to grow up among the Vikings about how Francis Drake and Queen Elizabeth plotted their victories about the loves of Grace O Malley, the pirate queen of Ireland. Pirate s Passage Off the coast of Nova Scotia in fierce winds force a small boat into port The boat s pilot the eccentric Captain Charles Johnson takes up residence at the small inn run by Jim and his mother W
  • Title: Pirate's Passage
  • Author: William Gilkerson
  • ISBN: 9781590302477
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pirate's Passage William Gilkerson

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      249 William Gilkerson
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    1 Blog on “Pirate's Passage

    1. Lara Messersmith-Glavin says:

      This was a charming two day read, and a great example of what excellent history masquerading as children s fiction should look like appealing characters, a gripping plot that is both engaging and easy to relate to, a wealth of information, and an underlying thread of mystery that is never fully resolved I appreciated Gilkerson s use of technical vocabulary not once does he talk down to his audience or assume they are unable to handle new and unfamiliar words He uses them naturally and in context [...]

    2. Holly says:

      Thinly disguised as YA fiction, but this is of a history of piracy for young lads absolutely fascinating Posits that the pirate brotherhood was the first true democracy Gets a bit sloggy at times.

    3. Janet Joy says:

      I read this back in 2006 and loved it I keep suggesting to teenagers as it s a fantastic tale spun on the east coast of Canada So I was thrilled to hear that Donald Sutherland is set to produce, write and star in an animated film for CBC TV.Sutherland s production company, Martin s River Ink, Inc says work has begun on Pirate s Passage The film is based on William Gilkerson s adventure novel about a 12 year old boy who forms a tight bond with a mysterious sailor, Captain Johnson.Sutherland will [...]

    4. Paul says:

      A couple of years ago my brother passed me a copy Gilkerson s first novel, Ultimate Voyage, which you could accuse of being a young adult novel intended for an adult audience How s that Well, the story wasn t especially challenging to read, but it was peppered with some interesting metaphors and themes that many younger readers likely would not have perceived or payed much attention to Or to put it another way, the story had a depth akin to The Hobbit than Harry Potter.Pirate s passage is essen [...]

    5. Kathryn McCary says:

      A lone man in a sailboat arrives at a seaside inn in Nova Scotia in November 1952, and befriends the innkeeper s son Gilkerson uses material from Captain Charles Johnson s History of the Pirates in an interesting way to remind us that real pirates were not quite the cute characters so many children romanticize That material is interwoven with some real life behavior by his characters that helps to illustrate both the good and the bad about the pirates in Johnson s narratives A pleasant, engaging [...]

    6. Readhead says:

      I don t like this book I m sorry I just don t I think this book was intended as a nonfiction book written by someone who has written nonfiction books their whole lives Then they suddenly decided to stick a plot onto it I didn t like the plot I think it s excellent for research, however boring I had a lot of trouble dragging myself through the seemingly endless pages of this book I skimmed the last few pages Maybe it s just that I had to read it for school Anyway, I would recommend it to others, [...]

    7. Neill Smith says:

      When Captain Charles Johnson and his encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the brotherhood of pirates arrived at Jim s families inn during the winter of 1952 in Nova Scotia the life of the family changed dramatically Hounded by creditors that wanted the inn for themselves and bullied by the relatives of those creditors the family stalwartly tried to make their way When the Captain arrived they had an unconventional and uncompromising ally who helped them in the spirit of the brotherhood.

    8. Steven Buechler says:

      To have a good story one needs to build a good plot line for a reader to follow But to turn a good story into a great story a writer should add facts to the narrative which a reader learns something new through the narrative William Gilkerson has done that with his book Pirate s Passage And that is what makes not only the book a great read but the animated film worthy to watch as well.tinyurl nuwbdaf

    9. Laura (booksnob) says:

      Phew Finally finished this one While I enjoyed the pirate history and antics, my students would have liked the book to be shorter and concise It jumped around from pirate to pirate and they had a hard time keeping track Many of my students thought the ending was lame and too neatly tied up Many also compared this book to Sophie s World only with pirates instead of philosophy and I think that is a fair comparison.

    10. Phoebe says:

      Tried twice to read this Failed twice, so it s off to paperback swap

    11. Patrick says:

      Nominally young adult reading, but I had a great time with this, and would recommend it for history and fun.

    12. Maire Slater says:

      That Friday started badly, and it got worse as it went along An early winter gale was thrashing the Nova Scotia coast, and just getting out of bed was a chilling event Below, Meg ignored me at breakfast, and my mother was fretting over the inn s unpaid bills For my walk to school, there was freezing rain, with a lot of slips and one hard fall into a deep puddle of muddy slush, much to the delight of some of my classmates During morning English, I was wrongly accused and convicted of shooting a p [...]

