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Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet
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Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet Reed Farrel Coleman The stellar new novel in Robert B Parker s New York Times bestselling series featuring Paradise police chief Jesse Stone Jesse Stone, still reeling from the murder of his fiancee by crazed assassin Mr Peepers, must keep his emotions in check long enough to get through the wedding day of his loyal protege, Suitcase Simpson The morning of the wedding, Jesse learns that aThe stellar new novel in Robert B Parker s New York Times bestselling series featuring Paradise police chief Jesse Stone Jesse Stone, still reeling from the murder of his fiancee by crazed assassin Mr Peepers, must keep his emotions in check long enough to get through the wedding day of his loyal protege, Suitcase Simpson The morning of the wedding, Jesse learns that a gala 75th birthday party is to be held for folk singer Terry Jester Jester, once the equal of Bob Dylan, has spent the last forty years in seclusion after the mysterious disappearance of the master recording tape of his magnum opus, The Hangman s Sonnet That same morning, an elderly Paradise woman dies while her house is being ransacked What are the thieves looking for And what s the connection to Terry Jester and the mysterious missing tape Jesse s investigation is hampered by hostile politicians and a growing trail of blood and bodies, forcing him to solicit the help of mobster Vinnie Morris and a certain Boston area PI named Spenser While the town fathers pressure him to avoid a PR nightmare, Jesse must connect the cases before the bodies pile up further.. Robert B Parker s The Hangman s Sonnet The stellar new novel in Robert B Parker s New York Times bestselling series featuring Paradise police chief Jesse Stone Jesse Stone still reeling from the murder of his fiancee by crazed assassin Mr
  • Title: Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet
  • Author: Reed Farrel Coleman
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  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet Reed Farrel Coleman

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    1 Blog on “Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet

    1. Monnie says:

      Welcome to the 16th installment of the Jesse Stone series Although the books no longer are written by the late, great Robert B Parker he of Spenser fame , the legacy is being carried on admirably by Reed Farrel Coleman, who has been tagged to keep the series alive And this is one of the best so far, IMHO.The rather sleepy town of Paradise, Massachusetts, is about to get the mother of all wake up calls Plans are in the making for a mega star studded 75th birthday party for folk singer Terry Jeste [...]

    2. Tim says:

      During the course of this story, I felt it was on its way to 4 stars However, the less than satisfactory ending and alcoholism easily cost a star 6 of 10 stars

    3. Tim says:

      I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and reviewE HANGMAN S SONNET by Reed Farrel Coleman is the 16th book in the Jesse Stone series and the 7th book in the series since the death of Robert B Parker.Jesse is back after the tragic death of his fianc Diana, and his life is unraveling as a result of his heavy drinking which has affected his performance on the job as the police chief of the small town of Paradise.Several of the people closest to him have one on [...]

    4. Scott says:

      I have been reading Robert B Parker s Jesse Stone series since its beginning Jesse is the Chief of Police in the small town of Paradise, outside of Boston Jesse s background includes a once promising baseball prospect until suffering a career ending injury He became a dedicated police officer in the Los Angeles Police department who developed a drinking problem that cost him his job Jesse s role as Police Chief in Paradise has been his second chance at making life work, which has been full of wo [...]

    5. Gloria Feit says:

      This is the fourth Jesse Stone novel Reed Farrel Coleman has written in the series begun by the late Robert B Parker And he has kept the faith Moreover, he has done something the master never did He brings in Spenser to play a minor role in solving the mystery which begins with the death of an old woman, a member of the founding family of Paradise, and the ransacking of her home.Jesse, still reeling from the death of his beloved Diana in his presence, is slowly drinking himself into oblivion But [...]

    6. RO G'ma says:

      Robert B Parker s The Hangman s Sonnet is the 16th book Robert Parker s Jesse Stone series and is written by Reed Farrel Coleman Mr Coleman s writing style is a mirror image of the late Robert Parker The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read This book combines humor, suspense, and tension, and Mr Coleman has blended them perfectly The storyline is well thought out and there is excellent character development The author has woven together intriguing characters, unexpected twis [...]

    7. Hobart says:

      1 2 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader On the one hand, I know that Coleman is a pro, and that he s going to approach each series, each character from a different angle But he s so effective at writing a broken, grieving Gus Murphy, that you have to expect a grieving Jesse Stone to be written as effectively and with a similar depth Which gave me a little pause when it came to cracking this one open how much of a mess would Jesse be Big A big mess.Still, I was chuckli [...]

    8. Paula says:

      If you like morose protagonists, this is a good book for you If you don t, it s a long stagger with an uninteresting drunk.The ending somewhat redeems the slow journey so I gave it two stars, but I d give it one and a half stars if that were an option.

