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Banger Aria Cole Meet Tobias Banger He s the demanding, dominant, sexy as sin CEO of Banger Industries, and he s used to getting what he wants Every time He s built a Fortune 500 company from the ground up The last thing he needs is a pretty woman distracting him from his empire Curvy, sassy secretary Ellis Ford isn t just any pretty woman Fresh out of college, she s smart, focusMeet Tobias Banger He s the demanding, dominant, sexy as sin CEO of Banger Industries, and he s used to getting what he wants Every time He s built a Fortune 500 company from the ground up The last thing he needs is a pretty woman distracting him from his empire Curvy, sassy secretary Ellis Ford isn t just any pretty woman Fresh out of college, she s smart, focused, sometimes sarcastic, and trying desperately to contain the wildfire that licks at her insides whenever Mr Banger calls her name One forbidden night while locked in a closet, and the office will never be the same The chemistry between Ellis and Tobias sizzles until raw passion ignites in a frenzy of filthy words, frantic lust, and all consuming basic instinct He s hell bent on claiming her She s too blinded by his charm to see the ghosts haunting his dark eyes Will one night with Tobias be something she ll live to regret Warning This isn t your grandmother s office romance Tobias Banger has a filthy mouth, and an irresistible charm that drops panties When he finds the woman he wants, nothing will stop him from taking her Grab a glass of wine, charge up the Kindle, and prepare to get banged by the boss. Banger Meet Tobias Banger He s the demanding dominant sexy as sin CEO of Banger Industries and he s used to getting what he wants Every time He s built a Fortune company from the ground up The last th
  • Title: Banger
  • Author: Aria Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Banger Aria Cole

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      Aria Cole

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    1. Alp says:

      3.25 5 I m a brave man Or a crazy one She laughed before swiping a piece of cake off the table next to her and dabbing the frosting on my nose Crazy for you, baby Only for you The story started off interestingly and it grabbed me instantly But somehow, I think the whole first half captured me than the second half Around halfway through the book, I felt like it began to drag a bit But fortunately, somewhere near the end, the story picked up its pace All three epilogues were wonderful and I was t [...]

    2. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends) says:

      Well, what do you know A shortie insta everything book I ACTUALLY enjoyed a lot Super Short Smokin Hot Likable Characters Very Sweet NON Virgin Hero thank the f ing GODS Multiple Epilogues.

    3. Chantal ❤️ says:

      3.75 OFFICE ROMANCE STARS This might be one of my least favorite by Aria Cole And other than the fact that the hero Tobias Banger was a complete man whore until he was 19, I can t figure out why And it s really frustrating me I need to understand why this book was not AMAZING to me Maybe it was because the hero did not resonating with me and or the fact that he was able to disconnect from the heroine in a heart beat, that made this book feel not as good as it could Oh well, this book was about [...]

    4. Gi"s Spot Reviews says:

      I love a good and witty office romance and Banger hit just the right marks for me And with such amazing main characters, it s no wonder that this new Aria Cole made the list of my favorite office romances Tobias Banger was absolutely PERFECT and so freakin swoon worthy If Da Vinci had seen Ellis first, it was her face that would be hanging in the Louvre, not the Mona Lisa s Every angle was another burst of irresistible radiance I was at a point where I would have left the entire world behind for [...]

    5. Barbara➰ says:

      3.5 Stars Sweet and cute Loved the multiple epilogues One little thing that bugged me this is just me , a couple of times they were written in positions, such as front to back, then the next sentence they were kissing face to face or vice versa It annoyed me because I was trying to figure out how they were kissing, etc in those positions only to realize they d switched but there was no mention of someone turning around Like I said, just me and my pickiness lol.

    6. Denna✌ says:

      I absolutely loved this It was both sexy and safe In this book we have Ellis and Tobias Ellis is Tobias assistant and is also very attracted to her boss, little does she know that Tobias is very attracted to her too It didn t take long for these two to start heating up my kindle and let me tell you it was HOT Now we do have a virgin h and a hero who has a manwhore past, but this hero has been celibate for 15 years I know a lot of people hate the virgin h manwhore hero but come on 15 years is a l [...]

    7. Michelle says:

      Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewBanger by Aria Cole is a very fast paced office romance I enjoyed the story but didn t love it maybe it was the fact that it was super short and I really didn t connect emotionally to the characters Don t get me wrong the characters are likable and there are a few sexy scenes so that was a plus Overall, it was a light very predictable read with multiple epilogues.

