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Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture
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Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture Thom Hartmann From America s 1 progressive radio host, the idealogical heir to his influential The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight More than three million listeners tune in every weekday to hear what Thom Hartmann has to say about the state of our world Now, as the first decade of the twenty first century closes amid economic collapse and the seeming ruin of the American Dream, AmericFrom America s 1 progressive radio host, the idealogical heir to his influential The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight More than three million listeners tune in every weekday to hear what Thom Hartmann has to say about the state of our world Now, as the first decade of the twenty first century closes amid economic collapse and the seeming ruin of the American Dream, America s 1 rated progressive radio host sounds an urgent call to arms for building a better, sustainable world while there s still time Offering not just an indictment of the failures that have courted economic, demographic, and environmental ruin, Hartmann also outlines five critical personal and policy solutions to bring us back from the brink Threshold like Jared Diamond s Collapse is radical but rooted in common sense, illuminating the necessary next steps in the evolution of mainstream thinking.. Threshold The Crisis of Western Culture From America s progressive radio host the idealogical heir to his influential The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight More than three million listeners tune in every weekday to hear what Thom Hartmann h
  • Title: Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture
  • Author: Thom Hartmann
  • ISBN: 9780670020911
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture Thom Hartmann

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    1 Blog on “Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture

    1. Glen says:

      This was a spontaneous library borrow that I am glad I stumbled upon Mr Hartmann very simply lays down the most dire political, economic, environmental, and cultural problems facing humanity in the 21st century He gives a brief history of how these problems came into being and how we have exacerbated these issues with ignorance and or denial His solutions involve government, they involve higher taxes, they involve overturning the Supreme Court s decision to label corporations as people The 1 pe [...]

    2. Vanessa says:

      I was very impressed with this book s intrioduction and had high hopes that it would go beyond the early incisive critique into productive ideas about how to change The book became repetitive and I was disappointed that later chapters that seemed to promise to be about something other than what he identifies as the 4 main values that plague Western culture kept going back to the same main arguments of early chapters Not as substantive or hopeful as I d thought from its intro Another book to agr [...]

    3. Daniel Solera says:

      Thom Hartman s book is depressing In its short 240 pages, he breaks down the different ways in which western culture is destroying the planet in near irreparable ways In what can be called an antithesis to the Thomas Friedman approach of bottomless zeal, his bleak outlook focuses mostly on the unsustainable nature of western culture and the uncontrollable growth imperative of our capitalist system By laying out these problems bare, he hopes that readers change the fundamental ways in which they [...]

    4. John says:

      Thom Hartmann s 2009 book Threshold The Crisis of Western Culture was impressively ambitious in scope The core message was a fresh warning that our American culture, and indeed almost all of the world s contemporary cultures, are on an unsustainable and disastrous path.The book is overtly political, and summarizes American history as an experiment in democracy from 1776 to 1980, and then an experiment in corporate fascism from 1980 to the present, and he makes a good case that our fascist experi [...]

    5. Anthony Chung says:

      This is a great book because it takes into consideration the foundation of successful political legislation to environmental sustainability Using Maslow s theory of survival, Hartmann s argument is that the success of any government is grounded on the natural resources that support it Once the basic needs of humans are depleted, we are relegated to war, death, and destruction The only argument that I have against this book is that many of the political views are entirely one sided While I agree [...]

    6. Desiree says:

      The Iroquois Confederacy, which our constitution was largely inspired by, required that all decisions be based on their impact on the seventh generation, and placed women in positions of equal power with men What the % happened between then and now Mr Hartmann mostly discusses that in his new book As a result of a twenty eight year long deregulatory spree, we ve reached the point where it s painfully difficult for government to undo the damage done to our economic infrastructure by a few thousan [...]

    7. Anna says:

      I love Thom Hartmann and I agree with 99% of what he says but this book didn t really do it for me It was too meandering and redundant without really offering anything new Yes, Reagan sucks, but we need to sort of move past that I also didn t really think that he added value to the debate on the environment This just seemed to lack the true depth of something like The Shock Doctrine and seemed too short and anecdotal to be considered research Maybe I m being kind of harsh but I expected this to [...]

