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Rychleji mluvit nedokážu - Od Gilmorových děvčat ke Gilmorovým děvčatům (a všechno mezi tím)
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Rychleji mluvit nedokážu - Od Gilmorových děvčat ke Gilmorovým děvčatům (a všechno mezi tím) Lauren Graham Sb rka esej od milovan hv zdy seri l Gilmorova d v ata a Rodi ovstv o ivot , l sce a en z Hollywoodu, dopln n historkami z nat en Gilmorov ch d v at Lauren Graham se pokou na chv li zastavit a ohl se za sv m ivotem, sd l s n mi sm vn historky z dosp v n , kdy za nala kari ru here ky, a po dobu, kdy sed la ve sv m p v su a koukala na trailer k seri lSb rka esej od milovan hv zdy seri l Gilmorova d v ata a Rodi ovstv o ivot , l sce a en z Hollywoodu, dopln n historkami z nat en Gilmorov ch d v at Lauren Graham se pokou na chv li zastavit a ohl se za sv m ivotem, sd l s n mi sm vn historky z dosp v n , kdy za nala kari ru here ky, a po dobu, kdy sed la ve sv m p v su a koukala na trailer k seri lu Rodi ovstv a kdy se sama sebe ptala L b se to n komu Otev en mluv o tom, jak je to b t single ve sv t Hollywoodu Nikdo nech pal, e jsem po d sama nebo o zku enosti porotce v projektu Project Runway Je to, jako kdybych za ila tot ln m dn blackout V eseji Jak to bylo, prvn st n s autorka vezme na proch zku sv tem Gilmorov ch d v at a p edev m do sv ta sv Lorelai Gil Esej Jak to bylo, st druh odhaluje, jak to bylo, kdy se o dev t let pozd ji k roli vr tila a co to pro ni znamenalo O Lauren se ale dozv te i jin v ci jak to bylo, kdy se pokusila st t se vegankou nebo dal z itky z nat en a z kulis Hollywoodu Kniha je dopln na mnoha fotografiemi a ryvky z jej ho den ku Kniha je jako nejlep p tel, kter se s v mi o v echno v dy r d pod l.. Rychleji mluvit nedok u Od Gilmorov ch d v at ke Gilmorov m d v at m a v echno mezi t m Sb rka esej od milovan hv zdy seri l Gilmorova d v ata a Rodi ovstv o ivot l sce a en z Hollywoodu dopln n historkami z nat en Gilmorov ch d v at Lauren Graham se pokou na chv li zastavit a ohl se
  • Title: Rychleji mluvit nedokážu - Od Gilmorových děvčat ke Gilmorovým děvčatům (a všechno mezi tím)
  • Author: Lauren Graham
  • ISBN: 9788073906986
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rychleji mluvit nedokážu - Od Gilmorových děvčat ke Gilmorovým děvčatům (a všechno mezi tím) Lauren Graham

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    1 Blog on “Rychleji mluvit nedokážu - Od Gilmorových děvčat ke Gilmorovým děvčatům (a všechno mezi tím)

    1. Leslie Wilkins says:

      Lauren Graham narrating the audiobook was every bit of the awesomeness that I d hoped for and expected.

    2. LolaReviewer says:

      Gil Girls is one of the best contemporary TV shows I ve ever seen, and I used to be quite addicted to watching them.So I needed to read this memoir by the co star of the show, Lauren Graham.I can t imagine anyone not liking this lady She is so authentic, on set and off set She feels so normal Fame definitely did not turn her into someone she isn t I admire that In this non fiction book, she talks a little about her upbringing, college years, first auditions, first jobs in the mundane world and t [...]

    3. Penny Quotes says:

      In three weeks, I had binged seven seasons and four movies ofGil Girls a feat for some and child s play for others Obviously, I was desperately in need of something to satisfy the big, gaping Stars Hollow shaped hole in my life You should be pleased to know that this book did just the trick In true Rory Gil style, I am going to review this book as a pros and cons list Pros The chapter titles The titles were quirky and creative They made absolutely no sense unless you actually read the chapter e. [...]

    4. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin says:

      I love Lauren Graham I loved her in Gil Girls most of all Duh And I also loved her in Parenthood But Gil Girls takes the cake, the old and the new Woot I loved hearing stories about when Lauren was a child like living on the houseboat I would loved to have seen that in real life She has a lot of different stories that go back and forth from now and then It was a little confusing at times but I guess that s why it s called a book of essays She even writes like Lorelai Gil sounds If that makes sen [...]

    5. Jessica says:

      My one sentence summary Lauren Graham s personality shines through a lot here, and that s delightful, but she doesn t really explore much of anything with any real depth, and that s disappointing I came to Gil Girls late, even though I m in the exact age bracket to have grown up with it My parents didn t have cable so I couldn t watch the WB and by the time I got to college, where many of my friends loved the show, I found it a little off putting Part of that was because it wasn t really a show [...]

