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Flawless Tilly Bagshawe Set in the world of international diamond dealing, this novel follows the fortunes of Scarlett as she is plunged into a world of ruthless mine owners, shady diamond dealers and the stunningly beautiful women for whom they all compete Everyone seems prepared to sacrifice everything in pursuit of that one, elusive, perfect stone.. Flawless Set in the world of international diamond dealing this novel follows the fortunes of Scarlett as she is plunged into a world of ruthless mine owners shady diamond dealers and the stunningly beautifu
  • Title: Flawless
  • Author: Tilly Bagshawe
  • ISBN: 9781409100997
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flawless Tilly Bagshawe

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      182 Tilly Bagshawe
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    1. Nessa says:

      I absolutely love this author, as I always know that when a read one of Tilly s books, I know that I m in for a treat Pure indulgence on so many levels, it s got everything If you haven t read a her books before, then I highly recommend that you do.

    2. Jennifer says:

      n all of my reviews, I say something about building characters and setting being the reason I love books That s exactly what this book is Honestly, the actual storyline of this book is awful There is little plot development, which could make the book feel slow and tedious You re not really attempting to find action throughout the book, you re focusing on the relationships between the five main characters Oh what characters Tilly Bagshawe has fully gone into the lives of each one of these charact [...]

    3. Luxie Ryder says:

      I enjoyed this book for the most part and thought the central story was engaging, but it was way too long in my opinion With all of the extra information we got at random points and segues into stories about characters I had no interest in, I do wonder if the author had a word count requirement The book was well written and extremely funny in parts, but I found myself skimming over what i began to refer to as filler.Some of the people who needed a telling off didn t get one and should have had t [...]

    4. Emma says:

      In the glitteringly ruthless diamond business, Scarlett Drummond Murray is a force to be reckoned with As stunningly beautiful as the diamonds she works with, Scarlett is determined to make her mark on the industry with her fabulous jewellery creations But to do so she must battle through a world that is steeped in greed and corruption Blazing a trail from London to Beverly Hills, Scarlett is plunged into the world of shady diamond dealers and the stunningly beautiful women for whom they all com [...]

    5. Paula says:

      When I read the back cover of what it was about I thought it would a good read, but the minute I opened the book and started reading it, it was a bore, I had to force myself to finish the book Despite it s appealing premise dictated on the back cover it was a complete snore, definitely not worth the 11 I paid for it, I say pass on this and pick something else, preferable something that will hopefully be a lot better to read.

    6. Louise Hartgen says:

      I m afraid I ve picked this up, put it down, tried again, put it down again, and in the end given up on it in just pure annoyance I think what really gets to me about Tilly Bagshawe is that she s trying to be Jilly Cooper, only she really doesn t have the panache or the good storytelling skills Scattering around posh brandnames and frequent dropping of clothes doth not a Jilly Cooper make The brothers in this story had me, they re lovable rogues, but I liked them, and I cared about what happened [...]

    7. Louise says:

      Abandoned after about 70 pages So dull i can t read another page

    8. Ruhi Khan says:

      BedazzlingI couldn t get enough of the book It kept me flipping pages to see what happened next An amazing read as always, Tilly Bagshawe has done a brilliant job once again.

    9. Sandy Samuel says:

      FunThis was a fun read TB is as good and enjoyable as Sidney Sheldon Romantic and sexy I loved every bit of it

    10. Audrie Keane says:

      BrilliantA page Turner as always easy reading and hugely enjoyable.t usually fan of chick lit but for Tilly Bagshawe will make the exception

    11. Sam Still Reading says:

      Flawless is a perfect book for the times when you need to escape the daily grind but don t want to bog yourself down in a serious, convoluted book This book is exaggerated fun the hunks are hunky, the women beautiful, the baddies bad and the plot interesting but easy enough to be remembered While not as much fun for me as Adored which was perfect escapist fare , this book is still a very good beach read.Flawless centres around the diamond industry the heroine, Scarlett Drummond Murray designs je [...]

    12. Ajita says:

      Scarlett Drummond Murray designs and sells her own jewelry in her store in Notting Hill She also leads a campaign called Fair Trade to prevent diamond traders from selling blood diamonds and to get better working conditions for those who work in the mines Jake Meyer, a diamond trader Scarlett dislikes, is a womanizer He and his introvert twin brother Danny own Solomon Stones Jake works on the east coast of the US and Danny on the west coast They love each other but at the end there s always a co [...]

    13. Joy says:

      I picked up this book after reading and enjoying Scandalous by the same author, and this one did not disappoint Set in both London and LA, the story follows a woman named Scarlett who designs high end jewelry while working to ensure fair trade conditions for diamond miners and the countries that are ravaged by the diamond business There s a lot going on here, including Scarlett s interactions with a major diamond cartel owner, her relationships with her family and her best friend, as well as the [...]

    14. Melanie says:

      The idea behind this book would make for a great tv show, but I don t know where this book went wrong, probably the 20th time I heard the SAME EXACT speech from Scarlett about the troubles in the diamond mines Problems I have with this book 1 Every character is selfish and self righteous and soooo annoying 2 Long, unnecessary descriptions that have you thinking, get on with it 3 Besides Jake and Diana, the characters don t grow or have any major revelations 4 Scarlett is barely likeable with her [...]

