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The Trust of Five: Part Two: Reverse Harem Serial
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The Trust of Five: Part Two: Reverse Harem Serial L.A. Kirk Megan Little has found five mysterious men who can give her the answers she needs for her odd transformation They say they ll help her to find the truth, but first she must learn to listen to her instincts and trust those around her Overwhelmed by the revelation of a supernatural world, and the dire changes it may mean to her life, Megan ventures into town to clear her hMegan Little has found five mysterious men who can give her the answers she needs for her odd transformation They say they ll help her to find the truth, but first she must learn to listen to her instincts and trust those around her Overwhelmed by the revelation of a supernatural world, and the dire changes it may mean to her life, Megan ventures into town to clear her head There, she encounters an elder from the local wolf shifter pack who knows about her supposed powers than Archer, Quinn, Mitch, Brock, and Red are willing to reveal Can Meg trust the five men she finds herself drawn to when they continue to keep secrets from her When an attack on the town puts Meg s new powers to the test, she may not have any other choice.. The Trust of Five Part Two Reverse Harem Serial Megan Little has found five mysterious men who can give her the answers she needs for her odd transformation They say they ll help her to find the truth but first she must learn to listen to her inst
  • Title: The Trust of Five: Part Two: Reverse Harem Serial
  • Author: L.A. Kirk
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  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Trust of Five: Part Two: Reverse Harem Serial L.A. Kirk

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    1 Blog on “The Trust of Five: Part Two: Reverse Harem Serial

    1. Ashley says:

      A nice progression in the serial It doesn t make you feel like it s just filling pages for a word count You actually get your money s worth.

    2. Yuki Iseri says:

      The second installment of the series I like how well the story flowed and how we got to know the characters The slow burn to the romance was nice so we got to know characters I still love Meg s character and how her relationship with the guys is progressing I also love the paranormal aspect of the story I can t wait to read the next part

    3. The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha) says:

      Short 3 chapters and a bit rushed Even though this is a serial, I do wish the characters were a bit developed However, the story is very interesting and it does move right along

    4. Anna says:

      I gotta be honest, when I picked up this book I was absolutely clueless as to what it s about Because I forgot all about the first one, just as I said I would As a result I had to go back and reread the first one it wasn t any better the second time around in order to have at least some idea about what is happening It did help much, I was still left confused by the time I finished The trust of five There were some explanations about what Meg is and about the magic of this world in general, but n [...]

    5. Vicki says:

      This was the second installment in a paranormal reverse harem serial three chapters, just like the first installment Both the size and the action made it easy to read in one sitting and it wasn t hard to get right back into the story, which picks up where it left off I really, really like the slow burn nature of the romantic part of the reverse harem as if it was sped up it wouldn t feel right for the characters or plot The combination of a serial format and a reverse harem with 5 male members m [...]

    6. Courtney Dunham says:

      Great follow up to Part 1I loved Part 2 of the Divinity Saga I liked seeing develop between Meg and her guys We get to learn about Meg and her powers in this part of LA Kirk s serial I can relate to Meg, trying to remain strong during tough times, wanting to hold her own with the group and not feel like a burden I can t wait for her to come into her own I am having a tough time picking my favorite guy, I like that they aren t filling the typical molds you see a lot in RH books I think I am par [...]

    7. Kathleen Bruce says:

      This is the second part in this serial and like the 1st installment Heart of Five it is 3 chapters And once you get used to the first installment you actually learn the format and really look forward to what happens in those 3 chapters, to see what new exciting actiony thing will happen, and what new information Meg will learn about this new world that she is part of.We can see that Meg is feeling closer to the guys, she gets a little answers on the world she is part of and also a little on wha [...]

    8. Taylor says:

      I received The trust of five in exchange for a review The trust of five part two is the second book in a serial by LA Kirk.This book picks up shortly after the first book finished Meg is being introduced to the supernatural world, a world she didn t really know existed She is actually taking it surprisingly well, especially with her new founded male friends Megs first few hours in the supernatural world go from crazy to dangerous when she inadvertently gets involved in an ongoing investigation, [...]

