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Madonna Andrew Morton Andrew Morton, who brought us the megabestselling Monica s Story and Diana Her True Story , now presents the inside scoop on another world famous celebrity Madonna What s she really like How has she been able to modify her onstage image so successfully And what can we expect from her in the future Morton reveals all. Madonna Andrew Morton who brought us the megabestselling Monica s Story and Diana Her True Story now presents the inside scoop on another world famous celebrity Madonna What s she really like How has she b
  • Title: Madonna
  • Author: Andrew Morton
  • ISBN: 9781854798886
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Madonna Andrew Morton

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      164 Andrew Morton
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    1. Alex says:

      I quite enjoyed Andrew Morton s take on the life and career of Madonna From her modest Italian American upbringing, to her days as a dance major in Ann Arbor who knew , to her early days in New York which sound like something out of Rent , the book s first half reads like a Horatio Alger success story Once a recording contract and MTV come calling, her career trajectory is pure nostalgia for any kid of the 80s You ll remember where you were when you first saw the video for Lucky Star, first hear [...]

    2. Jane says:

      Read the first 50 pages it never caught my interest or attention.

    3. Ma. Lalaine says:

      It is an unauthorized biography of the icon I picked it up because of her strong persona And since 2014 is my brave year, it is perfect read for January.Madonna is idolized by Myrene or Maps Academia who is a bass guitarist I adore I imagined she read this so I hope to do the same Gaya gaya lang.The book trace back the history of her ancestor particularly her father Her mother died early on when she was five years old Her passion to dancing taught her discipline and make her ambitious I like how [...]

    4. Kitt-e-kat says:

      The beginning few chapters are slow cause it talks about her italian family ancestors and how her parents met When Madonna was born the chapters were most interesting This is written by hear say and by people she knew so not sure how much is really true From all the documentaries I ve read about Madonna they all seem to be the same about her character as a hard, street smart, star driven no matter how many people she used and hurt in the business to get noticed I ve always been a big fan of hers [...]

    5. Mandy says:

      An in depth look at the carefully constructed making of an icon, what drove her outrageous behavior and her insatiable hunger for fame No surprise at her rud illuminati affiliations because her need for adulation and love seemed to have broken her moral ethical compass, but I do give her tremendous credit for her exemplary work ethic, her shrewd business sense, her strength as a woman, her musical genius, being a visionary, for pushing creative boundaries and for being am amazing icon especially [...]

    6. Angela says:

      Absolutely dreadful He gets good stories from people who once knew Madonna, but blows any shred of credibility by getting simple facts wrong One such glaring error is Morton repeatedly referring to the movie Shanghai Surprise as Shanghai Express Shanghai Express is a Marlene Dietrich movie from 1932, 26 years before Madonna was even born These aren t obscure facts, they can very easily be found on any fan run Madonna website As interesting as some of the stories are, any book that has quite obvi [...]

    7. Matthew says:

      Since falling in love with Madonna s music a few months ago, I felt the need to read up on her life Andrew Morton writes very clearly and with just enough detail, and his British perspective made the book all the interesting He makes you fall in love with, pity, and sometimes despise Madonna Since she is so out there and versatile in her work, the range of emotions and viewpoints this book presents is appropriate The con to the book is that it was published in the early 2000s so I think a seque [...]

    8. Tory says:

      Not a well written biography The chronology was difficult to follow with the author reaching ahead in time to draw a connection I prefer reaching back and reminding me of pertinent connections I disagree with some who felt the author was too infatuated with Madonna to tell it like it is In fact, he s quite critical of her hypocrisy and other fallibilities most notably her acting I enjoyed learning about Madonna s psychological make up and some of the stories behind her songs, as well as how hard [...]

    9. Tom Schulte says:

      This 2001 title may be too older for people interested in the Madonna of the last decade, but it is fine for me I was mostly interested it it was actually true she was from Rochester, Michigan she is and what her earliest music days were like she gave up a promising universigty start dancing on the stage in order to live the gutter life playing drums in a punk band at CBGB s I dig that However, her trodding over friendships to climb the ladder and shallow approach to her sex life belittled her i [...]

    10. Cristina says:

      I read this book when it came out, and I really thought the writer was kissing Madges ass throughout I was only 18 when I read this and I was a little naive but I was really curious to understand the childhood of Madonna then After finishing the book I just felt like the writer really wanted to please his subject and not say anything negative Almost 10 years later I read her brothers biography on his relationship with Madonna and I realized that even though Christophers Ciccones bio is less prof [...]

