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Jude Kate Morgenroth When fifteen year old Jude s father is brutally murdered, Jude is a witness But to save his own life, he can t tell the police what he knows Still, Jude is determined to clear his name and win the approval of his mother the district attorney he has not seen since he was an infant At the urging of his mother s longtime companion, Jude agrees to a crazy scheme to protWhen fifteen year old Jude s father is brutally murdered, Jude is a witness But to save his own life, he can t tell the police what he knows Still, Jude is determined to clear his name and win the approval of his mother the district attorney he has not seen since he was an infant At the urging of his mother s longtime companion, Jude agrees to a crazy scheme to protect her political future But what Jude doesn t know is that there are buried secrets that will require him to sacrifice than he ever dreamed And his search for approval will turn into one for revenge.. Jude When fifteen year old Jude s father is brutally murdered Jude is a witness But to save his own life he can t tell the police what he knows Still Jude is determined to clear his name and win the app
  • Title: Jude
  • Author: Kate Morgenroth
  • ISBN: 9781416912675
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jude Kate Morgenroth

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      Kate Morgenroth

    1 Blog on “Jude

    1. Dami says:

      I was going glad when the truth finally came out about Harry I knew he was a piece of dog when Jude first met him and acted like he cared about him when in the end he wanted to do harm to him to save his own In the end, he ended up in jail, aha, karma s definitely a fat mother lol I always say, and my father always says never do harm to someone because something will happen to you, you think you can do bad to others and believe that nothing will happen your definitely wrong The thing with me was [...]

    2. Anne Osterlund says:

      Jude watches his father die at the point of a gun, then promises the killer he won t tell.The killer lets him live.This happens in the first few pages.Then the detectives find the letter taped to the bottom of a drawer that reveals who Jude s mother is The elected D.A.And she reveals that Jude was kidnapped when he was just a kid.Still in the first few pages.But this isn t one of those books that drops off after the first three chapters And Jude s life isn t one of those that gets better after e [...]

    3. Humberto Cnca says:

      This book is one of the best books I have ever read It s about this boy named Jude At least that s what he thinks his name is He s real name is Michael Jude had a number of problems in his life His dad was a drug dealer He thinks his mother abandoned him and his dad when he was still a kid He would get in fights But then his whole life changes His dad gets murdered by the drug dealers he was working with Apparently his dad was ripping them off Jude would have been dead then if it wasn t for swea [...]

    4. Fernanda says:

      I choose this book because the front page look intersting but i dint want to read it that much because the book seem big in old and too many pages i thought i was gonna get bored but look i didnt the book may of looked bad but it turn out to be one of my favorites booke genre of the book is mystery and fake but it could happen to a teen who is releted to drugs or bad friendse setting takes place in many places but where it gets told the most is in the jail where jude is at for selling drugs it i [...]

    5. Elizabeth Scott says:

      I picked this up after pre ordering one of Kate Morgenroth s adult thrillers that got a starred review in either PW or Booklist and that sounded really, really good I was checking to see what else she d written, and I saw this It was cheap under 7 and I don t see a lot of YA thrillers mysteries out there, so I wanted to give it a try.It is AMAZING When the book opens Jude, who is fifteen, is being questioned by the police about the murder of his drug dealing father They take him to the station t [...]

    6. Pamela says:

      I enjoyed reading this story which is quite different from other stories about abused children and being reunited with a parent they never knew.While reading this you felt the sadness and pain for Jude as he tries to fit into a new world which does not include his father, the only parent he s known for 15 years who was abusive, a drug dealer and now dead He s trying to fit into his mother s life but unsuccessfully though no fault of his own You feel his sadness as you realize that his mother, wh [...]

    7. Carrie says:

      This book, people It s like The OC and Prison Break and The Pursuit of Happyness all rolled into one Boy from the wrong side of the tracks goes to live with his wealthy attorney mother after his father dies Attends private school, gets into lots of fights, and then whoops, gets involved in an elaborate conspiracy to help his mother get elected mayor Ends up in jail, gets out, tries to make something of his life There are obstacles, etc Do you see what I mean It was fast paced, it had plot twists [...]

