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Todd's TV
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Todd's TV James Proimos This is Todd.These are Todd s parents.And this is Todd s TV.Todd s parents are always busy But Todd s TV isn t busy It just sits there So one day, Todd s TV decides to lend a helping hand This is the heartwarming story of that day, and what happened afterward You ll laugh, you ll cry but most of all, you ll be giving your TV a break It probably needs it.. Todd s TV This is Todd These are Todd s parents And this is Todd s TV Todd s parents are always busy But Todd s TV isn t busy It just sits there So one day Todd s TV decides to lend a helping hand This is the
  • Title: Todd's TV
  • Author: James Proimos
  • ISBN: 9780061709852
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Todd's TV James Proimos

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    1. Betsy says:

      You ever have that moment when you find your presumptions so upended that you just want to crawl into a corner somewhere and assume the fetal position That s a bit extreme, but it s not far off from my relationship to the work of James Proimos About five minutes prior to writing this review, if you had asked me to name his children s books I would have said something along the lines of, Oh He just did Patricia Von Pleasantsquirrel and then Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace, right Wrong Wrongd [...]

    2. Sarah says:

      I don t know if kids will get the message of this story, in which a TV smoothly takes over the parental roles in a child s life, but I think they ll find it funny As for parents, I have a feeling that the target audience isn t likely to read the book.

    3. Kest Schwartzman says:

      the story s just ok, but the illustrations are SOLID

    4. Dawn says:

      As soon as I pulled this book out, one of my students said, TV s bad I asked him what he meant He said that, If you watch too much TV you lose your skills You can t read as good or learn as good Ha Good programming We got a chuckle out of how he becomes attached to the TV We also had an interesting discussion about what rew his parents for a loop meant.When we got to this page, I stopped and we discussed why he might be turning the light off and on.Our predictions were Maybe he s trying to waste [...]

    5. Lisa says:

      The kids loved this book And it was great The TV comes alive and takes over all the parental duties We watch TV very sparingly over here my kids get excited when I occasionally put Jeopardy on in the evening No, they don t answer the questions, but I m convinced their math is getting better because they like to add up everyone s points and keep track of their winnings And they do ask questions, like Is that mountain really real re Mt Rush, and then we had a little impromptu history lesson But I [...]

    6. James Moore says:

      While browsing through my local library I came across this book, Todd s TV and it caught my attention quite easily It s a charming little story of a boy being raised by his TV, which is rather ironic in the sense that the same thing can be said of my own generation and the generation before mine I found the story and illustrations cute and appropriate for a young age group I think the moral of the story is a good one that not only children, but parents can take to heart in that sometimes it s be [...]

    7. Cassandra Gelvin says:

      Television is bad Because television is bad.I hated this book so much I wrote a YouTube review of it.Who is this book written for Kids won t get it, and parents who need it would hate it Is it just preaching to the converted Todd s parents horror of horrors let their kid watch TV And then it comes alive and threatens to adopt him They freak out, and Todd passive aggressively tells them to turn it off His life is then magically perfect.It s just insultingly condescending, and boils down to a circ [...]

    8. Alexa Mazur says:

      I really enjoyed this book This book is about a boy named Todd, and his parent s are always SO busy One day, Todd realizes that he wants to help people, and he wants to lend a helping hand to people who need it After you get done reading the book, TV doesn t seem all that important any This book would be great for elementary school students, because they students LOVE to watch TV for the most part I think it is a good fit for students to read because it shows them how awesome it is to help peopl [...]

    9. David says:

      When Todd s parents are too busy to take care of him, his television steps in to handle the parenting Summary A very funny, tongue in cheek story about watching too much TV The hilarious illustrations by James Proimos are simple and effective with very few colors used Todd s TV certainly could be used for TV Turn Off Week It has a positive message aboput spending quality time with kids that is delivered in a humorous way Some may see it as too didactic, but I view it as just too funny For ages 5 [...]

    10. Laura says:

      Todd s parents are busy people so when they have things to do, they send Todd to spend some time with the TV The TV loves Todd, taking him to parent teacher conferences and later on vacation When the TV talks of adopting Todd, his parents clue in that they need to put effort and time into being a family I personally liked the message and thought that it was done in an effective and humorous way I also wish that this book had versions to address different types of technology I think my own mothe [...]

    11. Dianna says:

      Todd s parents use the TV for a babysitter Soon it becomes sentient, takes him to parent teacher conferences, and becomes his primary caretaker His parents don t realize how it s taken over their life until it tries to adopt Todd.My four year old liked this book and thought it was silly I liked it because it reminded me to spend time with my kids I actually felt some dark overtones with this book maybe it was the creepy edge to the faces in the illustrations, or that the illustrations were done [...]