    11. Savita Ch-isb says:

      I recommend this book because I like Madonna every much She is pretty and sexy She is good at dancing, singing, photographing, and painting She live her life tough before she has become a superstar Even her mom was dead when she was young however, she has so much spirit which lead her to one of the most famous singer in the world however, I don t her religion life style because she did the abortion for 4 times in her life You should read it if you want to know about her secret life

    12. Lena Tumasyan says:

      This is very introsective, deep look at Madonna s background, particularly her family, her upbringing, and what caused her to be the woman and superstar that she is It s very interesting The author had great quotes from interview and the book was organized very well It ends at the time that she married Guy Ritchie and released her Music album This is a very interesting biography I really enjoyed listening to it on Audiobook

    13. Helen says:

      The style of writing was very verbose Find some sentences repetitive I finished the book and didn t really feel that I knew anything new about Madonna I didn t like in some instances where the author wrote about the history of the times than of Madonna herself Could have saved himself some paragraphs of writing.

    14. Dena says:

      Andrew Morton is no J Randy Taraborrelli, but he s capable of digging up a tidbit or two There s not much about Madonna s publicity approved image we don t know about and what we don t know isn t truly accessible to unauthorized biographers Also, Madonna won t be interesting enough for a real biography until her fame starts to collapse in on itself I look forward to that day.

    15. Giuseppe says:

      Morton s a scuzzball, which isn t to say the book didn t hold my interest However, he comes across as a real loser who s really just looking to trash people, both subtlety and overtly It s good trash reading I will say, though, the true story of Madonna will only be known if she ever decides to tell all.

    16. Lindsay says:

      Madonna s story just isn t that interesting She is apparently a very hard worker, and I respect that Sean Penn evidently is quite a loon, not that that surprises anyone.Andrew Morton is an ATROCIOUS writer He constantly uses the passive tense and words that don t exist insanitary instead of unsanitary, among many others and fails to make subjects and verbs agree shudder

    17. Penelope says:

      Not very good at all So contrived and forced You d think that Madonna s life would lend the reader some inspiration But this book is just pure speculation and projection Maybe some facts thrown in here and there The only good part of the book are the pictures She truly is a beautiful, cool and talented woman.

    18. Alex says:

      How Madonna became Madonna has long been intriguing to me ever since I was able to recognize her type The book has some great bits where her personality is manifested, but it has too much fluff to receive any hearts than I gave.

    19. Danielle LaPresta says:

      Of course it was amazing s about Madonna It s been a while since I read it thoughybe I should re read it.

    20. Meredith says:

      It was fluff I thought the parts about her and Sean Penn were interesting It ends in 2001 with her living happily every ever with Guy Ritchie yeah.

    21. Jayden Curtis says:

      Well the book started out a little slow and boring So it took me awhile to finish it Later on in the story it started to get interesting.

    22. Alicia says:

      Not the fun, trashy read I thought it would be I felt like I was slogging through a really long, terribly edited article.

    23. christa says:

      i kept losing track of how many people madonna slept with but it really made me want to travel to detroit.

    24. Mme. Bookling ~ says:

      Haa A guilty pleasure for sure Madonna is a surprising chameleon, even admirably so Very entertaining and the worthwhile while playing trivial pursuit.

    25. Kirsten ( says:

      I simply cannot pass up an entertainment bio, sorry.

    26. Kristen says:

      Morton seems to be in awe of Madonna to the point he doesn t tell me anything I didn t know before The book is pretty slim and really only gives the greatest hits of Madonna s life, there s far interesting biographies that go in depth Instead of focusing on the singer he spends sections detailing historical things or other people that he tries to give the most tenuous connections to Madonna His quotes all seem to come from unnamed sources and or ex boyfriends that he blames for the breakups of [...]

    27. Alexander Kargin-Utkin says:

      Book is good, but character is really bad.

    28. Redfox5 says:

      How the hell does Andrew Morton make his books about fascinating celebrities so dull I m glad I m done with this It s a shame because I m a Madonna fan and I was really looking forward to it There are some good bits in here which keep the pages turning but then you ll hit a brick wall where you have to keep forcing yourself to keep going Yes I did find out some things that I didn t know about her but it wasn t really worth the 237 pages Sad towards the end as it ends on a hopeful note but we kno [...]

    29. carrie says:

      I did not get all the way through this, but another person s comment about losing track of how many people Madonna slept with is spot on For a shorter Madonna bio, check out the one written by Mary Cross, from Greenwood Press It s condensed and less gossipy, but if you re looking for a quick overview of Madge s life, up to and including her recent marriage, that s the way to go.

    30. Kimmy says:

      I thought this was better than the newest Madonna book Tells so much about her growing up, family life, coming to be but it s unauthorized, so who knows how much is really true Andrew Morton is well renowned as a biographer though Pretty good book.

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