    8. Cali Geriba says:

      Jude Kate MorgenrothPersonal Response I really liked this book because mostly because it was different than any other books I ve read and because it gave you a really big life lesson of who you trust and to be sure of the choices you make I got this book at Goodwill as I randomly picked it off the shelf, I usually decide books on their cover and the back and sometimes the last page of the book, just to be sure Once I read the back of the book it never said anything like him going to jail and buy [...]

    9. Caleb Groat says:

      this is a good book, 11 10 would definitely recommend

    10. Meraj says:

      Jude is a story about the life of an adolescent named Jude journey in finding his mother s acceptance During his expedition, he comes across many twists and turns involving drugs, family, and friends ultimately defining his character In my opinion, being a book focused on the topic of drugs and a life of a young teenage boy, I was sceptical at first However, with the author s smooth captivating writing style and choice of character styles traits, it kept me interested all the way through Kate Mo [...]

    11. Gregc says:

      i chose to read this book because i liked the review the book genre was realistic fictione setting was his in new york.jude is a year old boy he is from the hood and he likes to play basket ball when he gets out of jail he look like his father 6,1 big and strong in the begining of jude jude lives with his father in the bad part of town and he likes to play basket ball his father get killed right in front of him in the middle he goes to live with his mother and she is very rich he gose to the ric [...]

    12. Blake Sowell says:

      JUDE is a great book that shows a look into a teenagers life, but in very extreme situations This books depicts a teenage boys struggle to find acceptance and to cope with the death of his father, and being reunited with a mother he thought did not want him Jude searches for the love and admiration of his mother, and sees his chance at making her proud in a very extreme and unorthodox way which results in a prison sentence Now, 17 years old and in prison, Jude has a lot of growing up to do and r [...]

    13. ConnorC says:

      Jude is a very entertaining book that never had a low point The author speeds up the parts that could ve been very slow and boring and used detail and description in the main parts of the story The author constantly has Jude second guess himself and rethink the past and try to figure things out He s also constantly trying to prove himself but in the end he realizes he doesn t need approval from his mother Overall the book was smartly written and the plot twists were as much of a shock to the rea [...]

    14. Danielle Mercado says:

      A very good read Couldn t put it down.

    15. Angela Demario says:

      I didn t know what to expect from this book A friend had recommended it to me Jude did not disappoint I could not put it down

    16. Ddd says:

      I have recently read Jude written by Kate Morgenroth and thought that it was a very well written book Although having quite the complicated plot, the author expresses the thoughts and actions of the teenage character very well I thought that this book had many elements that made the reader just want to keep on reading Since the protagonist is around the same age as I am, it was easy to relate to him Please note that some of the following includes plot summary and spoilers.The story opened up wit [...]

    17. Ruby says:

      Jude is an amazing story about a young man and his struggles to overcome a history of abuse and find his place in the world It begins with Jude s father cheating a drug dealer out of product and profit Seconds after Jude warns his father not to take such a big risk, Jude s father is murdered right before his eyes Jude is spared by the murderer, and inadvertently reunited with his birth mother, Anna What starts off as the beginning of a perfect happy ending for Jude with Anna and her boyfriend Ha [...]

    18. Hannah says:

      Jude by Kate Morgenroth follows a young teenager whose circumstances seem unfathomable but whose character begins to comprehend reality in a way that nearly all adolescents do as they venture into adulthood.From the beginning, Morgenroth sets a scene that foreshadows Jude s near destruction and his ultimate change in perception The story starts off in the seedy, drug filled part of town, where Jude is constantly getting into street fights and being forced to prove his physical strength Ironicall [...]

    19. Aline says:

      good book

    20. Karissa says:

      This book just blew me away It was a slow start but when I reached the middle I just couldn t put it down I enjoyed how the book didn t just focus on one time period in Jude s live Jude literally grew up before the readers eyes, starting with his father s murder when he was only fourteen to when he gets out of prison when he s twenty two The story starts off with the murder of his abusive ex cop now heroin dealing father The murders allow him to live and tell him to keep his mouth shut, which he [...]

