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Mathilda Savitch
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Mathilda Savitch Victor Lodato A fiercely funny and touching debut novel about a young girl trying to find out the truth behind her sister s death I have a sister who died Did I tell you this already I did but you don t remember, you didn t understand the code She died a year ago, but in my mind sometimes it s five minutes In the morning sometimes it hasn t even happened yet For a second I m cA fiercely funny and touching debut novel about a young girl trying to find out the truth behind her sister s death I have a sister who died Did I tell you this already I did but you don t remember, you didn t understand the code She died a year ago, but in my mind sometimes it s five minutes In the morning sometimes it hasn t even happened yet For a second I m confused, but then it all comes back It happens again.Fear doesn t come naturally to Mathilda Savitch She prefers to look right at the things nobody else can bring themselves to mention for example, the fact that her beloved older sister is dead, pushed in front of a train by a man still on the loose Her grief stricken parents have basically been sleepwalking ever since, and it is Mathilda s sworn mission to shock them back to life Her strategy Being bad.Mathilda decides she s going to figure out what lies behind the catastrophe She starts sleuthing through her sister s most secret possessions e mails, clothes, notebooks, whatever her determination and craftiness can ferret out More troubling, she begins to apply some of her older sister s magical charisma and powers of seduction to the unraveling situations around her In a storyline that thrums with hints of ancient myth, Mathilda has to risk a great deal in fact, has to leave behind everything she loves in order to discover the truth.Mathilda Savitch bursts with unforgettably imagined details impossible crushes, devastating humiliations, the way you can hate and love your family at the same moment, the times when you and your best friend are so weak with laughter that you can t breathe Startling, funny, touching, odd, truthful, page turning, and, in the end, heartbreaking, Mathilda Savitch is an extraordinary debut Once you make the acquaintance of Mathilda Savitch, you will never forget her.. Mathilda Savitch A fiercely funny and touching debut novel about a young girl trying to find out the truth behind her sister s death I have a sister who died Did I tell you this already I did but you don t remember y
  • Title: Mathilda Savitch
  • Author: Victor Lodato
  • ISBN: 9780374204006
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mathilda Savitch Victor Lodato

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    1. Gigi says:

      i should wait to comment i know thisbut here s what i figured you sit down to a meal at a new restaurant you take the first bite the food is sublime, the taste is remarkable that very moment is memorable in its own right that first impression, that feeling of being introduced to something spectacular irrelevant if you wind up hating the meal because you stumbled upon a rancid turnip six bites later or you got acid reflux three hours after paying the check that first bite remains intactis is how [...]

    2. Alisha Marie says:

      Mathilda Savitch was a pretty unusual read I thought it was going to be completely different from what it turned out to be The summary in the back of the book states that Mathilda is trying to find the truth of her sister s death It s less about her finding the truth than it is about her trying to cope with the grief brought on by her sister s death.I ve read a couple of reviews that mention that the voice of the Mathilda rang false for them To me, Mathilda was like any other teen girl who was t [...]

    3. Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Reviewed by LadyJay for TeensReadTooMathilda Savitch believes that her sister, Helene, was murdered pushed in front of a train by an insane man The killer is still out there, and no one seems to be doing anything about it.Mathilda s parents seem oblivious to anything except their own pain Her mother suffers from bouts of depression, finding solace at the bottom of a bottle Her father tries to maintain a sense of normalcy, but Mathilda knows it is a fa ade.She decides to do some investigating of [...]

    4. Jojo says:

      The back cover blurb uses the Catcher comparison, and I m usually drawn in by that The first chapters held promise I didn t like the character but I hoped that as I read on, I would come to love her in the same way that I love Holden Both are confused kids who don t communicate effectively with their parents both have suffered the loss of a sibling both do really stupid things in an effort to deal with the loss.However, Mathilda doesn t change While the inner workings of her mind are fascinating [...]

    5. Melana says:

      I wanted to love this story, especially after it had been compared to Catcher in the Rye Like Holden, Mathilda or Lufwa as she d like to be known has suffered the loss of a sibling, been emotionally starved by her parents, and communicates in fragments, but that s where the likeness ends.Like many other reviewers, I felt that the voice in the first half of the book was young, precocious, and sharp but fell apart somewhere between uncovering a handful of emails belonging to her dead sister and be [...]

    6. Kristina says:

      I did not like this novel It s me, Novel, not you Mathilda Savitch by Victor Lodato is a Barnes Noble Discover Great New Writers award winner, whatever that means I bought it over five years ago I write the purchase dates of my books inside the covers so I can be embarrassed by how long it takes me to read them when I was browsing It was an impulse buy While I found it to be interesting vexing and well written but in a style that I didn t like , I eventually felt disappointed and irritated by th [...]

