Gordon S. Wood
Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different
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Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different Gordon S. Wood American History In near fine condition, clean and unmarked.. Revolutionary Characters What Made the Founders Different American History In near fine condition clean and unmarked
  • Title: Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different
  • Author: Gordon S. Wood
  • ISBN: 9781594200939
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different Gordon S. Wood

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    1 Blog on “Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different

    1. Will Byrnes says:

      Wood offers a chapter each to a slew of household names from the time of the Revolution It is like getting to read a very well informed mini biography on each One thing I found was that the turmoil of the post revolutionary period left me in a bit of a daze There was not only considerable diversity among the founders in terms of their macro views if not their gender or ethnicity and when this is combined with the rapid and significant changes the foundling nation was undergoing, it makes the who [...]

    2. Trisha says:

      I picked up this book at the library on July 3 so I could start reading it the next day My plan was to spend most of the 4th trying to learn a little about some of the founding fathers It was a great idea, however I probably should have picked something a little less daunting since this book was obviously intended for people who had paid attention during their history classes and were already familiar with the founders Nevertheless I kept at it and if nothing it has proven that I am woefully i [...]

    3. Jim says:

      An excellent book that looks at the characters of the American Revolution what made them different The book assumes a working knowledge of the time period since it focuses on eight men what their motivations were Extensively documented, other readings are suggested as needed His basic premise is that these men were revolutionaries that fought themselves out of a job If he has a political axe to grind, he kept it out of his writing as far as I could tell, which I appreciated, especially after rea [...]

    4. Anthony says:

      Gordon S Wood is Professor of History at Brown University He received the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for History for The Radicalism of the American Revolution and the 1970 Bancroft Prize for The Creation of the American Republic, 1776 1787.Revolutionary Characters What Made the Founders Different is a series of essays covering each of eight different founding fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Paine, and Aaron Burr Rathe [...]

    5. Ryan says:

      Revolutionary Characters was a fun, easy to read book, that brought to life the characters of the American Revolution A common lament since the days of the founding fathers has been Where have such leaders gone This book argues that these men were the product of a unique period of history, and a unique set of ambitions For the most part, they truly tried to serve the greater good rather than their own self interest not because they were of better moral fiber, but because that was the vogue of th [...]

    6. Vincent Li says:

      Similar to the Idea of America in that Revolutionary Characters is a collection of previously written essays edited for a popular audience I actually fairly enjoy the format, which paints the main themes of Wood s work the gentlemen culture, republicanism, and the birth of democratic culture while still being accessible unlike the very dense Radicalism of the American Revolution worth a read, but hardly a poolside read The book consists of short biographical sketches of Washington, Franklin, Je [...]

    7. Jon says:

      I enjoyed listening to these essays during my daily commute I learned many things about my American history and heritage It also inspired me to read some of Thomas Paine s works I think I have also found a way to get non fiction into my reading diet It s definitely enjoyable to listen to and focus on via an audiobook then overcoming the stigma of reading what amounts to a textbook.

    8. Robin Friedman says:

      America s Founders And American IdealsFor much of our history, the leaders of the American Revolution and the framers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution enjoyed iconic, mythic status But they have also been subjected to criticism and debunking, based on their alleged elitism, racism, and sexism in our increasingly cynical, skeptical age.In his recent collection of essays, Revolutionary Characters What Made the Founders Different 2006 , Gordon Wood offers thoughtful meditations o [...]

    9. Brian Willis says:

      This book is a collection of reworked essays profiling the personal qualities and philosophies of the following Founders Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Adams, Paine, and Burr It serves as an excellent introduction or refresher on the character and qualities of those founders with the central thesis that the very establishment of the American republic guaranteed that the people who would be chosen to lead it would never replicate the quality of the founders These founders wit [...]

    10. James says:

      Beautifully written, and a useful one stop for those who already know some revolutionary war history to gain deeper insight into the unique legacy and true character of the major founders Gordon Wood is a conservative in the classic sense, and it is his insightful essay on the decline of the intellectual of leadership of great men and the rise of the unthinking masses which I found most original and a little saddening Highly recommended.

    11. Louise says:

      Wood sets the stage for his biovignettes of selected revolutionaries by describing their world Each was influenced positively or negatively by the aristocracy of the old world.The best essay on character as I took the title is that of Washington, probably because he had so much of it GW not only rejects the opportunity to be like a monarch, he actually frees his slaves and provides for those too feeble to benefit from freedom Washington worries about the propriety of this and that and is careful [...]

    12. Ryan says:

      While Gordon Wood is one of the leading historians of the 18th Century nascent American republic and his depth and breadth of knowledge is remarkably impressive, this book comes across as a pale version of Joseph Ellis s Founding Brothers, with the essays on select founders Too often does the author come across as lecturing the reader about these significant revolutionary men instead of simply weaving a binding and mesmerizing analysis that continually engages the reader upon each page turn Ther [...]

    13. Ashley Nef says:

      A series of essays essentially outlining just how different from us the founding fathers were as seen by the cultural standards of their day Enlightening, and sometimes quite engaging Overall, a good introduction to the founding fathers to get a sense of them, their times, and the attitudes behind the founding of America My favorite essay was on George Washington he strongly argues that Washington was without exception the greatest president we have ever had, an opinion I eagerly share with him [...]

