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Snowbirds Crissa-Jean Chappell Secrets Were a Way of Life.But Secrets Have Gone Too FarEvery year, Lucy waits eagerly for the arrival of the snowbirds, the Old Order Amish who come trundling into Florida on buses from the north, bringing Lucy s best friend Alice, with whom she s spent every winter she can remember This winter is different At sixteen, Alice is in the middle of Rumspringa, a seasoSecrets Were a Way of Life.But Secrets Have Gone Too FarEvery year, Lucy waits eagerly for the arrival of the snowbirds, the Old Order Amish who come trundling into Florida on buses from the north, bringing Lucy s best friend Alice, with whom she s spent every winter she can remember This winter is different At sixteen, Alice is in the middle of Rumspringa, a season in which Amish teens try out forbidden temptations, in order to get them out of their system Lucy is part of a different sect, in which teens aren t allowed such bold experimentation, and she s fighting to keep up as Alice races from one wild party to the next Then, one night after just such a party, Alice vanishes Wracked by guilt, Lucy knows that she should have been watching out for Alice, but instead, she was kissing Faron, an Older Order boy shunned by his society Now, Lucy plunges into a search for her best friend while also hiding her own secret, which could put her in even danger.. Snowbirds Secrets Were a Way of Life But Secrets Have Gone Too FarEvery year Lucy waits eagerly for the arrival of the snowbirds the Old Order Amish who come trundling into Florida on buses from the north br
  • Title: Snowbirds
  • Author: Crissa-Jean Chappell
  • ISBN: 9781507200698
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Snowbirds Crissa-Jean Chappell

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      393 Crissa-Jean Chappell
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    1 Blog on “Snowbirds

    1. Mary Thompson says:

      Snowbirds is a lyrical, highly compelling story that makes you feel like you are right there in Lucy s world This is a story about the love between friends and family and also about the value of individuality and staying true to oneself Chappell paints a nuanced portrait of Amish life that illuminates without either judging or romanticizing This is the first 2017 book I ve read, but I already know it will be one of my favorites for the year.

    2. Drew says:

      Her friend giggles She s got a million rubber bracelets stacked up her arms and rainbow streaks in her hair Maybe I d dress like that, if I lived in their world They re like me and Alice The same, but different The summary of Snowbirds immediately had me hooked After reading only a few words from the inside of the dust jacket, my eyes were popping out of my head I grabbed the book off the library shelf and ran to the checkout counter well, as much as you can run in a library, anyway.I just love [...]

    3. Elisha says:

      SNOWBIRDS by Crissa Jean Chappell is a contemporary young adult drama set in the world of an Amish community in Pinecraft, Florida The book sheds light on an otherwise secretive and mysterious society and offers an unprejudiced look at this way of life, one that I knew very little about prior It was both educational and a reminder that the details of peoples lives are often just details Deep down, everyone has the same wants, needs, and desires The story is told by Lucy, a young Beachy Amish Men [...]

    4. Lisa Mandina says:

      4.5 stars actually Another great book from a favorite author Full review to come on Lisa Loves Literature soon.

    5. Erin says:

      I received this book through First Reads.The story was an interesting look inside the world of the Amish culture, something I have not read about before I really wanted to make some sort of connection with Lucy, to sympathize with the way she was brought up and her search to find her friend Alice However, I found something off putting about her, it was hard for me to really care about her situation It also didn t help that I felt the same way about the majority of the main characters Even with [...]

    6. Nola Minogue says:

      Thanks to Merit Press for sending me an advanced copy of this book I think the main problem with this book was the characters They re either stereotypes or in one minute out the next ex Crystal Lucy should ve grabbed my sympathy, but instead I found her whiny and under developed as a character This is one of those books where you can t wait for it to be over, because it just seems to drag, making the small range of pages magnify.

    7. Liza Wiemer says:

      Love this cover so much SNOWBIRDS is an unexpected, fascinating window into the Amish world Friendship and faith are powerful themes of this beautifully written novel For anyone who has been curious about what it s like to grow up in an Amish community, this is an excellent contemporary YA novel that will leave you deeply satisfied with the ending FRTC.

    8. Kim says:

      Snowbirds I grew up in Amish country in Northern New York, an area of both strict ordnungs liberal Mennonites, so the topic of this book intrigued me the moment I read the back The story is mainly set in Pinecraft, a community in Florida that consists of both Amish and Mennonite residents Snowbirds are those Old Order Amish that come south for the winter, temporarily joining the Florida community The story is told by Lucy Zimmer, a young girl in the Mennonite community Unlike the Mennonite comm [...]

    9. Jenn says:

      Snowbirds is a look inside the Amish culture in the community of Pinecraft, Florida As told through the eyes of Lucy, a teenager on the verge of a big decision whether to be baptized and stay in the Amish community she grew up in or to go her own way A very coming of age book but through a different scope than most of us are probably used to.I don t know about you, but I honestly did not know much about the Amish way of life So almost everything in this book was new to me and it was a little har [...]

    10. FlorRobles says:

      You can also find this review at The Reader and the Chef Huge thanks to the publisher for the review copy in exchange of an honest opinion.There are so many positive things about this book For starters, the cover is just gorgeous, I loved it since the very first time I set my eyes on it The story is unique along with its characters And it was a book that hooked me, for I could not stop reading it What I liked This is my very first time that I ve read a book that talks about the Amish community I [...]

    11. Katie Krantz says:

      I love this book as a YA novel because it manages to be interesting and inspiring all at once, with an interesting premise and amazing characters The plot revolving around an Amish community provides an instantly eye catching twist, but the treatment of the characters as normal teenagers who challenge institutions makes them incredibly understandable I adored that the main character, Lucy, was brave and deeply valued sisterhood Every character was given nuance and genuinely considered as a human [...]

