Jon Hassler Amy Welborn
North of Hope
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North of Hope Jon Hassler Amy Welborn Hassler s brilliance has always been his ability to achieve the depth of real literature through such sure handed, no gimmicks, honest language that the result appears effortless Richard Russo, New York Times Book Review Hassler has tapped every pulse with his pen This is his sixth novel, and it is great Detroit Free Press Master storyteller Jon Hassler draws us i Hassler s brilliance has always been his ability to achieve the depth of real literature through such sure handed, no gimmicks, honest language that the result appears effortless Richard Russo, New York Times Book Review Hassler has tapped every pulse with his pen This is his sixth novel, and it is great Detroit Free Press Master storyteller Jon Hassler draws us into the vividly rendered, emotionally charged world of Father Frank Healy, a priest hoping to reawaken a vocation that he fears is leaking away Working at a mission on an Ojibway reservation in Northern Minnesota, Frank unexpectedly encounters his old high school girlfriend, Libby, and is swept up in a gripping drama of temptation, crime, and love that shows him how wounded hearts are healed This absorbing novel, among Hassler s finest, is a beautifully told tale of blighted spirits restored by the power of hope.. North of Hope Hassler s brilliance has always been his ability to achieve the depth of real literature through such sure handed no gimmicks honest language that the result appears effortless Richard Russo New Yo
  • Title: North of Hope
  • Author: Jon Hassler Amy Welborn
  • ISBN: 9780829423570
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • North of Hope Jon Hassler Amy Welborn

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      427 Jon Hassler Amy Welborn
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    1 Blog on “North of Hope

    1. booklady says:

      Some of the best parts of the book are found in the quiet little corners, humorous or profound asides where ordinary people are allowed their thoughts, musings or dreams One particularly poignant scene involves, Loving Kindness , the actual nick name of the aging monsignor, who mistakenly answers a phone call from a woman not meant for him Their conversation is at cross purposes and priceless Hassler is the master of innocent little gems where characters are both touched but not in the way eithe [...]

    2. Tim says:

      It s difficult to write a story about a priest particularly one that depicts him displaying a very human and lifelong attraction to a member of the opposite sex without descending into the smarmy or, just as bad, the sanctimonious But in North of Hope, Jon Hassler pulls it off Those worried that Hassler does not treat the priesthood with respect should note that one edition of this book is published by Loyola Classics, a Jesuit ministry.That Hassler succeeds is no surprise to readers who know hi [...]

    3. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" says:

      Lovely Jon Hassler is sort of the Richard Russo of Northern Minnesota I would happily have read an entire book about these characters as teenagers I was just so charmed by the Linden Falls of 1950, but Hassler had a different story to tell After introducing us to Frank and Libby as youngsters, he jumps forward 25 years to examine the ways in which life choices at the age of 17 or 18 determine what our lives will look like at middle age I fell in love with Father Frank Healy in somewhat the same [...]

    4. Mary Ellen says:

      One of my favorite books by one of my favorite writers the story of Fr Frank Healy hitting the big leak of a midlife crisis as he accompanies his high school crush and best friend through her own crisis is written with Hassler s typically clear, deceptively simple prose Hassler is a Catholic writer in many senses Catholic himself, many of the main characters in many of his novels are also Catholic and move about in a Catholic milieu parishes, rectories But I think his writing is so human, so uni [...]

    5. Mike Coleman says:

      Ask any fiction writers to name their favorite authors, and Jon Hassler s name might very well be mentioned This Minnesota writer s first novel, Staggerford, has become so revered in writers circles since its 1977 publication that the journal Hassler kept while writing the book has also been released to great acclaim.One of his later novels, North of Hope, is wonderful, too Trouble brews when Father Frank Healy re encounters his unrequited adolescent love, Libby Girard, in middle age Things aren [...]

    6. Alyssa says:

      Many years ago, I read this book as part of a class on The Modern Catholic Novel It was the only book I enjoyed or connected to of the required reading, so much so that I reread it every few years, mostly as the nights get longer and the weather turns cold The title comes from one of the main characters, who in the grips of despair wonders Maybe hope doesn t reach this far north and as you read about the turmoil that Frank are going through, you begin to wonder that yourself.