    9. Don Gorman says:

      3 1 2 After the first 75 or so pages, I wondered what had happened to one of my bulletproof, must read authors, Reed Farrel Coleman I am glad to say, from that point on, I got my answer He is alive and very well, thank you This book takes off with a vengeance and does not let go The Jesse Stone franchise has flourished with Coleman, reaching heights that Parker never attained This story just spins and spins and spins Lots going on and with Jesse reaching new highs and lows all along the way Try [...]

    10. Art says:

      Reed Farrel Coleman s continuation of Robert B Parker s Jesse Stone series just gets better and better.Stone is battling the bottle, still trying to recover from the death of his fiancee, and working as little as possible He is spending his time with Johnnie Walker and his Ozzie Smith poster.But he gets sober for the first time in weeks for the wedding of his protege, Luther Suitcase Simpson And that s the day an elderly woman is murdered and an aging rock star s plans are revealed for a major b [...]

    11. Patricia Ann says:

      Too much time and the number of pages were spent on alcoholism on the part of Jesse and his friends The story did not develop until 2 3 of book was read Alcoholism and the loss of girl friend is a continuous theme in Jesse s life story.

    12. Ethan says:

      Reed Farrel Coleman takes the reigns of the late Robert B Parker s Jesse Stone series with The Hangman s Sonnet Oddly, I ve never read any of the novels in this series that were actually written by Parker I did read and enjoy Michael Brandman s take on the character in Fool Me Twice, so I was excited to see what another author could bring to the table True to form, The Hangman s Sonnet is a quick moving mystery that adequately evolves Jesse Stone as a character while adhering to the standards se [...]

    13. Ed says:

      16 in the Jesse Stone series 4 by author Coleman, after 3 entries by Michael Brandman and 9 books by series originator Robert B Parker Engrossing novel in the Stone saga as Jesse grieves for his murdered lover Robert B Parker s Debt To Pay 2016 and tries to buckle down to business while fighting the pull of Johnny Walker Black The series started with Jesse leaving the LAPD due to a drinking problem An ongoing story line had him successfully fighting his addiction, but author Coleman has taken th [...]

    14. Donna says:

      4.5 stars In the first two chapters, Paradise police chief Jesse Stone learns of a 75th birthday extravaganza to be held in Paradise for a folk singer who has been in seclusion for 40 years after the master copy of his epic album called the Hangman s Sonnet is stolen In the 3rd chapter, two men are ransacking the home of an elderly woman seeking to find some unknown object In the course of the robbery, the 90 year old woman dies and a package deliverer is wounded Through it all, Jesse is still g [...]

    15. Geneva Stokes says:

      Suburb reading, Mr Coleman, can not replace Mr Parker s writing, but comes mighty close I have read all of Jesse Stone s books and watched all the movies With Tom Selleck playing Jesse, while reading I visualize him as Jesse, makes for great reading pleasure The Hangman s Sonnet, while I found it a little wordy, is a great, don t want to put down, book Jesse s alcohol abuse is about to ruin him, especially after Diana s death But his friends help him a LOT Molly is the best co worker, ever Now, [...]

    16. Evelyn Wilson says:

      Usually, it is hard to get used to a new author after one dies but I believe Reed Coleman does an excellent job on the Robert B Parker books I can t believe he died in 2010 Times flies Page 60 Full uniform for Jesse cop shirt tucked in with jeans, work boots or running shoes, and a blue baseball cap with the letters PPD stitched across the crown in white lined cop jacket Page 102 The thing was, Jesse had learned that if often paid dividends to knock on the same doors than once That people we [...]

    17. Peter Ackerman says:

      Good Entry in Non Parker SeriesAs the Jesse stone series goes this one is very good As the works written by authors other than the originals, this one is excellent The story is engaging as are the characters If there is any weakness to it it is the over explanation of the conclusion Perhaps as a fault Robert B Parker concluded his works rather quickly and suddenly and this is the opposite In short it s probably goes on for20 pages or so longer than it really should have in my humble opinion Stil [...]

    18. Michael Brown says:

      Getting through things has always been easy for Jesse Stone drink But now after the death of the woman he asked to marry him, he is drunk most of the time and not really useful on the job After several months of little or no need for any action in Paradise, crime comes back and Stone is forced to recognize he is in trouble with his friends and most of all himself Another death and he is trying A second death and he is almost back to himself as a cop with a drinking problem who can function with [...]

