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Two Three Four
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Two Three Four S.C. Daiko Max Conti One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome Hot as f ck and my boss Why am I crushing on him I don t do crushes And I definitely don t do falling in love But when Max proposes a friends with benefits relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can t resist And then there s Steve Open to anything and a total hunk I shouldn t want two Max Conti One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome Hot as f ck and my boss Why am I crushing on him I don t do crushes And I definitely don t do falling in love But when Max proposes a friends with benefits relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can t resist And then there s Steve Open to anything and a total hunk I shouldn t want two men in my bed Except I do want them I want them so bad I can t keep my head straight It s lust, simple as that No strings just two guys, a girl, and a whole lotta sex I can handle that Sure I can It s no big deal It s not like I m gonna fall for them or anything, right Sexy Italian Max has the starring role in some hot dreams and wild nights for Lauren when she leaves her life in Seattle behind to work for his company in Rome, Italy There she ll meet gorgeous Englishman Steve, and soon crazy ideas start to form in Lauren s mind about having both men in her bed When Lauren s fantasy becomes reality, the two sex gods take her to such heights of kinky pleasure she never imagined possible So what could possibly go wrong TWO THREE FOUR includes the never before published prequel, TWO, an updated version of THREE, and FOUR A panty melting emotional read 18 only And, for a limited time, at the special price of 0.99.. Two Three Four Max Conti One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome Hot as f ck and my boss Why am I crushing on him I don t do crushes And I definitely don t do falling in love But when Max proposes a friends with
  • Title: Two Three Four
  • Author: S.C. Daiko
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  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two Three Four S.C. Daiko

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      331 S.C. Daiko
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    1. S.C. Daiko says:

      I have updated the cover of this book Please see Two Three Four Box Set.Merged review The trilogy, including the never before published prequel Two , will release on November 25th.

    2. Renee says:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports.I have previously read and reviewed Three and Four With this boxset you get Two which is a prequel to Three and Four and focuses on Lauren and Max How they met and how things between them actually got started if you ve read Three and Four you know that Lauren met Max when she goes to Rome to intern at his company, Conti Coffee Two focuses on the two months she was there and what happened between them I f [...]

    3. Reva Coomer says:

      I loved this series and so glad to have Two added in Two is explains how Max and Lauren met and how their arrangement started Three will forever be my favorite 3 but Two was great Max and Lauren have a great chemistry and Steve just added to it A great read Merged review I loved this series and so glad to have Two added in Two is explains how Max and Lauren met and how their arrangement started Three will forever be my favorite 3 but Two was great Max and Lauren have a great chemistry and Steve [...]

    4. Claudine Van says:

      4 Stars

    5. Romance Readers Retreat says:

      4.5 Stars SC Daiko has combined her emotional and sexy story of Lauren, Max and Steve into one convenient boxed set with an added prequel that tells us the previously untold story of how Lauren and Max first met.In Three, we meet Lauren Lauren has been having a hot and heavy online affair with her boss Max The virtual bdsm is hot and he has a regular staring role in her nightly fantasies When he invites her to travel to Italy to work with him in person she jumps at the chance A gorgeous Italian [...]

    6. Kathleen R. says:

      Title Two Three Four Author S.C Daiko 4 unexpected stars Unexpected indeed Two captivated my attention the short story about Max and Lauren, and their whirlwind affair during Lauren s internship at Conti Coffee I crave submission, and I like to leave scars on my women, mark them as mine before rewarding them with the best f ing orgasm they ve ever had By the time Three came along, Max and Lauren try to continue their relationship where it left off three years ago, only Steve, a colleague, wants [...]

    7. Judy Miracle says:

      I honestly have no words on this series I was broken at the end of book four S.C Daiko is now one of my all time favorite authors I have no idea why I waited so long to read this series except that I m glad I got to read them all together I loved how Two was about how Lauren and Max met Then starting in Three its been a few years later and Lauren has returned to Rome to work for Max When Lauren meets Steve she s very standoffish with him, she s not to thrilled he s staying in the house with her [...]

