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Greetings from Sugartown
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Greetings from Sugartown Carmen Jenner Life in Sugartown hasn t always been easy, not for an ex con like Elijah, and certainly not for Ana, who grew up desperate for a way out.Meeting Elijah changed all that Elijah changed a lot of things.You d think that after three years together and the worst behind them that life would be a walk in the park, but Sugartown s sexiest couple may be about to face their biggestLife in Sugartown hasn t always been easy, not for an ex con like Elijah, and certainly not for Ana, who grew up desperate for a way out.Meeting Elijah changed all that Elijah changed a lot of things.You d think that after three years together and the worst behind them that life would be a walk in the park, but Sugartown s sexiest couple may be about to face their biggest obstacles yet.Between failed marriage proposals, a trampy ex lover and a tempting new biker, Sugartown is suddenly not so sweet They re head over heels in love It should be simple but it rarely is.Will they make it down the aisle to the happy ever after they deserve Or are some relationships just destined to fail Intended for an 18 audience Contains explicit sex, violence, a crap tonne of profanity, and naked encounters with disastrous outcomes.. Greetings from Sugartown Life in Sugartown hasn t always been easy not for an ex con like Elijah and certainly not for Ana who grew up desperate for a way out Meeting Elijah changed all that Elijah changed a lot of things
  • Title: Greetings from Sugartown
  • Author: Carmen Jenner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Greetings from Sugartown Carmen Jenner

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    1 Blog on “Greetings from Sugartown

    1. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:

      5 I WANT TO LIVE IN SUGARTOWN 3 3This was really good I wanted so bad to read this book I loved so much Ana and Elijah in the first book and I wanted to know what they were doing now So I was excited Hopefully Carmen didn t disappoint me I loved Sugartown,if there was a place like this I would definately go and stay there The story was fast passed,sweet,sexy and so funny I laughed so many times I couldn t stop Ana and Elijah had to face so many circumstances go through plenty to finally end up t [...]

    2. Carmen Jenner says:

      Please note Greetings from Sugartown is not a novella It s book three in the Sugartown series and is a full length novel.

    3. Catarina says:

      4 Sugar Stars In this second installment of Anna and Elijah s story we have less angst thank God but no less drama After they got their HEA they just want to settle and live in peace if only they could Between old threats from the past, new bikers and biker s wars and marriage proposals that doesn t seem to work, a rest is the last thing they get And when things start to get pretty hectic yet again, it s time for them to think can they fight for their love or some things aren t just meant to be [...]

    4. Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

      Genre Contemporary Romance with Suspense4.5 STARS out of 5In Welcome to Sugartown we met Ana, at nineteen she was working at the diner owned by her family filling in her late mother s shoes as the pie maker in town We also meet Elijah, an ex con who rides in to Sugartown on his bike in search of a job at the shop across from said diner Elijah is described as a 6 3, deliciously tatted aussie Which is evident by the way he leaves Ana and her bff Holly drooling on the floor of the diner as they wat [...]

    5. Anja says:

      I love love LOVEthis town minor spoilers ahead Greetings from Sugartown brought me back to my HAPPY PLACE and gave me from my favourite coupleElijah Ana Three years later they are still happy together and Elijah decides to take their relationship to the next level and finally tie the knot.But nothing is ever easy when it comes to Elijah Ana, which means there are some ex hussys , hot bikers and failed marriage proposals to overcome first, before they can get their well deserved HEA.I really enj [...]

    6. ✿ says:

      I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you SO MUCH lovely Well, that was interesting Life sure is never dull for Elijah and Ana in the land of Sugartown Once again, we dive into the lives of these two lovebirds, and while we thought the nitty gritty was a thing of the past old demons and obstacles rear their way into the mix along with new twists and turns that will make Ana and Elijah second guess everything that they ve been working toward including wedding be [...]

    7. Michelle says:

      ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 5 I love you Elijah Cade Stars I just want to shout out to the mountaintops that my favorite tattooed Aussie bad boy biker is BACK in Greetings From Sugartown Yes, you heard me Elijah Cade is BACK and HOTTER than ever Carmen Jenner turned up the heat in the kitchen when she gave us sugar and spice with a BIG dash of dirty, sexy, raw, fun, humor, drama, and angst in this book Watch out AnaElijah does not want a slice of the pie, he wants the who [...]