    15. Standards Malaysia says:

      Set in the glittering world of international diamond dealing, FLAWLESS follows the fortunes of idealistic young designer Scarlett Drummond Murray as she battles her way through the snake pits of greed and corruption in the jewellery business From London to Beverly Hills, New York to Cape Town, Scarlett finds herself plunged into a world of ruthless mine owners, shady diamond dealers, and the stunningly beautiful women for whom they all compete, in business and in bed All of them, in their differ [...]

    16. Meredith Schorr says:

      I love Tilly Bagshawe s writing style it s like a throwback to the 80s when I was reading books by Judith Krantz, Sydney Sheldon, and Jackie Collins lots of sex, power struggles, greed, lust etc Flawless was no exception and I really enjoyed it I particularly loved the characters and the love stories In my opinion, it wasn t the strongest of her books I felt it lacked some development Major plot lines were just announced without warning for instance, when Jake and Danny entered into a business d [...]

    17. Sanjeev says:

      After reading Tilly Bagshawe s books Scandalous and Fame, Flawless came across as formulaic Tall, beautiful British heroine good looking American hero a variety of American British villains and the story spread over the continents Whereas her other two books were page turners, this one really dragged at times and the story seemed forced It definitely is not like Scandalous where one scene begged the next.The story of Scarlett growing up in Scottish estate, starting Jewelry store in London, entan [...]

    18. Di says:

      Set in the glittering world of international diamond dealing, Flawless follows the fortunes of idealistic young designer Scarlett Drummond Murray as she battles her way through the snake pits of greed and corruption in the jewellery business But is Scarlett also destined to be blinded by the brilliance of the temptation that surrounds her Or can she keep her nerve and her principles and make it to the top with her heart and her business still intact This book is easy to read and full of glitz an [...]

    19. Hsiau Wei says:

      It was quite a thick book with over 500 pages telling the story of Scarlett, Diana and the Meyer s twin Jake and Danny.Scarlett who never in good terms with Jake found herself in collaboration with him to established Flawless after her own boutique was burnt down by Diana s husband Thru Flawless, both of them started to work their way thru the famous celebrities and socialites.Diana, who unknowingly involved in an implicit affairs with Danny found that love alone may not enough to make one relat [...]

    20. Tracy says:

      Made to the beginning of chapter 21 and just couldn t bring myself to finish it Even with audible it was sooooo boring that I lost interest It s so mundane, maybe it was the narrator, not sure The narrator was terrible, with terrible accents The main character, I think should have been about 30 or so but sounded like my grandmother and the love interest sounded like a ridiculous cockney chimney sweep from a Disney movie I can t waste any time on it I ve enjoyed her other books but something was [...]

    21. Kathy Chung says:

      reviewed at Mama Kucing Meow Flawless by Tilly BagshaweReviewed on 18 February 2011Anyone who loves Sidney Sheldon s book would certainly love this book It have a good dose of charm, suspense, mystery, drama and romance.I have read two of Tilly Bagshawe s books I love Sidney Sheldon s Mistress of The Game but did not like Do Not Disturb.

    22. Eman14 says:

      I enjoyed it ough not my favourite.I wonder about Diana s character and her relationship could be convincing and can t believe that Jake mayer will just abondon his old life style for the sake of gorgeous Scarlette who was beatifully portrayed.I liked how she describes the stressing events affecting the characters and how they handle on different situationslooking forward to read of her novels

    23. Ernest says:

      It is surprising how thick this book is given what was, in effect, quite a light story The book is very escapist, with even the most serious aspects failing to ground this book in sufficient reality This is a book about various characters in the diamond industry Containing far too explicit descriptions for my liking, this book may best interest those who don t mind lighter reads with a Sex in the City like tone this coming from someone who has not seen the TV series or the film.

    24. Christa Huffman says:

      Not exactly high art or anything, but this book is an overall enjoyable read It does have some weird white savior undertones and some uncomfortable racism even as the narrator main character claim to be modern and cosmopolitan about race, there s definitely some subtle racism woven throughout but on the whole, it was a pleasant, if fatuous, book.

    25. Jade says:

      As far as chick lits go this one isn t that bad I d been reading some heavier books of late and this was quite a nice respite However, as most books of this genre I wouldn t exactly say that it was a work of literary genius I was also quite annoyed that after all the melodrama of the book all problems seemed to be resolved in about 2 pages at the end.

    26. C Lennon says:

      I had a hard time with this bookI didn t really find any redeeming qualities with any of the characters I found most of them shallow and did not like the hints of prejudice I found myself skipping ahead and at times just wanted to quit it altogether It s just a big pot of misery have enjoyed other books by Tully but I think this will be the last one.

    27. Jess says:

      Wow I loved this book, I mean there was some parts that I just wanted to scream at Scarlett in, like the fact that she risks her life to stand up for others, but when SHES getting screamed at by her family she doesnt stand up for herself.Other than that its a great book, a bit slow going at the beginning but it DOES get better

    28. Maryellen says:

      Flawless reminded me of books like Judith Krantz and Olivia Goldsmith used to write romps through a rich and powerful world where everything turns out okay in the end I couldn t put it down, glad these are becoming available on Kindle I ll be looking for the next ones.

    29. Beverley says:

      Another goodie from Bagshawe, this is perfect chick lit The lovely heroine, bad boys turned good, the evil villain, overbearing mothers, the kind old aunt and LA darlings All the characters you need for a satisfying escapist read And it s all about diamonds

    30. Anne Berryly says:

      Characters had no depth Main protagonist is a bore Nothing exciting I had to force myself to finish the book two stars is almost over rated Not sure if I m going to give Lgshawe another shot.

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