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Good Dog, Carl
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Good Dog, Carl Alexandra Day The original, bestselling Good Dog, Carl is now a board book This classic, wordless story will find a new audience in a chunky board format which includes the complete story and the original full color illustrations Children follow with delight as Carl leads his infant mistress on a wild adventure the instant after her mother has left the house Baby Preschool. Good Dog Carl The original bestselling Good Dog Carl is now a board book This classic wordless story will find a new audience in a chunky board format which includes the complete story and the original full colo
  • Title: Good Dog, Carl
  • Author: Alexandra Day
  • ISBN: 9780689807480
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Board Book
  • Good Dog, Carl Alexandra Day

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      Alexandra Day

    1 Blog on “Good Dog, Carl

    1. Manybooks says:

      After simply adoring some of the later books in Alexandra Day s Carl the Rottweiler series, I have to admit that I was and still remain than a bit underwhelmed by the first book of the series, by Good Dog, Carl I think that in general, it is a sweet albeit for some parents, perhaps also a touch unnerving story, full of fun, whimsy and mischief However, neither Alexandra Day s narrative nor her accompanying illustrations have managed to completely charm me like I have been wowed by Carl s Summer [...]

    2. Ellen Gail says:

      This is Kaiser, my fur nephew He sleeps at the edge of my niece s play mat and runs to check on her when she cries.I will always enjoy adorable picture books about very good dogs And my niece enjoys drooling on them.

    3. Dolly says:

      I hate to admit it, but I couldn t help but cringe as we read this book together Leaving a dog alone with a baby I know this is just a funny almost wordless book and our girls were terrific at making up their own story as we looked at the humorous scenes, but I just couldn t shake the feeling of dread as the baby makes a mess and gets into dangerous situations Funny, but in a warped way.Still, the dog was adorable and I loved the retro feel of the book We enjoyed reading this book together, even [...]

    4. Erik Graff says:

      The Cat and the Hat was the first book that was mine, not just a hand me down a gift from Ms Kimball, my kindergarten teacher at North School in DesPlaines, Illinois This book, one of a series, is formally very similar, illustrating beautifully the antics of a rotweiler assigned by Mother to watch her cribbed infant As in the Seuss masterpiece, the two of them make chaos of the home, then tidy up just in time for Mother s return The art is beautifully realistic, the humor perverse enough to amus [...]

    5. Jackie "the Librarian" says:

      Okay, DO NOT go thinking that all dogs that look like Carl are safe, because Carl, the dog in this book, is a Rottweiler, albeit a very well trained one Do NOT leave your baby alone in the care of your pet dog Even a well trained one And especially not in the care of some random Rottweiler Rottweilers are a very powerful and potentially dangerous breed Don t even go near a Rottweiler you don t know, let alone put your child in the care of one This is a complete and utter fantasy Got that Okay.As [...]

    6. Jim Crocker says:

      Wonderful story I read this to Max every night, and he loves it.My old dog, Shenga aka, Bubie looked just like Carl Some guy ran up and went, oh, look It s Carl I, of course, thought he d lost his mind, not his dog Then he explained the whole thing to me And I went, Oh, cool And got the hell outta there as fast as possible.Now that I ve read the book it s a fast read I m hooked.Max rates it Five Barks Woof P.S I found this book in the FREE bin at the library Imagine that

    7. Ellinor says:

      I usually don t like books without words but this one is definitely an exception I really loved it The pictures are very beautiful and you can read the book without having to think what the story is.And now I finally know what Nana from Peter Pan is doing all day

    8. Kaethe says:

      It s hard to tell a story without words Day manages quite well Adults will be charmed as will older preschoolers Actual babies will have trouble with the detailed paintings and figuring out the story.

    9. Ann says:

      I read this to kids ages two through nine, and they all LOVED it We laughed and laughed at the adventures Carl and the baby have together, and talked about how moms shouldn t really leave their babies with dogs, etc The pictures are lovely and capture the tone perfectly, without resorting to cutesy Although Carl on the cover is the cutest picture ever

    10. Mathew says:

      What a lovely, humorous little picturebook Consisting of a whopping twelve words which open and close the story with mum s departure and arrival, this is a lovely little story of an unspoken friendship between a baby and Carl, the family dog What I particularly loved about the book is the notion of a Rottweiler being so gentle and caring with the baby but also the suspension of disbelief and humour that comes with the adventures between the baby and his guardian I imagine younger children will d [...]

    11. Shawn says:

      The entire carl the dog series is wonderful Told with minimal language, most stories are set around Carl the Rottweiler taking care of a little girl named Madeleine Sometimes there are kids but mostly just her These are great books, if as a parent, you can get past the fact that the parent goes off for a long stretch of time, expecting the dog to watch over the child Certainly, these stories are set in a different age They are wonderfully illustrated and kids just love these stories and the dog [...]

    12. Jeniece Goellner says:

      Beautiful art work and some fun little scenes in this picture book with very few words Really makes you make up your own story Although I will never leave my baby alone with our dogs.

    13. Whitney Taylor says:

      Good Dog, Carl is such a cute book The different adventures Carl and the baby go on throughout the day made it probably one of the babies favorite memories with the Carl The relationship Carl has with the family is one that everyone should have with their pets.Text to Self I relate to this book in a of couple ways Now obviously my mom never left me home with Yogi while I was growing up That would be just crazy and unacceptable I don t think Yogi and I would go on half of the adventures that Carl [...]

