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Life After Yes
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Life After Yes Aidan Donnelley Rowley A funny and a wickedly accurate picture of the life of a particular breed of Manhattanites and it s also thought provoking and deeply moving Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness ProjectA young woman deals with the aftermath of her father s death while she struggles to commit to a future with her fianc in Life After Yes, the poignant, wry A funny and a wickedly accurate picture of the life of a particular breed of Manhattanites and it s also thought provoking and deeply moving Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness ProjectA young woman deals with the aftermath of her father s death while she struggles to commit to a future with her fianc in Life After Yes, the poignant, wry, and very accomplished debut novel from Aidan Donnelley Rowley A story of hope and light in the darkness in the bestselling vein of Juliette Fay, Cecilia Ahearn, and Jacqueline Sheehan, newcomer Rowley has captured all the angst and pain of truly becoming an adult, and has done so with unusual heart and grace, inspiring Julie Buxbaum to rave, Her flawed and complex characters will stick with you long after Life After Yes s final pages.. Life After Yes A funny and a wickedly accurate picture of the life of a particular breed of Manhattanites and it s also thought provoking and deeply moving Gretchen Rubin New York Times bestselling author of The Ha
  • Title: Life After Yes
  • Author: Aidan Donnelley Rowley
  • ISBN: 9780061894473
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life After Yes Aidan Donnelley Rowley

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      307 Aidan Donnelley Rowley
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    1 Blog on “Life After Yes

    1. Kristen says:

      Although it features a cast of hot, wealthy people cavorting in and around New York City, Life After Yes is much than your typical chick lit offering For one, it isn t a fairy tale In fact, Aidan Donnelley Rowley begins her story where many in the genre end her protagonist Quinn has already gotten her Prince Charming via his romantic proposal in Paris and the rest of the story unfolds as a sort of Reality Ever After In Quinn, Rowley offers us a wholly realistic protagonist whose life although f [...]

    2. Jennifer says:

      From My Blog return return return Deeply philosophical, sharp and witty, without a doubt Aidan Donnelley Rowley s book, Life After Yes, will be one of my top picks for the year Reading Life After Yes is similar to spending time listening to your best friend, the one with all the wit, yet never realising they are witty, telling their story I personally have a friend like this and I adore listening his stories so for me, Rowley s writing feels familiar and her characters quickly become friends The [...]

    3. Jennifer says:

      Do you ever feel like a book comes into your life at a time when you really need it It s like some force in the world told me that I needed to read Aidan Donnelley Rowley s book, Life After Yes, at this point in my life The main character, Prudence aka Quinn recently lost her father in the 9 11 terrorist attacks and has now found herself newly engaged to her man, Sage interesting name, btw I felt so deeply connected to Quinn s story I could feel her ups and downs as she tries to figure out who s [...]

    4. cara says:

      i went back and forth on this book there were parts that i LOVED, and parts where i thought about shelving it though quinn and i are very different, i came to really adore her she s flawed, yet lovely i particularly enjoyed her relationships with the other women in her life.cially her mom and future mother in law the letter that her mother in law writes to her at her bridal showerauty loved it We get older, we can t help that, but we don t ever have to stop laughing mom Why can t we be both We h [...]

    5. Jen says:

      I had been looking forward to reading this book from the moment I had heard about it, and it s didn t disappoint I was able to relate to each character The book brought drama, tears, smiles and laughter This book has so many touching moments it s hard not to fall in love with it I loved Quinn s struggles with the past, present, and future Definitely a must read

    6. Melissa says:

      I wanted to read this book, even though the description didn t grab me, because I really enjoyed one of her subsequent books, The Ramblers I cannot say I feel the same for this one The protagonist is self absorbed, selfish and terribly dull Also, if I never read the word prudent again, it will be too son I d venture to say it s in here 100 times I m shocked there were any other books after this one Wow.

    7. Kennedy says:

      Not sure about this one I liked some things about it and didn t like others Not sure if I would read from the author or not They style was ok but I did not particularly like the main character.

    8. Yvann S says:

      Summary Prudence Quinn O Malley, the protagonist of Life After Yes, is whisked off to Paris by her boyfriend for a romantic weekend and a proposal Back in her New York lawyer life with a sparkly diamond on her hand, she has doubts about her future, her fianc and herself Her father, recently killed in the September 11 attacks, is very present in her memory and she desperately wishes for his wisdom as she navigates that rocky period between the giving of one ring and the giving of a second.Full di [...]

    9. B. says:

      I was given an ARC of this novel by the publisher, Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins.Life After Yes chronicles the emotions that overwhelm Prudence Quinn O Malley, a 27 year old Manhattan attorney, after she accepts her boyfriend Sage s marriage proposal Her anxieties about what her yes will mean for the rest of her life are played out amidst her struggle to reconcile the loss of her father a year earlier in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Along the way we meet her friends, one o [...]