    7. Libby says:

      Mathilda Savitch wants to be awful Like so many adolescent girls, she lies to her parents steals cigarettes coerces her friends into illicit activity riffles through her sibling s belongings and ponders that great teenaged imponderable sex What casts her desire to be bad in uncertain light, however, is the calamity that has produced it the violent death, a year prior to the novel s opening, of her older sister, Helene Emotionally stranded by her parents torpor consumed in the wake of Helene s d [...]

    8. Cydni Perkins says:

      I bought this book based on the first sentence, where Mathilda tells the audience that she has decided to be awful The prose was poetic and wonderful at first, and I expected to luxuriate in the language of this book and savor it, but it was all downhill after the first couple of chapters Not only does the prose become less poetic, but the story kind of sucks I mean, I can believe that a teenage girl would think along the lines that Mathilda does, or that she would construct the inner world that [...]

    9. eb says:

      There s a weird contrast going on in this book the narrator s voice is rapier sharp, tonally perfect, and highly memorable But the events that take place seem vague, flabby, and a bit scattershot, and the central incident the death of the narrator s sister is handled melodramatically Still, the keenness of Mathilda s observations and the truths she tells make this one than worth reading.

    10. Lydia Presley says:

      This book made my heart hurt and not necessarily in the good way that gives you a sense of understanding and hope through the pain It was just a whole lot of pain.But don t let me make you think that it wasn t a good book, because it was It was dark, terrifying, filled with horror, heartache, pain and hurt everything a coming of age story seems to need to reflect the current time It dealt with heavy issues such as terrorism, suicide, alcoholism, neglect and sexuality, all through the perspective [...]

    11. Ken Vaughan says:

      Mathilda Savitch tells the story of her life so far in this odd but engaging and powerful novel Though not specifically revealed, she would seem to be around 12 or 13, the remaining daughter of parents so grief stricken at the death of their older, 16 year old daughter a year earlier that they are almost dysfunctional, sleepwalking through life and still unable to deal with their loss, and certainly doing a poor job of parenting Mathilda, one of the most precocious kids you will ever meet betwee [...]

    12. Brittany Pelly says:

      That feeling you get, after you read a book, and you think to yourselfwhat Much like the other reviews, Mr Lodato convinced me I was reading about a 13 year old girl s coming of age story, but I am not convinced that this was the most accurate representation Mathilda is mean, twisted and cannot be trusted as a narrator The latter would have made me pick up the book and give it a go, but the plot line is horrible Simple horrid.All the while I am reading, I am waiting for this grand adventure to f [...]

    13. Elizabeth☮ says:

      Mathilda Savitch has a sister that died Her mother and father are grieving by isolating themselves from Mathilda and leaving her to her own devices which isn t such a good idea In her grief, Mathilda wants to talk about her sister, but it s the one thing her parents won t discuss with her The synopsis is a bit misleading, but this is a coming of age story in that Mathilda is trying to figure out who she is within her family as it is reshaped by this loss The comparison is made to Holden Caulfiel [...]

    14. Jennifer Stephens says:

      I picked up this book to read recently and I wish I hadn t It s a coming of age tale with a twist depressing tale of a mentally disturbed teen who feels responsible for her sister s suicide because she taunted her in frustration one day to just go ahead and do it She lies, she antagonizes, she hurts and she is generally wallowing in misery.There isn t anything beautiful, uplifting, or edifying about this book In addition the pacing is frenzied, as if written by an amphetamine addict.

    15. Roxanne Meek says:

      4.5 I loved this story, and Mathilda, and this would have been a 5 but I was a little disappointed in the ending Victor Lodato is the author of Edgar and Lucy, my favourite book of 2017, and this character is equally delightful, but very, VERY different from Edgar I m a huge Lodato fan and highly recommend both of these books

    16. Traci says:

      I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, I can agree with some of the blurb above it was page turning, and at times heartbreaking But I feel a lot of the blurb is just as misleading as Mathilda herself.This is an interesting debut work by Lodato, whose credits include play writing and poetry At times, the book reads like both a play and an extremely long piece of poetry He s got a way with words, I ll give him that much But he fails when trying to capture the voice of a 12 year old [...]

    17. Maria says:

      From page 1, I was hooked on this book It is a page turner, and the sort of book that you never want to finish you just want it to go on forever.The writing style reminded me of The Catcher in the Rye J.D Salinger the main difference being that the narrator is a teenage girl instead of a teenage boy, but in essence, the way the story is told is very similar, especially as both characters also have issues in regard to their mental health There are also a couple of references in the book to Anne F [...]

    18. Laurel L. Perez says:

      Mathilda is an adolescent negotiating life after the death of her older sister, Helene Her parents, especially her alcoholic mother, are too traumatized to give her the comfort she needs, so she lives in an elaborate world of her own invented logic She evaluates sex, religion and national tragedy in language that is constantly surprising, amusing and often heartbreaking She speaks with the bold matter of factness of a child, but also reveals a deep understanding of life far beyond her years I wo [...]