    8. Alex ♈ says:

      you ask why

    9. Maria says:

      That s how it s done AMAZING Elijah Ana are back, and they are even better than I remembered.Their story was endearing, funny, distressing, at times, but mostly HOT Reading Greetings from Sugartown made me happy, and Elijah has carved a special place in the heart.5 dirty talking stars

    10. Rejane says:

      I didn t like the 1st book I I couldn t care less for the rest of this couple s story

    11. London says:

      Title Greetings from Sugartown Sugartown 3 Series YesAuthor Carmen JennerRating 4.5 StarsPOV DualHEA view spoiler.Yes hide spoiler Heat Steam 3 5Triggers Cliffhanger No Intolerable Heroine.No ber Douchebagery.No Taboo Subject Matter.No Cheating view spoiler.No hide spoiler Love Triangle view spoiler.No hide spoiler I had no idea that Elijah and Ana were going to get a sequel to their story and let me just say I am so glad they did There was a certain incident that took place cough cough Natalie [...]

    12. Ali says:

      Carmen Jenner does it again By it , I mean throw a world of shit at Elijah and Ana with a safety net that is only about as strong as Fairy Floss that s cotton candy to us U.Ss.Elijah shows a much vulnerable and human side in Sugartown 2.5 He s almost fragile at times, which only made me love him Asking the woman of your dreams to be your wife has to be terrifying all on its own But he has so much to contend with.An ex fling showing back up and playing on Ana s insecurities.An ex best friend w [...]

    13. Kristine GPI Bookblog says:

      Let me preface this by saying I beta read Greetings From Sugartown, I had the absolute pleasure of reading, of experiencing this story from the ground up I adored these characters that Carmen Jenner created, this world she imagined into being, I had such high expectations, because I loved the first two books in this series, but what I never imagined was how much I was capable of feeling, how much I could adore Ana and Elijah Reading is such a personal past time to me, when an author writes wel [...]

    14. Elfina Renee says:

      I ve finally finished up this trilogy It wasn t until I d gotten towards the end when the book itself heated up where it gotten interesting It was during those last pages where there was a hint of Hells Angles making an appearance I felt if the author hadn t given us the happy ending it would have explained Kicks story His demons coming back to haunt him Betraying his best friend and bud shouldn t have come easy, and if the love of Ethan s aka Elijah s life remained dead then that would have bee [...]

    15. Trish -Novels In Heels says:

      5 SCORCHING SUGARTOWN STARSAna and Elijah are back and they are back with a BANG.This is a glimpse into their lives now The shining light that Ana is to Elijah s darkness And what a beautiful bright light she is.They have both grown, matured, but the past is still there haunting them both More so for Ana as her insecurities and self doubt never really go away Elijah is trying to be the man good enough for Ana and is fighting his own uncertainties He wants a life with Ana A good life and he s try [...]

    16. Michelle says:

      Elijah and Ana have had a few years under their belt, things haven t been easy, but they love each other and marriage is the logical next step Well, it would be if the proposal could ever go as planned But let s face it these two don t know how to do easy Getting to their HEA is going to be one helluva ride though.Carmen Jenner is responsible for me having to do extra laundry the number of times I spit my drink out while reading this was ridiculous But it wasn t all laughs Nope You get gutted on [...]

    17. Debbie says:

      More Elijah Ana

    18. Lu Bielefeld ** says:

      I liked the conclusion of the couple s story I confess that in the end I was apprehensive about the events The epilogue is pretty cool I recommend

    19. Jen says:

      When I heard I was getting from Elijah and Ana from the Sugartown series, I squealed yes I really did Perma smile I love these characters and feel like I know them I ve said it before and I ll say it again, I wanna move to Sugartown There must be something in the water there, because every character is super hot, sexy, and Elijah and Ana are my favorites Poor Elijah and Ana These two have had their share of rocky times We got to experience them fall in love in Greetings From Sugartown, one of m [...]

    20. AmberLanae - Addicted Souls says:

      HOLY SUGARBALLS Elijah Ana are back and hotter than EVER Whew, I need a cold shower after this spicy novella This little book packed a punch Steamy sex, expensive ring, crazy villain, rouge friends and holy fuck, what just happened, holding my breath moments I really and truly fell in love with Elijah in this book He was EVERYTHING Soft and sweet when he needed to be, kinky as fuck when called for, and hard as nails when bad things came to town He was just.e best boyfriend ever I don t think the [...]

