Jens Lapidus Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης
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Στοκχόλμη Jens Lapidus Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης , , , , , , , ,.
  • Title: Στοκχόλμη
  • Author: Jens Lapidus Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης
  • ISBN: 9786180308556
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
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      400 Jens Lapidus Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης
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    1 Blog on “Στοκχόλμη

    1. Paromjit says:

      This is an absolutely terrific Scandinavian thriller, but I had to read a third of the way through before the disparate threads began to connect and I began to become invested in the novel Emelie Jansson is a rookie lawyer taken on by an exclusive law firm to work on Mergers and Acquisition Teddy is an investigator with the firm with a background of having served 8 years in prison for the kidnapping of Mats Emanuelsson, without giving up others involved On Varmado Island, a man has been murdered [...]

    2. Thomas says:

      This is a complex murder mystery A new lawyer, Emelie Jansson, is requested by name by a murder suspect, Benjamin Emanuelsson She goes to see him in the prison hospital, where he is recovering from a concussion due to an auto accident near the murder scene He can speak only a little, but he says Get Teddy to understand Teddy is a friend and an ex convict who sometimes does investigative work for her law firm.She calls Teddy and tells him what Benjamin said It turns out that Teddy had kidnapped B [...]

    3. Dimitris Passas says:

      Stockholm Delete Stockholm Noir Lapidus , , Stockholm Noir , , crime noir Stockholm Noir , Stockholm Delete Lapidus , ,3 , , , Lapidus Stockholm Delete , .

    4. Katerina Paisoglou says:


    5. Elaine Tomasso says:

      I would like to thank Netgalley for an advance copy of Stockholm Delete, a stand alone thriller set in the seedy underbelly of Stockholm.The novel opens with a security guard discovering a shot body and seeing a car crash near the crime scene It then switches to Nikola s last days in a juvenile detention centre before release, then to police interviews with a confidential informant, Mats Emanuelsson, then to Emelie Jansson and her confirmation to a lawyer and finally to Teddy, an ex con trying t [...]

    6. AdamMcPhee says:

      They were following Sebbe and his friend There was no doubt now.I called Sebbe No answer I sent a message They re tailing you.No reply I thought about when he d come down to the strip club and saved me and my poker friends I got out of the car.Gamla stan the historical heart of Stockholm, its midpoint I don t have any relationship to that part of town, other than vague memories of a guided tour there sometime in high school, when the guide told us about Stockholm s bloodbath Christian II Christi [...]

    7. Marko Suomi says:

      Ihan ok perus rikoskirja lomalla luettavaksi Kulki eteenp in, hieman mysteerin tuntua ja jonkin verran toimintaa Ei mit n kovin rankkaa sis lt eik vaativia juonikiemuroita Sellainen ei rsytt v , ja p henkil ist kin, varsinkin Teddyst , sai jonkinlaisen otteen.

    8. Julie Mestdagh says:

      Stockholm delete is na VIP room het tweede deel in de tweede trilogie van Zweeds advocaat misdaadauteur Jens Lapidus Zijn eerste trilogie, de Snel geld snabba cash trilogie, heb ik in n ruk uitgelezen en met veel plezier en waardering verslonden VIP room vond ik minder indrukwekkend, maar dat wordt ruimschoots gecompenseerd door deze klepper Stockholm delete is een thriller van formaat Emelie en Teddy uit VIP Room zijn terug, en hoe Ze staan voor een raadsel wanneer Benjamin Samuelsson aangehoud [...]

    9. Britt-Marie Kullin says:

      Betyg 4 av 5 F r ungef r ett och ett halvt r sedan s l ste jag den f rsta boken, VIP rummet , i Jens Lapidus nya serie, och jag tyckte den var mycket, mycket bra Nu har jag l st den andra boken, Sthlm Delete , som r en frist ende forts ttning p den f rsta boken, och den var n stan lika bra Jag tycker mycket om huvudpersonerna i boken, Emelie och Teddy, och ven alla andra karakt rer Tycker ven om Stockholmsskildringarna Och handlingen r ocks bra Ser redan fram emot bok nummer tre i serien, efters [...]

