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Mirage Soheir Khashoggi Amira Badir, a young woman from a wealthy family in the Middle Eastern country of al Remal, lives a life of luxury in opulent palaces But repressive al Remal discourages intelligence and initiative, so her life is also one of stark contrasts wearing designer gowns at home, but never stepping outside without being swathed in black veils and accompanied by an escort AmiraAmira Badir, a young woman from a wealthy family in the Middle Eastern country of al Remal, lives a life of luxury in opulent palaces But repressive al Remal discourages intelligence and initiative, so her life is also one of stark contrasts wearing designer gowns at home, but never stepping outside without being swathed in black veils and accompanied by an escort Amira is not prepared for the sadistic savagery of her new husband, nor for the increasing control he exerts over her Fearing for her safety, she escapes with her baby to start a new life in the United States But her past and her powerful husband won t give her up easily. Mirage Amira Badir a young woman from a wealthy family in the Middle Eastern country of al Remal lives a life of luxury in opulent palaces But repressive al Remal discourages intelligence and initiative s
  • Title: Mirage
  • Author: Soheir Khashoggi
  • ISBN: 9780812550948
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mirage Soheir Khashoggi

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      333 Soheir Khashoggi
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    1. Susan Stuber says:

      Khashoggi is a very good story teller The structure, plot and flow of the novel is impeccable Certainly you cannot call this book high literature, as the author uses in characterisation the gothic novel prose style without much complexity the men are either dark and evil or elegant, smart, and usually rich That said, in light of what we know today about how women are murdered, disfigured, sold, abused and left with very few rights in many parts of the world, this book has an important subject an [...]

    2. Nags says:

      I wish we had could add.5 to our ratings because this book is not a 4 but a 3.5 for me I picked it up in the Stand Bookstore that I was living opposite for a month and this was in the sale basket for.49 cents My expectations weren t high but the description seemed to fit books that I normally read The narrative was pretty nice throughout but the book was just too long I skimmed through some portions which just didn t need to be so long drawn out or detailed The good stuff yet another book giving [...]

    3. Anna says:

      Definitely one of those stay up too late reading books I have no clue if life behind the veil is anything like the book portrays it and many reviews on suggest not , but the world was a venue for a great story Only once did the book seem to stretch the story a bit for the sake of dramatic tension, but I won t tell you where because the dramatic tension does move the book along nicely.

    4. Riham Adly says:

      At first I liked the story, sympathesized with the main character Amira, but then as events run on and the book comes to a close I just hate it The writer displays Islam as a crippling religion, when in fact it s not It is people who practice it the wrong way In some societies woman are indeed opressed and silenced, considered a means to an end, which is rearing children, preferably males not allowed to be seen, swathed in black, just a number in the mass population, but this isn t the case eve [...]

    5. Jordan says:

      I enjoyed the fast moving plot and culture study, but not the writing style I think that Khashoggi uses overdramatic and cliche language in nondramatic places, which dilutes the parts of her story that should be dramatic The end of the book, too, was just kind of weird Her writing style which had been very descriptive, focused on setting the scene, etc changed to suddenly be so plot driven that it felt like she was just trying to tie up the pieces as fast as possible though with some predictable [...]

    6. Noushin Afrashteh says:

      A huge disappointment This is the 2nd book i read by her From her first book i gathered that she is not much of a writer but i thought her way of presenting both sides of the east vs west coin was admirable This book was anything but It seems all she did for this book was make a list of all the stereotypical imagery and perception the west have of Middle East and spat it out in torturous string of words.She doesn t seem to be too knowledgeable either she refers to Avicenna as an Arab And from th [...]

    7. Heather says:

      Awesome I really loved this book for its beautiful writing, amazing story, and real look into what life is like in some non Western cultures.The glimpses of life in the Middle East are priceless because they really make you think I loved this book and will be following it up immediately with another of her works.Verdict A

    8. Dani Moore says:

      Awesome story about life in the closed society of the med east Shows the great contrast between rich and poor, men and women as well as the USA and the mid east I could not put it down I would love to read by this author.

    9. Reader says:

      I read the Reader s Digest Condensed Books Edited version of this book years ago and really liked it back at the time.

    10. Lori says:

      Terrific book

    11. Jane Niemitalo says:

      I couldn t put it down Very enjoyable.

    12. Debi Lodge says:

      Loved it Definitely recommend this

    13. Dinar says:

      I can relate to the character Amira It is difficult to be in a world which only bows down to men, no matter what is the religious or tradition background.

    14. okyrhoe says:

      I had a hope that the author s background would differentiate this novel from the usual abused woman escapes from fundamentalist Islamic country bromides I m sure there have been papers written on why this theme is popular amongst Western readers Actually, it s a no brainer as far as the American reading public is concerned captivity narratives were one of the first literary expressions popularized during colonial times But Ms Khashoggi s privileged access to Saudi society apparently offers no p [...]

