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Novel on Yellow Paper (Revived Modern Classic)
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Novel on Yellow Paper (Revived Modern Classic) Stevie Smith It is 1935 Pompey works as a secretary for a magazine publisher and scribbles down her thoughts on yellow paper The voice of the thirties rings out as she chatters on about the Catholic Church, sex education, Nazi Germany, Euripides and all sorts of things But most of all she thinks of love.. Novel on Yellow Paper Revived Modern Classic It is Pompey works as a secretary for a magazine publisher and scribbles down her thoughts on yellow paper The voice of the thirties rings out as she chatters on about the Catholic Church sex ed
  • Title: Novel on Yellow Paper (Revived Modern Classic)
  • Author: Stevie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780811212397
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Novel on Yellow Paper (Revived Modern Classic) Stevie Smith

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    1. MJ Nicholls says:

      Stevie Smith is rightly hailed as one of the finest poets of the 20thC, noted among many others for Not Waving But Drowning , a humorous and melancholy poem that found a second life as a Manic Street Preachers lyric This short extemporised novel is droll, erudite, and exquisitely modernist in that charming manner of pre war English fiction, helped along by Smith s own wit indebted to her reading of Dorothy Parker , and bizarre Latin coinages that seem entirely another world away now A charming r [...]

    2. Juliana says:

      My review theblankgarden 2017 05 12

    3. Zanna says:

      This book is an ethnographic treasure A fabulously unconventional young lower middle class White woman with no pretensions to objectivity or representativeness narrates her thoughts as they come in England between the wars As historical document, it s rubies and opalsWhether or not it is enjoyable depends on the reader Smith is a foot off the ground person and generously warns off the other sort She does not complete her thoughts or her stories and they follow one another in no kind of order Her [...]

    4. Buck says:

      Well, it s a novel, and it s written on yellow paper, but beyond that it s nothing like what you d expect, unless you re expecting awesomeness, which it pretty much delivers.

    5. Paula Bardell-Hedley says:

      I rather like Pompey Casmilus, the narrator of this slightly off kilter stream of consciousness novel, which in Stevie Smith s opinion makes me a foot off the ground sort of person Not only is this a jolly good thing to be, but it is wholly necessary if one is to fully appreciate her exuberant chatter.This was Smith s first novel, printed in 1936, and could perhaps be described as a frenetic, not quite fictional, ingeniously funny memoir The sagacious Pompey secretary to magazine publisher, Sir [...]

    6. Bob says:

      Wonderfully idiosyncratic writing in the vein of the Joyce Eliot influenced modernism of the 1930s even reminiscent of Djuna Barnes but that may just be lumping all eccentric women of that period together Impossible to say what it is about, but the narrative voice becomes increasingly funny and endearing, a breathless falling over itself colloquial tone that the writer said is intended to evoke everyday speech rather than high literary style, but you don t know anyone that talks like this unles [...]

    7. Eileen says:

      It s hard to put anything about this one into words Novel is or less a misnomer this is a discursive, stream of consciousness narrative, obviously pretty autobiographical, running over a wide variety of Smith s Pompey Casimilus s experiences in England and Germany in the 30s Interesting, half shocking, contemporary thoughts on anti semitism, forming and unforming relationships, work, etc She makes judgments throughout on her readers, telling straightforward plot driven people to put the book do [...]

    8. Sarah says:

      Bought this for the cover picture on my copy detail from Woman in Yellow by Tamara de Lempicka This is Catherine Carrington by Dora Carrington and just as enticing Well done Virago Neither Stevie Smith nor Pompey Casmilus is to be summed up by the likes of me Finishing it sent me to the poetry books and I can find only one book in the house with any of her poems British Poetry since 1945 so these three poems are possibly the only I have ever read Easy to read but hard hitting on the heart and br [...]