    10. Ken Fredette says:

      Talk about a good read, Jens Lapidus really put everything up to date with this story I don t want to give it away because it is the best read I have had in years I was hesitant at first but as you got to know the characters you started rooting for them The bad guys were the good guys and the good guys were the bad guys sort of a thing And the ending was so Lapidus, you don t want it to end.

    11. Hannie says:

      Het verhaal zit goed in elkaar qua plot Toch vond ik het iets te langdradig om echt spannend te zijn Ik heb het boek uitgelezen, omdat ik wilde weten hoe het mysterie in elkaar zat En na mate meer puzzelstukjes op zijn plek vielen werd het ook wel wat interessanter Toch was dit geen boek waarin ik maar wilde blijven lezen tot ik het uit had Vanwege het goede plot heb ik het drie sterren gegeven Anders zou ik niet hoger ge indigd zijn als twee Het verhaal raakte me niet echt en ik leefde ook niet [...]

    12. Cindy Espinosa says:

      Take a brand new lawyer who didn t even specialize in criminal cases, an ex con who is trying to stay on the straight and narrow but not trying very hard and his nephew who is fresh out of jail and you have a team who evidently can outwit the local crime syndicate and law enforcement Their goal is to prove the innocence of young man who is a suspect in a murder Once you get past this far fetched premise, this actually shapes up to be an entertaining read.I would like to thank Vintage Books Ancho [...]

    13. Tony Nielsen says:

      Although I am a major fan of what has become known as Scandanavian noir this is the first title I have read by Jens Lapidus My research determined that Lapidus is highly accomplished criminal defense lawyer, who has, over the last decade also developed a reputation as a canny writer of crime fiction In Stockholm Delete we find Emilie Jansson who has just passed the bar and works for a law firm which is all about maximising hours and kroners with their business clients.Emilie can t resist the opp [...]

    14. Kirsikka Myllyrinne says:

      A bit dissapointed, if you compare to the previous book Vip rummet This felt like a mid term book , the emphasis was on the characters and not so much on the story line A bit off balanced.

    15. Marjorie says:

      Stockholm Delete focuses around 5 specific characters Nikola a late teen who is known at Bible Man because he can speak Slav and runs with the criminal classes of that nationality His mother had him committed to a juvenile offenders facility to try and straighten him out but now he s free and ready to work for Isak again, even if he can t pull the trigger when needed.Teddy is Nikola s uncle and did a stretch for kidnapping a man for what turned out to be about than money Now he s trying to go s [...]

    16. Mike says:

      Boy I had a hard time with this one I just couldn t seem to get into it, the whole plot was a little confusing and I was never quite sure who anyone was for a good deal of the book Plus there were several characters who were sometimes referred to by their actual names and other times by nick names with no explanation that it was the same person I m guessing it was a case of those nick names being common variations on the actual names in the book s country of origin.The plot revolves around a new [...]

    17. Έρση Λάβαρη says:

      , , , , , , , , , , , .

    18. Breakaway Reviewers says:

      Scandi Crime never disappointsEmelie Jansson is newly qualified as a lawyer when she is asked to defend a young man arrested on suspicion of murder However, the law firm she works for forbids her to take the case so she juggles the case in secret Teddy is the firm s fixer and special investigator but he is also an ex con trying to rebuild his life The past rears up its ugly head as the two try to investigate the circumstances around the crime Each of the main characters is struggling to shed the [...]

    19. Vera VB says:

      Wanneer in een afgelegen huis in bos een inbraakalarm afgaat, gaat iemand van het beveiligingsbedrijf erheen Hij vindt er geen inbreker, maar een lijk Het is niet bekend wie het slachtoffer is Wel is er in de buurt een auto gevonden die tegen een boom is gereden met daarin een persoon, bewusteloos De jongeman herinnert zich niets, maar wordt wel verdacht Hij vraagt naar Teddy Teddy is een crimineel, heeft jaren in de gevangenis gezeten maar is weer op vrije voeten Hij schakelt Emelie in Dat is e [...]