    15. Nitya Sivasubramanian says:

      My mum s obsessed with what I can the weepy women sagas She absolutely adores stories about women who battle all the odds to survive in devastating conditions So when I run out of books to read while I m visiting, I usually end up with one of these books and this one is no different.Basically the tale of a super privileged think French fashion houses staging shows at her house for her to select her trousseau Saudi Arabian woman who marries an abusive man and is forced to go on the run to protect [...]

    16. Unnikrishnan Rajan says:

      OK, this is just another dame in distress story I found quite difficult to continue my reading at various stages of the book Since I had bought this book, I was determined to complete reading it I had never read a story set in Arabia before and that was a novelty for me However, that enthusiasm lasted only a short while The personal space of a upper class woman was not that interesting for me, in whatever setting However, half way down the line once the heroine decided to flee, the story began t [...]

    17. Chelsi says:

      Though this bookw as fictional it could have easily been a true story I had to keep reminding myself it wasn t through the whole book The book starts with a girl reacing marrying age in the middle east and ends up marrying a prince who is gay and abuses her She eventualy escapes to the United States where she creates a new identity for herself This is actually how the story begins and the end brings you back to the same place The kindle issue is poorly transcribed which was annoying so I would s [...]

    18. Sunnykimmy says:

      This is another one I actually read in Dutch I liked this book This was a different kind of book on the subject of forced marriages While most of the others I ve read focus on girls who were brought into this life from the outside world, Amira was actually born into it Hmm I m starting to worry about the amount of books I ve read on this subject I guess I just like them, in spite of the horror of actually having to live a life like that They make good stories and make me grateful for the life I [...]

    19. Jen MP says:

      It was a pretty good book It wasn t perfect, but it was fast paced, thrilling, and a good story overall There were some problematic things in the book, but I think it was mostly due to the point of view of the main character and not so much how things actually were One thing that irritated me was that every man the main character got involved with was well known, rich, and such For some reason, I doubt she d have that much luck The ending surprised me, but it seemed sort of quick.

    20. Nabeha Latif says:

      It was different to read how countless money isn t the only thing one need to be happy There are many who can trade anything for freedom, yet those of us who have freedom, we only chase money instead of cherishing beauty of life But yea few things about Muslims were very exaggerated including the fact that only girl suffers for committing sin, not guys It s not true Islam is strict in laws but it is equal.

    21. Kimberly says:

      This is the book that I would call my 1 most favorite book I owe alot to this book.It was the book that sucked me in and got me reading again after many years of hibernation from reading Now I can call myself an avid reader because of Stephanie who recommended this book Thanks StephanieI dedicate all my book shelves to you

    22. Michelle says:

      About 2 3 of this novel was closer to 4 stars, but the last portion degraded the rating considerably Perhaps this style of writing is enjoyable when it centers on places and cultures I m not familiar with, but when the subject is closer to home it seems shallow and cliched, like a mass market paperback picked up at the grocery store.

    23. Allison says:

      Story of a middle eastern girl, growing up, entering an arranged marriage to this prince, who would not be my fairytale prince, and turned out not be be hers either I ve read other books by this author, and I enjoy her writing, I feel like the characters are very relatable, even though their situations are not thank goodness.

    24. Missy says:

      Really great story fictional but based on real life stories of a Saudi woman who escapes horrible experiences and an abusive husband to raise her son in the US I couldn t put it down and it really has you rooting for her.

    25. Clarissa Kell says:

      I have read very few books involving Middle Eastern culture so I liked reading about it The book kept me interested and I enjoyed it The ending was not was I expected and I did not like it but still enjoyed the book.

    26. Carrie says:

      An eye opener regarding the treatment of women in the Middle East An interesting and intriguing peek into one woman s attempt to be free of the controlling and abusive practices that middle eastern women are expected to accept as normal parts of life.

    27. Alicia says:

      This was also about women in the middle east and also very disturbing Again grateful to live in America I really liked this but the ending left me feeling very anxious Wish she would have ended things on a better note.

    28. Kelly says:

      This book was fabulous It makes me want to reconsider other books in which I ve given a 5 star rating because this book was really just THAT good Not a light read but one that you will remember for a long time

    29. Lesli says:

      I m slightly surprised I like this book as well as I did A fellow commuter recommended it This reads sort of like a Danielle Steel The first few parts of the book are confusing because the timeline flips forward and backward.

    30. Sasha Strader says:

      This is one of those books I really desperately want to get a copy of The storyline is expertly woven and the character is completely relatable Three cheers for Khashoggi

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