    8. Rachelle Rice Walters says:

      TWOPerfecto Perfect beginning to an amazing seriesad three and four first and now reading two it wraped up any questions you may have had I just love Max and Lauren and the chemistry they have Reading about Max teaching Lauren to be his sub was panty melting hot hot hot THREEThis was a hot quick read, with lots of m m f It took me awhile to conect with the characters Half way in I started feeling the conection I do wish for a prequel so I can see how Lauren and Max conected and I would like to r [...]

    9. Konny says:

      This is the boxed set Two Three Four by S.C.Daiko.Two is the prequel to Two.Lauren Price a 24 year old ,is on a 2 month long business trip to Rome.There she works as a designer for the Monti Coffee company.Max Conti, heir and VP, a 29 year old playboy and Dom He is memeber of a BDSM club.He doesn t want a girlfriend and she want s no boyfriend.Favorite quote Lauren Nope I don t do falling in love.They meet and and sparks fly They play together but Lauren returns to Seattle.And there starts book [...]

    10. Sharing says:

      I loved this series I loved Two because we got to read about how Lauren and Max met I loved how Max tried to fight his attraction to Lauren, because he never mixes business and pleasure Eventually, Lauren s innocence and her beauty is too much for Max to resist He is surprised that she doesn t run when he tells her about his lifestyle In Three, Max and Lauren s relationship intensifies as Steve joins them They all have such a powerful chemistry together In Four, they decide this take their relat [...]

    11. Linda says:

      I was so happy when the author decided to offer a prequel to Three In Three, the relationship between Lauren and Max had already began and the reader did not get to witness those events I really wanted to see if for myself Three is a great story that brings these two together with Steve Four has them a year into the triad and dealing with serious decisions This is a well written set of stories that really handles a menage relationship extremely well The characters are developed and the relations [...]

    12. Susan says:

      This is one of the best series I have ever read, and I have read many First, the story is absolutely wonderful Once you start reading it, you are not going to want to stop I lost lots of sleep while reading it, because I kept saying just one chapter Second, this series is so sizzling hot It does have BDSM in it, but it is a story of love, that has really steamy sex I voluntarily reviewed this advanced copy, and I not only highly recommend it, this one falls into a must read.

    13. Aurelie Gordio says:

      I was so looking forward to know how it all began between Max and Lauren.To tell I was happy reading the book, is not even enough Once again SC doesn t disappoint me.There is lots of sex scenes yes, I did not except less but as usual there is always something behind and I LOVE it.Knowing the beginning I had to re reading the other two books because you never get tired of Max and Lauren.I am so sad that it is really the end nowDon t wait any longer to meet them, go grab your copy you won t regre [...]

    14. Crystal says:

      Two Three Four A Menage Erotic Romance was absolutely amazing This story is well written The relationship between the characters were so loving I actually felt like I was there with them This book not only made me laugh, and smile but ugly cry many times Have Kleenex Handy This is a amazing series.

    15. Marta Iglesias says:

      Never thought I would be a fan of menage books but this 3 got me so into the storyI first fall in love with Max Lauren and their story but when Steve got into the mix I knew he would make such a change into it I wasn t surprised with what happened, yet I cried so much at the end of Four

    16. Elaine says:

      BeautifulOMG this was a beautiful read I was in tears by the end I can t believe the way it did end but I have to say having seen it myself the Author did amazing with the realism.

    17. Lisa says:

      Interesting story of how a threesome began Lots of sex and was not like anything I had read before but it was good

    18. Jennifer Becker says:

      what a way to bring the books full story I loved getting to know Max and Lauren Can t wait to get to know Steve better next.

    19. Naomi Santos says:

      This book was cute I love knowing how three and four have started How Max and Lauren met and how their relationship all began This book was great.

    20. Stephanie says:

      Two Three Four is one of those sets that you hang on to forever because the story touches you so deeply What simply began as Lauren and Max s story blossomed into a family of love and partnership.

    21. Linda says:

      Two, Three and Four , by Ms Daiko turned out to be so much than my original expectations.I went into this trilogy thinking this it was just going to be another D s m nage story, lots of sex no no real substance Boy was I wrong , well about the no substance this trilogy had plenty of that along with some hot sexy scenes These books contain m f m and m m sex scenes along with aspects of BDSM and dominance along with a well thought out and executed storyline I.n Two we are introduced to Lauren Pri [...]

