William R. Forstchen
Rally Cry
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Rally Cry William R. Forstchen When Union Colonel Andrew Keane and his soldiers were swept through a space time warp, they found themselves in an alternate world where their rifles were centuries advanced over swords, spears and crossbows But they also found themselves up against creatures who considered humans mere cattle to sacrifice. Rally Cry When Union Colonel Andrew Keane and his soldiers were swept through a space time warp they found themselves in an alternate world where their rifles were centuries advanced over swords spears and cr
  • Title: Rally Cry
  • Author: William R. Forstchen
  • ISBN: 9780451450074
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Rally Cry William R. Forstchen

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      William R. Forstchen

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    1. Carol Storm says:

      The Union Army fights the hordes of Genghis Khan in space What makes this work of alternative history so terrific is that it presents the opposite perspective from Harry Turtledove s GUNS OF THE SOUTH Instead of using time travel to palliate or gloss over the darker side of the Confederacy, this book uses the same science fiction techniques to radically dramatize the nature of democracy and the truly revolutionary ideals of the Union army Forstchen begins the story with a premise based on the Be [...]

    2. Mike (the Paladin) says:

      This book for me only barely makes the 3 stars for me, but I think that s where it falls This is not a new idea though to be fair this is an older example of the idea It s one of my favorite hooks for a military fantasy or science fiction read A group of soldiers gets shifted in time and or space In this case a troop of Union Soldiers 35th Maine Volunteer Infantry and 44th New York Light Artillery into an different world and or universe There they sort of stumble into a long and somewhat futile [...]

    3. Joe Stamber says:

      Rally Cry probably falls into the category of guilty pleasure, for me at least For quite a way into the book, I found Forstchen s writing style quite annoying if I d been reading it instead of listening to it I think it would have been even worse The most glaring problem with Forstchen s style is an excessive use of dialogue tags Characters never just said anything, and tags are used even in 2 way conversations when it is obvious who is speaking and how they would be saying it The tag said evenl [...]

    4. Yael says:

      Rally Cry Lost Regiment 1 by William R Forstchen is the first in a series of eight novels, plus a ninth novel, Down to the Sea, which might be the beginning of a new series The basic premise of the series is that Union Colonel Andrew Keane and the regiment under his command were suddenly transported to another world via an alien technology a world where humans were not at the top of the food chain.On that alien world, their rifles were far advanced over swords, spears, and crossbows, including t [...]

    5. Shane says:

      What a swashbuckling fun read I only did four stars because this was hard to find and the type in the old paperback was so small it made it physically difficult to read I guess I have been spoiled by my Kindle This series was recommended to my by because of other books that I have enjoyed It was a challenge to find for a reasonable price, but worth the effort.There are Union soldiers thrown through a wormhole and they are trying to build a nation while a medieval town is threatened by horrific a [...]

    6. Frank says:

      What happens when a Union Army brigade gets transported to another world or dimension A entire Union Army boards a boat and the next thing they know they end of on the shores of another world filled with barbaric hoards and such Here they eke out a place for themselves and soon become embroiled in a defending one group against the another stronger tribe.Some interesting moments and battles.This is the first in a series.

    7. Carolyn says:

      This book has stuck with me for a long time Great mix of science fiction other planet, aliens with alternate history components the huge difference technology makes across a situation culture Well worth finding the series to read if you re a fan of alternate history, 1632 style, and aliens in science fiction.

    8. Dacinky says:

      Union troops on another planet fighting against orcish beings while surrounded by the backdrop of medieval Russia such a combination is hard not to like.

    9. Charles says:

      First in what turned out to be one of my favorite SF series Forstchen knows his Civil War history and transplants it perfectly to an alien planet Very exciting, with great characters and ideas.

    10. Daniel Shellenbarger says:

      The following contains some spoilers, but this book is 26 years old, so you had your chance In the closing days of the Civil War, the battle hardened 35th Maine Regiment led by the redoubtable but war weary Colonel Andrew Keane boards a ship bound for North Carolina and vanishes, lost amidst a tempest of Shakespearean proportions However, the 35th isn t at the bottom of the ocean, they re not on Earth at all, instead they find themselves on another world entirely it s kind of a dead give away wh [...]

    11. Balkron says:

      My Rating Scale 1 Star Horrible book, It was so bad I stopped reading it I have not read the whole book and wont2 Star Bad book, I forced myself to finish it and do NOT recommend I can t believe I read it once3 Star Average book, Was entertaining but nothing special No plans to ever re read4 Star Good Book, Was a really good book and I would recommend I am Likely to re read this book5 Star GREAT book, A great story and well written I can t wait for the next book I Will Re Read this one or times [...]

    12. Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk says:

      Spoiler Alert The good guys win I enjoyed this book even if it had touches of deja vu about it It reminded me very much of the Destroyermen series I ve been reading recently but, instead of US sailors read a US Civil War regiment instead of Furry Meerkats, read Mediaeval Russians instead of bloodcurdling all devouring lizzards read man eating ten foot aliens armed with bows and arrows and roaming like a Mongol hoard.The Americans unselfishly fight for freedom and inspire the Russian peasants The [...]

