John W. Kiser
The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria
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The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria John W. Kiser The inspiration for the major motion picture Of Gods and Men In the spring of 1996 armed men broke into a Trappist monastery in war torn Algeria and took seven monks hostage, pawns in a murky negotiation to free imprisoned terrorists Two months later their severed heads were found in a tree their bodies were never recovered.The village of Tibhirine had sprung up aroundThe inspiration for the major motion picture Of Gods and Men In the spring of 1996 armed men broke into a Trappist monastery in war torn Algeria and took seven monks hostage, pawns in a murky negotiation to free imprisoned terrorists Two months later their severed heads were found in a tree their bodies were never recovered.The village of Tibhirine had sprung up around the monastery because it was a holy place protected by the Virgin Mary, revered by Christians and Muslims alike But napalm, helicopters, and gunfire had become regular accompaniments to the monastic routine as the violence engulfing Algeria drew closer to the isolated cloister high in the Atlas Mountains.. The Monks of Tibhirine Faith Love and Terror in Algeria The inspiration for the major motion picture Of Gods and Men In the spring of armed men broke into a Trappist monastery in war torn Algeria and took seven monks hostage pawns in a murky negotiat
  • Title: The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria
  • Author: John W. Kiser
  • ISBN: 9780312302948
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria John W. Kiser

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    1 Blog on “The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria

    1. booklady says:

      Reading The Monks of Tibhirine Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria by John Kiser can t help but touch and maybe even change your heart It is the story of the seven French Trappist monks kidnapped in Algeria in March 1996 by unknown terrorists and eventually executed Their bodies were never recovered Only their heads lie buried at their monastery mute testimony to their last hours.And yet, this book is appropriately named as a book about Faith and Love which came before, and was stronger, and end [...]

    2. Erin says:

      I read this book after the recent Paris attacks Kiser describes not only this Algerian Trappist community, but also provides a succinct background on Algerian history, ranging from its troubled relationship with France to civil strife in the 1980 s and 1990 s Although the events of this book take place primarily in the 1980 s and 1990 s, this book is still timely because it delves into why so many Algerian youths were drawn to jihadist thinking I found particularly moving Kiser s description of [...]

    3. David Bales says:

      Deeply hurtful book about a group of Trappist monks in a famous monastery in the mountains in Algeria, a Christian enclave in an overwhelmingly Muslim nation who cared for the people in their community and were greatly beloved, only to be swallowed up in the madness of Algeria s war against Islamist terrorists in the 1990s Interesting back story of France s colonization of Algeria from 1830 until 1962, and the portrayal of a sensitive young French officer whose life is saved by a Muslim in the l [...]

    4. John Osman says:

      The Monks of Tibhirine Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria This book is the basis for the movie Of Gods and Men I finished it a few months ago and I am experimenting with anyone else try this Anyway, in this book, compared to the movie, you learn a lot about the political situation in Algeria and about the changing role of the Church post Vatican II If you saw the movie you should read the book

    5. Jane says:

      Fascinating book on the kidnapping and murder of 7 Trappist monks in Algeria in 1996 by a terrorist group, the GIA This group wanted all foreigners to leave Algeria the monks felt their calling was among Muslims, not for converting them, but for dialogue and living among them, to point up the similarities between Islam and Christianity Twice a year the monks would have what they called a Ribat es Salaam Bond of Peace a Muslim Christian dialogue Prior Christian s life had been saved by a Muslim a [...]

    6. Cherith Fee Nordling says:

      This book raises so many questions for me Questions of rhythm, faithfulness over the long haul, community without sentiment, the Lordship of Jesus at the heart of the gospel and the life of Jesus as the heart of the gospel, what interfaith dialogue requires, and .The movie Of Gods and Men , based on this event, is a worship experience led by the singing of the psalms and hymns that reflected the theological and personal examination of costly discipleship The book is a different experience altoge [...]

    7. Djony Herfan says:

      Dalam satu wawancara Kiser, menawarkan sebuah jawab kisah para padri sebuah kisah cinta Kata cinta , love, dalam bahasa bahasa Indonesia bisa berarti kasih , dan agaknya itulah kaitan dan getar hati yang dalam yang membuat kesembilan rahib tak pergi dari Tibhirine Barangkali ini kisah cinta yang paling dalam dan mencemaskan, dimulai dengan tujuh kepala manusia yang ditemukan di tepi jalan di dekat Medea, Aljazair, 90 kilometer dari ibu kota Di antaranya dibungkus plastik dan tergantung di pohon [...]