    8. Bradley Jarvis says:

      A follow on to The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight which has detail and I liked better , this book sketches out what Hartmann sees as the solutions to the world s emerging crises, key among them a change in the worldview of western culture He pins his hopes for this unlikely scenario on the latest of the periodic disruptions our current economic crisis caused by unrestricted greed and waste, but admits it could just as easily get worse This is a thought provoking book for anyone who has not spen [...]

    9. Shane says:

      Great book, easy and quick read It s a bit repetitive, a little too focused on political ideology in parts It could use a great deal depth in substance and solutions However, I give it 5 stars for the intellect and genuine passion for wanting to move the world forward with compassion and progress I think for what it lacks as mentioned, an intelligent and compassionate reader can be inspired to take their thoughts a little outside the box That s where the real solutions are Only good things can [...]

    10. Michael says:

      Quality yet relatively surface introduction to the factors that are responsible for our troubled state of affairs Deals with economic and environmental issues as they relate to human actions and choices but as far as steps to resolve alter the direction we are heading, if you are looking for than a pep talk based on a small number of case studies then you are reading the wrong book.That said this is a fantastic introduction and will leave you wanting details and hopefully concrete actions to t [...]

    11. Brian says:

      It isn t so surprising that this book plays fast and loose with the facts that, after all, is hardly an affliction that strictly exists on the left side of the political fence The frustrating thing about this book is the failure to think through the consequences of his program With that said, there s some interesting discussion if unnecessarily tendentious about some things not often connected to this kind of argument and the environmental discussions are interesting.

    12. Carolyn Sheffield says:

      There are some outrageous theories put forth, but some of them actually might work Did you know that parasites in the human body can help prevent symptom of allergies and MS Depressing book alright, but we need to take note of what has happened in the past and what we can do in the future to save life as we knew it, when the middle class was strong.

    13. Jim says:

      Hartmann has written a somewhat exaggerated liberal manifesto The net impact of this book was just to make me dogmatically certain of the importance of reforming health care, reducing carbon emissions, changing the tax laws, limiting corporate influence in politics, and empowering women Now if only we could just convince a few tens of millions people .

    14. Marc says:

      Just a combo condensed version of Thom s other stuff that, while pulling good info from many of his other books, lacks some of the focus that those other books to stress what is so important If you ve read the prophet s way, Last hours, Screwed, and WWJEFFERSOND , you can skip this one Nothing new here.

    15. Trevor says:

      A bit overtly political than I anticipated and at times one gets the sense that Hartmann likes the sound of his own voice a bit much , but the scope of Hartmann s knowledge and passion on the intertwining subjects of culture, politics, the economy, and the state of the planet are fascinated and impossible to refute.

    16. Michael says:

      Some very interesting chapters There is a great range of diversity in this book It kind of reads like a watered down version of Jared Diamonds Collapse with some progressive political rants thrown in

    17. Nick Duretta says:

      This book sizes up the current political, economic and environmental morass the U.S finds itself in very well However, those who need to hear the message won t, and probably wouldn t heed it if they did.

    18. BrendanMcAuliffe says:

      Only read half of this , it s like three different NPR radio programs going at the same time

    19. Debra says:

      Really slams Friedman Maybe biased but has some good points Would need to do research to really judge.

    20. Bryan says:

      Thom Hartmann gets nauseating after a while.

    21. Larry Jebsen says:

      I enjoyed it learned much about how those with resoources are exploiting those without and that it has been warned to us since James Madison Interesting stuff.

    22. Barry Maxwell says:

      Thom Hartmann has a grasp on such a diverse range of subjects, and this book spins all them together to give a enlightening perspective of our culture s path, and how we got here.

    23. Dave Squires says:

      If this book found a global following perhaps our blue planet home would sustain humanity longer than our present course This was a good read.

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