    6. Cait • A Page with a View says:

      So Lauren Graham basically IS Lorelai Gil It was so much fun to read her short diary type entries of the experience of filming the revival and to hear other bits of Gil Girls history I wasn t as into some of the other parts of the book, but her writing was consistently upbeat and hilarious It really sounded like Lorelai was just telling you about her day in a casual yet super caffeinated conversation.

    7. Elyse says:

      Audiobook a gift from Vio Thank You Vio I did like the Gil Girlsbut admit, I didn t watch the reunion series I was done by the time it came around I actually liked the show Parenthood much better than The Gil Show , where Lauren Graham was part of the ensemble cast I felt that overall the Parenthood had substance Lauren Graham speaks consistently soooo fast during the entire audiobook it becomes draining There were a few parts in the beginning I thought were interesting Lauren was born in Hawai [...]

    8. Danielle says:

      Before reading the book This is being released on my birthday And 4 days after the revival premieres This is already the best birthday ever D Upon finishing the book This gets 5 stars Yes I am being biased because I love Lauren Graham and Gil Girls which is than just a show to me, it s a religion, a way of life I know that sounds crazy but I ve been too obsessed for too long, its unhealthyjust ignore me But I genuinely enjoyed this It was a fun, quick read, made even fun by Lauren s narration [...]

    9. Vanessa says:

      I read this as fast as I could, not on purpose, it s just that this book was compelling as a major Lauren Graham fan, being a late bloomer to the phenomena that is Gil Girls and becoming instantly obsessed, it was destined for me to read this memoir, this gave me everything I needed and Plenty of insights from her time during the Gil Girls days, I probably could have read a whole book completely devoted to dissections and discussions of the show but there was also other parts of Lauren s life t [...]

    10. April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

      Awwwwww this was so sweet There were some parts where I found myself skim reading or skipping altogether the fashion chapter coz BORING but I really, really enjoyed this and I love Lauren s voice and sense of humour

    11. Kelli says:

      I couldn t wait to get this audio sniff, sniff, wail Recently I made what may have been a questionable parenting decision and starting watching Gil Girls on Netflix with my daughter I was surprised to find it is not only a fabulous and in our case, somewhat addictive show with quirky characters and smart dialogue, but it opens many doors for age appropriate conversations with my daughter about school, relationships of all kinds, community, etc I love Lauren Graham in both Gil Girls and Parenthoo [...]

    12. Riley says:

      This was okay There were a lot of filler stories and she didn t start talking about Gil Girls until chapter 15.I listened to the audiobook and Lauren sang way too much Kinda irritated me There were a few cool behind the scenes info about her tv shows but nothing you can t find from interviews.

    13. Calista says:

      This was so good It kept me laughing out loud and I wanted hear of her stories I like her voice as a writer She had a bit in there about Old Lady Jackson that was funny and she needs to turn this into a whole book Wonderful character She takes us behind the scenes of Gil Girls and Parenthood to share her experiences We also have stories of how she made it in the business of Show This made me miss seeing her on TV weekly I hope they bring the show back again.I felt like I was sitting down with a [...]

    14. ☕ Kimberly says:

      I will be totally honest I read 99.8 % fiction Reading for me is an escape, a chance to travel from the comfort of my home When I select a book outside the realm of fiction, it is often than not a history book surrounding an event or era So why did I listen to Talking As Fast As I Can Gil Girls The show began in 2000, I was a young stay at home mother of three and that hour spent in Stars Hollow was magical Rory loved books I loved books and Lorelai s addiction to coffee rivaled my own I loved [...]

    15. Jenny says:

      I read this after finishing Kendrick s Scrappy Little Nobody which makes for an interesting point of comparison Both Graham and Kendrick are known for being intelligent, witty actresses and both write about the business of being an intelligent, witty, actress In the comparison, however, Graham s book suffers Graham writes throughout about the time crunch she was under, and it seems like the book was rushed out to coincide with the release of the new Gil Girls movies rather than because it was re [...]

    16. Ron says:

      Lauren Graham writes as she speaks as if I really know What I m saying is, I can clearly hear her voice while I read her words on the page Her personality is evident Maybe it s the voice of Lorelei Gil I m hearing, but hey since she created the character, then I think it s at least a resemblance of Lauren in real life The book is full of self deprecating, don t take me too seriously because I wouldn t do that myself humor Behind that perky witticism, I see a very intelligent person, one who work [...]

    17. Ms. Smartarse says:

      Having been a fan of the Gil Girls TV series, this book was such a treat for me It could have tooootally been an account of the life and times of Lorelai Gil Well OK, a slightly AU type of account.It has tonnes of humorous and cringe worthy situations in it There s plenty of thoughtful advice to be found here as well, generally in the person of one Old Lady Jackson And then there is the hilarious amount of procrastination, when it comes to writing a book Now that is relatable up to a certain poi [...]

