Skye MacKinnon Arizona Tape
Winter Princess
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Winter Princess Skye MacKinnon Arizona Tape One sassy demi goddess Four hot Guardians And a few evil people As a demi goddess, Wyn has always stood out from the human crowd And now, on her 22nd birthday, her magic finally surfaces with a bang A Big bang She ll need the help of not one, but four sexy guardians to control her destructive powers If only they weren t so distracting Her mother, the Winter QueOne sassy demi goddess Four hot Guardians And a few evil people As a demi goddess, Wyn has always stood out from the human crowd And now, on her 22nd birthday, her magic finally surfaces with a bang A Big bang She ll need the help of not one, but four sexy guardians to control her destructive powers If only they weren t so distracting Her mother, the Winter Queen, waits for Wyn in the Realms of Gods, but there are enemies who will try and prevent her from ever reaching the Realms, even if that means going to war Will Wyn be able to survive the journey And if she does, can she resist falling for her Guardians A full length reverse harem novel containing all five episodes of the bestselling Winter Princess serial 18. Winter Princess One sassy demi goddess Four hot Guardians And a few evil people As a demi goddess Wyn has always stood out from the human crowd And now on her nd birthday her magic finally surfaces with a bang A
  • Title: Winter Princess
  • Author: Skye MacKinnon Arizona Tape
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  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter Princess Skye MacKinnon Arizona Tape

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    1 Blog on “Winter Princess

    1. Felicia says:

      insert a ridiculously amount of emphasis HO LEE SHIT tone said ridiculous emphasis down just a notch This book I never knew how into reverse harem I was But damn This book was hot and sexy but also action packed and adventurous I started out reading this story by reading the episodes I read through the first two episodes until I realized they were put into one novel So my reviews of the episodes were only 4 stars because I was so upset at having to read them and review them separately But now th [...]

    2. Amanda Showalter says:

      I read this book as it came out serial by serial and I must admit that I absolutely love it In fact I like it so much that I am currently in with drawl waiting for It is a great book and now that it is in one single Omni bus I highly suggest you get it.

    3. SJ says:

      I read this book as a serial and now it s combined into one awesome book Wyn is an ordinary girl, or so she believes, but strange things start happening in her birthday and she winds up with four hot guardians who have come to take her homeThe story is awesome, well written and has plenty of humour and snark from our intrepid heroine and her four gorgeous as sin guardians There is romance, loss, excitement and danger.This is such an enjoyable read, I have read it than once, the mix of all the d [...]

    4. lauren says:

      Not for meThis one is hard for me to rate, I kinda liked it, but didnt I know, confusing, but to be honest this book confused me We meet wyn who is a demi goddess who is living a human life with human adoptive parents She s turning of age and is about to go with her goddess mother in the God realm, que in 4 guys and you have the makings for this reverse harem But although I liked the storyline, this one fell flat for me, first of all she doesn t know how to use the magic that starts to become st [...]

    5. Rena says:

      The Winter Princess is a great start into the series and I enjoyed reading it It has drama, action, romance, and not to forget the humor I am the prettiest Guardian in the Realms Ignore him, Crispin chimes in I won that title three times in a row Because your God organized it Wyn is the daughter of the Goddess Winter and was raised by a human family until she comes into her powers and is invited by her mother to visit her realm She is accompanied by four hot guardians who have different powers a [...]

    6. Kathleen Bruce says:

      I read each episode as it came out so being able to have them all together Spoiled But it was a fantastic set out as a serial and the author did a great job pacing it out well and not being too evil with the cliffhangers And the interactions of Wyn with her Guardians were drool worthy and the sexual tension was through the roof And there was so much snark and humour going around but there are some serious moments and i like how Skye Mckinnon doesnt just have magic as something to take likely Whe [...]

    7. Soobee says:

      Winter Princess is a wonderful story full of sexiness, action and some heartwarming moments The story follows Wynter as she journeys to her mothers realm She is escorted there by some very sexy men.Skye does a magnificent job at combining fantasy and reality making everything seem believable There is never a dull moment, even when there is no intimate moments or action going on, she keeps your attention solely focused on the book.I am totally in love with Wynter who is sassy, feisty and such a w [...]

    8. Michelle Fritz PA says:

      You Have Got To Read This Loved this series If you love wit, fun, adventure and all things naughty well look no farther I absolutely enjoyed this novel Winter is quite the hilarious girl and her Guardians are sure to tickle your fancy No matter your taste, you are sure to fall for one of the guys 3 This was one interesting journey that we set out on with the M.C She starts out as one normal lady and bam She is a goddess with over active powers She has to quickly learn her abilities in order to k [...]

    9. Beth C. says:

      Exciting,intense, steamy and magical I love this book Wynter is a Demi God, but has been separated from her mother, the Winter Queen for all of her life She just turned 22 and has come into her real magic Now her mother is finally letting her come visit But her magic is new and not well controlled, so her her mother sent guardians to travel with and protect her Arc, Crispin, Storm and Frost All super hot immortal Guardiansd a bond is already forming between them.But there is a lot of danger on t [...]

