April Smith
North of Montana
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North of Montana April Smith After Ana Grey pulls off the most amazing arrest of the year, the squad supervisor who doesn t like irreverent, tough minded young women gives her a reprimand instead of the promotion she deserves As a test, she is assigned a high profile case involving a beloved Hollywood movie star and an illegal supply of prescription drugs It doesn t take Ana and her partner,After Ana Grey pulls off the most amazing arrest of the year, the squad supervisor who doesn t like irreverent, tough minded young women gives her a reprimand instead of the promotion she deserves As a test, she is assigned a high profile case involving a beloved Hollywood movie star and an illegal supply of prescription drugs It doesn t take Ana and her partner, Mike Donnato, long to realize this is not a case but a political situation waiting to explode and they re holding the bomb.As the boundary between her private and professional lives begins to blur, Ana s own world collides with her investigation, and she is forced to confront the searing truth about the nature of power and identity, and the mystery of her past.. North of Montana After Ana Grey pulls off the most amazing arrest of the year the squad supervisor who doesn t like irreverent tough minded young women gives her a reprimand instead of the promotion she deserves As
  • Title: North of Montana
  • Author: April Smith
  • ISBN: 9780307390653
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • North of Montana April Smith

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    1 Blog on “North of Montana

    1. Staci Woodburn-Henry says:

      I read outside my normal genre for the Ana Grey books on the recommendation of a friend After one, I was hooked This is the note I sent him while on the second book I was reading while waiting for the bus this morning When it pulled up, I got on without looking up Still on the bus 45 minutes later, it s pouring rain and hail and no one can figure out how to close the roof hatch that I m sitting under Which is of course when I finally stopped reading and noticed that not only am I getting pelted, [...]

    2. Nick says:

      Is it wrong to complain that a book is just too derivative when it s genre fiction like a mystery I mean, there are only so many plots, so many psychological drivers for the hero ine , and so many red herrings and double switchbacks that the plot can follow The answer is, yes, it s fine to complain, because the pleasure in a genre novel is the quality of the journey along those well worn paths In police procedurals that really work, character, setting, plot and neurosis converge time and time ag [...]

    3. Kinza says:

      What a drag I m going south of Montana.

    4. Josh Ades says:

      April Smith barely squeezed out a 4 star rating on her first novel The main plot itself was formulaic and fine, but nothing than a nod to the great noir culture of Los Angeles What kept the A plot from being compelling is that the protagonist never really faltered from her course There wasn t much conflict She hit a couple dead ends, had a semblance of a relationship with a movie star consider getting in the way, and was mildly distracted by the B plot, but none of these elements really created [...]

    5. Steve says:

      When FBI agent Ana Grey is assigned to the case of a murdered young woman, she already knows information her peers don t know this may be one of Ana s distant relatives The crime procedural genre is tricky to write well it is all too easy to use clich s based on audience expectations But this author can write well enough to break that cage This was a fun read.

    6. Cheryl says:

      It was okay.

    7. Jim says:

      Protagonist FBI agent Ana Grey in author April Smith s, North of Montana , resides in a meandering and somewhat dark thriller facing many demons With her mother long dead and raised by a grandfather she s also never met her own father This is why Ana is very suspicious of all men Interacting in professional or personal parts of her life Ana likes to keep all men at a distance Ana works on the FBI s super tough bank robbery squad wishing she could move up into higher profile departments By accid [...]

    8. Virginia Harrell says:

      Because I enjoyed April Smith s writing so much in A Star for Mrs Blake, I wanted to read her series featuring a female FBI agent I enjoy this type of fiction and, I did expect a bit action I was only mildly disappointed as there were parts that seemed to drag becoming slightly tedious I like the character of Ana Grey and the way she was depicted as a person with pride, compassion and flaws Ms Smith is a master at prose but some of the shared thoughts and ruminations were a little too lengthy S [...]