    21. Atjmv says:

      Jude is a teenage fiction novel written by Kate Morgenroth and published in 2004 The novel revolves around how the protagonist Jude, who must deal with his drug dealing father s sudden death and his distant mother Anna, and his five year life in jail I really enjoyed Jude as the author created believable twists and turns I find that the issues in Jude are descriptive and gripping I think that the novel examines various issues which the majority of teenagers are experiencing They include violence [...]

    22. Thea says:

      I had to read this book as required reading for this year in school the other options for books I could read was atrocious and I can say that I am pleasantly surprised This book had so many layers and twists to it that I read it in one sitting, it was that good The beginning reeled me in and never let me go Jude was a great main character and had actual character development Jude wasn t an over exaggeration of how the teenage brain worked which helped me like him even Seeing his personality cha [...]

    23. Danira Hrnjicic says:

      I really enjoyed this book, and the concept of it I loved the ending and how Jude was finally letting go and starting to care about himself The story starts off with Jude and it explains his lifestyle,his dad is a drug dealer, one day when Jude decided to come home instead of playing basketball he finds out about his dad, when these bad men come and kill his dad because of an order he did not do They did not know that Jude was going to be home so they killed his dad in front of him one of the m [...]

    24. Cherry says:

      The novel Jude by Kate Morgenroth is an enticing, exciting and exuberating read It depicts the story of a troubled adolescent whose life is tinged with drugs, scandals, and death before the coincidental reunion with his estranged mother, Anna after his father s murder This entails a complete change in lifestyle Jude transfers to an elite private school, and suddenly has access to his materialistic desires due to Anna and her boyfriend Harry s desirable political careers When he is caught amidst [...]

    25. Robyn says:

      This one s a bit of an oldie, but a goodie I ve read this one twice now Or maybe this is the third time now, I m not completely sure Which just proves how great it is I LOVE Jude It s easily one of my favorite books Jude is a teenage boy who just wants to make his mother proud But after living with his drug dealing criminal of a father for his entire life, he s not really sure how He certainly didn t do it by getting in trouble with the law So when Jude gets a chance to try and make things right [...]

    26. Tala Aqqad says:

      Judeby Kate MorgenrothI could not put this book down From the beginning till the end, the plot of the story was well thought out and elaborately planned Jude is a boy who lost his drug dealing abusive father at a young age of fifteen and in fact watched it happen He made his first promise to the culprit to keep silent in order to keep his life After being called into the police station to be questioned about what he saw, the police realized they knew who his mother was and that was the day Jude [...]

    27. Lisa Benenati says:

      Fifteen year old Jude s life changes in an instant one moment he is living on the bad side of town with his drug dealing father, the next his father is killed and he moves in with his wealthy mother, whom he has never known As he adjusts to his new life and his new school, he begins to get closer to his mother and her boyfriend, Henry, as well as a few kids from school In an attempt to strengthen his new friendships Jude brings one of his friends to his old neighborhood to buy drugs, but when hi [...]

    28. Cynthia says:

      After 15 year old Jude watches his heroin dealing father get gunned down in his own house, he is put under suspicion for the crime He has kept the facts of the crime secret because he can t tell the authorities what they want to know in order to keep him alive The police then discover the mother Jude had never know, Anna Grady Jude learns she was now a district attorney whom had never actually abandoned him, but had been searching for him When he is finally settled into his new, comfortable life [...]

    29. Cathleen Ash says:

      He s fifteen when the police walk in the door He s watching TV More police come A policeman is even leaning on the doorjamb, watching him Jude gives his story, and the cops don t buy it His dad bought it though big time His dad, lying on the kitchen floor with a hole in his head and blood everywhere, definitely bought it The coroner s thinking drug hit Jude doesn t need to think it, he knows it But he s not going to talk about it, ever So Jude gets taken to the station because, well, the cops th [...]

    30. Tony says:

      Kate Morgenroth Jude Simon Pulse 2006 4 StarsJude is fifteen and living with his abusive, drug dealing father, when one day he is murdered before Jude s eyes The killer makes him swear not to say anything, and so he refuses to tell the police who did it Now he has just found out who his mother is and will be going to live with her Winning her approval will involve an attempt at helping further her political position, only it backfires and will result in a hunt for revenge.The book started off we [...]

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