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Mormon Doctrine
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Mormon Doctrine Bruce R. McConkie This work on Mormon Doctrine is designed to help persons seeking salvation to gain that knowledge of God and his laws without which they cannot hope for an inheritance in the celestial city Since it is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance of God and his laws, and since man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation, it foThis work on Mormon Doctrine is designed to help persons seeking salvation to gain that knowledge of God and his laws without which they cannot hope for an inheritance in the celestial city Since it is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance of God and his laws, and since man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation, it follows that men are obligated at their peril to learn and apply the true doctrines of the gospel This gospel compendium will enable men, effectively, to teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom to be instructed perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God, that are expedient for them to understand D C 88 77 78.. Mormon Doctrine This work on Mormon Doctrine is designed to help persons seeking salvation to gain that knowledge of God and his laws without which they cannot hope for an inheritance in the celestial city Since it i
  • Title: Mormon Doctrine
  • Author: Bruce R. McConkie
  • ISBN: 9780884940623
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mormon Doctrine Bruce R. McConkie

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    1. John says:

      The author was never reticent about expressing his views as fact Fortunately, as he gained knowledge, he was quick to modified his views Since he passed away in 1985, his views expressed in this book have been frozen in time while if he were still around they might be different The information is this book should be considered one stop on the path of gospel research and not the destination.

    2. Jim says:

      No other book has done damage to the LDS church than this collection of Elder McConkie s opinions When first published at the time Bruce R McConkie was not an apostle yet it was pulled from the shelves by David O McKay who found it so offensive he asked McConkie not to republish it even if he did make corrections.If you visit the southern U.S you will not find a single pastor that does not have a collection of quotes from Mormon Doctrine that he can pull out if any of his flock express interest [...]

    3. [Name Redacted] says:

      This book is interesting because of the insight into Bruce R McConkie s personal views on the religion it s unfortunate because he presents them as though they were the official and doctrinal stances of the LDS Church This is not an official statement of belief or doctrine of the LDS Church The LDS Church does not consider it canonical Unfortunately, many people, both LDS and non LDS, have taken it at face value One of the differences between the LDS Church and many other organized churches is t [...]

    4. John Robertson says:

      If the people who wrote all the negative reviews of this books were to honestly and thoroughly read any of the following WITHOUT knowing their source to be scripture, they would review those works no less harshly than they have reviewed Elder McConkie s book The Old Testament Seriously What they hate about McConkies book is generally what fits perfectly with scripture, and is even plainly taught in the scripture in many instances, but does not fit with their few favorite scriptures read in isola [...]

    5. Andrew says:

      Never has a book been so poorly named.Written ostensibly as an encyclopedic overview of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, Mormon Doctrine is instead a remarkable and at times terrifying introduction to the perspectives of one very prominent mid 20th century General Authority of the church It is hard to overstate how alien the doctrines in Mormon Doctrine appear to me, a practicing Mormon Abrasive, myopic, condescending, and often simply incorrect, this book represen [...]

    6. Chad says:

      One of the definitive Mormon doctrinal encyclopediae, helpful for anybody with deep questions about what the church believes Offers concise summaries of Mormon beliefs about everything from sex, Sundays, and the nature of god to the location of the lost tribes of Israel and the second coming of Christ.McConkie was infamously opinionated, and peppered the first edition with rants against chiropractors, psychologists, hypnotists, and the Catholic church Church leadership required him to remove mu [...]

    7. Jon says:

      A recommended this book for its clarity and eloquence, but the title is a little misleading They should have stayed with the accurate title Bruce McConkie s Personal Opinion About Different Gospel Stuffs.The 1st edition is much spicier if you can find it.And while the book itself doesn t contain much in the way of a narrative or drama, the story of how the book was published and republished has enough drama for a week of telenovelas.

    8. Scott says:

      When I first encountered this as a missionary, I could not get enough of it I read it with all five fingers usually marking places at once of other entries that I needed to read I would read one, and two or three others would come to my mind that I also wanted to check out eventually I gave up using my fingers I didn t have enough and got slips of paper instead Those were heady days It is noteworthy that McConkie, even as an apostle, does not have the authority to state what is doctrine for the [...]

    9. Cassy says:

      It s an interesting approach to explaining Mormonism Though it can t be classified as doctrine being that it is the opinion of one man and not endorsed by the church itself, it does offer some interesting and rather insightful view points about the LDS faith But of course to find absolute truth, all ideas and comments made in the text must be compared with what is in the scriptures and what the prophets, through modern revelation, have told us is truth.

    10. Matthew Fellows says:

      I feel weird giving this just one star in the same way I feel weird giving a movie like Troll 2 just one star inasmuch as both are so heinously awful and repulsive that it is morbidly enjoyable to experience them Thrill seekers are advised to read through the section on evolution in its entirety.

    11. Tom Doggett says:

      Most of the book is quite fine and a good place to begin a study of a particular Mormon doctrine but contains a number of entries that are, to be frank, alarming in both their strength and their position Higher Criticism, Evolution, Caste System, and a number of others Definitely not what the title describes, but accurately is Elder McConkie s 1960s and 1970s Doctrine.

    12. Danny says:

      Like one of the other reviewers, when I first picked up a copy of Mormon Doctrine, I just started reading it, and only superficially recognized that it was a resource book Also, I believe that the book was in a state of flux and I wish it could still be getting updates from where Elder McConkie is laboring now.

