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David Sedaris - 14 CD Boxed Set
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David Sedaris - 14 CD Boxed Set David Sedaris Hailed by The New Yorker as one of the funniest writers in America, whose satirical brazenness holds up to Twain and Nathanael West, David Sedaris has delighted National Public Radio listeners for years Now, for the first time on CD and in a convenient box set, he gives voice to his biting sensibility.Barrel Fever and others Stories is Sedaris first collection of comiHailed by The New Yorker as one of the funniest writers in America, whose satirical brazenness holds up to Twain and Nathanael West, David Sedaris has delighted National Public Radio listeners for years Now, for the first time on CD and in a convenient box set, he gives voice to his biting sensibility.Barrel Fever and others Stories is Sedaris first collection of comic stories and essays Performed by David and Amy Sedaris, this program is described by the New York Post as a nuclear barrage of humor you could never replicate by reading this material on your own In Holidays on Ice, Sedaris skewers the absurd conventions and contrivances of the holiday season, with hilarious effect.Naked, a riotous compilation of stories performed by David and Amy Sedaris, was praised by Publishers Weekly as highly likeable and spirited throughout Traveling from his childhood in North Carolina to a second linguistic childhood as a non French speaking citizen of Paris, Me Talk Pretty One Day is both poignant and full of humor.. David Sedaris CD Boxed Set Hailed by The New Yorker as one of the funniest writers in America whose satirical brazenness holds up to Twain and Nathanael West David Sedaris has delighted National Public Radio listeners for yea
  • Title: David Sedaris - 14 CD Boxed Set
  • Author: David Sedaris
  • ISBN: 9781586214340
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Audio CD
  • David Sedaris - 14 CD Boxed Set David Sedaris

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    1 Blog on “David Sedaris - 14 CD Boxed Set

    1. Nordy says:

      This box set includes the audio books of Sedaris s Barrel Fever, Holidays on Ice, Naked, and Me Talk Pretty One Day Even if you have read any of Sedaris s work, I would highly suggest listening to the audio of him reading it There is no substitute for listening to the inflection he gives his own personal stories and the characters his sister Amy creates with her voice are awesome Several of the stories are read live Some of my favorite quotes from the books Barrel Fever If you re looking for sym [...]

    2. Nicole Marble says:

      My sisters, stuffed with sausages Who can resist someone who writes a sentence like that Having just suffered through Anthony Bourdains Medium Raw , my favorite story is Sedaris commenting on trying to get an ordinary meal in NYC that isn t tarted up in the ultra hip terribly cool fashion of haute haute cuisine.This is a LONG collection of Sedaris monologues, him improving in time.

    3. Verona Barr says:

      Not a book, but a wry and irreverent look at his life by the author Not to mention, very funny

    4. thewestchestarian says:

      Uneven in approach and execution Like Louis C.K Sedaris shoots as much as for poignancy as comedy and probably hits as much as he misses While never laugh out loud funny, some of the stories stand out as very humorous including those around his time as an elf in Macy s Santa s workshop and his halting attempts to learn French after moving there with his boyfriend The Macy s stories play less for laughs and for social commentary including some patron s asking to avoid Santas of African American [...]

    5. Kaz says:

      This box set includes BARREL FEVER AND OTHER STORIESHOLIDAYS ON ICENAKEDME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY with a full hour of bonus tracks not available on cassette above description is from.I wander if ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY, CD version, includes the bonus part or not This is a huge doses of David Sedaris If you are new to David Sedaris, you should probably try out with some other, like When You Are Engulfed In Frame to test if you can laugh his humor.I have listened Barrel Fever and Other Stories before, [...]

    6. Leslie says:

      This CD set is so great I hope somebody buys me this for Christmas This is the complete set of the Sedaris canon, completely narrated by David Sedaris himself There s just something about an author that reads his own work It brings it to life in a way that no one else can I love the voices he does for his sister, his parents, and especially his redneck brother The Rooster That and the fact that his stories are always twisted and hilarious and that his family is totally dysfunctional and Greek Am [...]

