Sally Cabot Gunning
The Rebellion of Jane Clarke
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The Rebellion of Jane Clarke Sally Cabot Gunning On the eve of the Revolutionary War, a young woman is caught between tradition and independence, family and conscience, loyalty and love, in this spellbinding novel from the author of The Widow s War and Bound Jane Clarke leads a simple yet rich life in the small village of Satucket on Cape Cod The vibrant scent of the ocean breeze, the stark beauty of the dunes, the s On the eve of the Revolutionary War, a young woman is caught between tradition and independence, family and conscience, loyalty and love, in this spellbinding novel from the author of The Widow s War and Bound Jane Clarke leads a simple yet rich life in the small village of Satucket on Cape Cod The vibrant scent of the ocean breeze, the stark beauty of the dunes, the stillness of the millpond are among the daily joys she treasures Her days are full attending to her father s needs, minding her younger siblings, working with the local midwife But at twenty two, Jane knows things will change Someday, perhaps soon, she will be expected to move out of her father s home and start a household of her own Yet some things including the bitter feud between her father and a fellow miller named Winslow appear likely to remain the same When the dispute erupts into a shocking act of violence, Jane s lifelong trust in her father is shaken Adding to her unease is Phinnie Paine, the young man Jane s father has picked out as son in law as well as business partner When Jane defies her father and refuses to accept Phinnie s marriage proposal, she is sent away to Boston to make her living as she can Arriving in this strange, bustling city awash with red coats and rebellious fervor, Jane plunges into new conflicts and carries with her old ones she d hoped to leave behind Father against daughter, Clarke against Winslow, loyalist against rebel, command against free will the battles are complicated when her growing attachment to her frail aunt, her friendship with the bookseller Henry Knox, and the unexpected kindness of the British soldiers pit her against the townspeople who taunt them and her own beloved brother, Nate, a law clerk working for John Adams But when Jane witnesses British soldiers killing five colonists on a cold March evening in 1770, an event now dubbed the Boston Massacre, she must question seeming truths and face one of the most difficult choices of her life, alone except for the two people who continue to stand by her her grandparents Lyddie and Eben Freeman Grippingly rendered, filled with some of the lesser known but most influential figures of America s struggle for independence John and Samuel Adams, Henry Knox, James Otis The Rebellion of Jane Clarke is a compelling story of one woman s struggle to find her own place and leave her own mark on a new country as it is born.. The Rebellion of Jane Clarke On the eve of the Revolutionary War a young woman is caught between tradition and independence family and conscience loyalty and love in this spellbinding novel from the author of The Widow s War
  • Title: The Rebellion of Jane Clarke
  • Author: Sally Cabot Gunning
  • ISBN: 9780061782145
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Rebellion of Jane Clarke Sally Cabot Gunning

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    1. Linda says:

      I began my journey with the author, Sally Cabot Gunning, with The Widow s War which was her first book in this trilogy The Widow was such a strong, bold character that the two main female characters in the books that followed seemed only to pale in her presence This book starts out slow I actually checked to see if it was a YA book because of the simplistic initial storyline.Jane Clarke is a female product of the times Her future is being manipulated by the same cruel Nathan Clarke who dared to [...]

    2. Barb says:

      This is the third novel from Sally Gunning that revolves around members of the Clarke family and the people of Satucket, Massachusetts The first is The Widow s War the second is Bound I have read them all in order and recommend others do the same, I think it makes for a enjoyable reading experience I really enjoyed the first two novels in this trilogy or will it be a series And I liked this third novel as well I really enjoyed the characters and even missed them when I was done The history is v [...]

    3. Misfit says:

      The book begins in 1769 as the Winslows and Clarkes battle over water rights and a horse was it Jane s father who whacked off the ears of the Winslow horse Jane defies her father and despite the heated political sentiments decides to ship her off to tend to Aunt Gill in Boston Jane settles in and cares for her elderly aunt, but her world is soon torn asunder when she witnesses British troops shoot down five civilians the Boston massacre , inflaming the rest of the town to a heated frenzy Jane s [...]

    4. Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship says:

      Unlike the two previous books in this series, The Widow s War and Bound, this book is as much about the Boston Massacre and the events leading up to it as it s about the title character trying to find her way in the world It s interesting from a historical perspective, but unfortunately, Jane s story suffers.After Jane turns down a marriage proposal her father supports, he packs her off to Boston as a companion to an elderly aunt while there, she witnesses some historical events I liked the hist [...]

    5. Monica says:

      I loved the second book in this trilogy and I didn t want to read this one at first because I just didn t think it would measure up I really enjoyed it though Jane was a very like able character I learned about the Boston Massacre Plus there was an interesting twist Overall a good read.