    9. K says:

      It just did not click with me Ana is an FBI agent, in LA, has an overbearing Poppy, an understanding partner, and a lot of issues She seems very lost personally as an agent, and right away I felt bells ringing as she interacts with poppy Glad the mystery is solved, but in a very sad way, for the case and in her personal life too.

    10. Linda says:

      A straight forward who dun it with a few side plots to keep things moving A great first novel written with lots of tension to keep the reader s interest Language is terrific

    11. Lynn says:

      This is the first of the Ana Grey mysteries Heard the author and she is writing some other books but plans to return to this heroine I totally get the flawed heroine or hero idea but this character makes questionable decisions seem like a euphemism Otherwise good story.

    12. Quillracer says:

      April Smith is another author I ve never read before and, as always, I am a little leery of reading new authors because I never know what I m going to get Will it be a winner or a loser North Of Montana had a long build up to the main plot line investigating a movie star s claim that a doctor hooked her on prescription drugs While this often slows the pace of the story down, it seems to be and common these days Several sub plots that only tangentially touched on the main one slowed the story e [...]

    13. Rogue Reader says:

      North of Montana Knopf, 1994 is April Smith s first mystery, which I first read in 1994 It was a delight to renew my acquaintance with FBI Special Agent Ana Grey in anticipation of Smith s visit to Southern Oregon on Friday August 12, 2011.Smith, and Ana Grey, are even better than I remembered North of Montana plunges the reader into Los Angeles cultural morass merengue, en plein air and the celloid screen the street and the wealthy, co existing and parasitic, dysfunctional Ana Grey is determine [...]

    14. Ann Marie Haase says:

      I have just finished this book April Smith involves a brash, uppity strong character, Special Agent Ana Grey with the FBI She is out to prove that women can do it and she does Working as a homicide and robbery detective for seven years, she is aching for a promotion However, she faces a man who made a pact with the devil and he uses his position to block her advancement With the head of the division, she finds herself working on a political case which involves many people pushing levers she cann [...]

    15. Maurean says:

      This is Smith s first novel and it centers on Ana Grey, an ambitious, FBI agent with 7 years at the L.A field office, who is looking to move up in her career after her recent perfect bust of a local bank robber However, instead of the transfer she expects, she is assigned to a high profile case involving an aging actress and her claims against a local doctor that he got her addicted to drugs.Meanwhile, Ana receives what she believes is a scam call, asking for her help of the children of a recent [...]

    16. Justin Gaynor says:

      I don t often read mysteries, because most of them are so by the numbers and dull you can hear the cash registers ringing in the author s head as they are writing But this book, which I grabbed because foolish man I thought it was set in Canada, held me riveted to the end There is a story driving the plot, but far important, there s an all too human half Latina protagonist, racism, just enough violence, baseball and sweat By the time the book finally gets around to sex, it really feels earned a [...]

    17. Steve says:

      actual book, n ot on tape.Weird of me the title confused me what is north of montana but the novel is set in LA and santa monica oh year, north of montana, where the hero and I rarely gois book came HIGHLY recommended while at the Festival of Books.I just finished this book and good morning killer on book on tape.I found good morning killer to be part FBI story and 2 parts soap opera on his personal life.I liked the character of ana but i wanted time on the pot and not on her life i think that [...]

    18. Jennifer says:

      I got this book for free via Facebook Seriously There was an ad on the side of the page saying, Want a free thriller or mystery novel I thought Sure and clicked immediately, expecting some sort of catch There wasn t one A few weeks later I got the new edition of the book with a nice note from Vintage Lesson not all Facebook ads are annoying, and or lies, and or scams Just most of them are.Anyway To the book itself.It wasn t terrible It opens well I thought the writing was fairly tight and the pl [...]

    19. Chris W Sears says:

      I ve lived in Los Angeles a long time and this, my friends, is it North of Montana has the most beautiful, ugly, and honest view of this city that I ve ever seen It gets beneath the knotted freeways and make up that we ve seen again and again.Ana Grey, I just want to give her a hug and tell her it will be all right Like the view of the city, Ana Grey is an honest look at character In a single scene, she is tough, vulnerable, disappointed, compassionate, and angry at the world Such a mix of emoti [...]

