Wilbur Smith
Hungry as the Sea
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Hungry as the Sea Wilbur Smith Through shipwreck and hurricane, in the ice of the Antarctic and the thundering surf of the African coast, Nick Berg is a man in his element, fighting back against the ruthless ambition of the arch rival who stole his wife and son and robbed him of an empire.The Golden Prince is deposed once the flamboyant chairman of a huge shipping consortium, now the captain of a salThrough shipwreck and hurricane, in the ice of the Antarctic and the thundering surf of the African coast, Nick Berg is a man in his element, fighting back against the ruthless ambition of the arch rival who stole his wife and son and robbed him of an empire.The Golden Prince is deposed once the flamboyant chairman of a huge shipping consortium, now the captain of a salvage tug Then a cruise ship, stranded with 600 people in the frozen wastes of the Antarctic, could be his chance to fight back His heroic salvage of the liner sweeps him back to even greater power and even deadly conflict with the man who has supplanted him as chairman.. Hungry as the Sea Through shipwreck and hurricane in the ice of the Antarctic and the thundering surf of the African coast Nick Berg is a man in his element fighting back against the ruthless ambition of the arch ri
  • Title: Hungry as the Sea
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9780333782156
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hungry as the Sea Wilbur Smith

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    1. Graham says:

      This is a good book maybe not Smith s best, but certainly above average for the genre The combination of solid plotting and engaging technical detail who knew there could be such a thing makes for an eventful and thought provoking read.The then contemporary storyline covers salvage workers on the world s oceans It doesn t sound like the most entertaining of subjects, but in Smith s hands it s both suspenseful and exciting The initial extended set piece involving the attempted salvage of a ship a [...]

    2. Natalie says:

      2.6Let me explain5 descriptions of weather rivaled only by those in David Brin s Earth 4 descriptions of the movement of the sea 1 descriptions of love interests POV gaze yuck.AVG 2.6

    3. Eric_W says:

      I ll read anything that has storms and ocean going salvage tugs This book has both, in addition to a vendetta, corporate and individual malfeasance, and romantic rivalry The parts of the book dealing with those latter elements are the weakest But Smith writes really well about ships during storms the salvaging of the ocean liner in the beginning is riveting One reviewer on complained that Smiths gets too technical and detailed during the storm scenes Hell, man That s the best part There were tim [...]

    4. Bettie☯ says:

      Wilbur Smith Hungry as the Sea UnabridgedRead By Robert Gladwell he sounds the worse for drink, rly Duration 19 43Description Nick Berg sets out to salvage a cruise ship stranded with 600 people in the frozen wastes of the Antarctic winter 2012seven seasadventuretbr busting 2012filthy lucre Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats Voltaire

    5. Glenn says:

      Wilbur Smith is one of my favorite authors He is also one of the most frustrating because I either tend to love his books most of them or just hate them Sunbird oh please I m happy to say that this falls in the former category The edition I just read is from 1978 and basically fortold the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico This book is full of adventure, intrigue, revenge and romance One of the best adventure books I ve ever read.

    6. Barbara ★ says:

      Another great book from Wilbur Smith This time about a man, Nicholas Berg, who owns a salvage company and rescues disabled ships at sea The first rescue in Antarctica is unbelievable as is the last one in the Caribbean during a hurricane His rival in all things, Duncan Alexander, is a real ass and you will rout for his downfall from the first minute he enters the pages What a greedy jerk I thoroughly enjoyed this around the world roller coaster ride of adventure and romance.

    7. Oscar E. Lion says:

      A good adventure thriller book by Wilbur Smith The protagonist is a well rounded hero who manages to fight against both natural elements and a fierce human enemy at the same time The story also shows how a stormy ocean can challenge the structure of huge oil tankers.

    8. Dwc says:

      My first Wilbur Smith book Never looked back A great storyteller.

    9. Edward Creter says:

      Hungry as the Sea has all the action, suspense and romance a 400 pager can hold It is Dirk Pitt on 500 acid trips When Nick Berg accepts the challenge to save his own supertanker from turning the oceans from a big oily mess, he gets than he bargains for He ll have to fend off the competitive wiles of Duncan Alexander, a rich tycoon who cares little for the environment and plenty about making money He ll also have to fight off hurricane winds, oil slicks and a beautiful ex wife who plans to stea [...]

    10. Bebe Burnside says:

      This book totally surprised me It starts off very technical, but interesting If you ever told me I would like reading about the details of search and rescue and recovery of damaged oil tankers I would have said no way It brings you along and without realizing you have gone from an interesting how to manual to a story and then you have to keep going It was informative, thrilling and captivating A must read for anyone who likes sea stories and a should read for land lovers.

    11. Jeff Johnston says:

      Certainly confirmed my observation of the ocean As beautiful as it is watching those waves roll into shore, never turn your back You have to admire those who work on it Their lives at risk everytime they step aboard a boat, no matter what size or destination Solid read Smith always delivers plenty of adventure with a strong male female lead with a touch of romance and his obligstory ex scene.

