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Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream
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Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream Joe Tone The dramatic true story of two brothers living parallel lives on either side of the U.S Mexico border and how their lives converged in a major criminal conspiracy Jos and Miguel Trevi o were bonded by blood and a shared vision of a better life But they chose different paths that would end at the same violent crossroads with considerable help from the FBI and an enigmatiThe dramatic true story of two brothers living parallel lives on either side of the U.S Mexico border and how their lives converged in a major criminal conspiracy Jos and Miguel Trevi o were bonded by blood and a shared vision of a better life But they chose different paths that would end at the same violent crossroads with considerable help from the FBI and an enigmatic, all American snitch Jos was a devoted family man who cut no corners in his pursuit of the American dream Born in Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican border town on a crucial smuggling route, Jos was one of thirteen children raised by a hardworking ranch hand He grew up loving the sprawling countryside and its tough, fast quarter horses, but in search of opportunity he crossed the border into Texas to look for work as a bricklayer He kept his nose clean He stayed out of trouble Back in Mexico, Jos s younger brother Miguel was leading a different life While Jos struggled to make ends meet, Miguel ascended to the top ranks of Los Zetas, a notoriously bloody drug cartel his crimes had become the stuff of legend and myth on both sides of the border He was said to have burned rivals alive, murdered Mexican and American law enforcement officers, and launched grenades at a U.S consulate Jos , married with kids and now a U.S citizen, gave every indication of rejecting his brother s criminal lifestyle Then one day he showed up at a quarter horse auction and bid close to a million dollars for a horse the largest amount ever paid for a quarter horse at an auction The humble bricklayer quickly became a major player in the quarter horse racing scene that thrived in the American Southwest and Mexico That caught the attention of an eager young FBI agent named Scott Lawson He enlisted Tyler Graham, an American rancher who would eventually breed Jos s champion horse nicknamed Bones to help the FBI infiltrate what was revealing itself to be a major money laundering operation, with the ultimate goal of capturing the infamous Miguel Trevi o Joe Tone s riveting, exquisitely layered crime narrative, set against the high stakes world of horse racing, is an intimate story about family, loyalty, and the tragic costs of a failed drug war Compelling and complex, Bones sheds light on the perilous lives of American ranchers, the morally dubious machinery of drug and border enforcement, and the way greed and fear mingle with race, class, and violence along America s vast Southwestern border Praise for Bones One magnificent piece of border reporting Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland The True Tale of America s Opiate Epidemic Bones is a riveting read that transcends the larger than life cartels, cowboys, and fast horses at its heart It s about how hard it is to determine what makes a good guy and a bad guy along our embattled border Joe Drape, author of the New York Times bestseller American Pharoah What a cast of characters a bloodthirsty Mexican drug lord, his unassuming blue collar brother, a daring Texas rancher, and an idealistic young FBI agent And then there are the racehorses, as fast as the wind, competing for million dollar purses on the quarter horse tracks of the American Southwest Through amazingly detailed research, Joe Tone has brought us a riveting tale about the pursuit of justice in the most dangerous of worlds.. Bones Brothers Horses Cartels and the Borderland Dream The dramatic true story of two brothers living parallel lives on either side of the U S Mexico border and how their lives converged in a major criminal conspiracy Jos and Miguel Trevi o were bonded by
  • Title: Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream
  • Author: Joe Tone
  • ISBN: 9780812989601
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream Joe Tone

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    1 Blog on “Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream

    1. Joy D says:

      Quarter horse racing and drug trafficking converge in this true story of brothers Jos and Miguel Trevi o Jos became an American citizen and worked for many years in Dallas as a bricklayer Miguel, aka Cuarenta Forty , became the leader of Los Zetas, a notoriously violent Mexican drug cartel Add an ambitious FBI agent and a Texas rancher turned informant to the mix, along with a cast of colorful minor characters, and it results in a recipe for a compelling read.Tone excels at providing just enough [...]

    2. Tonstant Weader says:

      Bones Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream is a true crime story examining the infiltration of quarter horse racing by drug cartels seeking to launder money through the story of Jos Trevi o Morales, brother to the infamous Miguel Trevi o Morales 40 who led the Zetas and Scott Lawson, the rookie FBI agent who brought down some of the money launderers.The Zetas are a notorious Mexican drug cartel of extraordinary violence and inhumanity One cartel leader was sentenced last month for [...]

    3. Schuyler Wallace says:

      Joe Tone has taken three subjects I like a lot, the Mexican drug wars, cops, and racehorses, and written an in depth true life study of their intricacies In Bones Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream, he has researched the tangle of their being and tries to explain it to his readers Good luck with that In spite of the threat of personal harm for daring such a thing, Tone has tackled a toxic pudding of evil subterfuge that has defied all attempts at getting it together in a bowl.Th [...]

    4. RMazin says:

      The Trevino brothers, Jose and Miguel, were raised in a large family in Nuevo Laredo Jose migrated to the American side in pursuit of a dream opportunity and economic independence He became a bricklayer and worked his way up to afford a modest living for himself and his family It may be said that Miguel, who stayed on the Mexican side, also wanted opportunity and economic independence But he pursued his dreams by entering and excelling in the deadly world of the Zetas and the cartels The two bro [...]

    5. Amy says:

      The rags to riches tale of two brothers Miguel, narco big man, and Jose, bricklayer pursuing his American dream free from his brother s taint This is engaging reportage on Tejano family culture, quarter horse racing, and our war on drugs and immigrants Disclosure I received a free copy of this book in a giveaway.

    6. Daniel says:

      I have to admit, this book surprised the heck out of me I got it as an ARC but didn t jump right into it I thought it was going to over simplify the situation on the US Mexico border and the complexities of the drug war and immigration between the two nations the way that most media narratives in this country tend to do What a surprise to find that this author really has a boots on the ground understanding of Mexico s complicated underworld and the US demand for drugs that drives so much of it T [...]

