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The Blood Angels Omnibus, Volume 1
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The Blood Angels Omnibus, Volume 1 James Swallow New edition of the Blood Angels Omnibus that was ISBN 9781844165599. The Blood Angels Omnibus Volume New edition of the Blood Angels Omnibus that was ISBN
  • Title: The Blood Angels Omnibus, Volume 1
  • Author: James Swallow
  • ISBN: 9781844165599
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blood Angels Omnibus, Volume 1 James Swallow

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      106 James Swallow
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    1. Thomas Evans says:

      James Swallow takes us on a ride that I wanted off well before I reached the end Fans of 40k will notice many blood angel characters act very different than how they are described in this book I know that the 40k canon has this huge rule about if it could happen a story can be told about it, but this reaches fan fiction levels of bending the rules.The protagonist is Rafen, a blood angel He s not of a high rank, he is one of a thousand This character is invented for this book But this insignifica [...]

    2. Alice says:

      Just a note to James Swallow, husked is not an appropriate attributive Said, yes Whispered, sure Yelled, maybe Husked, no You can husk corn, but you can t husk words.

    3. El-jorro says:

      Bookworm Speaks The Blood Angels Omnibus by James Swallow Similar to anthologies, omnibus can be hard to review accurately, at least in a concise manner, due to the fact that they are made up of several stories that can vary in quality both in writing and the fact that are different stories Thankfully, in the case of the Omnibus of the Blood Angels, there are only two novels plus and short story contained within and all form a consistent story and plot The StoryThe Blood Angels Omnibus contains [...]

    4. Jack Keane says:

      A fantastic look at the blood angels chapter if not a little overly sentimental in places blood angels hugging, hmmm with a very compelling protagonist who faces genuine emotional remorse and dilemmas other than the usual which should I kill the alien with, bolter or chainsword dilemmas which are often the case with other characters The universe is fantastically realised and each named character seems to have been crafted with genuine thought, to the point where you actually pity them when they [...]

    5. Mary Catelli says:

      These are a duology, not two novels, better in an omnibus than standalone, despite still having a somewhat awkward and unsatisfactory ending for Deus Encarmine and some awkward infodumping in Deus Sanguinius for people who hadn t picked up the first It opens with Brother Rafen and his squad, under his mentor Brother Sergeant Koris, coming into contact with the Chaos tainted Space Marines Word Bearers The use of sorcery is driving them back when an force of new Blood Angels including Rafen s brot [...]

    6. Fabian Scherschel says:

      The first book is the awesome beginning of a great saga Drama, pitched battles, glory and the mighty threat of Chaos, this book has it all The characters are great and Swallow does an excellent job in portraying them as he does with the worlds and starships the battles take place on All in all, a great book and a good beginning to what promises to be an excellent story arc The breathless battles are a nice change of pace from the Horus Heresy books I have been reading lately this book packs a lo [...]

    7. Stephen Smith says:

      I had high hopes for this one, given that I enjoyed Swallow s books in the Horus Heresy series, but I struggled getting through this omnibus There are a few interesting things here, including the pull toward being consumed by rage for the Blood Angel characters, and the battle scenes are vivid and well executed But there s just nothing that really stands out and makes these stories memorable among the slew of Black Library Warhammer 40k novels If you re a big fan of Warhammer 40k or the Blood An [...]

    8. GUS BUS! says:

      I great book with lots of gore true to the warhammer tradition I got this book because i have a blood angles army actually and decided it wold be fun to reda about them I was rewarded with a fantastic reading experience, it is different from the imperial gaurd books but just as good.

    9. Dylan Murphy says:

      This was an amazing novel James Swallow has captured perfectly a few things that I feel other authors sometimes fail with.1 Making the protagonists genuinely seem that they are going to lose This novel had surprisingly little plot armour and I think it was all the better for it.2 A lot of the Black Library releases I have read are rather anti climactic The entire book is so fast paced and intense that the ending ends up feelings rushed I did not feel that at all with this book, the climax of the [...]

    10. Nick says:

      This omnibus collects two novels and a short story Normally I d review the novels separately, but they re basically two halves of the same tale, and if I had read the first novel by itself, I probably would have been pissed at the cliffhanger ending I also don t know that I have much to say without giving away the first book s story Collected as a omnibus, the two novels work great I have yet to read a bad James Swallow book, and the streak holds here Swallow s villains are always interesting t [...]