    12. Carolyn says:

      I refuse to acknowledge that this book is one of my favorites, but it really is Yes, it s a picture book meant for children, but it s phenomenal satire This book explores and sweetly exposes the nature of television and its use as a babysitter for children, as well as the lion s share of time we give over to it Regardless of what media outlet choice used, Todd s TV helps the reader to examine one s own relationship with media usage Besides, it s funny.

    13. Amianne Bailey says:

      Read Aloud 3rd 4th This is one I wish all parents would read FANTASTIC message about the importance of turning of the TV and spending time with your child We talked about limiting television video computer games and eating dinner as a family WITHOUT the TV on I polled each class about how many of them ate dinner at least three times a week as a family WITHOUT the television Less than a handful of kids raised their hands in each class So very sad.

    14. Heidi-Marie says:

      A light, humorous way of tellings kids and parents not to watch too much TV Especially to not have the TV be your child s baby sitter There was definite tongue in cheek and I enjoyed it The ending was funny, too Hopefully a lot of people get the point.I do find it funny, however, that I will have this book on display in the Things You Love preschool storytime for the 2 year old child who said TV was one of the things they love Hmmm

    15. Jacqui Daves says:

      This is a bizarre picture book that tells the story of a family that allows the TV to take over their child s life It did not read like a book for children, but as a warning for parents Although some might find it humorous, I did not Do not give this book as a gift unless you are looking to ruin a friendship

    16. Kim says:

      This tongue in cheek story about Todd and the TV that starts assuming parental responsibilities is intended as much for busy parents as it is for the kids A great story to read during National TV Turnoff Week, especially for older elementary grades, who will appreciate the humor and the nostalgic black and white and red illustrations.

    17. Rebecca says:

      The four stars are from me, since I appreciated the theme of this book turn off your TV before it literally takes over your kid s life , the many small jokes, and the illustration style But as far as reading this to kids, I think they d have to be in first grade or so to get it It d be interesting to try and see what they make of it.

    18. Marcie says:

      I don t know if kids will like this as well as parents and teachers, but it is cleaver and I d love to see if they find it funny, and telling Todd s TV takes over his parenting until things go a little too far Could pair it with Fix it and Mouse s TV I do think it might make a gread read aloud for Turn off your TV week in April Author is from Maryland.

    19. Karen says:

      This book is clever, and sends a much needed message, although I found that the preachy tone kind of sucked all the fun out of the book for me And, I am very happy to report, that my six year old son didn t understand this book at all If you do want a book about being unplugged , Dan Yaccarino wrote a very good one called Unplugged.

    20. Salsabrarian says:

      Here s a story possibility to share during TV Turnoff Week now known as Turnoff Week Most kids probably won t really get the ending since in my experience, kids don t think sitting in front of the computer is the same as watching TV Otherwise, this story also reads as a scold of parents who don t monitor their kids TV watching.

    21. Shannon Clark says:

      An awesomely cute book that shows just how much a tv can take over a child s life Hilariously laugh out loud funny at times with a good warm fuzzy feeling ending.I read this at our book fair today.

    22. Mary Ann says:

      The illustrations have plenty of humorous touches, but the story is overly didactic and the joke falls a little flat Todd and his parents seem emotionally detached and happy with the situation until the TV suggests adoption, at which point they are shocked.

    23. Jaimee says:

      When the TV starts to take their son to school Todd s parents get jealous and have to fight the TV to spend time with their son This book turns a real life problem in to a silly story that makes you laugh.

    24. Jadin says:

      I loved reading this to classrooms and I read it to a group of kids and their parents at a library tour and the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids What if your TV wanted to take your kids away from you Hmm

    25. Paula says:

      This book is for parents than for kidsWhen Todd s parents are too busy to take care of him, his television steps in to handle the parenting.

    26. Evelyn Repass says:

      Probably appeals to adults than children, but a funny story about the superior parenting skills of tv.

    27. Zinnia Bayardo says:

      Scary but true in most homes

    28. Connie Harrison says:

      It was cute but I don t know if kids would appreciate the humor The joke is that the TV basically takes over parental functions.

    29. Dawn says:

      Hilarious A must read for parents who use the TV as a babysitter.

    30. Amy says:

      Not what you think.ead of reading this to your babies before bed, read it with your spouse It s a really funny slap back to reality

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