    7. Stewart says:

      North of Hope is one of Jon Hassler s most ambitious and, at 663 pages in the Loyola Classics edition I read, longest works of fiction Published in 1990, the novel follows the life of Frank Healy from when he was a junior in high school in the small town of Linden Falls, Minnesota in 1949, his becoming a Catholic priest in his 20s, the complicated on and off friendship over three decades with adolescent love Libby Girard, and the culmination of the novel s events during their 44th year in 1977 B [...]

    8. Mary Havenor says:

      Really enjoyed this story and that fact that the story was placed in northern Minnesota where I am from made it even enjoyable.i have just discovered this author and would like to read of his books.

    9. Sue says:

      My husband had read this book and thought i might enjoy it I did not Very, very slow and couldn t wait for the book to be finished And it s huge But saw it through to the end Don t plan to read this author again.

    10. Reed Johnson says:

      An interesting Catholic tale.

    11. Naomi says:

      Well written, kept me engaged all the way through with a few surprises at the end Hassler always wrote with compassion and love for humankind.

    12. John says:

      North of Hope was recommended to me by a state health official I was interviewing him about why the suicide rate is higher in Northeastern Minnesota than in the rest of the state He asked me if I had read North of Hope I hadn t The answer was in there, he suggested.So I went to my library to find it Imagine my surprise when I learned that North of Hope was a work of fiction It never occurred to me that state health officials read fiction.It turns out that it was Jon Hassler s sixth novel, set in [...]

    13. Mary says:

      I like Jon Hassler s writing but felt this book wasn t as good as others he has written No matter which book he has written they are all worth reading.

    14. Rachel Crooks says:

      Frank Healy grows up in the shadow of his mother s death, reminded frequently of her deathbed wish, I want Frank to be a priest His life afterward is marked for the priesthood When he meets Libby Girard, however, his heart tells him something different Walking to school each day, their friendship soon grows to love, even as Libby dates other men It is upset only when Libby marries her high school boyfriend after discovering she is pregnant Frank goes on to become a priest.Twenty three years late [...]

    15. Julie Griffin says:

      I read this book for my book club or otherwise I would have stopped reading it The writing is fine, not dazzling but fine, but this is the most depressing book I believe I have ever read, next to Purple Hibiscus A young boy in a small town in Northern Minnesota loses his mother and is led to believe her dying words were for him to become a priest, so he does, despite having feelings for a high school classmate who has just moved into town Neither of them end up happily The priest becomes a drunk [...]

    16. Tom McDade says:

      Hassler s brilliance has always been his ability to achieve the depth of real literature through such sure handed, no gimmicks, honest language that the result appears effortless Richard Russo

    17. JodiP says:

      This is the second book I ve read by Hassler I began with Staggerford which I recall I liked quite a bit So, this thing clocks in at 673 pages I got to about 150, and thought, Christ, what can be said about these people Either Libby and Frnak finally get together or they don t Does it really take 450 pages to find out Also, I found the idea of another 450 pages of Libby s and her family s dysfunction too depressing to contemplate Another 150 Sure, maybe So, I skipped to the last 7 pages Libby s [...]

    18. Daniel says:

      The I read Hassler, the impressed I am with his work For whatever reason, I always enter a Hassler novel somewhat hesitantly, but I always come out feeling good about the work, writing, and people This was one of the longer works I ve read by Hassler, and it held me entirely through the read I was captivated by the story of Frank Healy as a boy His passion for the attractive, popular girl and his inability to act on it, was so spot on, it was easy to believe that Jon Hassler drew on his own ex [...]

    19. Ronnie says:

      This is a beautifully written book, and it s an absorbing tale I looked forward to getting back to every time I had to put it aside, but it s not without its frustrations Fairly early on page 59, to be exact I mentally threw the book across the room when young Libby, afraid of going home and seeking merely a safe haven, asks Frank if she could just sit in a chair in his house for a while, but he leaves her stranded or worse, he sneaks away in the night, leaving her talking to the river Ugh Such [...]