    19. Holly says:

      Mathilda Savitch is a young girl the book never specifies her ages, but I would guess it at around 14 who is living with ghosts Her sister Helene s tragic death has ripped her family into pieces and she has lost than just her big sister but also the solid foundations that every child craves Her parents and particularly her mother have become shadows, completely wrapped up in their own personal hells, and shy from even the mention of Helene Mathilda, as many children would do, acts out believing [...]

    20. Laura says:

      REALLY liked this one Was an unusal read I read that the author was a poet and I guess that is why, but the style was very stream of consciousness and was constantly sliding in and out of reality, fantasy and memory It also felt like the narator was in a fugue state, like if you had to paint them, the image would be out of focus No hard edges The title character is a bit odd, no doubt, but very sympathetic in what she is going through Her sister died the previous year and her mother has sunk int [...]

    21. Tara says:

      Hmmm What to say about this one The truth It didn t match up to the prepublicity I saw I think Lodato is on the verge of being a wonderful novelist, and shows tons of promise, but I don t think this novel was ready to be released Though I see lots of 5 starts on it, so maybe it is a question of whether or not you buy the main character As an editor, I felt there wasn t enough movement in the character, or nonmanufactured reasons to get here there And while I am all for experimenting, this wasn t [...]

    22. Heather says:

      Mathida s beautiful, vibrant, tempestuous older sister, Helene, died a year ago, having been pushed in front of a moving train, and no one in the Savitch family has recovered from the devastating loss Yet, Mathilda whose age is never explicitly stated, but whom I would guess is about thirteen seems to be the only one willing or able to openly mourn Conversely, her stricken mother, formerly a loving, attentive parent, is slowly disappearing into herself with the help of alcohol her father, kind a [...]

    23. Amy says:

      In this heartbreaking, darkly funny, and poignant novel, we are treated to Mathilda Savitch s inner thoughts on the death of her older sister, her emotionally absent parents, and what it feels like to be trapped in that odd place between child and adulthood Her thoughts are often fractured and dark, but then punctuated by a moment of exceptional beauty Mathilda wants to be awful, but all she accomplishes in showing us is just how vulnerable she truly is She pinches the family dog, plans the brea [...]

    24. Sue says:

      This was our February book club choice, and until we met tonight, I intended to give this book a 2.5 star rating However, I decided that any book that could engender that much discussion probably deserved 3 stars Questions we batted around the table Is this really a fair representation of teen age girls, even those under psychological distress Is Mathilda psychologically unbalanced because of the events that have taken place in her family before the book begins, or was she crazy to start with I [...]

    25. Diane says:

      I debated about giving this book 2 or 3 stars, and decided to go with 3 I m obviously not a young adult, but I find many young adult novels are both entertaining and interesting to me I found myself not liking the characters in this story, especially Mathilda, the main character and about 16 years old She is so self absorbed, lies constantly, disobeys, pushes her parents and her friends beyond their limits, and makes her own rules It s been a year since her older sister Helene died, and she and [...]

    26. Indrani says:

      A day later, and I m still trying to decide whether or not I enjoyed this book I am not certain that enjoy is the right word to use about a book like this.At times, it reminded me of Kazuo Ishigiro s Never Let Me Go told in a first person narrative by someone who decidedly does not have an omniscient view of the world around her, we catch the truth in glimpses and hints, sometimes putting the pieces together before our narrator The story is not a cheerful Disney tale Bad things happen, often to [...]

    27. Kate says:

      The narrative voice was so strong in the first couple of chapters that I found it hard to read, and almost put it down But i was trapped on an airplane, and it was my only option besides SkyMall, so I kept reading, and I m glad I did The title character is messed up, but tough, and is struggling through a kind of nervous breakdown following her sister s death She eventually finds a way to live with the crappy state of the world, the sad state of her family, and her own potentially overwhelming f [...]

    28. Michael says:

      Victor Lodato is a prolific playwright, and it shows in the wonderfully vibrant voice of Mathilda Savitch, the pre teen protagonist in his debut novel Mathilda wants to be awful, but she s got good reason her sister was killed by a train one year ago, and Mathilda is coping with parents who are checked out, her own unresolved grief, and burgeoning hormones On top of all that, she s convinced that her sister was pushed, and she d love to find out who the culprit was Mathilda Savitch is a finely c [...]

    29. Mai Ling says:

      This book turned out to be sweet er, bittersweet after a painful jaunt through the mind of disturbed young Mathilda Savitch Like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time, it gives you a glimpse of what life is like for children who don t necessarily think like most of us But in addition to being a bit on the odd side, Mathilda has much too much for a child her age to deal with the death of her sister, then the deterioration of her family So what does Mathilda do She takes matters into h [...]

    30. Coen says:

      I started reading this book randomly because I noticed it just won the Discover Award I had no idea what it was about, I just requested it from the library and started reading I love to read books this way without knowing anything about them It s marvelous and fun Mathilda Savitch is definitely worth a read It s a book that kind of pushes you out of your own mindset Takes you away and really settles you into someone else s mind for a while I felt like a different person as I read it I was me any [...]

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