    18. Amanda says:

      This was so fun to read I m a huge Gil Girls fan and have been for about 12 years now From the 4 years spent watching reruns of Seasons 1 7 every morning on ABC Family from 10am noon to the binge watching A Year in the Life on Netflix I couldn t get enough of the show, so this inside look told from one of my favorite characters was perfect First off I d like to point out how much this felt like Lorelai Honestly Lauren Graham was born for this role, I couldn t imagine any other actress, and I dou [...]

    19. Myrna says:

      Enjoyable, quick read I love Lauren Graham and Gil Girls Not a long, personal story but does share some background on her early life and career I could relate to pajama streaking and TP ing houses LOL She also shares photographs, behind the scenes, and diary experts all encompassed in her fast talking narration like Lorelai Gil Highly recommend the audio read by Lauren herself

    20. Jessica Thelander says:

      As a huge fan of Gil Girls and Lauren Graham, I was quite excited to read this book Finally A chance to read about all of the behind the scenes goodies from the original run of the show, how everyone got cast, funny anecdotes and heartwarming stories about each of the cast members, etc While we get that to some extent in the final chapter that includes diary entries from her time on the revival, the chapter about the original Gil Girls run was highly disappointing Instead of a chapter that provi [...]

    21. Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

      I m a pretty solid fan of Gil Girls, but have previously felt disappointed in realizing that neither Lauren Graham nor Alexis Bledel are the characters they play in that show Not quite as intelligent, and definitely not as well read I know, Gil Girls is a rapid talking idealized landscape, but one I think I prefer to escape to without the grounding in reality.So I was uncertain as to whether I would want to listen to this memoir, but having just watched the four Year in the Life episodes of the [...]

    22. Diane says:

      Lauren Graham is another one of my girl crushes I am a fan of the show Gil Girls, and was happy to hear she had published a journal she wrote while filming the revival episodes for Netflix.This collection of essays is amusing and heartfelt, just as I expect Lauren is in real life My favorite pieces were her stories about the filming of Gil Girls, and also what she s learned about writing tip allow yourself one hour a day without interruption to focus on writing no internet, no phones, no texts, [...]

    23. Elizabeth says:

      SO GOOD I loved her writing in Someday, Someday Maybe I love it here, too She talks about how she started acting and everything that lead to the original run of Gil Girls as well as what lead up to the Netflix revival Oh, and her reaction to the final four words I won t spoil anything, but if you haven t watched the revival, don t read that chapter until you do Also, I read this as audio and followed along with the book because there are some pictures she references to She also talks about her w [...]

    24. TL says:

      I know how lucky I am to have had such wonderful first and second acts in my career I m still not sure what my third act will turn out to be Sexy Baking Competition Hostess Flamboyant Peruvian Bingo Caller , but if you happen to run into Betty White, tell her thank you Love Lauren Graham as a person and I adored her first book but this was just okay for me don t get me wrong, I did enjoy reading it Just didn t love it as much as I wanted to.The old standby Can t put my finger on it sort of appli [...]

    25. Victoria says:

      I don t recall coming across a apt title for a book than this one My goodness does Ms Graham rapid fire her way through the audio version, it was exhausting to listen to a one way monologue delivered a la Lorelei Gil And while it was kooky and fun to watch Gil Girls episodes for the dialogue alone, it was slightly overwhelming to listen to just one side of the script.Beyond the delivery I was also disappointed in the lack of substance The early part of the book provides a bit of biographical ma [...]

    26. Shannon (leaninglights) says:

      4.5 stars a great read for any GG fan I wanted much about Parenthood which is why I docked 1 2 star hey, it was in between Gil Girls but I loved all the show today bits and hearing about Lauren s life a bit I didn t realize she was writing the film script adaptation for The Royal We and Jennifer E Smith is an editor for her Lots of fun tid bits that I really enjoyed.

    27. Mark my words says:

      Lauren Graham is Lorelai Gil No, I mean she IS Lorelai Gil She writes almost as you imagine Lorelai would write Tangents and quirky humour galore But that ending Don t you think it was of a cliffhanger Hmmmm.

    28. Brooke says:

      People often refer to the old classic movie stars as inspiring and favorite people At age 26 and obviously not having lived through the golden era of Hollywood I just don t have that connection Lauren Graham is what I m assuming Audrey Hepburn or fill in the blank actress is too people She is so amazing as Lorelei Gil and through listening to her life story and how she has such a great head on her shoulders as any grandmother would say lol she is inspiring and Gil Girls means so much to me It s [...]

    29. Olive (abookolive) says:

      I should title my inevitable self help book Trying Not to Cry in the Workplace Getting Emotional While Listening to Audiobooks in Public Places

    30. Kristina says:

      It felt exactly I was having a cup of coffee with Lauren and she was telling me all about herself and Gil girls

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