    20. Julianne says:

      I had difficulty deciding between 3 and 4 stars for this book It s very compelling, absorbing, depressing, and uplifting all at once Characters with a lot of texture, and some with depth, although not as much depth as I would have hoped A close examination of some parts of life, presented with feeling but not sugar coating I felt as if I were living in northern Minnesota, shivering and shaking most of the time with cold and beholding gray as far as the eye and heart could see A realistic ending [...]

    21. Nancy Hartill says:

      Frank struggles with the last words of his Mom on her dying breath, told by Eunice that she wanted Frank to become a Priest He has strong feelings for a woman for most of his life, and his love tested after she has divorced her first husband, raised a troubled child, outlasted another husband, and then has a troubled life with a third husband who is a doctor, a drunkard, and a drug pusher Frank is the rock for this family and for the town of Basswood a poor Indian Reservation Although, this is a [...]

    22. Susan says:

      I read this for my book club and I probably would not have selected to read for myself.The characters in North of Hope are complex and well developed but overall it was hard for me to relate to them, to like them, to care about them, or even to feel compassion for them The plot seemed burdened and would have benefited from editing to pare it down to the essentials As it is, the plot rambles and becomes tedious at times.This book reminded me of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers I [...]

    23. Lilian says:

      Jon Hassler is the type of writer whose books I will collect obsessively because their stories are just really good I had done it with Margaret Atwood and Anne Tyler, so it was amusing when one review said that Mr Hassler was the male Anne Tyler.I have to admit my cheesy,romantic side was kinda hoping the major characters would be able to get back together, despite everything But Life has her own way of dealing with things, so just have to take it at that This has become my second favorite Hassl [...]

    24. Marjorie Campbell says:

      Hassler tells a good story A very long story with characters who vary dramatically from realistic to silly caricature I almost quit the book somewhere in the 300 400 page range But I am glad I did not I did enjoy the story line as it unfolded, despite disappointment with stereotypes and a rather simplistic good bad dichotomy I found the writing rather flat and technical, but it moved along For me, there was a naivete about the female characters which was uncomfortable I would recommend the novel [...]

    25. Beth Yeh says:

      This is my first Hassler He was recommended as a local author by the librarians at the library I took this book with me on C and my trip up north in early OctoberI ended up getting an extra day since my shuttle didn t come, and I enjoyed reading this book I love the local references and I thought that the writing and characters were good When the library had a book sale recently I picked out a few of his books.

    26. Joy H. says:

      RE _North of Hope_ 1990 by Jon HasslerAdded 3 20 11.4 12 11 The library copy has very small print and it s the only copy the had So I ve decided not to read this book.3 20 11 I enjoyed Jon Hassler s writing when I read Simon s Night So I d like to try another book by him sometime I ve chosen this one at random for my to read shelf.

    27. Ron says:

      Hassler is a wonderful writer This book is somewhat different form most of his work in that his plot revolves around very difficult issues and people who are not well connected He paints great verbal portraits of his characters has great dialogue and evokes Northern Minnesota in a way that, even if you ve never been there, you get it I highly recommend it.

    28. Sandra Hughes says:

      I heard about this author through a radio talk show It was recommended that you read North of Hope first, although it is not his first book written I really enjoyed reading it because of the interesting characters, description of the scenery, and I kept hoping the two main characters would get together I won t spoil the ending in case someone wants to read it.

    29. Tamra Karl says:

      This was an enjoyable, easy read that kept me comfortably occupied through the evenings I felt the author created realistic characters The plot was realistic until the end when there was a pile up of catastrophes and I m not sure there was a real conclusion I felt cold reading about the below zero weather and steadied by the stalwart hero I ll look for of his books.

    30. Cheri says:

      I ve been wondering what to read on our Caribbean cruise next week I had culled books from my shelves, intending to give them to a senior center in town These three books by Hassler have been sitting on my shelves for years I think that this book may be the book to take on my vacation Sorry, seniors I m keeping my Hasslers.

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