    12. Bev Taylor says:

      nick was thought of as the golden prince the chairman of a shipping company, married to the daughter of the owner with a young son both an experienced seaman and company executive and wealthy all that changes when his wife leaves him for duncan who after marriage takes over the company and leaves nick with a subsidary that deals with towings and salvage he is close to losing the company thru lack of finances but then an opportunity arrives for salvage in antartica one of duncan s ships this lead [...]

    13. Stuart Aken says:

      HUNGRY AS THE SEA by Wilbur Smith, William Heinemann430 pps 170,000 words, no chapters, broken by asterisks.A damn good yarn with romantic interest Set at sea and portraying the trials of a salvage tug boat captain and shipping magnate fallen from grace and left by his wife The hero meets his romantic partner when he dives into icy seas to rescue her after she tries to save the lives of the passengers of the cruise ship he is trying to salvage The fight between him and the man who stole his wife [...]

    14. Beck says:

      This is my favourite Wilbur Smith book despite the fact that I get violently sea sick in real life, I love the story of adventure and romance on the high seas Nick is a modern day piratical figure and his heroic deeds deserve a movie

    15. Ahmed Amir says:

      This book is amazing It does start out slow but picks up the speed after the first 100 pages It gives us the perfect mixture of romance and action I strongly recommend this book as it is easily one of my favorite books.

    16. Dan Newman says:

      While I ll admit to not being really crazy about Mr Smith s recent works, I have to say his early stuff is what got me reading This book in particular sticks with me This man knows how to tell a yarn.

    17. Jacob Smith says:

      The first book of Smith s I ever read I loved it so much, I am slowly working thru his whole collection

    18. Sophie says:

      I was surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did considering that I have no interest in shipping salvage operations It was well written, although the plot was a little predictable.

    19. Rod says:

      Wilbur Smith continues to amaze me with his versatility Especially his excellent descriptions I have read, to date, sixteen WS novels and have yet to find one which failed to keep me riveted to every word I am determined to read many What a great voyage

    20. Judy Clement says:

      Wow I have read many ,many WiLbur Smith s books and each one fascinates me I can t put them down I loved this book and I will read it again and again.Judy Clement

    21. Eliana Fly says:

      Avvincente, coraggioso e interessante anche per i non esperti, come me Le relazioni, passionali, intriganti e a tratti mozzafiato, fanno da sfondo a delle scene strepitose, come il mare

    22. Andrew Kirkhouse says:

      One of my all time favourite books , a book i keep going back to read over and over

    23. Tim Newey says:

      Fantastic Wilbur Smith Typical Awesome.

    24. Bret Kinghorn says:

      When I first started this book I thought it was going to be about a salvage tug and one of its jobs I quickly found that it was than that It tells the story of a Nick Berg, forced out of a company by his ex wife and her new beau, the new head of the company In compensation for his shares Nick is given a salvage company that is on the edge of going under He manages to save it, but only by making a large salvage claim from his old company He finds that his replacement both in the boardroom and th [...]

    25. Giannis says:

      Smith smith , .

    26. Zac Stojcevski says:

      Like the sea that is apparently hungry this story ebbs and flows In moments it has all the excitement of a storm at sea at others we have fetid waters of luke warm brine The depth of characters at times is adequately explored Nick Berg gets an appropriate Guernsey, however, Samantha and his ex wife, we get a thorough staring at but not enough depth People took 7 months to get to places by boat that s how long it took me to circumnavigate this journey into the eye of the storm and into the arms o [...]

    27. Valentina says:

      Devo essere sincera A parte i termini navali e specifici che rallentano la lettura e il finale che mi ha lasciata un po cos essendo sciapo, l ho trovato banale Nick, e belloccio e un tempo potente, si getta a capofitto in un impresa ardua per riprendere tutto ci che il suo nemico, Duncan, gli ha preso, cio azienda, figlio e moglie Dopo una lunga serie di peripezie e dopo aver conosciuto una ragazza ovviamente il totale opposto della sua ex riesce a riprendere la propria vita Una lunga serie di c [...]

    28. Deb says:

      It s obvious the author knows about ships and such, or at least he writes good enough to convince me that he did I skipped a lot of the text, mainly because it was a bit too technical and not interesting to me The book could have been much shorter and told the same story But if the reader is looking for detail on sea rescue, etc then this is the book for that I somehow missed what happened to Samantha Did she survive Nick thinks she did I m not so sure Anyway, a decent read, but not a favorite b [...]

    29. Tim Roast says:

      Another typically good Wilbur Smith story.This one is set in the mid 60s and focuses on the hero Nicholas Berg and his trip from 40 year old hasbeen to great success once It all starts with him taking on the captaincy of one of the two ships the bulk of the novel is set at sea his struggling firm owns to try and rediscover his vitality And it works.Needless to say this is gripping adventure at it s best all the way through and is a stand alone novel so can be read without reading any of Wilbur [...]

    30. Suby says:

      The book starts with the salvage of a cruise ship in the Antarctic and ends with the partial salvage of cargo from a storm in the gulf of Mexico The story in between the two salvages is of the world of shipping, high finance and people involved Wilbur Smith have woven a beautiful story out of a relatively less known field and I suspect he has an intimate knowledge of the topic A very readable book.

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