    10. Paula says:

      What did I just read After reading 5 stars reviews I was expecting A LOT I think I ve read something totally different.Basically, this first book is about going from the A place to B Just that.And I don t understand how the h is so laidback about being shared among the guys I mean, it s not like she s read a lot of reverse harem books and it s normal for her, isn t it And the guys I don t care about the guys I don t feel a connection with them and I don t feel like I got to know them Why 2 star [...]

    11. Luiza says:

      The Winter Princess is a great reverse harem with lots of action and new info at every page turn.It was originally a series, turned into an omnibus.This is a fantasy book involving a demi goddess Wyn and her guardians Storm, Arc, Frost and Crispin and her journey towards her mother s realm.You have to pay attention to it every step of the way, and you ll want to, with those sexy man surrounding the MC The relationship between MC an guardian builds at a fast pace as they run into challenges to ge [...]

    12. Patty says:

      Kitty cat magic and unicorn farts What a fantastic read Skye has really set the stage for this amazing fairy tale With an interesting mix of here and there, her introduction of the guardians and how the RH plays into this world she has created is fantastic This story has everything from battles with demons, coming of age drama, political intrigue that is only just starting to reveal itself, and the whimsy that is Skye s special touch makes this a must read I am very much looking forward to the n [...]

    13. Ola Adamska says:

      This one is intriguing Wyn is a demigoddess that doesn t know how to use her own powers.What will happen when her powers will manifest A horrible thing Suddenly 4 handsome men appear and help her who are they Join Wyn in her travel to the Queen of Winter her journey will be full of misguided magic, sexy situations, and thoughts.It would be 5 stars read if it wasn t exactly going from A to all the time.

    14. T. says:

      Winter Princess was slow paced, with a few mediocre action scenes Guardians were sent to get Winter to the Realm Gate, and at 75 percent, they finally arrive The Guardians were kinda inefficient if the number of times Wyn is captured are used as indicators There is no real attraction build up between the characters, so the romance seems forced and unrealistic Not for me, although the writing itself is good.

    15. Nancy says:

      This is the first book in the series and what a read Hot, sexy action that I am sure any women in her right mind would want This is such a great book and I have received the second book as well and can wait to start that book I recommend this book and the series so far to anyone who love adventure and sexy fun.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    16. Brittany VanLanen says:

      So Good I read this book as a serial and I love it even all put together I love Wyn and her guys The story itself I complex but it s so fun at the same time You forget that Wyn just met her men but you can t deny the tie that she has to them Arc is my favorite followed closely by Frost I love how she learns to use her powers and the end was quite fitting if not surprising A definitely must read if you like PNR, RH and Fantasy novels.

    17. Courtney R says:

      I was not sure what to expect when I started this book I was very pleasantly surprised It was an easy read that had just enough drama and steam to keep me interested for the duration.I liked the ending as well Wyn becomes a stronger version of herself through the entirety of the book She becomes a strong woman in her own right, not in who her mother is.I will absolutely be waiting for the next book.

    18. Neenee Blake says:

      Wynter is comingWow this story is amazing drawn in from the beginning as wynter finally gets a chance to go see her true mother and meets her four impossibly sexy guardians who she immediately bonds with as they journey and learn about each other the bonds continue to grow but with enemies unknown and danger everywhere will our princess make it can t wait to read

    19. Tanya says:

      she stands out from humans as she is a demi god her powers appear and she needs help of 4 guardians to help her but they are just so hot and they have to face other dangers as well her life is going to get big fast powerful magicI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    20. Sassapphras says:

      DNF at 35%Not interested in a book where the MC is constantly saying shit opposite of what she thinks, or thinking shit opposite of what she says And constant denial of the same situation or topic is extremely tedious.

    21. Nikki says:

      Enjoyed readingI really liked this book and how magical it is This world is very creative and Wyn is trying to learn control over her magic while dealing with her emotions about her mother who has treated her like a stranger most of her life.

    22. Cathie McManus says:

      Mystical action Demons trying to kill Only four Guardians and 1 princess who doesn t have control of her powers Can Wynter make it to her mother in one piece I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    23. Stephanie Walton says:

      I like the storyline BUTI wanted to give 3.5 stars and 4 is too much, mostly cuz the Heroine is so wishy washy, the snark , comes across as childish What attempts to appear comedic feel, just wrong I like the guys though.

    24. Jenee Robinson says:

      Growing up human when your mother is the mother of gods is not an easy thing On her 22nd birthday her magic unlocks and is powerful Wynter must travel to her mother s realm, with the aid of four guardians This is an action packed story and I enjoyed it very much

    25. Jennifer Wieworka says:

      Nice read, kept me intrigued for Little confused because it was first released as episodes and was hoping to find the next book but will have to wait until that is available.

    26. Hazel Stewart says:

      Really enjoyed this Downloaded the 2nd one straight away Love the characters.

    27. Renee Clout says:

      Love, love, love it I read the serial, but I had to reread this as one book The story is fantastic and I love all of Wyn s guardians.

    28. Marydith Ferris says:

      Absolutely LOVED this book Well written and thought out The characters were perfect

    29. Abi says:

      Great ReadFunny and entertaining, not to mention sexy and romantic, this book was great Give me the second book 4.5 stars.

    30. Ann says:

      read this in the serial and absolutely loved it I cannot wait for the next part Wyn and her guardians are perfect

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