    13. Hutch Morzaria says:

      The first book in a series Rally Cry introduces us to the 35th Maine and the Horde on the planet Valennia Transported against their will, the 35th Maine in the midst of the American Civil War is transported to a strange and hostile planet a planet where humans are considered food Really well written you can easily visualize the problems and issues experienced by the 35th Maine and its command team Something even easily visualized is the horror when they discover what humanity has become on this [...]

    14. Kirk Coppinger says:

      Really enjoyable Enjoyed learning a bit about how the world of the mid 1800 s worked We think of energy these days in terms of electricity or fuel oil in some form, reading about the development of industry without the benefits of fuel oil or electricity was very interesting and made me want to learn about and build many of the things I read about specifically I want to build a steam engine, make my own black powder and learn a bit about making steel from ore Sure the drama and battles in this b [...]

    15. Anthony Ryan says:

      Sheer indulgence for military history and fantasy geeks Civil War era soldiers find themselves transported to another world where they square off against a Mongol esque horde of giant man eating apes Need I say

    16. Sonny says:

      Good story Lots of action

    17. neil fowler says:

      Fantastic journeyLoved this book from page one Exciting,strong characters, believable plot,cannot wait to read t going to analyze it , just buy it and enjoy.

    18. RJ says:

      First read 7 25 2012.Awesome book well done with excellent characters a wonderful narrator I m only sorry that it took me so long to get around to listening to this.

    19. Robert Enzenauer says:

      Wonderful military sci fi.

    20. Jerry Chambers says:

      Greatest storyI ve loved this series of books forever The start with nothing and build a civilization Good plot Great fights Great

    21. Lee Bass says:

      great book Was a well done piece of alternative history.

    22. David Osborne says:

      One of my favorite novels The characters are well drawn the plot is solid the villains are honorable enough to be believable, but perfectly evil at the same time The book is readable and entertaining.

    23. Alex says:

      Don t know exactly how to explain I am looking for books with this premise so I enjoyed the book but the characters were really weak and I am not interested in knowing what happens afterward.

    24. Nathaniel says:

      Rally Cry is one of those books that I m pretty sure I ve been hearing about now and again for most of my life It s a classic setup and one that has been done several times by others an army unit finds itself mysteriously transported back in time In this case, the army unit is the 35th Maine Infantry are being transported by steam ship from Petersburg near the close of the Civil War when they encounter a strange electric storm and end up on a planet with some medieval Russians First they have to [...]

    25. Joe Moley says:

      Literally the same book as Taylor Anderson s destroyer men series Like exactly the same story I haven t looked but either these guys are best friends, the same author or there must be some plagiarism law suits going on somewhere Advanced soldiers land in a foreign earth like place and arm an inferior race to fight their horde like oppressors The only difference is the tech Rally cry is civil war era, destroyer men is WW2 It s a good read I just have a preference for Anderson s series so didn t e [...]

    26. Billy Roper says:

      I like alternate history and civil war era books so much that I even wrote one Look Away alterBut this pulp fiction novel could never quite seem to decide whether it wanted to be a space travel or time travel or alternate universe adventure, so it fell flat for me The author of Rally Cry did do a good job in describing the military action scenes from a mid 19th century vs a medieval viewpoint, which seems to have been his primary motivation for writing the book, as a vehicle for the lopsided ba [...]

    27. Mark says:

      Expected this book to be campy and stale Is a bit campy, but really quite excellent for a fan of this genre I m a fan of Taylor Anderson s Destroyermen Series and thought at first that this was derived from Anderson s series, but checking publishing dates, I would guess that Anderson used Forstchen at least partially as a model for writing Destroyermen.Basic premise union veterans of Gettysburg are transported to another world where technology is far behind the 18th century, freedom is a foreign [...]

    28. Chuck Gibson says:

      A Page Turner Well written, fast paced Forstchen is adept at describing battle scenes The premise naturally requires a willing suspension of disbelief, but once past that, the reader quickly gets caught up in the flow I question whether any typical Civil War regiment would have the skills and ability to accomplish industrialization as quickly and broadly as they did, but hey it s a novel Without giving away any spoilers, the deus ex machina of the climax was well done, it you don t think about i [...]

    29. E.A. says:

      I have read every book of the Lost Battalion series and loved every minute So often the books that become series have a thin story stretched to a breaking point over the span of numerous books Not so here Forstchen has a big story in a complex world that needs the books he uses to tell it I never got tired of it Forstchen brings such civil war knowledge to his piece that it is often a history of the weapons of war in a novel form Still, his strength is in the power of his character creation So m [...]

    30. Mathew says:

      This book was surprisingly good I m not an alternative history fan for the most part, but this book took a regiment of civil war soldiers and dropped them into another world No timeline rewriting there I gave it a half hearted effort and I was happily surprised This was a very good book it touched on the reasons we fought the Civil War, it touched on why we fought to be free in the Revolutionary war Most of all, it let you see all of those reasons and feelings behind the people who might have be [...]

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