    9. Molly says:

      Underneath Stevie Smith s playful prose is a dead seriousness about the world She just refuses to keep her feet on the ground And I get that It s almost insufferable, but not quite In the meantime, there are some fabulous lines But oh how sure I am that it is so much better to have love with all its pains and terrors and fanaticism than to live untouched the life of the vegetable But how it tears one, and how unruhig it is.

    10. Peter Landau says:

      Stevie Smith was an English poet Her collected works was recently published and I started casually skimming the volume, but it was NOVEL ON YELLOW PAPER, her first novel, that I wanted to start with It was supposedly her response to a publisher she brought her poems to who suggested she write a novel instead, so she did, using the yellow paper from the office she worked in as assistant to some magazine executive You can tell her prose is the work on a poet It s highly stylized in a tone that app [...]

    11. Kirsty says:

      But first, Reader, I will give you a word of warning This is a foot off the ground novel that came by the left hand And the thoughts come and go and sometimes they do not quite come and I do not pursue them to embarrass them with formality to pursue them into a harsh captivity And if you are a foot off the ground person I make no bones to say that is how you will write and only how you will write And if you are a foot on the ground person, this book will be for you a desert of weariness and exas [...]

    12. Jane says:

      Read for Just Read readathon, sponsored by Reema RattanI think this is the fourth book of this type I ve read for Just Read the vignettey, not quite a novel not quite a memoir, impressionistic kinda thing My Struggle, The Argonauts, Speedboat and now this and in between, on the side, Luke Carman s An elegant young man Read in isolation, I think Novel on Yellow Paper would have delighted me, but right now I want to read a book set in an imaginary world with a gripping story line and characters th [...]

    13. Aerial Nun says:

      I love the idea of this book than the book itself I love that a British woman in modernist times was able to write a book though she wasn t independently wealthy I love the conceit, still relevant as ever, of a creative work written while one is trudging away at their uncreative work Stevie Smith delivers some sweet sentences, and the plight of the woman who loves a man but doesn t love the idea of belonging to him is an important arc Read this book as an artifact, and there s a lot to admire A [...]

    14. Andy says:

      At first this appears vague and wandering, but it is stylised and contains snippets of poetry, observational humour and real insight Occasionally profound Mostly should be read as one reads poetry even though it is outwardly prose although does contain some passages that can only be read as prose Lyrical Beautiful.

    15. Alex Watson says:

      Written in the mid 1930s many years before she became the famous, much anthologised poet this sees Stevie Smith s alter ego Pompey recording her thoughts as she wanders through the London suburbs and Berlin It feels not unlike several rather brilliant poems wrapped in a longer free form, unstructured prose piece that felt flat to me.

    16. Jane E says:

      Many of the ideas contained in her novel show a woman way before her time It is hard to believe that it was written in the 1930s However, the book is too non linear for me As Pompey describes it I prefer a foot on the ground novel Purchased secondhand at Judd Books, London

    17. Kelly Sauskojus says:

      Charming, girlish, and wise with the wisdom of a cynical, well read twenty year old So thankful to be introduced to this writer for class.

    18. Alisong says:

      Must be in a particular mood to enjoy, and perhaps best read aloud.

    19. Mark Cooley says:

      Impossible to rate this one, but I tried Stevie Smith is somehow beyond the star system.

    20. Val says:

      Pompey works as a personal assistant and when she is not typing letters and speeches on blue office paper she puts down whatever thoughts occur to her on yellow office paper, which I suppose makes it look as though she is busy That is the premise of the book, although I m sure a bit construction went into it than it appears.The result is a curiosity, with a certain amount of contemporary relevance and quirky humour, a couple of failed love affairs and a lot of playing around with words.

    21. Wayne says:

      In contrast to Stevie Smith s poetry this reads as a book of its time,England in the 1930 s,whereas the poems are timeless and general in their grasp of the Human Condition.Certainly the Human Condition is here in the novelbut it is sometimes dated and narrow.Although the section on girls and marriageis too current for comfort.So a mixed bag and certainly an interesting read on many levels.Its origins lie in a delicious irony.Having rejected her poems, the naive publishertold her to go away and [...]

