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my Hanuman Chalisa Devdutt Pattanaik Reflecting on one of Hinduism s most popular prayer for positive energyAcclaimed mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik demystifies the Hanuman Chalisa for the contemporary reader His unique approach makes the ancient hymn accessible, combined as it is with his trademark illustrations.Every time we experience negativity in the world and within ourselves, every time we encounter jeReflecting on one of Hinduism s most popular prayer for positive energyAcclaimed mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik demystifies the Hanuman Chalisa for the contemporary reader His unique approach makes the ancient hymn accessible, combined as it is with his trademark illustrations.Every time we experience negativity in the world and within ourselves, every time we encounter jealousy, rage and frustration, manifesting as violation and violence, we hear, or read, the Hanuman Chalisa Composed over four hundred years ago by Tulsidas, its simple words in Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi and its simple metre, musically and very potently evoke the mythology, history and mystery of Hanuman, the much loved Hindu deity, through whom Vedic wisdom reached the masses As verse follows verse, our frightened, crumpled mind begins to expand with knowledge and insight and our faith in humanity, both within and without, is restored.. my Hanuman Chalisa Reflecting on one of Hinduism s most popular prayer for positive energyAcclaimed mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik demystifies the Hanuman Chalisa for the contemporary reader His unique approach makes the
  • Title: my Hanuman Chalisa
  • Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
  • ISBN: 9788129147950
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • my Hanuman Chalisa Devdutt Pattanaik

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      422 Devdutt Pattanaik
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    1. Surabhi Sharma says:

      Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Tulsidas four centuries ago in Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi Chalisa means a poem of forty verses However, Hanuman Chalisa is composed of forty three verses and out of these forty three verses, forty verses are chaupai or quatrains verses with four short, rhythmic segments Framing these are three dohas or couplets verses with two long, rhythmic segments , two at the beginning and one at the end of Hanuman Chalisa.My Hanuman Chalisa is written to bring a simpler versi [...]

    2. Sankalpita Singh says:

      Read my detailed review here bookgeeks my hanuman c

    3. Vibhooti says:

      I won t call myself an atheist or a complete religious either But I have some kind of belief in Hanuman Chalisa it has had given me strength during my toughest times Whenever I read it or listen to it, my frightened and restless mind finds a way to positive and optimistic vibes This book is a detailed reflection on this most popular religious hymn and one of the best suited for any contemporary reader After finishing this, it sure to make you feel connected whenever you read or hear Hanuman Cha [...]

    4. Swapnil Tembe says:

      I don t know if this kicks me out of my agnostic indulgence but I have become a follower of Lord Hanuman or perhaps the idea of Hanuman, someone who represents knowledge, strength and devotion Simply reciting the Hauman Chalisa and fasting on Tuesdays wasn t apparently enough and I wanted to understand to a greater depth what this text was about And who else to the rescue but Devdutt Pattanaik I wouldn t say its the best of his work but an essential read for the followers of Pavanputra Each chau [...]

    5. Veena says:

      While Tulsidas created a Chalisa to bring the Hanuman closer to those who wanted to think of him in prayers, Devdutt Patnaik has brought Chalisa for those who want to understand the Chalisa that they recite during the prayers While tulsidas s Chalisa is full of praises of Lord hanumna, Patnaik s Chalisa explains Tulsidas s Chalisa with the back stories and epics about Hanuman.The Chalisa begins with two dohas to clean the mind as a temple And ends with asking a blessing from the God himself In b [...]

    6. Asha Gopalakrishnan says:

      This book happened just when I was beginning to get interested in the Hanuman Chalisa, and was wondering how i would surmount the language problem and understand what it means Not just the timing, but the content is perfect too.

    7. Kishor K. says:

      Hanuman Chalisa is certainly the most common religious text chant while Hanuman is one of the most popular Deity in Hinduism Each one of us has heard the Hanuman Chalisa once and most of us remember at least a few chaupai from it.Devdutt begins the book by telling why he decided to write this book my Hanuman Chalisa Obviously, because, it might be a small chant of forty plus three verses, the book in itself contains a universe No doubt, it s the most popular religious text Devdutt wanted to expl [...]

