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Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates
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Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates Philip Caveney Sebastian Darke, his opinionated buffalope, Max, and the fierce fighter Cornelius are heading to the bustling port of Ramalat to embark on a perilous sea journey They are ready to risk their lives in search of the fabled lost treasure of the pirate King, Captain Callinestra But first, they must make it through the dark and mysterious forest of Geltane andsurvive an encouSebastian Darke, his opinionated buffalope, Max, and the fierce fighter Cornelius are heading to the bustling port of Ramalat to embark on a perilous sea journey They are ready to risk their lives in search of the fabled lost treasure of the pirate King, Captain Callinestra But first, they must make it through the dark and mysterious forest of Geltane andsurvive an encounter with the beautiful and bewitching Leonora, a powerful enchantress with a magical hold over Sebastian s senses And, as if that wasn t bad enough, little do they know that, when they finally reach Ramalat, a feisty female sea captain, an infamous young pirate, ravenous sea creatures, and furious sea battles await them.But there s no turning back Will they discover the lost treasure Will Sebastian live to tell the tale Will Max ever stop moaning Philip Caveney has written many novels for adults This is his second book for young adults He lives in England.. Sebastian Darke Prince of Pirates Sebastian Darke his opinionated buffalope Max and the fierce fighter Cornelius are heading to the bustling port of Ramalat to embark on a perilous sea journey They are ready to risk their lives in
  • Title: Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates
  • Author: Philip Caveney
  • ISBN: 9780385734684
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates Philip Caveney

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    1 Blog on “Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates

    1. EmmaB says:

      Silly fluff of a sequel There s nothing wrong with it and a lot right Max s grumbling buffalope and Cornelius the brave are back with Sebastien there s some dark magic, and some scary eel shark things, and a castaway, and a beautiful young captain, and obstacles to overcome, and treasure found and lost There are adventures to be had I m not sure there is to learn about the characters I think I ll have to leave the other sequels for another lifetime

    2. Hazel West says:

      Thoughts on the Overall Book I thought it was a good book, it wasn t great, but it wasn t the worse thing I have read either and I did enjoy it It was a classic adventure story, and if it was a bit clich , than that is just typical of the genre, so I m okay with that.Characters Sebastian, Cornelius and Max are a fun trio, and again typical of the adventure genre I enjoyed their banter and how they interacted with each other I also liked Jenna a lot, though I was afraid she was going to be one of [...]

    3. J.M. Cornwell says:

      A motley crew of adventurers on the trail of hidden pirate treasure and danger Sebastian Darke is a half elf, half human whose father bequeathed him the family business itinerate Prince of Fools Sebastian unfortunately has no talent for jokes or juggling, as his last job proved, but he does have a talent for getting in the way of trouble Heart broken and on the way to Ramalat to hire a ship to take him, his cantankerous buffalope, Max, and the fierce Golmiran warrior, Cornelius, to sea to find C [...]

    4. Yunita1987 says:

      Akhirnya buku Sebastian Dark kelar juga dibaca, sepertinya butuh waktu yang lama untuk membaca buku ini aku bingung apakah karena ceritanya yang gak terlalu menarik perhatianku atau karena niat membaca sedang berkurangheheheBuku ini ternyata buku lanjutan alias buku kedua Tapi sepertinya setiap buku memiliki pertualangan yang berbeda sehingga jangan khawatir kalau belum membaca buku pertama tapi sudah membaca buku keduanya, seperti aku ini,,heheheDibuku ini, Sebastian bersama dengan teman seperj [...]

    5. Miss Ryoko says:

      Actual rating 3.5 starsI really am enjoying these books Sebastian is still sort of nerdy, though I also wonder how all the ladies swoon over him like Cornelius wonders Oh well, guess he has some sort of charm the women pick up on I really wish Jenna had a different name because it doesn t really fit her character I can t decide what her name should be unusual for me in these sort of situations but I didn t think Jenna fit her at all The ending surprised me a bit I was expecting something complet [...]

    6. Ira Book Lover says:

      Sukatualangan lautnya keren Meskipun si Sebastian Darke ini tampaknya bukan tipe pahlawan favorit saya Lemah terhadap wanita dan perlu banyak keberuntungan Tapi saya suka sama sifat Sebastian yang sangat menyanyangi Max.Di sini Sebastian, Cornellius dan Max berpetualang mencari harta karun di sebuah pulau terpencil Masalah pertama mereka temui saat melewati hutan dimana ada penyihir wanita cantik yang jahat Masalah berikutnya terjadi di lautan di mana dengan kapal Sea Witch yang dikapteni oleh s [...]