    13. Erik says:

      A young adult novel in the sea faring genre Sounds like just the right book for my tastes, what with my having to wait for the next Thomas Kydd novel by Julian Stockwin, or and here s keeping my fingers crossed the promised second book in S Thomas Russell s nascent Charles Hayden series The premise of this meaty first novel by Gilkerson centers on Captain Charles Johnson loosely based upon a true personage , whose sailing craft comes ashore Nova Scotia in the middle of this last century He takes [...]

    14. Wanda says:

      On a dark and stormy night, a small yacht piloted by an old mariner barely makes it safely into the harbor of Grey Rocks, Nova Scotia Young Jim watched the dangerous maneuvers from his bedroom window Jim and his mother operate the family establishment the Admiral Anson Inn although times are bad and they are in danger of losing their home and establishment Then Captain Charles Johnson takes residence as a paying guest and everything begins to change for the better Mysterious as he is and not lik [...]

    15. Benjamin Elliott says:

      A young innkeeper s son becomes fascinated by a curious older man who comes to board at his mother s inn and eventually heads off on an adventure with him to save the inn from bankruptcy Yes, I just described the plot to Treasure Island, but this book purloins it for it s own purpose, mainly to disguise a textbook on Pirate History Through a series of lectures and readings included in the text, you learn alongside the main character This gets a little tedious at times, but I like history and tho [...]

    16. Missy says:

      Thought this would be good but was disappointed needed editing down or a decision on it s purpose narrative story or historical essay Too much pirate history, dense, detailed and too much to take in I wonder if a piratical fanatic boy might ike better than I did character of the pirate was intriguing, the inn interesting and the adventures of the boy readable but mixed in with the pirate history you lost he momentum Might recommend to middle grade fellow with a keen interest in pirates or histor [...]

    17. Caitlín (Ink Mage) says:

      This wasn t quite what I expected it to be Basically it is a history of pirates narrated by a strange, possibly immortal old captain who comes to stay at the inn of young Jim Hawkins and his mother Set in the 1950 s, quite a few characters have names taken from Stevenson s Treasure Island, supposedly so that no one will recognize the names of the still living people written about in the book The parts I found most interesting were the chapters about Grace O Malley, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read, as [...]

    18. Karen Bisschop says:

      General consensus was that we liked the story The historical and nautical details, however, were a bit much for most of us minority report the details were awesome It was interesting to explore a bit of history from a geographical coastal perspective A bit of too neat of an ending for Jim and his mom, but with a hint of to come.

    19. Nisha says:

      As I re rolled my newspaper, I had a spate of misgivings about what I was doing, but kept my determination Any moment he would come up the stairs, and I would strike If you re planning to read that newspaper, came his surprise voice behind me, you ll find it s several weeks old Good night.

    20. Stephanie says:

      This is a fun tale of a young boy and his new friend, who is an old man growing younger with each adventure It s a story that weaves a fictional tale with historical facts and stories of the past, sparking an interest in pirating research and tales I was hoping for a book that I could share with my young children, but this one will wait for late middle school or high school kids.

    21. Erin says:

      With a mom struggling to maintain their family inn business, Jim has his own troubles The winds begin to change, however, when Captain Charles Johnson sails into port Full of pirates, sailing and mystery with a little bit of adventure, gore and history A little on the long side.One of the most fun parts for me was reading about Alexander Selkirk.

    22. Pam says:

      Brings history to life A very enjoyable tale of adventure that contains lots of historical information and keeps the reader entertained and engaged all the way through Fun reading

    23. Emily says:

      It was good I was in the mood for a book like this one It had tonnes of pirate history in it that I would skim through when I was bored with it, but sometimes I liked reading it all and I liked the characters.

    24. Ellen says:

      The definitive pirate story No wonder this won a Governor General s Award

    25. Francine Abel says:

      Really enjoyed it, fun book

    26. Amy says:

      A fun little adventure, some pirate history told through a fun tale Are you part of the brotherhood

    27. Mary Ann says:

      This story gives the reader glimpses into the lives of well known pirates The question arises of how could this Captain be so knowledgeable about pirates of bygone years

    28. Brittany Flores says:

      I always get this and Treasure Island confused with one another whenever I think about them This book has very similar concepts to Treasure Island however, it has a lot pirate history in it

    29. Donna Mccoll says:

      An enchanting read for all ages.

    30. Rachel says:

      A cute story Interesting history about pirates.

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