    7. Jo says:

      With FBI Agent Scott Lawson as Eliot Ness, Miguel Trevino aka Cuarenta aka Forty as Al Capone, and money laundering instead of tax evasion.This meticulously researched book is an illuminating read Each chapter revealed something new and fascinating, both about Los Zetas and American quarter horse racing I picked it up a couple of times, reading a few chapters each time, because there s such a wealth of information that it was hard to assimilate it all This is one to keep on your shelf and refer [...]

    8. Steph says:

      The I read, the angrier I get Men can work with and for criminals, capitalize off these criminals, become millionaires, and are never prosecuted Tyler Graham knows that narco money funds his business He knows this Narco money is an open secret in the horse racing world, according to Joe Tone s work And still, Tyler Graham does business with psycho killers All of the people who facilitate the money laundering for Los Zetas and all the other narcos who use American casinos, business, banks, etc s [...]

    9. Emily says:

      I am not normally one to review books here, but I was fortunate enough to win an advance copy of Bones through a giveaway I was very excited to receive this book and had been intrigued by the description I will admit that I found the first half very tedious to get through it was a lot of background information on the drug wars, cartels, and quarter horse racing all of which was obviously necessary to the story, but it didn t always hold my interest and was confusing at times The author goes back [...]

    10. Steve says:

      Disclaimer I received this book as part of GoodReads First Reads program.Jose Trevino moved from Mexico to Texas as a teenager and worked for most of his life as a bricklayer His older brother got involved in smuggling weed, got caught and went to jail Two of his younger brother became a big player in the drug business as part of a cartel called the Zetas One brother, known as Z40, became a really bad actor and big time gangster in Mexico Realizing that he wasn t going to be able to live big for [...]

    11. Jill says:

      Jose Trevino Morales, a bricklayer in Texas, worked hard all his life to distance himself from his brother s drug cartel He could not resist the opportunity to get into quarter horse racing Reporter Joe tone traces Jose s life and the impact Mexican drug cartels has on the champion quarter horse breeding and money laundering in Texas He describes how drug money was used to infiltrate the horse racing industry, the people involved, and the government s efforts to bring the accused to trial Using [...]

    12. dawn rahe says:

      Bones Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream Hardcover by Joe Tone I enjoyed reading this book I loved how the first part is truly the facts that set up the book The middle introducing The FBI investigation and trial The end how the key players ended up I learned a lot I remember some of the incidents that happened through HLN Joe did a great job in expressing the foremost in Mexican life Family If Miguel Forty had not been so violent and just help Jose get a start Jose s family wou [...]

    13. Terry McIntire says:

      Listened to audio version on a road trip to Big Bend with my wife This was the perfect traveling companion for the trip to south Texas along the Mexican border I grew up owning and riding quarter horses the discussion of the quarter horse racing industry was fascinating and I suspect it would be interesting to anyone with any interest in horses The analysis of the workings of our government agencies and how they work or don t work together is well done and quite interesting And, the stuff about [...]

    14. Ann says:

      Superior story telling of this world about which I know little Joe Tone is able to describe the Quarter House racing scene as well as the Mexican crime family in a way I could understand There is so much killing and violence in this book, yet I didn t drown in it as the author continually put the context around it.I appreciate that Joe Tone does not take the FBI agent s story at face value and begins to probe why it is the FBI and the Justice Department do not charge the white, rich people in th [...]

    15. Jon Ziomek says:

      This is a very compelling book Mr Tone knows how to report a subject in depth in fact, he gets amazingly deep into the criminal aspects of quarterhorse racing but he has also put together a highly readable narrative It s I hope he s got another book in the works because I d like to see from him.

    16. Sid says:

      Non fiction, but reads like a novel I m currently living in Ruidoso, NM and there are many places I have been which are featured in this book such as the Walmart parking lot, the Parker soon to be renamed track, the auction house, and a few of the bars.I can say that for those that haven t been to a Quarter Horse race, it s very different from the Thoroughbred racing that we all watch in the spring Triple Crown, etc.I enjoyed the book and it s portrayal of those involved in and on the periphery [...]

    17. Risa says:

      Compelling and well written Amazing that much of this complicated scheme took place in my own North Texas backyard, and most of us myself included had no idea it was happening Definitely worth a read.

    18. Linda Webb says:

      I have found this book to be very good I love that I had the honor of getting a prerelease copy and plan on getting a release copy too

    19. Terry says:


    20. Jerry says:

      intertwined lives of quarter horse men, cartels, and FBI Non fiction but reads like a good novel

    21. Aaron S. Howell says:

      Interesting readInteresting story how that your never hear about on the nightly news Easy to read and we ll done I would recommend to anyone interested in the subject.

    22. Barbara says:

      Good book, informative and interesting

    23. Joe says:

      Fantastic story and great reporting A great read.

    24. Sharon says:

      Riveting, cinematic, and thought provoking.

    25. John Ballin says:

      This was a very pleasant surprise I must have read a review of it or something and after the Don Winslow books I thought I d give it a shot Lot s of interesting characters.

    26. merritt says:

      Absolute page turner I knew nothing of the subject and was quickly hooked The flow kept me fascinated from start to finish.

    27. Harry says:

      A pager turner work of non fiction Tone provides an in depth but never boring look into the world of Quarter Horse racing and narco money laundering.

    28. Ruth Leach-Stevens says:

      I just finished Bones, I really enjoyed it Quite impressive for a first book.I learned than I thought I cared to know about Quarter Horse racing, I might have to go to a race now I loved the storytelling, I got caught up in the personal stories and the drama and I enjoyed the viewpoint which was subtle but present The ending is made for the movies

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