    8. Abhishek Shekhar says:

      Though I know all verses of Hanuman Chalisa by heart but still I liked reading this book commentary on it Author has linked so many things together that one gets a wider perspective of everything It creates a sense of appreciation for author and a sense of respect to original author poet Tulsidas Inspires one to read Ramcharitmanas and Valmiki Ramayan If these 40 verses rhymes so well what would the whole Ramcharitmanas would be like And if that s beautiful how good would be Valmiki Ramayan can [...]

    9. Privy Trifles says:

      My rating 5 I have always enjoyed Devdutt Pattanaik s books because of their simplicity in decoding mythology and explaining their intricacies so well Hanuman Chalisa which is sung in praise of Lord Hanuman has been one of the most recited hymn Since childhood I have been taught to recite it the moment I feel scared of anything and somehow it always reassures me that I am taken care of Read the whole review on my blog privytrifles 2017 07

    10. Keshav says:

      I picked it up at the airport bookstore looking for a breezy read The book promised me 90% accuracy in the preface it was a tall claim for someone as learned and rigorous researcher as Mr Pattnaik s, and I was not disappointed in my low expectations Conveniently adding the first two letters to the book title seem to have absolved Pattnaik of all responsibility, and the book is full of shoddy elaborations and tropes which are neither new nor elucidating He should ve best kept it to himself, this [...]

    11. Nethra Ram says:

      I liked having Pattnaik s version of the explanation but as I do with all mythology I had a huge problem with the metaphors They leave so much to interpretation and perception that I quite often think its because of such contorted storytelling we ve arrived at an intolerant and conservative modern society, especially in its treatment of women Perhaps one day I shall find better explanations for every damn thing

    12. Sagar Mahajan says:

      The author s logic is crystal clear I have been reciting hanuman chalisa since childhood, but this kind of interpretation is like a whiff of fresh air I highly recommend this book to all who wish to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it Getting to know so many aspects of Lord Hanuman s life is simply amazing One cannot simply stop singing praises of the hanuman chalisa once he she knows the crux of it.

    13. Manish Shetty says:

      I always loved Hindu Mythology and this book won t disappoint you This book is about one of most loved God in India, Hanuman and his affection and devotion towards God Ram I never read Hanuman Chalisa as i am not a spiritual person but after finishing this book, I might start reading Hanuman Chalisa everyday.

    14. Aparna says:

      Hanuman Chalisa decoded in the most simple manner The best part of any Devdutt Patnaik book is interlink between different short stories across regions many times cross country tales how the legend of Hanuman travelled across Thailand and China Needless to say that immaculate research combined with coherent narration makes it an interesting read.

    15. Shaibal Mazumdar says:

      A pragmatic yet philosophical discourse on the Hanuman Chalisa It sheds light on the dusty facets of the Hindu mythology while remaining relevant to the current psych Lovely read.

    16. Prashanth Mysore says:

      I wanted to read Hanuman Chalisa, but as it is Awadhi needed a translation This book not just translates literal meaning, but also delves into philosophical insights Good one.

    17. Neha says:

      Soothing.Just fabulous

    18. Anu says:

      Excellent Must read

    19. Anuradha Goyal says:

      Detailed Review anureviews hanuman ch

    20. Alowk Rustagi says:

      As always, Mr Pattanaik has done a wonderful job in waking up my mind and forcing me to thinkST READ

    21. Kailas Ramachandran says:

      Hanuman Chalisa would be India s simplest and most used Shlokas Set in simple language,each of the couplet encompasses a treasure trove of meaning

    22. Pranjal Srivastava says:

      I read Hanuman Chalisa twice a week but no body told me meaning and depiction of the same in such detail.

    23. Baljeet Kumar says:

      A great read This is one book which i would like to read again.Description along with a lot of tidbits from local regional folklores and other epics make it engaging.


      Fantascript Eyeopener, soul finder n director Great narration Fantastically scripted Must read again n again Its a complete satisfying read.Thanks Devdutt

    25. Ritu says:

      Again a quick and easy read by Devdutt Pattanaik However, just having read his Sita, some of the material was a repeat.

    26. Supriya Saran says:

      How does one review a book of prayer Is it even possible to review a centuries old prayer, known by rote to nearly every Indian That was the first thought that runs through my mind when I put down my copy of the Hanuman Chalisa A version by Devdutt Pattanaik One of the many that I already possess, this being the latest addition Not just me, this is a prayer book that can be possibly found in every household in India, in mandirs, prayer areas, under the pillow, in the dashboard of cars and in off [...]

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