    22. Erica says:

      They started as two.Max is Lauren s boss and her Dom via Skype Their relationship is about to change though as she s leaving Seattle for Rome where she ll stay with Max.Steve will also be staying He s another employee hired to work with Lauren on an important project that ends up being much important that initially thought.Lauren is happy with Max until Steve shows up Now she has an overwhelming need to have both men She wants both men in her bed, but when fantasy becomes reality what will chan [...]

    23. Vickie says:

      3.5 stars Two, Three, Four tells the story of Max, Lauren and Steve When American designer Lauren goes to work at Max s Rome based coffee company, she catches his eye Although Max doesn t mix business with pleasure, he can t stay away from Lauren Knowing she s only there for two months, they both decide to keep things between them separate Neither one is interested in a relationship so for the next two months, Max shows Lauren exactly how hot their sexual chemistry is and all the fun they can ha [...]

    24. Helena Gant says:

      TwoI am so happy that S.C Daiko wrote this prequel that delves into Max and Lauren s early relationship Offering a back story and an better understanding as to what their thoughts and feelings were towards each other, as well as a glimpse into how it all started at Conti Coffee I so enjoyed reading this book Once I started reading it, I couldn t put it down S.C Daiko you ve done it again What a wonderful beginning to this amazing trilogy.ThreeI loved this book S.C Daiko did an amazing job Her w [...]

    25. Maxine says:

      This trilogy has been a very good hot read, TwoI loved three and four but I equally loved two which is the back story of Max and Lauren s relationship I loved reading their story from the beginning and watching the bond between these two grow.Three The love, trust and bond between these three is lovely and I believe they would do anything for one another Lauren although a submissive was a very strong character who I believe pushed just a bit to get what she wanted, the sex scenes were serious ho [...]

    26. Ola Adamska says:

      TwoThis read was steamy Characters were so Full and intriguing.I really liked this story.I had just one problem Lauren was reading dark romances with BDSM thing, but she was too much into it for The First Time for my tastes.ThreeWhat a read Not for a faint Heart That doesn t Like MMF menage I m hesitant for this books, but S.C is an author That knows what to do with captive Her reader.Max and Lauren nad a Long distant relationship for quite some Time Lauren came back to Rome and is living in Max [...]

    27. MillsyLovesBooks says:

      Having previously read and reviewed, Three and Four by S.C Daiko this was a nice hot short read of how Max and Lauren came to be We got the idea in Three but i love that we get this prequel into their lives All Three books are fast paced and flowed beautifully, they are about friendship, loyalty, trust, love and ultimately acceptance The coming together of people who society deem their relationship wrong Be prepared when you read Four you will need tissues for this one These books aren t just A [...]

    28. Quen Barlow says:

      Unconditional love This was my first time reading S.C Daiko and I will definitely be reading of her work Lauren Max Steve have a beautiful story I love how Lauren and Max start out both fighting there emotions for each other When Steve comes along and get them both to open up I love Steve s laid back personality and how he get Max s open up about his feelings and how much he loves them My heart breaks over Steve I so didn t want him to go I cried for them but I was happy that he got to see his [...]

    29. Sara says:

      Awesome Read This trilogy was beautifully written I truly loved watching Max, Lauren, and Steve s relationship blossom The love and heartache and pain was so beautifully written I m still emotional after finishing the series If you like MMF romance highly suggest picking up this book Spoilers S C Daiko I am soooo mad at you I cannot BELIEVE what happened to Steve I bawled like a baby My heart has been ripped out and stomped on Their love was so beautiful I don t have the words to tell you how mu [...]

    30. Melissa says:

      Must readLoved this book and how it healed and brought these three together Max never planned to fall in love again after loosing his childhood lover He meets Lauren who comes to intern at his Coffee business, they have a friends with benefits This goes on even after she goes back home She comes back to work 3 years later and she and Max confess their feelings for each other Then Steve comes and some how they are a three some Can they overcome the publics view of them and the deals as their rela [...]

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