    21. C-Money says:

      PHEW That was a roller coast ride of emotions, trust issues, shoot outs, backstabbing, pie eating, the past coming back to bit Elijah in is perfect ass and WTF is going one moments Life in Sugartown isn t always apple pie and french fries.Carmen sure can deliver a book that will make you want to yell and scream, then swoon and sigh and then you are back to wanting to throw your kindle across the room Deep breath, Chelcie Deep Breath I know Ana is insecure and she has trust issues BUT ELIJAH is p [...]

    22. Anna says:

      Things i liked, that te whole Scott and Nicole thing had a resolution, though i cant say im to hapy how things gt reselved with Nicole I loved te reletionship between Ana and Elijah, friendship in this book and kids ofcourse, though Sammy seemed annoying, thank Go her Grew mature in Now Leaving Sugartown, i liked the mysterius charecter of Kick and now after finishing his own book, i like getting the full picture, but i did want to smack him around the head for nearly causing Ana s death and i f [...]

    23. Ivette says:

      I was lucky enough to receive this awesome book early Yay Me Well I m going to start by saying, although we want Elijah and Ana together forever, sometimes issue get in the way Can they get through past sh t that won t stay in the PAST Elijah loves Ana with his whole heart but Ana maybe not be as sure any In this book we will see if LOVE can truly overcome everything There s anger, betrayal, laughs, ass wiping and of course SEX Carmen you did an awesome job

    24. Steph says:

      I didn t think it was possible to love Ana and Elijah any than I did alreadyThis book freaking rocked I m gonna marry that girl, if it s the last thing I ever get to do Sooo, this book brings us back to the wonderful Sugartown and back to Ana and Elijah This story really shows us how far they have come in the last few years, but it also shows us what can happen when the past comes to bite you both on the arse It s real life It shows that no matter how happy they may have been, they re only huma [...]

    25. Teresa Mary Rose says:

      More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesCarmen Jenner has done it again Greetings From Sugartown delivers another great addition to the Sugartown series Ana and Elijah are back and they are sexier and better than ever Happily ever after does not come easy for these two and this book really delivers some hard times for these two This book put my heart through the ringer All I wanted was for these two to work it all out In the end though Greetings From Sugartown delivered everything I wante [...]

    26. Angela says:

      BREATHTAKING STARSCarmen Jenner you have done it again Greetings From Sugartown dives right into Ana Elijah s relationship and the years that have past I have to say while I always loved Elijah, I fell in love with a lot I got to see another of him but also loved how even though I felt Carmen brought out a softer side to him, he still had that bad boy biker appeal You also see Ana still struggling with her demons and how it affects her relationship with Elijah I ABSOLUTELY loved Greetings from [...]

    27. Tia Thomas-Blakey says:

      I was so lucky enough to receive an ARC in exchange for a honest review Let me tell you, Carmen Jenner is a Rockstar Her books are so good I loved it from the word go Elijah and Ana their love is that stands beyond the test of time They literally went through beyond the depths of hell, and came out strong Elijah Cade, is a man that every woman would beg to have in their life He loves hard, will give you anything you want This book is 30 million Elijah Cades all around

    28. Mojo_Mama says:

      Great little filler book Nice glance at the original 2 couples of this series 3 and 7 years down the road and a nice intro to the Savage Saints MC series which is so brutal in comparison to this series it s hard to even accept the connections SG Ladies No OW OM Angsty drama, rapist s murder, and the skanky OW from before ends up a chew toy for a nasty MC.

    29. Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic says:

      I don t think this was the best of this series This was not enough to live up to Enjoy Your Stay I was excited to read about not only Elijah and Ana but ALL these characters in this series Sammy is growing up and still hilarious You get a little glimpse of Pepper She s fiesty just like her mother I can t wait to see of all these characters I ve fell in love with.

    30. 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

      Nothing makes me happier than when one of my favorite authors brings back some of my favorite characters for an encore book In Greetings from Sugartown, that s just what Carmen Jenner did Fast forward 3 years after the previous book We meet up again with Ana and Elijah, who are still navigating their relationship The ups and downs, twists and turns There are old wounds and insecurities still haunting the couple from the past.Carmen has once again blown me out of the water with her quirky, funny [...]

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