    8. Jenn says:

      We picked this book to read for April for the St Anastasia Book Club mostly because I had just seen the movie Of Gods and Men, which was excellent The book is great for giving additional information to support the movie It spends a lot of time speaking of the political atmosphere in Algeria, of the various factions and of the religious aspect to the conflict This made for some dry reading, but it was useful, if you were looking for a comprehensive understanding of the situation the monks were in [...]

    9. Christopher says:

      I read this book after watching the movie Of Gods and Men because I wanted to find out about the story of the monks of Tibhirine The book is very well researched but the author allows this to get in the way of the story Kiser intertwines a deep dive into the political situation in Algeria with the story of the monks, but the two do not go well together Kiser s awkward transitions don t make it any easier to keep track of things as he jumps between the history of the many Algerian political and [...]

    10. Cyndi says:

      A thorough and thoughtful narrative of a community of Trappist monks in Algeria who were massacred by radical Islamic terrorists How can Christians and Muslims exist peaceably side by side We must make genuine efforts to simply be respectful first of all, and gradually try to understand one another while correcting misunderstandings Each of the monks characters is well developed, and each had a real sense of the importance of their work in that place, despite the dangers Some of the religious an [...]

    11. Richard Toscan says:

      In writing about Argo, I said it was probably not the best idea to read a book after seeing the film derived from it, but in the case of Kiser s The Monks of Tibhirine, the film Of Gods and Men gave me a basis for Kiser s intriguing and distressing telling of the events The book is a stunning work of journalistic investigation where the final piece of the ending will likely never be known The story of the monks and their ultimate fate is entangled with the decision of the late 1970 s secular but [...]

    12. Marianna says:

      Loved The story of Christian and the other monks I wish the author had focused primarily on these exemplary men It seems they were all prolific writers of personal correspondence and journals and I would have loved to get to know each of them better via these mediums Perhaps the author did not have accessDidn t like so much The in depth historical information Algerian history is very complicated, especially the period this book covered While knowing some of this history was vital to the overall [...]

    13. Mike says:

      Last year, I saw the outstanding French film Of Gods and Men It was the story of the 1996 kidnapping and murder of seven Trappist monks in Algeria I thought this film was one of the best movies I had seen in a long time and it prompted me to purchase and read this book, upon which the movie was based I really liked the book but the book and movie were very different The movie focused almost exclusively on the monks and the process they went through when deciding to stay in Algeria despite the se [...]

    14. Birgit says:

      If you saw the French film Of Gods and Men and are curious about the life and death of the seven kidnapped French monks in Algeria, this is the book Regardless, it s an excellent in depth look at the Cistercian or Trappist order, a historical political overview of Algeria during and post French colonial rule, and an altogether fascinating read on spirituality, the faith and love of these committed monks of their Muslim neighbors, and it is deeply engaging and beautifully constructed The politica [...]

    15. John says:

      The tale of the monks of Tibhirine is moving, beautiful, and quite sad The core of the story is how the monks bravely remain in Algeria despite an all out war against foreigners by a despotic right wing fundamental religious group You know from the beginning that the monks will loose their lives in this struggle.What remains with the reader afterwards is the individual transformation that each monk seems to go through in sacrificing their own needs in order to live for love, for their community, [...]

    16. Jim says:

      This book is apparently intended to be a novelistically written exploration of the causes and meditation on the meaning of the slaughter by terrorists of this group of monks during Algeria s civil war In actuality, however, it manages the difficult feat of being simultaneously confusing, boring, and shallow ultimately highly unsatisfying I give it than a star because the author clearly did a lot of research on this and because I learned a few things I also feel a little bad because I was readin [...]

    17. Julie says:

      This book provides a lot of important background to the gorgeous movie Of Gods and Men The history of colonialism, independence and political turbulence is Algeria is so important and although the acronyms of political groups get confusing, the author does a pretty good job summarizing events The struggle with racism in the French and French Algerian church is an important piece of understanding the Tibhirine monks decisions The book also discusses events after those portrayed in the movie, for [...]

    18. Karen L. says:

      This is the movie trailer to the movie that was inspired by this book.Link my link text I liked the movie much better than the book The monks were such wonderful characters, but the author did not do them justice by putting their story into a very didactic book he included too many informational sections within the book noting all the different political groups at odds with one another He also seemed to have a very liberal view of religion, to the detriment of the monks beautiful mission to love [...]

    19. Netts says:

      A reverent exploration of religious faith at its most loving and inclusive extreme as lived by a handful of Trappist monks in Algeria I found this book moving, even though I m very much an atheist, because Kiser s account of their lives and the deep bonds they developed with the Muslim community they served without proselytizing stood in such sharp contrast to the hate filled and hypocritical bile spewed by the most vocal Christians today It was a gentle reminder that not all Christians are vici [...]