    6. Connie says:

      Set in the era proceeding the Revolutionary War in Massachusetts, this book has many themes that could be used in a book discussion It s a coming of age story, a look at marriage and women s roles at that time, and historical fiction that shows history from many points of view.Jane Clarke is a twenty two year old living at home in Sawtucket, helping her stepmother with the household chores and younger children, and learning nursing from the local midwife healer She defies her overbearing father [...]

    7. Martha says:

      I ve certainly been enjoying Sally Gunning s historical novels She s done her research on the Colonial period and incorporates those historical details into her novels with deft grace Sometimes the characters seem a little too conveniently aware of the buzz of the times, if innocently so, as is Jane in this novel But it s a device that works It s exciting to be thrown into Boston with Jane just as rebellion is brewing And as Jane sorts through her emotions and relationships, the difficulties of [...]

    8. Martha Johnson says:

      Book 3 well doneWhile it is best enjoyed as book 3 of a series, the author took pains to have each book stand alone as a self contained story with beginning, middle and end I completely loved Widow s War and liked Bound, and liked very much this one Gunning has a natural storytelling gift and her MC always rings true Lovely prose and turns of phrase Some chapters near the middle that felt slow and full of dreary details of daily life cooped up in a house, but perhaps that was the author s device [...]

    9. Cassie says:

      This book started off great but lost steam about half way through I loved the Widow s War, also by this author, but this book wasn t nearly as good I finished it only because I was than half way done and I wanted to see how it ended.

    10. Jackie says:

      I simply could not finish this book I was pretty much bored to tears, which is a real shame because I was really looking forward to reading this book I loved Sally Gunning s previous 2 books but this one felt like I was reading an embellished history book.

    11. DEBORAH BASS says:

      DullThe story never seemed to get off the ground The first 50_75 pages could have beefed summed up in about 10 pages to set the groundwork of the story Not very meaty I would recommend this book to older middle school or high school ages I was very disappointed.

    12. Lauraw says:

      I couldn t finish it I don t like to give up on a book, but there are so many good ones out there why waste time on one that just doesn t engage you

    13. ☕Laura says:

      Ratings 1 to 5 Writing 4Plot 3Characters 4Emotional impact 3Overall rating 3.5

    14. Antof9 says:

      I didn t dislike this book, and for historical fiction it went superfast, but I also felt like it was trying to give me a feminist agenda Sadly, it didn t even do that well, so was just sort of meh I mean, it was interesting And the few twists in the plot caught my attention, but overall, I didn t even get what happened at the very end I didn t really understand why the author wrote in such a convoluted manner For example, when the aunt is found out , it s all back assward in terms of how she wr [...]

    15. Julia says:

      Jane Clarke is a young woman with a mind of her own Living outside Boston before the Revolutionary War, she sees and hears many things She is devoted to her family, loves her home and is planning on getting married Jane suddenly turns down the man she is to marry because she does not feel she knows him well enough to marry him This angers her father, who in turn sends her to Boston to care for an elderly aunt.Boston is home to the Sons of Liberty and many a revolutionary Jane meets Henry Knox, a [...]

    16. Shonna Froebel says:

      In the town of Satucket Jane Clarke lives with her father, stepmother and younger siblings Her father runs one of the two mills in town and there is a longstanding rivalry between the two mill families, the Clarkes and the Winslows Jane s big rebellion is to turn down a marriage proposal that her father had expected her to accept She feels that she wants to know the man better before entering into the marriage, but as punishment she is sent to Boston to be companion to her father s sickly Aunt G [...]

    17. Abra says:

      This is the third novel I ve read by Sally Gunning, and I hope she writes Its setting is Boston and Satucket on Cape Cod in 1769 1770 the first of the three is in, I think 1761 the second, in 1765 The series context and content remind me of two other equally good historical fiction series set in exactly that era First, Barbara Hamilton aka Barbara Hambly has a historical fiction series with only three entries so far, and I am anxiously awaiting a fourth, though two of her other series are also [...]

    18. Jacqie says:

      This is a quick little story that packs a lot in Young Jane decides, without really knowing why, that she doesn t want to marry the man her father chose for her She can t quite reason it out, yet won t betray the depth of her feeling Whereupon she gets packed off to be a nursemaid for a querulous invalid aunt in Boston, just before the Massacre.There s a bit of romance here, but what the author is really doing is examining the black and whiteness that seems to be necessary to effect change, even [...]

    19. Rachel Crooks says:

      I loved this character, both in her quiet strength of spirit and in the realistic way the author reveals her The first interesting thing I read about Jane was that she had a bubble in her chest that indicated she felt disturbed by the contents of a letter she had received Before knowing who she is, the context of the letter, or anything about the story, I knew that Jane was responding viscerally to something and taking the time to find out why.And this is how the story is laid out events are des [...]