    10. Jael says:

      After years together, he surprises you with a romantic getaway What are his intentions Could this be the moment Yes it is While in Paris he melts your heart with a romantic proposal You scream out Yes You re living in the moment You are filled with euphoria Now what do you do That s question haunting Prudence Quinn O Malley in Life After Yes by Aidan Donnelley Rowley.Quinn is a young, modern Manhattan attorney struggling in the aftermath of the death of her father on Sept 11 We never meet her fa [...]

    11. Peyton says:

      Actually a 3.5, but the writing was too lovely to just give it 3.I have to say, this book is COMPLETELY outside my usual genres I m a follower of the author s blog, and mostly picked it up in support of her In general, I find this genre dramatic contemporary fiction to have a much pessimistic view of reality than I am generally willing to take I m a realist with optimistic leanings, and PMS aside, I don t like to focus on the negative.I love her writing style There are passages when Quinn philo [...]

    12. Meg says:

      Every now and then, a novel like Aidan Donnelley Rowley s Life After Yes finds its way into my life, and it s moments when I m reading a book like this where I feel like my own face is reflected back at me that I experience what I can only call literary magic.Maybe it s that Quinn is a mere two years older than me, grappling with mortality and love and prudence, with safety Maybe it s that the book is set and firmly ensconced in New York City and I started it on the train ride back from a long w [...]

    13. Katie says:

      Book Life After Yes is a novel full of deeply philosophical anologies and life lessons Although its cover and summary scream Chick Lit , the subplots dig much deeper to make the reader analyze not just the main character, but themselves Author Aidan Donnelley Rowley does a beautiful and seamless job of interweaving profound moments into creating a wonderful plot line The main character, Quinn, whose first name is truly Prudence, finds herself post 9 11 trying to understand the untimely and immed [...]

    14. Colleen Turner says:

      Life After Yes is smart, literary chic lit with all the right components witty, imperfect characters, a dynamic backdrop and emotions that run the gammit Anyone who reads this will find some of themselves in between the pages, whether that is good or bad You cannot help but love the characters with all their flaws because they are all of us, living and surviving as best they can.Prudence Quinn O Malley is a smart, slightly self absorbed Upper Westsider who works as a lawyer and drinks for a hobb [...]

    15. Michelle says:

      There are some books that are important because of what they have to say There are others that are important because of how they make one feel While it would be easy to classify Life After Yes as a book that is meant to teach readers a bit about life and becoming an adult, the true import of it lies in its emotional pull For, it is the type of book that is easily forgotten a day or two after finishing it but it is the emotions felt while reading it that are the only thing to linger Readers may n [...]

    16. Lydia Laceby says:

      Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesRated 3.5 StarLife After Yes is a smart read about love, family, grief and understanding that was well written, poignant and amusing at times I appreciated some of the laugh out loud moments amidst the uncertainty and grief Quinn was dealing with and thought her father s death in the 9 11 attacks was handled well and wasn t overly depressing This novel held many insights into love and imperfect relationships, but unfortunately I just didn t find myself connect [...]

    17. Danielle Morgan says:

      Let me start off by saying that I have been reading Aidan s blog, ivyleagueinsecurities , for about a year She has been bookmarked from day one and I anticipate her daily blog post s, well not daily, but M F I have always enjoyed her posts, but they are only a couple hundred words and the topics differ I knew she had written a book and no matter what, I was going to read it, but these days it seems that anyone and everyone is a blogger, so expecting the world from a virgin novelist was not somet [...]

    18. Caryne says:

      I would give this 3 stars had I not read the ramblers by this author In comparison, this effort pales by a large margin to the author s recent novel I loved the ramblers SO much, and because of that, was even sorely disappointed by this book Life after yes centers around a young lawyer in New York awaiting her pending nuptials And the choice of the word centers is deliberate in that this main character was very self centered, self serving and at the same time, self unaware I found myself so an [...]

    19. Romancing the Book says:

      Reviewed by AngieBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI ll be honest I chose to read this book based solely on the Carrie Bradshaw esque model wearing an absolutely exquisite wedding dress the story was just a bonus.All of the characters in this book are overachievers, overly well off, and overly cliched, but don t let that deter you from this book Ms Rowley really knows how to suck you right in and make you stay up until all hours wondering if Q [...]

    20. Kristin says:

      This book is like a hug I ve been wanting to read it for a long time I ve got a hard copy waiting in my library back in Scotland but bought the e book last week So glad I did.I finished this last night and couldn t get to sleep I kept thinking about Quinn, the narrator, and how I slid back and forth from loving her to loathing her every few pages She s a textbook flawed narrator, but she s not unreliable indeed, I felt in safe hands throughout Quinn s story is multifaceted, which Rowley handled [...]