    9. Lauren Franco says:

      So this addition is a lot of foundation building for the readers Right off the bat I liked how even though it has been a month and we very briefly got to meet the guys last time we were able to get straight into it without confusion for the reader So as you can imagine by the title we need Meg to trust the guys and in order to do that she s going to have to push aside some denial and listen to her instincts and inner voice.Meg learns a lot about herself and how she fits in this new world, but sh [...]

    10. Beth C. says:

      Aargh Too short Need Meg the guysYou can just tell this is going to be a great series, just from only two books But they are frustratingly short Loving the characters already, but we don t get a chance to really know them and barely get into the story in 30 pages We know their names and what they are, but that s about all after two books.I think that once all the little short snippets books which are actually the length of individual chapters are put together, it might make a good book These li [...]

    11. SJ says:

      I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it Omg part 2 is just as awesome as part 1 We start to find out what is going on, with excitement going on we start to find out a bit about Meg and her tangerine eyes, we get to know a little about the guys and then we are left on tenterhooks again with some new questions, delicious torture LA Kirk has written another part of this serial guaranteed to keep your eyes glued to the page and highly anticipating [...]

    12. Hennah says:

      This is the continuation of Meg s story, and part of a Reverse Harem serial, so if you re about to start, DON T START HERE Go and find the beginning, The Heart of Five, and start there I m still not sure if I like the concept of a serial romance, because in such small snippets the romance appears to take a backseat, but I don t think it will stay that way for too much longer In this installment, we learn a little bit about what s going on, and the questions about who and how to trust are asked [...]

    13. Stephanie Meadath says:

      This is the 2nd installment of the series and for me it is moving a little slower than I would like but this is just a personal preference I am not much for serials I do love Megs character though as well as the guys I did have to go back and reread the 1st book since I almost forgot everything that previously happened I do love how we are starting to learn about what is going on as Meg is thrusted into this world of supernaturals that she didn t know excited Now even thought I am not a fan of [...]

    14. Kayla says:

      I absolutely LOVED the continuation to Meg s story We learn about Meg s situation with the guys in Part 2 And boy did we learn I ll give you a summarization of the important aspects in the novel Meg s eyes we find out about the story behind them , about the magic, council, and we find out what she is I can t tell you that or else it would spoil the awesomeness of the story The ending will have you grasping your kindle and wondering when L.A Kirk will be releasing the next You won t be disappoi [...]

    15. Aneesha says:

      I love the suspense playing here It s just beautiful The way Meg naturally falls into rythm with the guys is beautiful There is a sense of protection Meg already feels around the guys which assures the reader that this is the reverse harem pair group And oooo the suspense at the end I just cant wait for part 3 now Part 1 was a good beginning, and it seems to be travelling exponentially now Just disappointed that this is a serial and not a full book Three chapters doesnt quench my thirst.

    16. Candice says:

      Still struggling to adjust to reading a serial but im intrigued enough to want to see what happens next Interesting set of characters with the scene set for the introduction of both good and bad I wasn t sure when I started if this series was going to hold my interest enough for me to continue past book two but the last paragraph tipped the scales just enough for me to want Bring on book three Arc kindly given in exchange for an honest review

    17. Dezi says:

      Continued interest This story continues on about meh trying to learn about herself It s realty a great book, continuing on but it s frustrating because just when you learn something new or something big happens you have to wait for the next book in the serial Frustrating, but it just makes me want to reader the next one even Oh well can t wait for it to come out I need too know about what Meg is

    18. Jaliza Burwell says:

      Trust of Five by LA Kirk is the second part to the Divinity Saga, Meg s story I enjoyed reading this part of the serial and I loved how she set up the beginning of the story The dangers of serials is that because we have to wait for the next part, when it does release, we may have to read the first part again to remember but LA Kirk set it up nicely to remind readers what happened in a realist way without bogging us down with too much information Looking forward to the next part.