    14. Jonelle says:

      Some of the poli sci jargon was over my head, but I am glad I read this book After reading it, though, I am amazed that America has become what we are today and that it took only four score and seven years before we erupted into Civil War the Founders were as different and at times cantakerous as our modern day politicians and talking heads With that said, though, these were some pretty amazing men one thing that was really interesting, for the Enlightenmnet period only six I think that was the [...]

    15. Stan Lanier says:

      A very good introduction to some of the leading characters of the American Revolution I found it particularly enriching to read this in conjunction with Joseph J Ellis s Founding Brothers Two caveats that may deter some readers 1 The book is a reworking of earlier individual essays thus, no narrative flow,as such 2 It is clearly a work in academic prose rather than the language of a storyteller The portraits drawn are interesting and much can be earned when compared with one s own understandings [...]

    16. Curtis says:

      After reading several books about the Revolutionary period, I doubted whether this book would be able to offer anything new, especially considering its size when compaired to Gordon Wood s other massive tomes on the subject However I was thoroughly surprised when I discovered that the author lived up to his name and delivered a fascinating new take on the founders While the stories he tells about them were familar, his interpretations of events, their causes and results, and their effects on mod [...]

    17. William Thomas says:

      what seemed to me to be of a retort to gore vidal s book of the same kind, and in by far a academic endeavor than gore s, this book comes off without bias, detailing in a short and direct way, the personal lives and intimacies of the founding fathers bravo to gordon wood for including Thomas Payne in this book as a father of America, as well as to his detailing the individual mindset, theories, philosophies, mannerisms and quirks of each of the different men, showing us that they were not all [...]

    18. Tom says:

      That old rascal Aaron Burr warned us about historians, who always distrusted the prejudices of historians who shade their studies in a particular direction Professor Wood, while as brilliant a researcher as ever opened a diary or letter, is so in love with the egalitarian and republican attitudes of the likes of Jefferson and even Paine s philosophy, that this effort annoyed my 18th Century attitudes and Tory nature to its roots Ah, for such skills, and a truly objective and disinterested approa [...]

    19. Jocelin says:

      This was a very fascinating biography on the founders of our nation I really enjoyed the chapter on George Washington The information that was presented about him was something that I was not aware of in the past I am glad that the author chose to encompass the entire life of the founders instead of just focusing on one area He presented each of the men as just that, men They were not perfect, divine or overtly horrible They were flawed and imperfect, but they were leaders and forgers of our nat [...]

    20. Kiera Beddes says:

      There was a chapter dedicated to each of the Founding Fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Paine and Aaron Burr although I don t know for the life of me why anyone would want to dedicate a whole chapter to stupid Aaron Burr I appreciated that Wood took a honest look at each man, without all the hero worship that you find so often in history textbooks All their virtues and faults were discussed as well as their contr [...]

    21. Mike says:

      This is another popular look at the Founding Fathers This book is a collection of essays written by the famous author, Gordon Wood, each a short biographical sketch There are many interesting insights and I think this book is a great start for anyone to read about the great characters of the period There is also enough information here that any student of history would enjoy the read.

    22. Matthew Sparling says:

      A unique perspective on the Revolutionary men including some of the lesser known and how their personalities and beliefs shaped their politics A good book for someone interested in either revolutionary war history or political history.

    23. Kevin says:

      Nearly all of what follows has been previously published, either in articles, reviews, or books Gordon S WoodAnd there you have it If you have ever read anything about the eight founding fathers founders briefly summarized in this book then don t bother with Gordon Wood s Revolutionary Characters.On the other hand, if you never read anything about George Washington et al, don t remember anything from high school or college and are not interested in learning a whole lot, then Wood s work will pr [...]

    24. David says:

      Gordon S Wood s book on the founders of the United States presents a series of biographical sketches compiled from a selection of his published works He uses both previously written articles as well as books he has written and condensed them for this compilation The chapters examine the expected Characters like Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and Adams Wood also discusses the relevance of men like Thomas Paine and Aaron Burr in their relation to the founders in the last two ch [...]

    25. Lynn says:

      This book spurs me to read by Gordon S Wood These essays, taken from his other books and articles definitely explain how the founders were indeed different and how that lead them to leadership He focuses on Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Paine and Aaron Burr their contributions, the myths, and the realities The founders all shared the belief that those of the aristocracy well educated gentlemen and gentlemen had strict meanings back then, and disint [...]

    26. Javier says:

      I enjoyed this book so much It s a collection of chapters on each of the founding fathers and it offers fascinating insights on many of them It s interesting even if you already know quite a bit about some of the main characters.

    27. Martin Siesta says:

      very accessible and broken down into essays, Very helpful at understanding the origins of the separate branches of government, the Constitution and the rationale of the various players Enlightening

    28. Dhartridge says:

      Good but a bit jargon heavy even for this poli sci major The piece on Washington interested me the most I also appreciated reading about the founders struggles to devise our system of government, a contentious project than we might like to think.

    29. Alexa says:

      organization of the chapters a bit disjointed but otherwise stellar.

    30. Paris Abell says:

      This is very well researched and well written and it gives a brand new perspective to the founding fathers I will add that it s a little slow, but otherwise readable.

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