    19. Roxanne says:

      This is a win review I think I have watched every Jesse Stone movie with Tom Selleck I really am happy this author will continue this series In this book Jesse Stone is grieving the murder of of fiancee But he also to be ready for his friends wedding and go to a birthday party for a music friend Then a lady gets killed during a robbery and somehow all these clues come together to make this great book It will keep you guessing the whole book.

    20. Ann says:

      It isn t wise to underestimate Jesse Stone flaws and all he is at heart a detective and a good one even when he lets his demons get in the way.

    21. Sasscer Hill says:

      A good read for fans of the Jesse Stone novels

    22. Stanley McShane says:

      Oh duh Yes, of course, THAT Jessie Stone I did recognize that name, but not having read any of Robert B Parker s books, nor recognizing the name of the author, Reed Farrel Coleman sorry, Mr Coleman , I just didn t connect the two until I went looking for a reason that Mr Coleman was writing Parker s books So, I wouldn t know how well or not Mr Coleman continued the soul or spirit of the original Jessie Stone series I can, however, review The Hangman s Sonnet as a standalone book, and surprisingl [...]

    23. David Schwinghammer says:

      As many of you know, Robert B Parker is no long among us Since his passing, Michael Brandman never read him and Reed Farrel Coleman have continued the Jesse Stone series The hardest part to capture is Jesse Stone s dialogue, which is most evident when he s having a discussion with his deputy, Suit, who is almost as laconic Reed Farrel Coleman, an experienced mystery writers captures Jesse s style rather well, although he sometimes over does it Coleman has written the last four episodes In this o [...]

    24. Victoria says:

      Moderately Recommend Rating 4 5Genre Mystery, Police Procedural, Whodunnit Protagonist Jesse Stone Police Chief Ex Pro Baseball Player Ex LAPD detective Tortured and battling his own personal demons.About This is the 16th book in the Jesse Stone series created by gifted storyteller Robert B Parker also recognized for the Spenser, PI series Michael Brandman continued the series after Mr Parker s death in 2010 for three books, and then Reed Farrel Coleman picked up and has written the last four Th [...]

    25. Debra says:

      Robert B Parker s The Hangman s SonnetBy Reed Farrel ColemanI received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review What an amazing job Reed Farrel Coleman does of carrying on the Jesse Stone series and the work of Robert B Parker I ve long been fan of Parker and his Spenser franchise, not so much Jesse Stone I am, however, a fan of this book The Hangman s Sonnet has a fabulous plot with enough twists and turns to leave the reader guessing until the end Music indus [...]

    26. Charles says:

      While it is pleasing to experience Jesse Stone in action once again, in this book, his faults are emphasized a bit too much The chronology is after the death of his fianc and Jesse has once again crawled into the bottle, getting extremely drunk on a regular basis So frequently and so deeply that his colleagues on the force as well as professional friends find it necessary to risk at least some of their careers in covering for him Jesse is in such bad shape that he struggles through the wedding o [...]

    27. Ben says:

      Reed Farrell Coleman has written another good Jesse Stone novel He has brought new depth of character to the protagonist, in my opinion, giving the series a new life The Hangman s Sonnet refers to a long lost audio tape made by a 1960 s rock legend who is near death fourth years hence The tape, if real, might be worth millions in sales It is the macguffin the plot device which moves the story As with the Jesse Stone novels, it less about the mystery than about the hero s problems with booze.The [...]

    28. Joan says:

      Jesse Stone, the Chief of Police in Paradise, Massachusetts, is still reeling from the murder of his fianc e, Diana Evans His struggle to come to terms with her death results in far too many evenings with a bottle, causing his worried friends to try to help him while hoping that he will find a better way to deal with his problems.When Suitcase Simpson s wedding day arrives, Jesse is trying to keep it together long enough to get through the ceremony Having just learned of a planned seventy fifth [...]

    29. Monsieurh says:

      This novel begins a few months after the previous novel A DEBT TO PAY Jesse Stone, Paradise s Chief of police, has survived the murder of the woman he loved and consequently returned to his old vice alcoholism His friend and some associates have taken notice and are trying to be supportive of the man in misery Jesse is trying to crawl out of the hole but without too much gumption Then he becomes involved with an expensive party being arranged to commemorate an old rock n roll legend A lot of ric [...]

    30. Israel Drazin says:

      I enjoyed Robert B Parker s many novels immensely Among others, he wrote Spenser novels, Cole Hitch westerns, and Jesse Stone novels When he passed away, his estate authorized Ace Atkins, Robert Knott, and Reed Farrel Coleman to write the Spenser, Cole Hitch, and Stone books This one, by Reed Farrel Coleman continues the Jesse Stone series I do not think any of the three replacement writers are as good as Parker was, but they are still very good, and I enjoy each of them.In this novel, Sheriff J [...]

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