    8. Olga therebelreader says:

      This was a pleasant read, a sexy story with likeable characters, not too much drama, sexy times, and predictable ending Ellis works for Tobias Banger as his personal assistant The time they spend together, the they realize how much fun it can be to mix business with pleasure The sexual chemistry between them was on fire and didn t disappoint me in the least The thing that I did find though is that I had a hard time feeling emotional connection between them If you re into the hot CEO hero seduc [...]

    9. ♡Tonya♡ says:

      5 I Tobias Banger stars I absolutely, 100% adored Tobias and Ellis Tobias was a sweet, charming, loving and damn near perfect He was a successful businessman, building a Fortune 500 company from the ground up The only thing missing was someone to share it with I was on top of the world up here My reputation for cold, hard business preceded me, but my life felt empty All this success around me, and yet something had always felt missing The truth was, I had devoted my life to my business I spent e [...]

    10. Erika says:

      Not planning to read There is one detail about the hero s sexual past that would stick in my mind too much already did And the heroine is a virgin, which is not my thing To be clear, the hero was a manwhore in his teen years, but has been celibate for a long time.

    11. Tina says:

      3.75 hot and sweet stars This is me lately after reading Aria Cole s books.I love love love when authors develop their writing, and you can clearly see it s the case in her last few books I expected smut but I got also a really decent and sweet storyline and I love that Again, I am pleasantly surprised.We have Tobias Banger took me some time to get use to that last name lol who has a reputation for cold and hard businessman He dedicated his whole life to his business but something always felt em [...]

    12. Alba M. says:

      Voy a considerar este libro un relato corto erotico porque si a alguien se le ocurre la simple idea de llamarlo novela rom ntica le arreo Porque lo que es historia rom ntica no hay, el inicio es cuanto menos acoso sexual en La Oficina si no fuese porque ella tambi n le tira del rollo todo muy siniestro y raro Prefiero dejarlo en mi idea inicial, relato erotico

    13. Rejane says:

      It took me 2 days to read this short book Just one thing I skipped the sex scenes after the first one It didn t do anything for me I felt like I was reading some kind of instructions So mechanical they were And the way the H talk with and about the h LAME Not even the 3 epilogues did anything for me.

    14. Viri says:

      M s clich de lo que podr a soportar Nada digno de menci n Historia corta y con algunos tintes er ticos

    15. Gabba says:

      Es lo primero que leo de la autora y tengo que decir Mi dior de a la A a la Z plagado de clich s, de todos los tipos La autora no escribi nada que no haya le do No sent una pulgada de originalidad Y por esas cosas del destino ayer hab a terminado de leer Stuck up Suit y sent que le a much simas escenas de ese libro Sigo sin entender esa bendita necesidad de hacerlos cabalgar a pelo Ah, tampoco que la puritana, inteligente y espl ndida purreta caiga redonda a los pies del macho alfa ubicado en su [...]

    16. Elise Spencer says:

      Unsure about this.

    17. Brianna at Renee Entress"s Blog says:

      5 Stars Aria Cole became a fast favorite of mine when she released her first book Since then, I have been hooked Her books always promise sweet, quick, dirty, and over the top in the most delicious waysBanger is a sweet office romance between Tobias Banger and Ellis Their journey was so sweet, fun, steamy, and entertaining with loads of sexual tension From the start, they had me flipping the pages fast and before I knew it I had devoted their story.If you like short, easy, and safe reads with th [...]

    18. Book Snob Sue says:

      Love me some Tobias, totally added him to my BBC I mean he had lines like You my love, are my today and all of my tomorrows ore him I loved the kind of person he was and he is currently He had rough teenage years for reasons he could not control He was wild, fast and got into quite a bit of trouble But he turned himself around, focused on work and made something of himself He adores Ellis, as he should, and knows that he wants her She is his right hand at work She is smart and sweet perfect for [...]

    19. Arys says:

      Banger by Aria Cole is a very hot office romance novel centered on sexy CEO of Banger Industries, Tobias Banger, and his curvaceously sweet and sassy secretary Ellis Ford Both are burning with desire for the other and have been keeping their distance because of work, but getting trapped in the supply closet one night brings everything to a head Will these two be able to give a relationship a try or are they nothing than just one night This was an enjoyable read I loved how dominant and bold Tob [...]