    21. Martha Davis says:

      I started this book a little ambivalent I thought it was going to be another Chick lit Sex in the City clone with New York girls perpetually dissatisfied with the mostly perfect lives Well, it was and it wasn t Quinn Prudence, our heroine is leads a somewhat only in books like Great job, perfect boyfriend, great New York apartment, and no money worries what so ever So, what s she got to complain about, right First off, she lost her beloved father in 9 11 A plot device which could have been schma [...]

    22. Elizabeth(Thoughts From an Evil Overlord) says:

      What happens the day after the wedding Aidan Donnelley Rowley tries to answer that question in her debut novel,Life After Yes.While everything around Quinn seems to be perfect, inside she is still struggling with the recent death of her father on September 11, 2001 As a New Yorker, she has been touched both as a daughter and an individual, and the impact of those events have left her questioning every decision she s ever made.Quinn s an associate in a great law firm, starting to realize that thi [...]

    23. Meg says:

      Aidan Donnelley Rowley is a good writer, so it s a shame that her talent produced this trite novel about attractive, wealthy, successful people living in Manhattan that is full of cliches than actual substance.I disliked all the characters, especially their pretentious, classic chick lit novel names Sage, Quinn, Avery, Phelps , and found them all to be annoyingly self centered The novel means well I think it is supposed to be about learning that everyone makes mistakes and how to forgive and lo [...]

    24. Laura de Leon says:

      I was fascinated by this hard working, hard drinking young woman, who was far obsessed with looking good on her wedding day than she was with her groom.Quinn s groom was a sweet mama s boy, but the book wasn t really about him I had trouble keeping Quinn s friends straight, but the book wasn t about them either All the supporting characters her family, her coworkers, her personal trainer therapist were fun and worked well enough.The odd thing about this book was that I kept thinking that a happ [...]

    25. Donna says:

      What did I think I think you should read this book I expected it to be typical chick lit and it was not It will make you think, sometimes it will make you laugh because it s so real This debut author is truly talented Life After Yes has vividly drawn, real world characters Set in NYC shortly after 9 11 it is the first novel in quite some time, that has made me think about what happiness really is, and how do we know when we ve found it Quinn, a lawyer in a large Manhattan firm, has a seemingly p [...]

    26. Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

      I had found this book through a recommend on a book blog It tells the story of Quinn, a woman in her late 20s, who gets engaged to a wonderful man but then gets cold feet The shadow of her dad who was killed in the WTC attacks in 2001 hangs over her still the book takes place a year after 9 11 Quinn isn t sure how to feel about her impending marriage Is Sage right for her What will happen to her blossoming lawyer career.It sounds like a real chick lit ish book, no While I do dabble in fluffy chi [...]

    27. Becky says:

      I can t believe I finished this book Took me forever, I had no desire to pick it up Moral of the novel Relationships take work Yes But this book kept me thinking for 80% of it, it s not worth it, move on, you are not meant to be together Hard to read just went no where, and didn t care There was a great scene of the 1st anniversary of 9 11 Of course brings tears to your eyes, evokes emotion and wonderfully written I stuck with the book because frankly SPOILER I love weddings Last chapter was dec [...]

    28. Allison says:

      Witty, smart, and beautifully written, Life After Yes is a book that brings you back to a time in your life when you were struggling to define who you are Quinn, the main character, takes you with her on her journey to discovering who she is, mistakes, flaws and all You will cheer for her, yell at her, and in the end, hope that maybe things will turn out alright That she ll find happiness, however fleeting and in the moment, in her life In fact, I think that s what we are all searching for.My fa [...]

    29. Ameena says:

      Life After Yes is a beautiful book full of love and heartbreak, betrayal and surprise Basically, it is about real life and I enjoyed it The author, Aidan Donnelley Rowley, has a way with words and despite the book being fairly long I went through it in a flash.So why only 4 stars Well my main problem with this book was the unlikability of the main character While I appreciated the realistic nature of Quinn, I didn t not appreciate that she had far too many flaws and very few redeeming qualities [...]

    30. Nicole C says:

      A pretty interesting story of a Manhattan lawyer going through the journey of an engagement marriage The death of her father as well as the death of Sage s brother gave a deeper meaning to the novel.And though it was quite readable, overall it just seemed kind of average Well it wasn t the normal chick lit kind of story with a lot of cliches maybe a bit above average then.The end wasn t so much of a problem but it did leave a few questions hanging Mainly, does she ever tell Sage about that somet [...]

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