Cathie Linz
Mad, Bad and Blonde
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Mad, Bad and Blonde Cathie Linz When a man s too good to be trueJilted on her wedding day for being the queen of dullsville, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, hoping to leave her pain behind That could take a miracle, but she s about to discover miracles do happen His name is Caine Hunter Smart, spontaneous, hot, and sexy, he has her feeling like a real woman for the first tiWhen a man s too good to be trueJilted on her wedding day for being the queen of dullsville, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, hoping to leave her pain behind That could take a miracle, but she s about to discover miracles do happen His name is Caine Hunter Smart, spontaneous, hot, and sexy, he has her feeling like a real woman for the first time ever until the truth surfacesA former Force Recon Marine turned PI, Caine was doing what he does best spying And his new target was Faith But falling for the enemy s daughter was never part of his plan Caine is a man used to winning, but this time his mission is much personal and now that he and Faith are both back in Chicago, the rewards could be, too. Mad Bad and Blonde When a man s too good to be trueJilted on her wedding day for being the queen of dullsville librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo hoping to leave her pain behind That could take a
  • Title: Mad, Bad and Blonde
  • Author: Cathie Linz
  • ISBN: 9780425233405
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mad, Bad and Blonde Cathie Linz

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      Cathie Linz

    1 Blog on “Mad, Bad and Blonde

    1. Saly says:

      Mad Bad and Blonder was an enjoyable read, but not a blow my mind out one.Faith West is about to get married when she gets a text from her fiancee that he can t marry her, her needs excitement Well Faith is angry and goes off alone on her honeymoon since she always wanted to go to Italy Faith is a librarian but she is also an ace shooter and holds a PI license since her dad owns one of the biggest investigating companies.Caine Hunter is an ex marine on a mission, to keep an eye on Faith He is wo [...]

    2. Emily says:

      Librarian Faith West never expected her wedding to end with a text from her fiancee, well now ex Deciding she is not boring like her ex inferred, she takes off for her singlemoon honeymoon It doesn t take long before she realizes she is just as sad there as she would be at home but then she meets fellow traveler Caine Hunter Faith knows she is not the type to get involved in a fling but she jumps full in with Caine, that is until he finds out he works for her dad s competitor and was sent to spy [...]

    3. Emily says:

      It s about a librarian in Italy Awesome Or so I thought.This was a terrible book Absolutely terrible I thought, Oh, she s blond like me Oh, she s been to Italy like me Oh, she likes libraries like me Yeah none of that mattered I don t know if I just can t read romance novels any or what, but it felt like the writing was meant for a child The subject matter was a little bit adult, but mostly they just argued with each other and themselves like they were in middle school Silly and not worth it.

    4. SheLove2Read says:

      If you re looking for a serious romance with lots of drama and passion, move on to something else But if you re looking for a fun, quick, humorous read, Mad, Bad and Blonde fits the bill.

    5. Heather Gunnell says:

      Mad, Bad, and Blonde is another fabulous title from Cathie Linz I am admittedly biased toward stories that feature librarian characters, but I also just love anything that Cathie Linz writes I definitely recommend this story, along with Linz s other titles like, Tempted Again, Big Girls Don t Cry, or Smart Girls Think Twice.

    6. Katie(babs) says:

      Children s librarian Faith West is left at the altar by text message on her Blackberry from her fianc Alan who doesn t want to be married to her He longs for adventure and excitement and doesn t want Faith because he feels she s boring Faith is crushed, but decides to suck it up and go on her honeymoon to Positano, Italy by herself And it s a good thing Alan hopped on a plane to Bali because Faith is a crack shot with a gun, thanks to her father who first took her to the firing range when she wa [...]

    7. Jill Dunlop says:

      Faith West finds herself dumped at the altar by of all things, a text message Leaving her family to clean up the mess, Faith decides to go on to Italy by herself where she would have honeymooned She runs into Caine Hunter and being on the rebound and romantic Italy, she sleeps with him Afterwards she finds out that Caine was working for her father s arch rival as a PI Caine is trying to clear his father s name and blames Faith s father for botching an investigation that eventually led to his fat [...]

    8. Tasha says:

      WTH I thought this book was going to be 80% Italy and 20% nonsensical change of career, not the other way around.

    9. Starry says:

      faith librarian, good with guns and carscaine hunter spy agent hired by vince to spy on faith,holds a grudge on jeff because he thinks that jeff is the reason his father commited suicide along time ago while working for jeffvince faith dads enemyalan faiths ex fiancemegan faith s cousin and paljeff faiths dadyuri faith s doorman, he also knew caine when they both were in the marinesara faith s momkarl caines dead dadfaith was bombed when she recieved a message while standing on the atlar from al [...]

