Elizabeth Lowell
Dark Fire
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Dark Fire Elizabeth Lowell The Andean Cloud Forest, Ecuador Mysterious, hauntingly beautiful and a land like nowhere else on earth But a dangerous land, despite its beauty A land to be feared And respectedLike Trace Rawlings a man who lives by his own rules Ruthless, domineering, he takes what he wants.But Cynthia Ryan is used to someone trying to manipulate her, especially her powerfuThe Andean Cloud Forest, Ecuador Mysterious, hauntingly beautiful and a land like nowhere else on earth But a dangerous land, despite its beauty A land to be feared And respectedLike Trace Rawlings a man who lives by his own rules Ruthless, domineering, he takes what he wants.But Cynthia Ryan is used to someone trying to manipulate her, especially her powerful father Surely she can handle this man After all, he s just there to guide her through the treacherous forest.Thrown together by her father s ruthless ambition, first as adversaries, then as lovers, Trace and Cynthia force their way through the cloud forest transformed by a passion as wild and steamy as the forest itself. Dark Fire The Andean Cloud Forest Ecuador Mysterious hauntingly beautiful and a land like nowhere else on earth But a dangerous land despite its beauty A land to be feared And respectedLike Trace Rawlings a
  • Title: Dark Fire
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: 9781551664538
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Fire Elizabeth Lowell

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      321 Elizabeth Lowell
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    1 Blog on “Dark Fire

    1. Ashley S. says:

      I know, I know I ve pretty much given every book that I ve read a five star rating.but it s the truth The majority of the books that I read deserve than a five star Cindy s character is something you understand instantly, because every woman whether it s a house wife or a career woman every woman wants to depend on her self because when the going gets toughe wants to be the tower of strength Cindy doesn t like to depend on anyone, being hurt one too many times by the people who should care abou [...]

    2. Paraphrodite says:

      3 stars.Another oldie from Elizabeth Lowell This book is full of cliches You ve got this sassy stubborn city girl as the heroine and this jungle guide hero with his big knife and they run around in the jungle for awhileThe premise of the story has the heroine trying to find her fashionista best friend and partner who disappeared on a buying trip in the Ecuador jungle and hired the hero to guide her The hero doesn t like little rich girls and wants to take her down a peg or two even though he s b [...]

    3. Quinn says:

      Dark Fire is a reprint of a 1988 mass market paperback I loved Lowell s medieval trilogy and this is the first contemporary of hers that I ve read.The premise sounded great Pampered rich girl Cynthia Cindy hires hard assed bad boy Trace to guide her through the treacherous Equadorian rainforest in search of her missing friend.I was really disappointed with the first half of the book I felt the writing was average at best with none of the magic of her previous books.BUTThe second half of the book [...]

    4. Narnies says:

      Usually I like Lowell, but this time time her book annoyed me Her characters seemed to contradict themselves emotionally, one minute snapping at each other and the next sprouting flowery romantic sentences There didn t quite seem to be any middle ground, and although the hero sounded delish, the overuse of the word peon only hammered into me the idea that the man had serious baggage.

    5. Maddux says:

      Not a bad story This second book in the series centered around Rye McCall s sister What I did take issue with is that his sister, Cindy, traipses off to a dangerous South American country on a fool s errand, doesn t know the language, doesn t really know anything about the landscape, as she tries to locate her best friend who hasn t been in contact with her for a few days.Just being real here, but I doubt I d follow my jet setting friend to Ecuador because she hasn t called me back.The hero of t [...]

    6. Farah says:

      I expected things to be a little exciting than thatwith the setting and the atmosphere I thought it was going to turn into something a little suspenseful maybe adventurous but it simply stuck to romance Cindy and Trace s relationship was a lot of fun the snapping the battle of wills it was entertaining Trace was a major A hole most of the time but knowing his feelings made me forgiving towards him as for Cindy I loved her she was strong willed proud sassy and stubborn I enjoyed the romance bet [...]

    7. Nicole says:

      I bought Dark Fire because its one of the last few books I have yet to collect by Elizabeth Lowell I have loved and collected her books for years and was anticipating another good read Unfortunately this is not what Dark Fire is and not Elizabeth Lowell s best effort The plot sounds like it has potential, basically Cindy Ryan s best friend is missing in the cloud forest, so she hires the best guide available in Quito, Trace Rawlings, to help her find her friend, but it falls short of a satisfyin [...]

    8. Sarah says:

      Cindy goes into the cloud forest to find her friend and Trace is her reluctant guide I have this ridiculous idea about the good old days of romance that, similar to the good old days of America, are primarily made up But every once in a while, when I stumble across a library that hasn t updated its collection in the last 20 years or so, I do find a good old romance And this is one It s just really no frills the beta plot is so small as to be nonexistent, there s no murder, there s no filler, the [...]

    9. Tina says:

      Not one of Lowell s better efforts Although it started off with some promise it quickly degenerated into a snarky, insult ridden battle between the two main characters I didn t find much to like about either of them, and didn t really care if they ever made it out of the rain forest.