    7. Stef Rozitis says:

      It was ok, reminiscent of Geoffrey McSkimming Plenty of jokes and mucking around and dialogue that is supposed to be witty The female characters are active and capable but all beautiful and all sexualised in reference to the main character yawn of tedium I would love a book like this with female characters that were equally active and capable but not attracted to or attractive to the main character and not always descibed so much in terms of beauty and slimness.It didn t suck Read it if you want [...]

    8. Ala says:

      This book was slightly better than the first one, although I m not sure I liked tge ending as much The witch s character seemed like an afterthought, even though she was present at the beginning It added a little tension, but she should have been treated differently, ie as of a main character I still love the main characters, despite their few flaws I also love that in each book so far there is a strong female character I found that somewhat lacking in the books I read as a kid, the women were [...]

    9. Rumput Bergoyang says:

      Kali ini yang lebih sering bertengkar dengan Max adalah Cornelius, membuat saya ketawa pukul pukul bantal bacanya Dan Sebastian oh, demi gigi Shadlog Yang di kepalanya, nyaris di seluruh perjalanan petualangan mereka, cuma diisi dengan perempuan cantik, perempuan cantik, dan perempuan cantik Setelah hatiku cukup remuk di buku pertama Yang benar saja meskipun kebanyakan bukan karena kehendak nya sih

    10. Heather says:

      I REALLY enjoyed this one, actually than the first I was trying to decide if I would simply recommend this one to a friend or if I would say read them both I think read them both, because then the characters relationships and personal motivations and group dynamic will make sense But the plot in this one was much funnier to me, and I really liked it The characters are absolutely hilarious and really feed off of each other really well I will be recommending this one

    11. Sara says:

      Another fun installment in what appears to be the many careers of Sebastian Darke In this one, he trades in his jester s hat for a tri corn pirate s hat in search of a mythical treasure across the seas The problem is, he and his friends are now plagued by a witch who has bespelled him and dogs their heels, throwing roadblocks in their way at every turn Silliness and body humor included, this was a fun read that would appeal to both boys and girls, I think.

    12. Michael says:

      Sebastian Darke is back in another humorous and epic adventure, with his pint sized warrior buddy, and his morose talking buffalope This time he is trading in his jester s cap for a sword and taking on huge snakes, enchantresses, sea monsters, and blood thirsty pirates Anchors away with Philip Caveney s Sebastian Darke Prince of Pirates.

    13. Andrea Moreno says:

      Antes de empezar a leer el libro, no ten a mucha fe en l, pero en verdad me gust mucho Lo disfrut demasiado, esta combinaci n de piratas, aventuras, acertijos, centauros y tesoros es explosiva Te sumerges en el libro completamente Lo recomiendo

    14. Aurumora says:

      Also diese Frauengeschichten lassen mein Herz bluten.Das Buch verflog wieder, aber ich pers nlich brauche eine Pause bevor ich mir den dritten Band besorge und lese.Immernoch gut f r Zwischendurch.

    15. Bima Riswanta says:

      as Phil read this book and other couple books for his son, then it s good for kiddies but the humour lies within is fair enough for mid adult reader really nice cut from a thriller based writer _

    16. Boogle says:

      The second in the series, I thought it captured my interest well, and I loved all the twists and new findings as the book goes on.

    17. Ian says:

      Kocak aja sih, walo rata2 kejutan ny ud kliatan hehehehhe

    18. Adhe says:

      Di buku ke dua ini kisah petualangannya lbh seru dr buku pertamanya.

    19. andayan_ni says:

      friendship and adventures

    20. Merel says:

      Stopped reading when I read about half the book In my opinion, nothing really happens in the book It s a little bit boring.

    21. Gareth Campbell says:

      Not entirely sure the witch even needed to be a part of this, only seemed to serve as an annoyance, not to Sebastion, but to me.

    22. Andy says:

      wird nicht besser

    23. Mw12004735 says:

      Only a quarter through the book and I m gripped tight to what will happen next.

    24. WhyNN ~ says:

      unnn.okayt as good as beforebut still exciting to read the nest onew adventure, new friend and new love LOLso i think he ll have the third girlfriend on the next book

    25. Susanti Priyandari says:

      lebih seru dari buku satu, dan Sebastian Darke mulai menemukan jati dirinya

    26. Ang says:

      The best of the three books, nicely paced with a pleasing humourous tone Also loved the light hearted and detailed illustrations by Julek Heller too.

    27. Jenn says:

      Witty and clever adventure story.

    28. ayanapunya says:

      harus diakui kehadiran max memberi sentuhan tersendiri pada cerita ini

    29. Tyler says:

      it was awesome

    30. Subastian says:

      Cerita petualangan yang seru dan kocak dengan bumbu ketegangan yang menghibur dengan Tuan Darke, tetap sebagai karakternya sang pangeran patah hati.

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