    10. Sandy M says:

      I wanted to like this book than I did It starts out terrific, even though it s a theme we ve read before I liked the heroine and felt for her when she s left at the alter But then she gets mad And then bad And blonde Then I got irritated.Faith is a librarian, in love, and it s her wedding day Only the groom doesn t show up He texts her, though She s just not what he s looking for, too dull, not enough adventure and excitement Going through the usual emotions after such a traumatic event, Faith [...]

    11. Judi says:

      I ve read all of Cathie Linz s previous books and quite enjoy her as an author Mad, Bad and Blonde was not one of my favorites Dumped at the alter by text message A sign of the times This takes social networking to an all new low That s what happened to poor Faith West on her wedding day when her fianc Alan decided that he wasn t ready to tie the knot with a dull, boring librarian Faith doesn t let his rejection get her down though no way she s off on her Italian honeymoon solo to have a good ti [...]

    12. Elizabeth Kolodziej says:

      I became friends with Cathie Linz on facebook Whenever I become friends with an author I check out what their books are about and all that Her book sounded really interesting so I finally saved up my pennies and got a copy I am so happy I did this.Now, my opinion This book, to me, really stressed women empowerment Faith, and yes I find it funny that my main character in Vampyre Kisses is also named Faith giggles started out in this book feeling weak and vulnerable Show of hands, how many have yo [...]

    13. Renaissancecat22 says:

      I have read many, many romance novels This is one of the few that I can describe as so poorly executed that I could almost feel my brain cells dying as I continued to read it In general, I stay away from contemporary romance, but I decided to try my luck with a Cathie Linz book because I liked what she managed to do with her half of one of those old Harlequin Duets books and I wanted to see how much better her work would be with time to develop the characters and the plot in a full length novel [...]

    14. Judy (Geeky Reading) says:

      3.5 5 Also available on my blog with extras There were a couple of things that seemed to happen too quickly, that were a bit rushed, at the beginning, but that seemed to smooth out later on in the book, and overall this one was just pretty good.Faith West, the daughter of the owner of West Investigations, gets left at the altar on her wedding day, and decides to go on her planned honeymoon to Italy alone Where she meets Caine, who works for her father s rival, and who also has a personal vendett [...]

    15. No One Is Home says:

      The woeful tale of a woman, Faith West, who is jilted at the alter but still goes on the honeymoon excursion to spite it all, and being stalked by hunky ex military stud Caine Hunter was a good and potentially exciting, and hot, idea.Then it all went downhill from there.There were glimmers of hope, only to be dashed by eye roll worthy scenes you ve read before and while, not bad, you ve read them before A million times before It s also slow, and kind of boring It s not a hot and bothered sizzlin [...]

    16. Shardallinee says:

      About the book After being jilted at the altar, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, but doesn t stay that way too long And though her sexy rebound man has ulterior motives, feelings surface that neither of them are prepared for When a man s too good to be trueJilted on her wedding day for being the queen of dullsville, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, hoping to leave her pain behind That could take a miracle, but she s about to discover miracles do ha [...]

    17. Jackie says:

      When children s librarian Faith West gets dumped at the altar on her wedding day, she doesn t dissolvee gets on a plane and heads off to her honeymoon destination solo In Italy, she meets sexy, dark, and handsome Caine Hunter, a Philadelphia lawyer Wait a minute ter checking in his wallet after all, she is the daughter of Chicago s top private investigator , she discovers that Caine, an ex Marine, works for her father s arch enemy, Vince King of King Investigations In a huff, she leaves Italy an [...]

    18. Diah Didi says:

      Another book about librarian recommeded by Veeta Tema ceritanya sih sebetulnya menarik Konflik keduanya justru muncul setelah mereka tidur bareng karna Faith ga nyangka dia tidur ama pihak musuh, while Caine, yah, dia emang dtugasin nguntit Faith, sekalian balas dendam ke bapaknya Faith yg dianggap bertanggung jawab atas bunuh dirinya bapaknya Caine, but sleeping with her was not part of his plan Waktu Faith akhirnya mutusin gabung di perusahannya bapaknya, Faith dan Caine jadi rebutan klien Dan [...]

    19. Karen says:

      When Faith West is left standing at the altar, she decides a honeymoon by herself is just the thing she needs to revitalize her life That s what Jane Austen would do after all During her first night on the Amalfi Coast, Faith meets the captivating former Force Recon marine Caine Hunter After throwing away her staid cautiousness, Faith spends a memorable evening in Caine s bed But a morning peek inside his wallet enrages her He s a spy sent by her father But she quickly discovers Caine works for [...]