    20. Erin says:

      3.5 to 4 stars Time for some honesty I have avoided this author because of her writing I was interested in this book until I read who wrote it and then I hesitated however, reviews kept popping up on my feed talking about how much better her writing is compared to when she first started Multiple reviews said this so I figured I would take a chance Her writing is better I enjoyed the story and the shorty insta love I MAY check out her upcoming books, but I will probably wait for other reviews to [...]

    21. Emmbooks says:

      Another quick, filthy read from Aria Cole If Insta love is your thing then I highly recommend this one Plenty of sweet lines mixed with some filthy sex scenes what could you want I have to say that I m BAFFLED by the reviews for this one slating it for having a manwhore hero Tobias is a 34yr old guy that hasn t had sex in 15 years the ONLY reference to his former sex life is a one line quip about a threesome THAT S IT

    22. Shannon says:

      3.5 Sweet, sexy office romance If I had a boss like Tobias I d be happily stuck in storage closets, all day, every day.Aria Cole seems to have found her niche with the over the top, sugary sweet, protective alphas and Tobias fits right in He latches on to Ellis and won t let go until he has her, in every way possible If you re a fan of her other work this one won t disappoint.

    23. Karoline says:

      Tobias Banger was super sweet and head over heels in love with Ellis from the moment he sees her I really enjoyed their love story It was syrupy sweet and over the top, my favorite

    24. Camila says:

      DNF 20%Esta peque a historia de amor de solo 100 y pico de paginas, definitivamente no es para mi Lei solo 20 paginas y rode los ojos mas de 40 veces por lo absurdo que era todo No solo la trama es muy insulsa y apresurada, sino que tambi n esta muy muy mal narrado Hay di logos que no vienen al caso, respuestas sin sentidos y pensamientos mal expresados No hizo falta que lea mas de 3 caps para notar esto, porque Vamos No puede EL JEFE en solo 15 paginas proclamarle sus deseos y detallarle lo que [...]

    25. Mandy (2 Girls & their Kindles) says:

      A dirty talking CEO who knows what he wants and gets what he wants and that s his intern and he will stop at nothing to make her isA quick and lovely hot and steamy read, not full of drama and it s an easy and very enjoyable read

    26. Macaela Conder says:

      I love how he loved her

    27. diana marcela Ballestas says:

      es una buena historia, sin embargo no es lo que llamar a impactante Aunque si bien es cierto que es un relato corto, no me convenci mucho todo esto del amor instant neo , y definitivamente me gusta un poco m s de drama en mis lecturas, como las subidas y bajadas de una monta a rusa, sin embargo en este libro no lo vi, fue todo demasiado lineal te vi, me enamor , te conquiste y felices por siempre con algunas escenas bastante calientes en el intermedio , pero no mucho m s, al final sent que me fa [...]

    28. BadDirtyBooks says:

      Wowza Let me start off saying this book is very hot and spicy It certainly lived up to the heat factor that all the teasers I read portrayed.Tobias Banger is sex on a stick Gorgeous, Sexy, Successful, and Cocky He knows the affect he has on women and he knows how to get what he wants Ellis is his a assistant Smart, Sexy and Shy with a little Sass.My first impression of her is she is innocent As the story unfolds, I find she is to an extent, but very adventurous as well They definitely have a che [...]

    29. April Symes says:

      Banger by Aria Cole is the latest by this author and it is just one hot read That forbidden, angsty, sexual drama y type read that leaves you all hot and bothered, with awesome characters This is that type of book Ellis works for Tobias Banger ,CEO, as his PA and the time she spends with him, the both of them feel this deep attraction building and it is an intense sexual tension Soon you can see them wanting to mix business with pleasure You can to see a bit into Tobias s background and how he [...]

    30. Nikki Reeves says:

      I love insta love books, and Ms Cole never disappoints First off I adored both Tobias and Ellis Tobias is all alpha male, sexy, and bossy But he is also a total sweetheart when it comes too Ellis Ellis is sarcastic and funny The chemistry is off the charts between these two, and Tobias has a dirty mouth and isn t afraid to use it If you love very fast paced books with insta love and a bossy alpha male that will sweep you off your feet this is the perfect book for you.

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