    10. Lisa says:

      This was a pretty ridiculous book The dialogue was so unrealistic that it really yanked me out of the narrative Absolutely nothing about this story was believable view spoiler To begin we find the hero, Trace Rawlings, having a conversation with a buddy of his in Ecuador The buddy tells Trace that a rich and important businessman known as Big Eddie is going to pay Trace 1000 per day to look after his daughter, Cindy Trace s buddy chooses not to mention the second half of the deal Big Eddie wants [...]

    11. Jennifer says:

      Read this a few years ago and couldn t remember it when I started the second time, but it was naggingly, familiar finally remembered about chapter 4 Enjoyed it the second time through though Historical romance Antiquated views of chivalry and duty, but fitting for the time and lens I enjoy Lowell s work.

    12. Jen Klug says:

      I thought I read and enjoyed Elizabeth Lowell in college but either I m remembering incorrectly, or her style has not aged well for me I only kept reading because I kept hoping I was wrong Also deducted points for multiple references to his swirling chest hair, and a reference to the nest of hair under his arms Ew.

    13. Diana Nagy says:

      What a great novel When I was in my late teens 17 19 and a year or two into my 20 s all I could read was romance I think the reason for that was because the relationship I was in I wasn t happy with and couldn t get the happiness in a relationship I longed for that I read in books Boy did that change when I turned 23 I quit reading romance books because I had than enough romance with me and my now husband Plus, I began to feel that after I had read so many romance books, they all seemed like th [...]

    14. Natalya says:

      The first half of the novel had great promise, fun, humorous, adventurous, great H Heroine chemistry against the exotic backdrop of Ecuadorian jungle Different and spunky plot, a la King s Solomon s Mines, determined Heroine Based on that, Lowell could easily be a unisex writer Sydney Sheldon style Second part does a complete turnaround into some suitably steamy but unexpectedly sudden lurid erotica, with the lengthiest sex scene 27 pages long I have ever encountered including 2.5 pages of him t [...]

    15. The Book Junkie Reads . . . says:

      Of course it would take a man like Trace Rawlings a man who lives by his own rules to reign in the likes of Cynthia Cynthia is anything but the pampered spoiled little rich girl that Trace is expecting Not knowing the truth of things he treats her like crap and feels justified in doing so For the life of it Cynthia cannot understand why on earth she would feel the way so do for Trace But in the midst of the mountains things change and on one warm wet rainy night it all comes to a head Then one p [...]

    16. Sarah says:

      Really enjoyed this book, as I do almost every one of Elizabeth Lowell s books I liked the heroine but found the hero s persistence in calling her princess derisively a little wearing as he seemed to use it in every other sentence Although it is a re released title from the early years of Elizabeth Lowell s career the passage of nearly 30 years hasn t aged the book at all I highly recommend it to all romance readers.

    17. Alix says:

      A classic, somewhat cheese romance novel a la Romancing the Stone The cheese factor is possibly one of the things that make it so endearing to me, and I pull it out for a reread every few years.Stubborn and out of her depth heroine, strong and silent and sexy hero, lots of tension and adventure and intrigue It s a solid formula, and damn near impossible to screw up And it works.An old favourite, despite the outdated writing

    18. Thenia says:

      The story of Cynthia and Trace, a couple who meet when Cynthia hires Trace to lead her through the Andean Cloud Forest and to the last known location of her best friend.The two rub each other the wrong way and start off as adversaries, but soon their respect for one another grew, and their intense sexual attraction combined to their shared adventure, help bring them together.Engaging story with some very interesting scenes in the tropical forest, where most of the story takes place.

    19. Sarah says:

      I love Elizabeth Lowell s older stories the newer mysteries not so much This is a great addition to my collection of older stories.You could tell it was an early work for her, but it s not bad I wouldn t rate it with the medieval trilogy, but I really liked it.I guess I need to read the first now since I didn t realize it was a series.

    20. C K says:

      Companion to Fever This is an author that I have read a lot of and have added her books to my keeper book shelf Most I have read at least twice and some even than that Always in depth characters that anyone can identify with on some level.

    21. Andria says:

      I really loved this book much than I was expecting too, if I was honest It was exactly what I wanted romance, adventuring through the jungle, and steamy smut scenes The main characters were interesting, and very real I m looking forward to reading of the author s novels.

    22. Usagi Tsukino says:

      Did not finish Or should I say, couldn t stomach this book __

    23. Marie says:

      Love these characters and the burning fire that dances between them.

    24. Aimee says:

      Fue una de las primeras novelas que lei, de vez en cuando la vuelvo a leer, los sentimientos que me transmitio todavia impacta

    25. Jami Dutcher says:

      I love all of Elizabeth Lowell s books and this one is no different Great romance.

    26. S. Niehart says:

      would ve got a 5 but ending was rushed

    27. Cem73 says:

      Titre vf La princesse et l orchid e

    28. Cavendishmk says:

      did not finish

    29. Gee says:


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