    22. Cristina says:

      I liked Stevie Smith s Novel on Yellow Paper, and who knows I may just love it once I ve lived with it a bit longer It reminds me of what James Joyce and T.S Eliot were doing in 1922 with Ulyssess and The Waste Land, respectively stream of consciousness, mixed formats poetry, prose, lots of allusive scrap book type passages , and relatively vague characterizations We see people, but we never truly get a sense of knowing them Everyone is nice or sweet, but typically for material or superficial re [...]

    23. Ingrid says:

      This book is definitely not for those who love straight forward plots and prose The book reads like a poem It takes time to read, too, re reading passages to figure out what she means, much like one of the dense Joyce novels I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought the character of Pompey had amazing insights and was an especially forward thinker for the time 20th century in the years immediately leading up to WWII She questions and struggles with the unity of marriage, the church, love, lust, suic [...]

    24. Kristine says:

      I chose this book because Barbara Pym stated it to be one of her favorites Since I really like Barbara Pym s novels, I was intrigued Novel on Yellow Paper was written by Stevie Smith, in the 1930 s Basically, the novel contains the thoughts of Pompey Casmilus, a secretary of a magazine publisher She writes on yellow office paper whatever is on her mind, however, I found the novel hard to follow When Pompey focuses on one subject, it isn t so difficult, but then she jumps to another subject or ju [...]

    25. Will says:

      I have no idea if Stevie Smith wrote this as near automatic fiction consistently comic fiction kind of has to be , but the narrative rhythm is so smooth but spontaneous that it reads that way In her own words This is a foot off the ground novel that came by the left hand And the thoughts come and go and sometimes they do not quite come and I do not pursue them to embarrass them with formality to pursue them into a harsh captivity And if you are a foot off the ground person I make no bones to say [...]

    26. Darren says:

      Not really a novel, a series of very loosely connected anecdotes observations commentaries diversions etc What it most reminded me of was the script for a stand up routine albeit a wryly rather than laugh out loudly funny one I enjoyed the authentic feel of a voice from the 1930 s and the uniqueness of the voice itself, and the poetic style Quite short, but needed to be read slowly to fully appreciate This is a keeper though, and I suspect that next time I read it I might bump it up to 4 stars [...]

    27. Double Vision says:

      Stacatto is the word we used to use to describe this type of author s prose style Her writing ability is rightly praised as brilliant, authentic, honest I thought at first she was one of the Chrome Yellow set, and I suppose she is, just the suburban variety Smith s opinions are delivered in short bursts of luminescence Pompey Casmilus is a Roman ruin and reading Novel on Yellow Paper , you feel like a Christian being martyred by a thousand slaps, shielding yourself ineffectually, sometime hoping [...]

    28. Lake Oz Fic Chick says:

      First published in London in 1936, this edition of Stevie Smith s offbeat Novel on Yellow Paper is printed on yellow paper as a Revived Modern Classic It s a stream of consciousness narrative that comes with a warning This is a foot off the ground novel that came by the left hand And if you are a foot on the ground person, this book will be for you a desert of weariness and exasperation Pompey Casmilus, the narrator, is a distracted secretary whose ramblings on everything from Nazism to sex to t [...]

    29. Chloe MH says:

      This book is confusing, and not written well enough to be endearing I was very eager to like it, but I just gave up once she started randomly quoting various mismatched references A book needs some sort of flow, a narrative that is not cohesive needs to be interesting and engaging enough to encourage you to pursue This just failed to be anything other than some beautiful inspired poetry dragged out and muddled with a dull and irrelevant narrative.

    30. Misabelina says:

      There s stream of consciousness and then there s this the closest rendering of pure thought committed to text I ve ever had the pleasure of There s much that s problematic about this book Pompey s unrepentant examination of her anti Semitic bias, for example , but the sheer looping joy and sparking fun of the prose puts it in my top 3 A re read treasure.

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