    19. Nora says:

      This book continues where heart of five left Meg is waking up and finds herself with the five guys that she met yesterday She finds out about the world she is a part of now The only problem with this book is it is just three chapters and I need like right now This book is a serial so be aware of that That means frequently new chapters but you might want to wait for getting the entire book.

    20. Patty says:

      The answers we get, the questions we have This serial is definitely progressing and raising questions as fast as some get answered I am hooked into the mystery surrounding Meg and her quest for discovering what she is and how this will impact her life At first I was a bit unsure about the character development of the guys, but it seems that this will come slowly as Meg gets to know them A good quick read.

    21. Aimee says:

      Part two of the story picked up the pace a bit as well as provided a bit information, which I liked learning background It is always good to get some history, I think I think it ended in a good spot, leaving one curious to see what is going to happen next Since this story is the first serial I ve ever read I can t compare it to others but I can definitely say with the current two parts released I ve not been disappointed thus far Looking forward to the next part

    22. Tiffani says:

      For some reason I was not able to get into this one as well as the 1st in the serial I actually really like Meg and the way she s dealing with the world around her so far, but all of the guy s actions just fall flat for me, I can t connect with them yet and their responses seem so bland and forced I do want to read , and maybe one we have a little story I ll be able to connect with them.

    23. Jennifer G says:

      The Trust of Five is the second installment of the Divinity Saga serial It s another great episode of the continuing mystery surrounding Meg and her tangerine eyes We get a bit world building and it s clear Meg is in danger, but we don t know much than that The story is compelling and quickly draws you in, but it s equally frustrating There are so many questions I feel like we know Meg s basic character and we know each of the guy s abilities, but I want to spend time with them one on one and [...]

    24. Kate says:

      This is the second installment of this serial and it is both good and frustrating for me I enjoyed the heck out of it but i have to wail for We see that Meg is in danger but not what exactly that danger is We get a bit about the guys and Meg has to suspend what she knows is fiction and believe a bit in things that are not normal I do like the slow burn of the book on the romance front and i am looking forward to book 2.

    25. Nikki Shoemaker chun says:

      reverseharem cannotwaitforpartthree fivestars cliffhangerThis is the second part of the Divinity Saga and it was addicting from page one Meg is now learning what those color changing tangerine eyes mean She is living in the chaos of the Wahash, the good, and the tainted Part two ends on a cliff hanger and what a surprise it is The suspense until part three releases is going to be massive This series has ran right into a five star rating

    26. Claudia Owens says:

      A strong continuation of this serial We jump in with the tiniest of time hops and I m a little surprised at how comfortable Meg already is with these guys We definitely get a lot information about the fantasy side of this story and the plot is plowing ahead like a steam train, I feel like the relationship development is a bit lacking, but hope to see interactions with the guys and emotional content in the next part.

    27. Msdeathruler says:

      The second installment gives the much needed information without getting boring.It is an easy and quick read and I love the story.I love the style of the writer and how it s easy to read even if the language isn t your own.I do miss some one on one action with some of the handsome boys but I look foreward to the third installment.The book ends on a cliffy.

    28. Kelly says:

      I m still not a fan of serials, but this really is a good story and I am invested More world building in this one, some questions answered, but they lead to even questions Then a cliff hanger ending I would much rather be reading this as a full book than a serial, but I know I ll keep reading.

    29. Jen says:

      This is the second part of L.A Kirks Reverse Harem serial and like the first part it got three chapters Meg is being introduced and into the supernatural world I m still waiting for the major breakdown when everything really catches up with her She also gets closer to the guys This installment ends on a major cliffhanger and I m looking forward to the next part.

    30. Simone says:

      A strong continuation of suspense and intrigueLA Kirk has kept at the steady world building which was started in the first entry of this saga, and I am eager for the third serial segment than I was for the 2nd Great character development, expression, and balance between finding answers and opening new questions.I can t wait for the next part

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