Steve Saint
End of the Spear
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End of the Spear Steve Saint When I was a boy, I cried But now I see it well.Steve Saint was only five years old when his father was brutally killed by Waodani warriors, men from the most savage culture ever known But in a story almost too amazing to be true, Steve eventually comes to know and even love the very ones who drove the spears into his father s body.Decades after their lives were changedWhen I was a boy, I cried But now I see it well.Steve Saint was only five years old when his father was brutally killed by Waodani warriors, men from the most savage culture ever known But in a story almost too amazing to be true, Steve eventually comes to know and even love the very ones who drove the spears into his father s body.Decades after their lives were changed by learning to walk God s trail, the Waodani asked Steve to return to the jungle with his family to live among them again and teach them how to interact with the encroaching outside world Striving to mesh his two very different worlds, Steve must face the tragic events of his past and learn to fully trust God through terrible danger, great loss, and remarkable joy.. End of the Spear When I was a boy I cried But now I see it well Steve Saint was only five years old when his father was brutally killed by Waodani warriors men from the most savage culture ever known But in a story
  • Title: End of the Spear
  • Author: Steve Saint
  • ISBN: 9780842364393
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 Blog on “End of the Spear

    1. Bill Larson says:

      I simply could not put this book down The experiences of Steve Saint and his family in reaching the Wadoni sp defines what it means to be a Christian, displays perfect execution of the Great Commission, and demonstrates again the lesson taught by Jesus that there is no greater love then to give your life so others might live The book is essentially spot on with the movie, though the book covers detail.

    2. Dkovlak says:

      This is a great book It is an unbelievable true story I wish I was there to actually see the people and the places The author, as a child, lives with the very same tribe that killed his father He ends up having a love for these people anyway How the tribe became God followers is unclear, but they did It changed their lives and it changed their tribe for the better I want to read about this relationship.

    3. Rebecca says:

      I ve often read that a good author should be able to bring his readers to both laughter and tears, and this book did that for me several times Not necessarily because Steve Saint is a great writer with his heritage and experiences anyone should be able to write a great book End of the Spear is a book of many genres It is the continued story of Through Gates of Splendor , a missionary autobiography, a Waodoni history, and a commentary on so many aspects of life There are several pictures, althoug [...]

    4. Zachary McIntire says:

      It has probably been twenty or so years since I first read Jungle Pilot, the life story of Nate Saint, and I remember being disappointed that his death, and those of his fellow missionaries, were never fully explained Thus, I was quite interested when a friend who has actually met the Saint family gave me a copy of this book.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this riveting, rest of the story account, especially the part where the truth came out about the real reason the five missionaries were killed [...]

    5. Brittany says:

      Very moving with some valuable life lessons

    6. Janice Dick says:

      An amazing true account of how the sacrifice of five men s lives changed a savage people group, and touched the hearts of all who heard about it Told by Steve Saint, son of one of the men murdered in 1956 Includes photos of Steve and his family with the Waodani people, many of whom have been transformed by the gracious love of Jesus.

    7. Steve says:

      If you read the January 30, 1956 edition of Life magazine, this 2005 release by Steve Saint will cover very familiar territory for you Nearly a half century following that Life cover story, Saint revisits the savage murder of his pilot missionary father and four of his co workers In addition to retelling the story of the spearing and butchering of those five men, Saint sets the record straight as to the identity of his father s executioners He notes that the Ecuadorean head hunters should be cal [...]

    8. Misty says:

      This book was not what I expected, but, I was not disappointed It s an amazing story of change, courage, acceptance, love, hard choices, tough love, priorities, understanding, and so much .I was in awe and fascinated by each of the people we met in this story I was intrigued learning about the Waodani s culture, environment, and habits I was inspired by their change and desire to follow God s trail I was saddened by the incredibly difficult task the Waodani face in meeting with the outside world [...]

    9. Josiah says:

      End of the Spear is written in such a way that it feels like you re sitting down for a chat with Steve Saint in your living room The stories of what happened next after five American missionaries were speared to death in the jungle of Ecuador in 1956 flow, startle, inspire, and awe They would be the first to say that this book is only one chapter in God s grand history We learn how the murderers of Nate Saint and his descendents became one family reconciled in a true plot Hollywood could never i [...]

    10. Jamie says:

      Another great book about the continuing story of the five missionaries speared to death in the Ecuadorean jungle This book is written by the son of one of the martyred men After his father was murdered when he was 5, his aunt, mother, brother, sister and him go to live with this once murderous tribe who become strong God followers shortly after their attack They become as close and dear as family to Steve, the son, and he grows up there and is eventually baptized by two of the very men who kille [...]

    11. Sally says:

      Amazing read on how a person can be so forgiving despite what s being done to their loved ones Nate Saint, one of the 5 missionaries who were being savagely killed in Ecuador in 1956 and his sister Rachel still went back to the tribe, befriended them and stayed there till a ripe old age, died and requested to bury there with his jungle family, at the same place her beloved bro Nate was killed and buried with the other 4 missionary friends She came to love her Waodani family like her own, same as [...]

