Ruth Elwin Harris
The Silent Shore
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The Silent Shore Ruth Elwin Harris Published in the USA as Sarah s Story.. The Silent Shore Published in the USA as Sarah s Story
  • Title: The Silent Shore
  • Author: Ruth Elwin Harris
  • ISBN: 9780744582840
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Silent Shore Ruth Elwin Harris

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      234 Ruth Elwin Harris
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    1. Kathryn says:

      Though this book has been on my shelf for well over a year, it wasn t until it was chosen for the February group read over at the Kindred Spirits group that I finally decided to read it We chose the book as one in the spirit of the works of L M Montgomery i.e Anne of Green Gables and, while Harris book doesn t equal LMM s in my esteem and affection, I think it was definitely a good choice as it is evocative of LMM s adoration of nature, love of beauty and writing, and her position that girls and [...]

    2. Tweety says:

      What beautiful writing I love the way Ms Harris set the scene Sarah s story, is about four sisters who are orphaned in 1910, and this book is the youngest girl s story It starts off when she is seven years old, and takes us till she is seventeen I guess the easiest way for me to describe this book would be a mix between Little Women and Rilla of Ingleside Neither of those books are perfect summer tales, but both have a sweetness that this book does Sarah is very much a mix of Jo and Amy, but wit [...]

    3. CLM says:

      First in an outstanding four book series about four sisters Frances, Julia, Gwen and Sarah Purcell and their neighbors, the Mackenzie boys Set during the early part of the 20th century and during WWI, this one which I think is the best is told from the perspective of Sarah, the youngest sister I like that the author didn t write the books chronologically In fact, the stories all overlap somewhat but as the youngest, Sarah is also the best observer of the others.Sadly this author has only written [...]

    4. JulieDurnell says:

      I really enjoyed this beautifully written story of four young women girls who become orphans but are unwilling to leave their family home and move to Taunton, played out in the years before and during WWI Instead they are able to stay with supervision by the vicar and his family Each of the sisters has their own unique gifts and personalities but are committed to staying together at Hillcrest I am intrigued enough to search out the other three girls stories.

    5. Sara says:

      This is actually a 4.5 rating, not quite amazing but a beautiful read I love the concept of a series in which each book is written from the point of view of each of four sisters In this first volume, Ruth Elwin Harris somehow captures the spirit of Sarah, the youngest sister, thru her growing up years I could feel her awkwardness in certain social situations, her thrills at simple pleasures and privileges, and her tween dilemma of both reluctance and hurry to grow up I can see how each of the fo [...]

    6. Elke says:

      The first time I read this book I was 12 years old Ten years later I am still re reading and enjoying it.The Purcell stories are wonderful No matter how many times you read about them, you never grow tired of the Purcells and the Mackenzies I m quite in love with all of them While looking up information about the VAD s in the Imperial War Museum for writing Julia s Story, the author found this letters of Billie Nevill, a guy serving in WW 1 She wrote a book about him later It is a really touchin [...]

    7. Sarah says:

      It s as if Ruth Elwin Harris was commissioned to write a book that I would love the time, the place, the delicate prose, the flowers and sunlight, the sweetness and the melancholy It s just what I needed at this moment And my name is on the cover

    8. Sabrina says:

      This book was picked as a group read It was sweet and I found the younger age Sarah to be enduring in her innocence Even her crush on the older Gabriel is cute and understandable For most of the book though, I kept waiting for something to happen It just seemed to go on and on something would happen and then a sentence or two and it s over It became difficult for me to finish the book The best part for me was when Sarah encountered Geoffrey in the cemetery I remember thinking, finally something [...]

    9. Bethany says:

      It s like someone brought up on the work of L.M Montgomery wrote a book with a Suzanne Martin esque Song of Years main character Those two things equal perfection, by the way.I d buy the rest of the series now, except I ve accumulated a lot of books lately Which makes feel guilty Stupid inexplicable, all encompassing guilt complex Though I doubt I shall find them as kindred a spirit as my new friend Sarah, I m eager to get to know Julia and Gwen I have to admit, I am less interested in Frances P [...]

    10. Virginia Messina says:

      Set in England during WWI, this is the first in a series of four books about four sisters Sadly, they are out of print, although still readily available I ve had these on my to read list for several years and this one certainly lived up to my expectations I m really looking forward to the rest.

    11. Charlie says:

      This was the first time I had reread this series in many, many years, and for the most part I still enjoyed it I did, however, find these books rather slowly going than I remember them being The writing is very descriptive beautiful Yet descriptive And yet there were scenes I remember being powerful and heartbreaking that on this reread felt emotionally lacking An interesting reread of a series I remember fondly, but not sure I would recommend to many younger readers today even if it wasn t out [...]

    12. Daniela says:

      I wanted to love this book, it is a lovely premise Unfortunately, it seemed disjointed and confusing It was episodic, but the episodes seemed to have no continuity, and the years changed often As it is the first in the quartet and Sarah us a young child, I can only hope the other girls are coherent.

    13. Trilllian says:

      Un norme coup de coeur, une tr s belle histoire, de tr s beaux personnages et le tout tr s bien crit L histoire de 4 soeurs, en angleterre en 1910, et qui viennent de perdre leurs parents l histoire est racont e du point de vue de la plus jeune des soeurs qui raconte le quotidien de sa famille entre 1910 et 1920, avec, au milieu, la premi re guerre mondiale qui va changer pas mal de chose chacune des soeurs son temp rament et son caract re, chacune un talent et des faiblesses elles vont grandir [...]

    14. Charles says:

      Oddly, not only did my wife pick up this book thinking I d like it, but the Kindred Spirits group group show 6 also choose it some months back I did like the story something Akin to Anne yet a bit like Little Women the like but it was difficult to get through, slow and times, not quite what I was hoping for I d like to read the rest of the series, perhaps sometime down the road

    15. Danni Kay says:

      Most of the characters blended together because only a few had distinct characteristics that differentiated them from one another I read the book half way and was so disinterested I did not want to finish I did skip to the last chapter though and was just as disinterested and unamused The back of the book summary teaser was not a good representative of the story line I would categorize this as a historical fiction.

    16. Lisa says:

      I found this book slow at first, but it grew on me It s a literary, old fashioned style book set in England before and during WWI It would appeal to readers who like a literary challenge and who enjoy historical fiction It s a gentle read Although I don t think it has wide appeal, I do think there are some teen readers who would enjoy it.

    17. Erin72 says:

      Frankly I found the whole series rather boring and ended up skimming alot In the first book I was appalled at how cold the older sister was to her grieving younger sister Sarah, I couldn t get past that.

    18. Jennifer Nelson says:

      I really enjoyed the character development in this beautifully told historical fiction tale Sarah is a such a sweetie I m so glad I got to meet her and will definitely look into reading the other three books in this series.

    19. Kristin says:

      I liked this one, but wanted it to be fleshed out a bit Interesting idea to have four books from four perspectives essentially telling about the same time period, but I think it would have worked better if it was done in first person.

    20. Whitney says:

      A nice an easy read Probably best for women since it s all about a bunch of sisters.

    21. Maxx Spiess says:

      it was a amazing book

    22. Jina Howell-Forbes says:

      Simple but enjoyable

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