    20. Caroline says:

      A fine story with a cast of original and eccentric characters What lifted Mad, Bad and Blonde far above similar prickly love hate romances was the effortlessly sparkling dialogue.The mysterious death that forms the pivot of the story is perfectly placed, adding not only intrigue and tension but also a focus for the the relationship between the two main characters Caine, an ex Marine trying to prove that the circumstances of his father s death were covered up, and, Faith, a children s librarian w [...]

    21. Emilyn says:

      Faith is a children s librarian left at the altar on the day of her wedding for not being exciting enough She goes on her honeymoon by herself and meets the handsome Caine Turns out he works for her father s rival her father owns a private investigation company Caine also believes Faith s father botched the investigation into the events surrounding his own father s suicide There is a definite attraction between Faith and Caine, and they seem to keep running into each other accidentally and on pu [...]

    22. Beth says:

      This was almost a 5 star book It was light, fun, and delightful perfect for me after I read a book about a serial killer I loved the sparring between the two main characters it wasn t done in a way that was annoying, you know, when all they do is fight then all of the sudden love each other It didn t seem ridiculous when they fell in love it was of a forbidden love, in the sense that they knew they shouldn t like each other, but couldn t help it , though it was a trifle fast for my tastes I als [...]

    23. Barb in Maryland says:

      Likable enough contemporary romance I got very tired of the bickering between the hero ex Marine Caine and heroine children s librarian Faith Author was going for witty repartee and all I got was childish bickering However the plot mystery was interesting and, once the bickering stopped, our main characters were fine The romance was hot, but very quick to get them into bed together I was happy to see that it took them several months to get to the alter and I do believe in their HEA.If you liked [...]

    24. Cindi says:

      Just a very sweet love story, styled much like Susan Elizabeth Phillips A take on the jilted at the alter theme, this one having our heroine, Faith, flying off alone on what was to be her honeymoon on the beatiful Amalfi coast in Italy.Of course she meets the sexiest man alive, Chase, during her stay and sparks fly along with french fries but you ll have to read the book to get the 411 Can t go further without ruining the book for new readers, but know that this little contemporary romance is fr [...]

    25. Char (1RadReader59) says:

      This was such a funny book This was just the firearm non couple ever until they were I totally enjoyed all the twist turns these P.I s take to get where there going on their case their relationship Faith s family is a hoot from her grandma to her cousin On the way to investigate something very personal to Caine they met some very interesting people that just add a whole different layer to this story In doing so Caine an ex Marine is able to start feeling showing emotion A must read.

    26. Carrie says:

      This book is a fun contemporary romance Faith undergoes a lot of growth throughout the book, making some mistakes along the way I really liked how she wasn t perfect in the choices she made they were realistic I wasn t too fond of Caine in the beginning but came to like him a lot The chemistry between the main characters is great and the story moves at a fast pace I was rooting for Faith and Caine to find their happily ever after and wasn t disappointed at all Fans of Erin McCarthy and Julie Jam [...]

    27. April says:

      Jilted children s librarian Faith West travels to Italy to rediscover and redefine herself There she meets mysterious, dangerous Hunter Caine who just seems to show up when she needs him most Sparks fly and it is all a little too predictable but still a cute, fast read that does not require paying too much attention to enjoy Also, note that Cathie Linz s newest title, Luck be a Lady, which is based on a character introduced in Mad, Bad and Blonde the heroine s cousin Megan will be published shor [...]

    28. Jennifer says:

      This was going really well until I met the hero He was a jerk and I didn t think he could ever be redeemed It never occurs to him or any of the male characters in the book that she might be acting out of character because she was dumped at the altar It was when the hero thought she was acting sad really well at Pompeii, like she was actually sad about the deaths of thousands, that the novel lost me It never occurred to him she would look sad cause she was dumped He was either too dumb or too sad [...]

    29. Jessi says:

      Faith West is a children s librarian whose boring, staid life is apparently way too boring for her fianc He s left Faith at the altar So she flies off and goes out on her honeymoon by herself where she has a torrid affair With a man who ends up being a private investigator employed by her father s rival Also, he thinks that her father drove his father to suicide So she loses him and returns to Chicago where she immediately joins her father s PI unit A quick read and about what I expected from th [...]

    30. Emily Fauble says:

      I was surprised, I fully expected this book to be a bunch of fluff and was happy to find their was actually a fairly good story line and some half way decent characters It was a bit too sexual for my liking and part of the story s resolution was a little too all of a sudden for me, but overall I enjoyed the read and found it fun I look forward to the next book by this author which stars one of the lesser characters from this book.

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