    12. Catherine Scott says:

      Wonderful, wonderful read A very good follow up companion to Through the Gates of Splendor I believe it is really is a necessary read to see truely how God was working through what on the surface is a real trajedy It also shows that just because one does God s work on earth, they are not immune to trajedy.aka being a true Chrisitian does not make one immune to often unexplainable loss and hardship While it s a serious book, I was in tears laughing when he brought the older Indian who had killed [...]

    13. Callie says:

      I was definitely left wanting I wanted to know a lot about this fascinating culture, so for that alone it was worth reading, but the writing was not strong enough to keep me totally engaged.

    14. Leonard Tay says:

      End of the Spear, the book is much honest than its movie version, which I felt was slightly over dramatised Not that there is anything wrong with that The book, while not as fast paced as the movie, was far personal as it reflected Steve Saint s thoughts, fears and anxieties concerning the Waodani as well as that of his family in the midst of an environment totally alien to them The descriptive narrative was funny, hilarious at times, punctuated with heart wrenching moments of raw humanity, wh [...]

    15. Marylori Rieth says:

      I rarely give 5 stars to a book Usually 4 stars means I really liked it End of the Spear had a deeper effect on me The story, which is a true story, about a man who became like family to the very people in the Waodani tribe that murdered his father and uncle, was so incredible that it only could be possible if God has His hand in it I loved Mr Saint s writing even as it twists through flashbacks and side stories it was a page turner for me This book is one that has ruined me for starting another [...]

    16. Ken Peters says:

      After reading Through Gates of Splendor earlier this year see 13 above , I really wanted to read this subsequent story written by the son of Nate Saint, the pilot who had died along with four other missionaries in the ian jungle in the 1950s Steve tells a very moving story of how many in the Waodani tribe turned to Christ through the involvement of several family members of the men who were martyred Even Steve himself grew up among the tribe and learned their language, and much of this book is a [...]

    17. Joe Oaster says:

      An amazing story and so well written Saw the movie many years ago, and am very familiar with Mr Saints story The insight into this culture that the Saint family so obviously loved and we in turn so loved by the people with whom they served and lived Mr Saint clearly could have carried anger and bitterness but chose to forgive and love Not only a great story well written, but a story about how we should live Highly recommend.

    18. Dan says:

      Captivating, and faith building It is enjoyable and worth reading If you ve not already told the Lord you will do whatever He wants, where ever He wants, this book could be life changing Tell the Lord that every day He doesn t need our permission, but He waits until we want to be used by Him to give His fullness of blessing.

    19. Rick says:

      Part biography of the author s father, a missionary to a tribe in Ecuador and part autobiography of the author himself as a young boy who lost his father to the very people he had been trying to reach with the Gospel Heart breaking, inspiring and very interesting.

    20. Lyn Smith says:

      This book and in fact the entire story are awe inspiring How is it possible to learn to love your father s killer on such a profound level How can you make him part of your family now Steve Saint offers some radical answers and has truly found that path to peace from a tumultuous past.

    21. Joanne Sher says:

      Powerful and engaging I knew little bits, but reading the whole book, and living it along with the Saints, was compelling and faith increasing Amazing to read about God s workings Highly recommended

    22. Cheryl says:

      Wonderful book Leaves you wanting to know

    23. Hannah says:

      Incredible story What people of faith That Marj Saint and Elisabeth Elliot prayed for and worked with the Waodani even after their husbands murders is a testament to their genuine trust in God s plan for their lives Also I love Mincaye.

    24. Barbara says:

      This is one of my new favorite bookscredibly moving, but also fascinating because of the unique adventure his life, and the life of his family was and is.

    25. Micki Aycock says:

      Loved this book and saw the movie

    26. Carmen Unruh says:

      The Saint families loyalty and love to the Waodani tribe is amazing The book had a few short periods of monotony.

    27. Deb says:

      A great book of faith and forgiveness It is the story of Steve Saint who learns to love, forgive and help the Waodani people of Ecuador even though they had killed his father when he was a little boy It is a moving interesting book.I can t imagine number one what it would be like to live and grow up in the Rain Forest of Ecuador, and number two then to have your father brutally killed by the very people you grow up around and you forgive them and love them as your family, this is just mind blowi [...]

    28. Tyler M. says:

      This is a very lovely book In this book it talks about the backstory of Jim Elliot s son, Steve Saint After his father was killed, Steve feels like it will be right to go back and witness again That is what most of this book is about, the other part is about the Woadani people becoming citizens of EcuadorIf you re feeling down and low, or you just want to see God work, this is a lovely book to do so.

    29. Nora St Laurent says:

      The book starts where the movie leaves off Steve goes to the funeral of his father s sister Nate s sister lived among the tribe who killed her brother Steve s dad This is the story of Steve Saint all grown up and meeting the tribe his father and other families ministered to before they were killed Steve learns about the details of his father s death There are many questions that Steve and the tribe want to ask each other but had never felt free to discuss this before Nate s sister passed They lo [...]

    30. Lynn says:

      AUDIO BOOK REVIEW The story 5 missionaries are killed by the ultra violent Waodani tribe in the rain forest of Ecuador The family stays on His son grows up among the people who killed his father and comes to consider them family After going away to college, he returns with his own family, now including teen aged children, to help these people learn to do for themselves the things that those of us who live in the modern world take for granted things like building a clinic and learning use modern [...]

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