    12. BookChic Club says:

      I m a huge fan of Chappell s and I love getting to read new books from her Her latest is a thrilling mystery set against an Amish backdrop It s a new world that I haven t really read much of and Chappell does a good job of introducing the Amish way of things without it being too infodumpy Lucy is a great character trying to find her way in the world while dealing with the constraints of being Amish and wanting for herself in life Even if you re not Amish, I feel like a lot of readers will relat [...]

    13. michelle says:

      Fantastic read by inspired author More than a slice of life of closed societies from YA POV with mystery woven into the narrative Perfect combo for me YA detective mystery element I hadn t given much thought to differences and prejudices within Amish culture This story is told entirely from the inside of a teen Mennonite who loves many things about her life but wants to be sure she is following a path true to her being.

    14. Claire says:

      A new look at the Amish not your typical bonnet fiction Lucy is Mennonite, and befriends an Old Order Amish Girl named Alice who visits Florida during the winter months It was news to me that the Old Order Amish from Maine would travel to Florida for part of the winter When Alice is 16, she enters Rumspringa a period of experimentation and freedom when the Old Order test their wings and wildness before joining the church Lucy s sect does not participate in Rumspringa, and she experiences envy an [...]

    15. Olga says:

      I liked being able to learn a little bit about a culture religion way of life not my own I also liked a glimpse into an unfamiliar side to a very familiar or touristy Florida.

    16. Suzanne says:

      Amish girls and Live Action Role Play games how can you not be intrigued Lucy dresses plain, but she s no pie baking quilt maker She makes gazebos with her widowed Dad while dreaming of studying the ocean Every year she looks forward to the migration of Old Order Amish, including her bff Alice, from up north to seaside Sarasota But this year Alice is on Rumspringa, and she s gone a little wild Then she goes missing and Lucy sets out to find her Reading this in winter, I loved the references to m [...]

    17. Sarah says:

      bookaday Rumspringa, Old Order and Mennonite Amish, friendship, love, secrets, mystery, Florida and Maine Lots of interesting dynamics and plot features, but the dialogue lacked identity and the narration was distancing I did not develop a friendship with Lucy the way I tend to do with most first person young adult narrators.

    18. A. Musquiz says:

      4.5 stars Review coming soon

    19. Sara Smith says:

      I received a free copy of this book through the Giveaways program.Snowbirds is a different view of the Amish than most Amish books I ve read that sweetly cover the issues facing Amish youth This one delves into the POV of Lucy who longs to go to college and not do the womanly chores that her father wants her to learn as a 16 year old Her friend, Alice, is one of the snowbirds who comes down from Maine to Florida every year to pass the winter Alice is bound and determined to run away from her old [...]

    20. Nona says:

      Lucy, belongs to the Mennonite Amish, they have relaxed rules than the old order Amish from up north Alice, Erin s best friend comes with her mother and other old order Amish to Florida yearly Old order teens have a time of Rumspringa, where they live free of rules before making a life commitment to remain Amish Alice persuades Lucy to go with her to a Rumspringa party on the beach, the girls go their separate ways after the party and Alice turns up missing Lucy feels responsible for not lookin [...]

    21. Isabel Webb says:

      I received this from a giveaway This book was so intriguing I never wanted to put it down It s different, thrilling, sweet, sad, and everything in between I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    22. Lacey says:

      sNOw thank you Thanks anyway Boy did I dislike this book Sad Full review at Forever Young Adult.

    23. Allison B. says:

      3.5 stars I gave this book 3.5 stars because it was about an Amish girl trying to choose either to do what she wants or have a good reputation in her Amish community Lucy meets a shunned Amish boy named Faron and she slowly falls for him but then everything comes to a halt when her best friend Alice goes missing and Lucy feels responsible The plot was good all the way through this point but when Lucy decides o go looking for Alice the plot line starts to lag a little There is no real trying to f [...]

    24. Kate Baxter says:

      This coming of age story set in Pinecraft, Florida peeks into the secretive world of the Amish whether Old Order or Beachy Amish Mennonite Who even understood the difference It s told through the life and heart of a teen girl straining to be set free from religious and familial expectations It has all the pathos, wonder, enchantment and tension of true teenage life with the secretive Amish element added to the mix.The clipped sentence structure initially felt breathless but eventually, one grew [...]

    25. Susie Dodge says:

      Young adult novel I picked up at the library hoping my daughter would read it, but I did instead I have always been drawn to novels about the Amish and this one is set in two places I love, Lido Key, Florida and Acadia National Park in Maine Interesting mystery and a look into the different ways of Amish life.

    26. Kristy says:

      3.5 stars I picked up this book purely based on the cover When I learned it was, in fact, Amish teen fiction, I considered putting it back I m glad I gave it a try, though, because I ended up really enjoying it I learned a bit about the Amish Mennonite communities, particularly Rumspringa and shunning It was interesting enough to recommend.

    27. Rita says:

      Amish youth rebel from the old ways and leave families Lucy s best friend goes missing and Lucy is desperate to find her, hopefully still alive.

    28. Kim Baccellia says:

      Beautifully written tale of the Old Order Amish and two friends with secrets set in Florida and Maine.

    29. Harlan says:

      Fantasticly poetic, especially the ending Love it.

    30. Amy Christiansen says:

      I thought this was interesting story line I am always intrigued to learn about cultures and religions that are different than mine, even in fictional stories Lucy is driven to live a different life than her father and religion culture dictate This is a recurring theme as she blames herself for her friend, Alice, who goes missing.

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