    14. Laura says:

      From some, this book will beg the question, Is it really a good idea to leave a Rottweiler in this case, Carl in charge of looking after your baby, even if you plan to be back shortly But from start to finish, you really can t make the case that Carl didn t do a really good job.Sure, letting the baby swim in the fish tank might not be the most orthodox of ways to entertain a tot, but Carl was right there the whole time and never took his eyes off the tank I never got the feeling anybody was ever [...]

    15. Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) says:

      Shared this book with my 5 year old daughter There are only a few words in this book, it mainly relies on illustrations to tell the story The last page of this book includes a note that the book is a salute to the original creator of M nchener Bilderbogen No 1001 also known as Der Brave Karo This referenced work was created in the 1890 s and similarly features a child left alone with a dog This is the original artgenllerantik articlesI m not sure how common the practice was of leaving a child ho [...]

    16. Jamie says:

      A fun book that works as an imaginative activity with your kids The book shows of a dog taking after a toddler while the mother is away He gives the boy rides, food, a bath, plays with him etc I went through this book with my 2 younger brothers Since the book s story is through illustrations and not so much through words, I let them each take a turn interpreting the pictures, telling the story, then I went ahead and gave them my version of what everything meant we had a great time The artwork sh [...]

    17. Crystal Marcos says:

      This book made me laugh out loud although at times I found myself thinking, I would never leave my baby at home alone with only a dog to take care of her Being a new mom fresh in my mind It is a bit unrealistic, but great for the imagination of a child I think anyone who likes animals and children would enjoy this virtually wordless picture book I enjoyed the illustrations and will read other Carl books.

    18. Amy "the book-bat" says:

      This was a fun little book for the very young readers There is very little text and the illustrations are cute Carl looks like a very friendly Rottweiler and takes good care of the baby while the mother goes out I think children will like Carl the dog He seems to be smart and funny and he smiles This book is on the 1001 Children s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up.

    19. Ellie says:

      As always, the pictures are lovely I ve become very fond of Carl the dog but find the other books in series interesting However, once you ve adopted Carl as your book pet, all contributions to the series are welcome and this one is certainly likable.

    20. June says:

      I love reading this book over and over again Mom really likes this book, too I just wish Lucy was as fun as Carl.

    21. Taylor Kundel-Gower says:

      Pup and baby shenanigans

    22. Wendylou Biggs says:

      Love this book am always on the lookout for young children so I have an excuse to gift a copy

    23. Martin says:

      That s what I call animal explotation.

    24. Kathryn says:

      I just loved it.

    25. Lauren Miller says:

      Good Dog, Carl was written and illustrated by Alexandra Day We are introduced to all of the characters on the first page The mother, the baby, and Carl the dog The mother is leaving and tells Carl to watch over the baby Carl watches the mother departure and then directly afterwards assists the baby out of their crib This is where our journey begins, we see Carl and the baby having so much fun and playing together They jump on the bed together, they play in the mother s makeup, the go into the ba [...]

    26. Anjana Murali says:

      This is a fun read that uses only illustrations to tell the story of a dog who is taking care of a baby while the mother steps out for a little bit They have a lot of fun together through bathing, playing, eating, etc The characters step out all at the very start with Carl the dog, the mother, and the baby After the mother tells Carl to watch the baby and she leaves, Carl helps the baby out of the crib and they start their adventure They play with the mother s makeup, jump on the bed, and so muc [...]

    27. Shea Perkins says:

      Good Dog, Carl is an interesting book I love many things from this book but at the same time it gives me a bad feeling So explain the bad feeling, WHY would you leave your baby alone to be care by a dog I know this isn t real but just the overall thought that someone could do this and probably does makes it uneasy to me Now on to the positive reasons of why this book is a good read I thought the book from the time the mother leaves and the time she gets back the dog do so much things for this ti [...]

    28. Morgan Courtney says:

      Good Dog, Carl was my very first wordless book I wasn t sure what to expect when I opened it, but this book pulled pretty hard at my heart strings The illustrator did a wonderful job of telling the story with these pictures It was wonderfully pleasing to watch this relationship between Carl and the baby I found many of the scenes humorous and believable, because they were drawn so realistically and appeared as if it really could happen in real life.This child is obviously not old enough to walk [...]

    29. Beth says:

      If you have never met Carl before, you will love him after you read Good Dog Carl by Alexandra Day You might glance at the book and winder what can be so wonderful about a rottweiler, but Carl s smile and friendly eyes say it all He s a good boy with a big heart, especially when it comes to his family.One might be a little nervous about reading a wordless book because there are no words to explain exaxtly what is happening, the thoughts of the characters, or the overall impact of their actions F [...]

    30. Consuelo says:

      Good Dog, Carl Good Dog, Carl 1 by Alexandra Day This book is appropriate for children in Preschool and Kindergarten.Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day use to be a book full of words, but now we are lucky enough to have it wordless Now we can follow with delight as Carl leads his infant mistress on a wild adventures, the instant after her mother has left the house Carl is just a big dog figuring out adventures while being left alone Some people may find this book to be somewhat cringing due to the [...]

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