    20. Tracy Rowan says:

      So far this year I ve read 71 books I don t say that to boast, but rather to show that I m a voracious reader, who doesn t give up easily I ve been reading this book for two months, I m barely halfway through it, and last night I gave up Why I really don t know All I can say is that for someone who should have knocked this book off in three nights, maybe four if I was dawdling, it s taken me an unbelievable amount of time to make it halfway through the book.It s not badly written, but it s compl [...]

    21. Joanne Gaylor says:

      Not for meI was so disappointed with this book I love Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larsson and was really excited by the blurb that promised a new Scandinavian epic Sadly, for me it just didn t deliver I felt that I never really engaged with the characters or the plot Initially I found it confusing as there were so many characters with different plots and timelines, but even when I had of a grip on those, it failed to engage me I actually thought about giving up on it about three quarters of the way thro [...]

    22. Nicole says:

      Meh I don t really know how I feel about this, to be honest I didn t really get into it until about halfway through, and even then I wasn t really that enthralled by it You follow the story from the perspective of about five different characters, and I just think that was a bit much.The story was interesting enough, but it was a bit too complicated at times and hard to keep up with The twist at the end was good though, and obviously sets up for a third book Maybe that was part of the issue I bel [...]

    23. Miki Jacobs says:

      When I first started to read this book I was a bit confused by the number of characters and the switching between the present and the past However, I persevered with it and have to say that the very complex stories come together and make sense The story centres around Teddy, a Slav the books description, not mine , his nephew, Nikola and Emilie, a lawyer who works for a prestigious law firm which deals in business law Teddy is Emilie s investigator and has a shady past, but is now on the straigh [...]

    24. Tiger says:

      Fast, action packed novel about a young lawyer, Emelie, Teddyher law firm s field investigator, and Nickola,Teddy s young nephew, freshly released from prison When an unidentified murder victim is found in a remote house on Varmdo Island, Emelie.nst her firm s wishestakes on the case as defence attorney for a young man found badly wounded near the scene But when they discover the identity of this young man and his connection to a dark chapter in Teddy s past, the story explodes off the pages Wit [...]

    25. Joseph M Fahs says:

      Love the way Lapidus brings several story lines together Really a modern hard boiled style thriller After finishing the novel I immediately needed to know if the sequel was planned To my surprise this is actually the second book of the trilogy and it appears the first was never translated into English The only downside to this book if you are new to the author is that it takes a while to get going However, this didn t bother me as I knew from his other books the payoff is worth it.once

    26. Patricia Baker says:

      first time to read book written by Jens Lapidus not too bad.ked the characters of Teddy, Mats, Emelie and Nikola thought the idea of a new lawyer taking on a criminal defense without any outside assistant was somewhat hard to believe the subtitle of this book should be no one rats out his friends thought the ending was a complete surprise had guessed something else would befall that character have read many Nesbo s books and thought this was not as good, but getting there.

    27. C. Mills says:

      I m reading a lot of Scandinavian mystery authors lately I picked this book up because it was a Swedish author I hadn t read A crook trying to change his life, a shiny new na ve lawyer, and the reforming crook s nephew, who s heading down the same path the crook took, and the reforming crook wants to keep his nephew off that path The trio, of course, gets into deep, dangerous trouble.

    28. Caroline Johansson says:

      I like this book alot It was not a kid childrens book It was a scary book Its adult book Some people is assulting others And Its a murder in a house And its dirty cops The dirty cops is taking a man to a prison who is closed And blackmailing this man His daughter is in a room Very good book If you adult.

    29. Liz C says:

      Very goodI enjoyed his other books, so I was use to how he moves his story line along, jumping back and forth between characters and past and present I hope he continues the story, he is certainly one of the best new Scandinavian authors.

    30. Studvet says:

      Usual classy effort from this writer Very complicated and a lot of things only become clear about the characters histories the further you read Definitely not run of the mill stories and translate well to movies One of the writers I always read.

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