    11. Ding Ong says:

      I borrowed this book from a friend of mine who collect Warhammer40k books with much zeal I myself am i fan of the universe of Warhammer40k and was kind of looking forward to this book The Blood Angels are a special breed of Astartes in which they have a bane, the black rage Warriors who have fallen to the black rage will find themselves reliving as their primarch and lose control of themselves These warriors would then be placed into a special group lead by a chaplain to strike deep into enemy l [...]

    12. Zare says:

      Blood Angels, one of the first founding Space Marines outfits, are a very strange breed of Space Marines Suffering from uncontrollable rage attacks sort of a gene imposed disease of sorts that they constantly fight to keep under control although it eventually destroys them they are what you may call the Vampires both in appearance and in extremely violent and blood thirsty behavior.But nevertheless when one considers that this storyline takes place in war torn apocalyptic post Heresy period I fi [...]

    13. Owen McClintic says:

      This was my dive into the 40k universe other than the PC games and I really enjoyed the book So much so that I have already pre ordered the next Blood Angels Omnibus.This book is not for anyone expecting Ray Bradbury level SciFi It is pure entertainment and I highly recommend it if you have a long road flight trip ahead of you Just dive in and disappear for awhile.The characters, settings and back stories are very interesting I also found myself rooting not only for the heros but also for the an [...]

    14. Chris Thomas says:

      I found this book to be highly enjoyable with plenty of action and intrigue It was definitely on par with his best and probably most well known novel The Flight of the Eisenstein What I liked the most was how he goes about describing the nature of Chaos and also how Psykers use their powers.I m not sure if the book is suitable for non fans of the universe However, I would recommend it as the first port of call for anyone looking for their first 40k novel to read as it is one of the best examples [...]

    15. Chase says:

      This book was great This is my first book by James Swallow I loved how there is absolutely non stop action The beginning of the two stories is on the planet Cybelle This is a Blood Angel occupied planet and the Chaos Space Marines Word Bearers have invaded The two Blood Angels are Rafen and Arkio One of these two is supposed to be a direct relation to Sanguinius That is the Blood Angel primarch The second story is actually about how the brothers are set apart, and they end up fighting against ea [...]

    16. Oliver Eike says:

      This is the book i would recommend reading for people wanting to get into the Warhammer 40k lore, however some of the language would make it not the best book for someone that is absolutely blank on W40k, but its definitely one of the best I just love the language James Swallow used in the fights scenes, it made the fights far alive compared to many other fight scenes that i have read, emotional.

    17. JMAW says:

      slow starting but that is every book for me thoroughly enjoyed this and really loved Mephiston have not instantly felt such a strong appreciation for a character in a long time nor laughed at such dark honesty and truth in a long time AND he was a supporting player in this two part epic the Warhammer 40k may not be for everyone but it should be.

    18. Adyson Richards says:

      the blood angels omnibus is a set of two books filled with nonstop action is a scientific setting filled with advanced tech for science fiction buffs this book is a must i rec amend it with five starts

    19. Roy says:

      If books were food, this little gem would be a great big Snickers bar You can t eat fillet mignon and sushi every day Sometimes mass quantaties of space marines killing the shit out of everything hits the spot.

    20. Daniel Mick says:

      This was my intro to Warhammer and ever since I been reading them they are a perfect blend of syfy and some how old fans try midevil even in the 40k series they surprise me every time Rafen made me crave to be a in the Blood Angel world.

    21. Clinton says:

      Very unimpressive books, only minor highlights with Dante and mephisto but I hope this was one of his first books because he is a bad author if not.

    22. Marko says:

      Brother against brother brutal conflict, add a pinch of conspiracy and you re there

    23. Almustafa Couch says:

      An easy, untaxing read Some foreknowledge of the Blood Angels gene curse is useful.

    24. Lauma Lapa says:

      Playing for the Blood Angels in the game will never be the same again Some parts of the books were better than others, but all were quite enjoyable.

    25. Luke says:

      Entertaining easy reading, writing was quite poor though

    26. M.R. Shields says:

      Fantastic read, enjoyed every page of it and loved the story behind the two brothers destined to clash.

    27. James says:

      Good for background on blood angels.

    28. Dashiell Barlow says:

      An excellent, well paced look at one of the less unusual Space Marine Chapters.

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