    20. Sue says:

      this was not what i expected, Montana being a street in California that divides the haves from the have nots but it was an ok book Ana seemed to jump around a lot as far as her emotions, i have to wonder why she became an agent since she seems a little unstable at times you would think with all the psychological checking that people in that position would need to go thru, they would maybe have noticed something about her BUT it turns out she really has a bunch of skeletons in her closet mind was [...]

    21. Beth says:

      I m thinking North of Montana is about, uh, what state is north of Montana But no, it refers to a section of Los Angeles, the fancy dancy section, where the movie stars and doctors live The main character, Ana Grey, is an FBI agent and pretty looney She wants out of her bank robbery section so badly that she is willing to work on a fluff job, investigating the claims of an actress desparately trying to keep from going to seed The side story of her possible long lost distant cousin, gunned down i [...]

    22. Beverly says:

      I am still trying to desire if I liked this store I feel that I am not really that interested in reading another in the series so I believe I really did not like it that much It also took me too long to read which says it was not my cup of tea There seems to be too much detail or description that takes away from the story line for me The ending seems to leave too much up in the air so that you might feel you need to read the next I would say read at your own risk You might enjoy it.

    23. Mick says:

      I felt FBI agent Ana Grey was immature and unpredictable Did she really take a transmitter to a doctors exam room without official authority and no under wear Why did agent Grey risk screwing around in the early hours with a married man in the strawberry fields Does she want a promotion or a reprimand Maybe she just likes living on the edge This is an interesting read, the characters are well developed, strange and believable.

    24. Mark says:

      The 1st of the Ana Grey seriesIve read 2 4 and enjoyed themdestrian crime novels, but I like the character development of AnaNorth of Montana references neighborhoods that are less than the upper crust LA hoods this one she s sucked into a high Juju case involving an aging A list entertainer s accusations ruining a doctor as well as the murder of a young woman who may be distant relationLike the series

    25. Craig Buck says:

      A good, solid procedural with a few fine twists and a delightful unpredictable yet believable protagonist in L.A based FBI Agent Ana Grey Smith paints a vivid picture of an upscale area of L.A rarely visited by authors That was refreshing what a change to find a body somewhere far from the Hollywood sign.

    26. Anne says:

      I read this on vacation i kept reading it because i kept thinking it might get better and she is a good writer I wanted to like it because of that, but the plot wasn t very compelling i kept forgetting I was reading it In a way it was the perfect book to read while lots of people were around and i just needed something to distract myself from time to time or help me fall asleep.

    27. April Suter says:

      FBI Agent Ana gets a case that becomes personal when a person of interest in the case happens to be related to her and is dead Someone is responsible for giving the famous atress drugs and really she isn t sure it is the doctor that is accused The novel is a trip that helps define her past but drops many important pieces along the way.

    28. Gannonwb says:

      Thanks to Brian W for the recommendation on this one April Smith certainly writes with credibility and the squad room and procedural writing certainly rings true Great for a first novel but you can definitely tell there are some plotting kinks to get worked out It didn t blow me away but it was good enough for me to read another one Tepid praise

    29. Ann says:

      Thought provoking and incongruous with several subplots centering around a somewhat immature FBI agent Ana Grey My expected image of a taciturn FBI agent may have clouded my feelings for Ana as I wound through the book and her crisis of self The ending, while not a stunner, sums it up quite nicely though Sometimes the sense of things isn t apparent to us at all until it is.

    30. Joyce says:

      Well written first novel about a female FBI agent in LA who uncovers a link between herself and a murdered Ecuadoran housekeeper There are red herrings galore involving a movie star drug addict, a doctor to the stars and a snarky agent Written in the mid 90 s, it reflects the political tensions within the FBI and confronts the results of racism Better than average mystery novel.

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