    7. Missmath144 says:

      This box set includes Barrel Fever, Naked, Holidays on Ice, and Me Talk Pretty One Day It s unabridged, but I think that means it s the unabridged box set, not necessarily an unabridged version of all of the above, because they named a person who was responsible for selecting the essays Anyway, it was the usual great Sedaris humor Great for falling asleep to because I could just start on the next side the next day, and it didn t matter if I had missed the end of one story while falling off to la [...]

    8. Jim says:

      Like, holy shit.Listening to David Sedaris is exponentially better than the already goddamned hilarious experience of reading him That voice That phrasing That delivery It s everything that s good about radio and the oral tradition, and it reminds of how Sedaris attained popularity in the first place through his NPR pieces that ended up being the Holidays on Ice book.Really, I recommend this far than reading his books It sounds cheap, but I would probably not say this of any other book I ve eve [...]

    9. Kam says:

      Very funny, interesting, and unique guy.Very often he uses his real life, and it s fun and quirky, and his viewpoint is sensitive, break sometimes, and worth hearing.I listened to the audio of this just before I went to bed and I d be lying there, laughing out loud The odd part of him Last night, he started talking about touching stranger s heads, like it s the most normal thing in the world, and it got really creepy Like, you re the one with OCD fella, not me because the assumption is that you [...]

    10. Kitchengrrl says:

      I listened to Me Talk Pretty One Day and it was good, but I didn t enjoy it as much as Dress Your Family in Cordoroy and Denim Started Holidays on Ice, which I ve heard about for years and been very enthusiastic about, and it just wasn t working for me Got halfway through it before the due date and I picked up another book I m excited about Don t think I ll be listening to any of Mr Sedaris P

    11. Su says:

      This was actually the first audio cassette book I had listened to, and it certainly hooked me Not only did I find the hours of driving seemingly evaporate, I found myself arriving at my destination in a better mood I laughed so hard at some of his stories, but also was touched my sadness at the levels of despair he can relate with his words I love his writing.

    12. Laura says:

      If you re a fan of Sedaris s writing, do yourself a favor and purchase his audio books Great for passing the time on a long drive, or entertaining yourself in lieu of TV, these stories read by the author and his sister Amy are not mere reading but a form of performance art Absolutely hilarious voice impressions, comic timing, and so on.

    13. Ryan says:

      I read the books first and thoroughly enjoyed them, but when you hear him read the stories it gives them a voice far exceeding anything I could have imagined literally and figuratively I recommend this if you have or have not read them.

    14. Jennifer says:

      Overall, I love David Sedaris I will say that there were some stories of his in the middle of the set that I didn t care for, so I fast forwarded past them Then there were stories I just love, and they were as good as always

    15. Shannon says:

      This was given to me as a gift and is the perfect thing to listen to while you do any activity that doesn t allow you a book in your hand Off the wall and with amazing personality, Sedaris and sister Sedaris do a great job reading with voices and attitude.

    16. kt says:

      For some reason I can t completely jump on the Sedaris bandwagon For every piece that I absolutely love, there are 2 or 3 that I really don t care for The audiobooks are recommended over the books, however, particularly to hear his Billie Holiday impressions and sister Amy s character voices.

    17. Keith Diehl says:

      Guest voicing by Amy is somewhat distracting.

    18. Anne Marie says:

      Some people are turned off by his voice, but not me.

    19. Jessica says:

      If you are going to truly enjoy david sedaris you must listen to him on CD

    20. Eric says:

      David Sedaris books are even better when he reads them.

    21. Sofia says:

      Dark,often self deprecating humor,but I really liked it It made my one hour ride to work much shorter.

    22. Crystal says:

      As if here weren t hilarious just on the written page, his voice makes his books even funnier I love David Sedaris

    23. Laura says:

      You can t kill the Rooster, bitch.

    24. Vic Da says:

      I have all his audiobooks he reminds me of some of my friends He gets extra stars from me.

    25. Sara says:

      I don t know how people read David Sedaris Listen to him and it will change your entire perspective on his work.

    26. Keiron Tumbleton says:

      My new favorite go to Brilliant writer in all the genres he endeavours in Great listen.

    27. Erin says:

      Best audio set ever.

    28. JZ says:

      Amazingly funny and wonderful to listen to I ve read the books, but prefer to hear David in his own voice, telling his stories as only he can.

    29. Elena says:

      hilarious, dry, witty, offbeat.

    30. Camille says:

      Good for a long car ride

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