    13. Lori says:

      Although this book has now become Mormon Opinion by many mainstream LDS, I love that this apostle was bold enough to try and define what exactly Mormon doctrine is I have referenced this book several times during my life.

    14. Kate Zooties says:

      Total horse shit.

    15. David says:

      Critics of this book are like fish without scales and fins Those that understand the scriptural symbolism will understand the review.

    16. Krista says:

      My dad read this to me as I was going through high school It is Bruce R McConkie s opinion on church doctrine.

    17. Erneilson says:

      I have to hand it to Elder McConkie he knew his scriptures and one can t fault him for striving to know and understand God s word This book has been a bit problematic in that interspersed with sound doctrinal exegesis there are many strongly held opinions regarding areas where there has been less light forthcoming I have great respect for him and his efforts to educate the saints His strident take on evolution, the negro race, Catholicism and other areas probably mellowed over the years and my o [...]

    18. Traek says:

      Somewhat informative on topics such as basic concepts of faith and historical context However, much of Bruce R McConkie s personal opinion is stated as doctrine and has either been specifically contradicted by later leaders or has been outright denounced Still, like many books, there is much good in it if the reader is discerning and knows what topics this book can easily address.

    19. James Badger says:

      Well, I can t say that I didn t enjoy this book, because I certainly did, but I didn t enjoy it in the same way that I did when I read it as a 14 year old On that particular go round I had a difficult time with the passages dealing with the fact that, according to Bruce, black people would never get the priesthood because of the sins of their parents millenia before I still don t like those passages, but since Bruce R McConkie and I no longer share a common belief system, his ridiculousness does [...]

    20. Jordan says:

      I have heard a lot of negative things about this book, but I was extremely impressed The breadth and depth of the book are impressive and a learned a ton I found the text to contain a high degree of citations to other trusted books such as Doctrines of Salvation, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and of course the scriptures While some people disagree with his theories I didn t find any to be doctrinally unsound, I just think people try to put boundaries on God instead of accepting that th [...]

    21. Richard Norman says:

      Bruce R McConkie was one of the greatest LDS scholars of our time and his years of notes were compiled into this book It is different than other books you read From cover to cover it is comparable to an encyclopedia Topic after topic is covered in brief definitions in alphabetical order Mormon Doctrine is an excellent reference book for talks, personal study, research, and gaining gospel knowledge Though I cannot say I have read it from cover to cover I can say I have spent many hours using it [...]

    22. Clint says:

      Although not officially sanctioned by the Church, it was the best encyclopedic reference on Mormonism for it s day And yes, I have read it from cover to cover For a newer reference see either Encyclopedia Of Mormonism a semi official Church publication or True to the Faith an official Church publication.

    23. Bradley says:

      If you want to read the REAL nitty gritty that the Mormon leadership does NOT want you to see, scrounge up the 1958 edition This was the raw text, and pestered the LDS big wigs mightily.This tome amounts, to the rest of us, to a confession as its contents are shocking, and at times scary The only nail you need to seal the coffin regarding the are the Mormons Christians debate.The vehement anti Roman Catholic diatribe is a must read Don t look for this in later, watered down, editions

    24. Brad Mclaws says:

      I first obtained my own copy of this book as an undergrad I gave it to myself as a gift after taking the GMAT I have moved from big fan of McConkie to being pretty critical of his theology so to speak as I have aged Much of what is in this book I no longer agree with I think it is his conservative opinion of Mormon Doctrine This is part of the reason it is not approved by the church That said it is a classic of Mormon literature.

    25. Fred D says:

      I have to give this book a lot of credit It taught me a lot about the beliefs of the LDS Church during a time when I was investigating the Church I was hungry for information However, despite the book s name, this book should not be taken as official Church doctrine It is evident that Elder McConkie s personal opinions sometimes did manage to creep into the book, and sometimes I disagreed with him.

    26. Markii says:

      where to begin well the first edition s of this book included McConkie s doctrine on the blacks being inferior to whites many other fun gems as well later editions made ommitions after this book was written, all publications by general authorities of the church had to be approved by the first presidency mcconkie was an apostle.

    27. Melissa says:

      I would give this book a much higher rating if it was actually Mormon doctrine and not Bruce R s opinions of Mormon Doctrine Although he is correct in many instances he is also very far off the actual doctrine in others His opinion in the end may turn out to be correct but that doesn t make it doctrine currently.

    28. Brian says:

      I like where it says President Spencer Kimball had a divine revelation pertaining to the previously held ban on black men entering into the priesthood, and this revelation told him to lift that ban This was 1978 I guess He God had been busy with other things before he got around to taking care of that one.

    29. Kevin Gardner says:

      Although this title is a misnomer, the book is not Mormon Doctrine, like some possible teachings of Mormonism I like the first edition, much controversial but closer to what early Mormons taught and believed excepting Adam God and Blood Atonement along with a few others As always there are changes to the doctrines within Mormonism.

    30. Melody says:

      A good source for looking up the church s stand on various topics IMy first baby was full term stil born the bishop siad no need to record But I read Mormon Doctrine and made a different decision Of coursce, we must always look to the most recent discussions by current church leaders to get the most accurate info.

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