    20. David A-S says:

      It is hard not to fall in love with the gentle, quite servant monks of Tibhirine Seemingly everyone did How could you note, they were a committed Trappist community living in Algeria They loved their almost entirely Muslim neighbors, held interfaith discussion, and cared for all comers to the monastery Yet they became pawns in a violent fundamentalist mess, that has its roots not only in bad theology, but French colonialism and Algerian military dictatorship Somehow as they book leads you to the [...]

    21. Meg says:

      This book was a very detailed account and was made into the movie Of Gods and Men The movie was an excellent depiction of the lives of these monks who lived in Algeria among the local Muslims An inspiring story It has a lot of background information about the history and political climate of the region which made it a difficult read in the first half as my knowledge of the area and culture is so limited.I was glad I saw the movie before reading the book as it helped me to understand what happene [...]

    22. Eapen Chacko says:

      This is a wonderful book, which is the inspiration for Xavier Beauvois moving film, Of Gods and Men A group of Benedictine monks establish a monastery in Algeria, committed to a life of prayer and service to their local neighbors The monks become part of the community fabric, and provide food, comfort and medical care to their village neighbors The Muslim leaders and clerics view them as friends and colleagues Enter the Algerian war with France, and the monks become sources of political discomfo [...]

    23. Emily says:

      A profound, moving and detailed look at the lives of the monks of Tibherine, Algeria, seven of whom were beheaded during the Algerian Civil War in the 1990s The Trappist monks lived in harmony with their Muslim neighbors, and had incorporated religious dialogue and understanding into their daily lives As violence raged around the nation, the monks decided to stay at their monastery instead of returing home to France Several of them paid for this witness with their lives Kiser s account makes for [...]

    24. Theresa says:

      Sensitive account of the political and religious complexities in modern day Algeria The focus is on the community of Catholic monks who were kidnapped and killed by a radical band of Muslims in a remote part of the country.The hard won clarity of thought and courage that sustained the monks in their choice to remain in Algeria knowing the danger is the heart of the book, and it is what makes it fascinating reading Their example is the future, absolutely relevant to a world in which people of dif [...]

    25. Timothy McCluskey says:

      I read this book after seeing the movie Of Gods and Men I found the movie compelling, not only from an acting perspective but from a thematic one as well Themes included the role of faith in crisis several monks faced the dark night of the soul in the face of the threat of death what moral questions arise when you realize as a missionary you can escape when the people you serve can t and how do Christians live in a Muslim country I was fascinated by the relationship between the Abbot and the hea [...]

    26. Gspesh says:

      I saw the film Of Gods and Men before reading this book I thought the film was deeply moving and inspirational After seeing the movie I wanted to learn about the monks and the church in Algeria The book did not disappoint Though relatively small, the church in Algeria at this time and maybe even today is a vibrant and culturally relevant community only strengthened by its interactions with Islam The monks themselves were great men who unlike suicide bombers who slaughter innocents indiscriminat [...]

    27. Carrie F. says:

      Hello I first saw the movie, Of Gods and Men, which was produced last year The movie had a lot of impact in the realistic way it portrayed relationships in a Monastery The monastery is in Algeria, where the few Christians resided amongst the Muslim majority The book added some background to the politics of Algeria and French colonizing and Muslim liberation movements in Algeria There was a story of the Monastery leader s reason for being in Algeria a Muslim there saved his life and he liked the [...]

    28. Elizabeth says:

      The movie Of Gods and Men made me want to know about the faith of the seven monks who chose to stay in Algeria amid the country s civil war The book s strong points are the author s interviews with the monks families and his focus on unveiling Christian de Cherge s the abbot spirituality I think whether or not you agree with him, his insights into Christianity s relationship with Islam are very interesting and make the book worth the read alone.

    29. Ken says:

      This is not an easy book to get through but it is very educational The historical accounts of terrorism in Algeria are less well known here than they are in France since Algeria was once a French colony The deaths of these Catholic monks and the surrounding conflicts between the people of Algeria and the Islamist terrorists are eye opening and give us insights into what is going on in much of the Muslim world today.

    30. Alan says:

      I read this book after watching the movie Of Gods and Men The book gives details about the individual monks and insights into the real Monks of Tibhirine This book had a broader focus than just the tragedy of the monks The story of Algeria, it s political, social and religious turmoil is also a major focus This was helpful but all the detail was tedious at points Overall an inspirational and tragic story that shows the beauty and power of faith.

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