    20. Jennifer says:

      Sally Gunning captures something very beautiful in this historical novel, which is the fundamental ambivalence of human wanting and human decision making Gunning s character, Jane Clarke, doesn t know what she wants and doesn t know who she wants to be, and she alternates between clinging to or feeling frustrated with her father, her brother, and various suitors At times she s committed to telling the truth about her eyewitness account of the Boston Massacre at other times, she s cowed by politi [...]

    21. Kathie says:

      Really enjoyed this book, as well as the other two in the trilogy The Widow s War and Bound Woven around documented historical events, these stories bring life and color to colonial America, an era that can seem stilted and one dimensional, its story tied up neatly in a box.The birth of the United States was surely messier than we like to acknowledge, with plenty of double dealing, incitement, and inflated rhetoric This book shows the shades of gray in the politics of the time, dealing with the [...]

    22. Lisa says:

      Sally Cabot Gunning has written another excellent historical fiction novel dealing with the challenges that women faced in 18th Century colonial New England Jane Clarke is the daughter of a tough middle class Cape Cod businessman who rules his business and his family with an iron will He adores his eldest child, his daughter Jane First of all, she s survived into her twenties a feat in itself she is also the daughter of his first wife he is married to his fourth she s hard working, obedient and [...]

    23. Dave says:

      Primarily set in pre Revolution Boston, The Rebellion of Jane Clark does a fine job expressing the tension that existed at the time Through the protagonist, a willful young woman from a rural background thrust into the events of the day rather unwillingly, we observe the political and revolutionary furor that had gripped the city in the months leading to the Boston Massacre Author Sally Gunning skillfully uses notable historical figures such as John Adams, Henry Knox, and James Otis to involve h [...]

    24. Michelle says:

      This is the third book in the series about Satucket, MA The time period for the book is just prior to the revolutionary war Jane is a young woman, living with her father, stepmother, and her younger siblings She is being courted by young man put forward by her father While she likes him, she wants from her life, and shocks everyone when she turns down his proposal Her father offers her the choice of reconsidering or going to Boston to be the caretaker for her elderly aunt Jane decides to go to [...]

    25. Val Sanford says:

      Jane s Rebellion fizzled out for me as Gunning tried to infuse a coming of age story with famous characters from American s pre Revolutionary Boston Jane s character just didn t inspire me, although I did get taken for one twisted surprised I didn t see coming Sure the Boston and the Freedom Fighters are invigorating and it s always fun to listen to John Adams, but Jane s story just didn t ring true even though it was based in part on little known facts surrounding the notorious events that ende [...]

    26. Michelle says:

      Such a great story, so well written, and with such a true to life human being as the main character A woman alive during the time of the Boston Massacre wasn t raised to form her own thoughts, opinions and especially questions, especially those political in nature But Jane Clarke does She thinks, wonders, and sometimes even questions her fate and the will of those around her, including her father But not outside of the context of a woman true to those times I think this is what I love about the [...]

    27. Cynthia Neale says:

      Set in prerevolutionary Boston and a village on Cape Cod, the story revolves around Jane Clarke, a young woman who refuses to marry the man her father has chosen for her Her relationship with her father and family is in ill repair due to her rebellion not to marry and she moves to Boston with an old aunt who is not the kindly person she thinks she is Jane becomes engaged in the rebellious atmosphere of the times, but questions the patriots fervor in specific actions against British soldiers She [...]

    28. Charlotte Dickens says:

      Sally Gunning is a superb writer of historical fiction While still wonderful in historical detail, I didn t think the narrative held together as well as her other two novels that were set in Satucket Village, Massachussets Having watched the John Adams film previously, I was quite familiar with the events in Boston at the time so much of what she included was not new to me That in itself is not problematic, but it seemed that she may have overdone the including of historical political detail I l [...]

    29. Emma Jane says:

      Let me begin by saying I had high hopes for this book very high hopes I love good historical fiction about the Colonial period, and I was ready for this book to blow me away And didn t It wasn t the kind of story I was expecting actually the story itself was a little strange and the characters didn t grab me, BUT it s still an amazingly written historical novel The author really gets into the nitty gritty of the turmoil that was happening in the colonies at that point, which was probably intere [...]

    30. Monica says:

      First of all the book jacket in the version I picked up from my local library describes the book at containing lesser known figures in America s battle for independence, such as Samuel and John Adams Really They are lesser known In terms of the story itself, it is difficult to tell how the lead character, Jane Clarke rebelled If anything, she seems confused and is someone who changes her mind a lot She has issues with her father, and the growing struggle and violence between those loyal to Engla [...]

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