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The Cow Loves Cookies
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The Cow Loves Cookies Karma Wilson Marcellus Hall The horse loves hay, the chickens need feed, the geese munch on corn, the hogs devour slop, the dog eats treats, but the cow loves COOKIES Don t miss this barnyard treat, featuring a new cover, from the author of the New York Times bestselling Bear series.With an original twist on the ordinary barnyard picture book, this read aloud from bestselling author Karma Wilson isThe horse loves hay, the chickens need feed, the geese munch on corn, the hogs devour slop, the dog eats treats, but the cow loves COOKIES Don t miss this barnyard treat, featuring a new cover, from the author of the New York Times bestselling Bear series.With an original twist on the ordinary barnyard picture book, this read aloud from bestselling author Karma Wilson is a clever exploration of a curious incident on the farm As the farmer makes his rounds each day, most of the animals chew on the foods a young reader would expect But when it s time to feed the cow, she feasts on a special treat Wilson s signature style and Marcellus Hall s spirited watercolors will delight children on and off the farm because when it comes down to it, who doesn t love milk and cookies. The Cow Loves Cookies The horse loves hay the chickens need feed the geese munch on corn the hogs devour slop the dog eats treats but the cow loves COOKIES Don t miss this barnyard treat featuring a new cover from t
  • Title: The Cow Loves Cookies
  • Author: Karma Wilson Marcellus Hall
  • ISBN: 9781416942061
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Cow Loves Cookies Karma Wilson Marcellus Hall

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    1 Blog on “The Cow Loves Cookies

    1. Matt says:

      All of the farm animals seem to be happy with the fare they are provided by the farmer From slop for pigs to corn for the geese and a bale of hay for the horse However, the cow much prefers a cookie or two But why is that and how did it all come about As the story progresses, the mystery is revealed and it all makes sense in the end Neo loves his cookies and can see why the farmer and cow might share a special ritual together Delicious things those sweets and complemented nicely with a good book [...]

    2. Ezekiel says:

      Rhyming book about the different farm animals and what they like to eat Each time a new animal is named the list of the other animals follows, and the list rhymes but doesn t repeat from each repetition to the next The illustrations are loose and colorful as well So you think I d at least like this book butI have to admit, I found the ending a little creepy, where the reason the cow loves cookies is because every day she and the farmer go have a picnic lunch where he milks her and they share the [...]

    3. Marcie says:

      I love this participatory read aloud to follow with cookies and milk I can t wait to read it to Kindergarten where I volunteer I usually use an Amy Krause Rosenthal Cookies book to start my University class, but will probably use this in the fall I can see it fitting into class farm units or poetry writing models One page had a layout that was a problem for me as it altered traditional tracking and had the two page spread read top to bottom one page at a time, but did the reading left to right T [...]

    4. Christine says:

      The Cow Loves CookiesBy Karma WilsonAwards Iowa Goldfinch Award 2013 2014Audience Primary K 2Genre Picture Book FictionPre reading Strategy T ChartBefore letting your students see the title of the book, create a T Chart on the board or on chart paper.On the left side write Farm Animals and on the left side write the question What type of food do they eat Have students think of all the animals they can think of that might live on a farm horse, cow, chickens, geese, hogs, dog, ducks, etc.Have stud [...]

    5. Syntha Green says:

      Excellent choice for storytime, rhymes and has a refrain the kids can join in on

    6. LizzyBerry says:

      Great reactions during storytime.

    7. Heidi-Marie says:

      Very good A perfect preschool storytime choice The pictures are fun and not too busy They also seem to have a younger quality to them The rhyming is done well and makes the book flow The repetition of what the animals eat is not distracting or annoying, and actually would make the kids feel connected The ending is hilarious.A good choice for Beehive nominee And I can t wait to try this in a storytime 2 15 12 This worked quite well in storytime It reads easily and the kids love the farm setting [...]

    8. Tasha says:

      Told in a jaunty rhyme, this book shows life on a farm through a funny, quirky lens Farmer feeds each animal every day The horse eats hay The chickens eat chicken feed The geese eat corn The pig eats slop The dog loves doggie treats As each animal is introduced along with the food it eats, the chorus chimes in with the cow loves cookies Then with each new animal, the previous ones are added to the rhyme, forming a fun, cumulative tale In the end, the reader will be pleased to find out exactly ho [...]

    9. The Library Lady says:

      No matter who the illustrator, Karma Wilson s books are always a delight and this one is no exception.Her sense of rhythm is as impeccable here as in the immortal Bear Snores On series, but here she has turned to the farmyard.Most of Farmer s animals eat what animals usually eat, but not the cow Each stanza ends with the chorus but the cow loves cookies Save for the last page, that is, which ends with a nice little twist that might make for a sequel The illustrations are bold, bright and full of [...]

    10. Reader says:

      Man did this one fly under the radar in 2010 hmm some sort of children s literary cloaking device It s about time to give it the recognition it deserves An absolute read aloud winner that invites participation and puts a fresh face on a setting and style the farm and rhyming that has been around the block once or thrice It doesn t seem like it, but the book is essentially a mystery namely, what s up with the cow loving cookies All the other farm animals like the usual feed and slop, but that don [...]

    11. Loren says:

      My new favorite book of 2010 I can t say enough about how wonderful this book is it has everything going for it illustrations, wonderful rhyming, humor Like I said can t say enough don t miss this one I think this should be considered when Caldecott time rolls around in 2010 although the illustrations do not stand alone in terms of plot and story progression they are refreshing and delightful all the same I have always been a huge Karma Wilson fan even before she visited the Dublin Branch but no [...]

    12. John says:

      I usually read in complete silence It takes a lot of energy for me to focus and my mind often wanders to lesson plans, other books I need to read, and fifty other things You probably don t know this but I m the Energizer Bunny Therefore, I know a picture book is perfect when my long TO DO list disappears and I read the entire book aloud to an empty room The Cow Loves Cookies is one of those books.

    13. Kathryn says:

      There is nothing particularly ground breaking about this book in which various farm creatures get their traditional feed, but the cow insists on the cookies that she loves so well But, gosh, it s so cute I love Karma Wilson, her rhymes are always so engaging and delightful, and the illustrations are very cute, too I like the reciprocal relationship the farmer and the cow have and the ending just left me with a big grin and a chuckle.

    14. Cristina says:

      Can see this being a big hit with the preschools as they can shout the cow loves cookies all the time throughout the story.

    15. Adalyn McCarty says:

      This would be a great book for the younger grade levels It is a sequence book that goes through all the different farm animals and what they eat After all the animals are repeated a new one gets added in and I think it s great for kids working in sequences and memorization The illustrations are simple and cute and I m sure it will make the kids giggle.

    16. Becky Keir Grace says:

      All the animals on the farm love their food, but the cow loves cookies Why does the cow love cookies so much This is a cute, rhyming story that tells the story on the farm animals and a cookie loving cow The illustrations were very nice as well.

    17. Kerri Lynn says:

      My preschooler and I enjoyed this book so much As fellow cookie enthusiasts, we completely agree with the cow This book is funny and great as a read aloud, with repetition and rhyming The illustrations are bold and humorous, complementing the funny text We giggled our way through.

    18. DeNae says:

      I love Karma Wilson s Bear books, and she continues her sweet and inviting rhymes in The Cow Loves Cookies It was fun and silly and well done I just loved it.

    19. Lauren Henderson says:

      I enjoyed how the story had rhyme and repetition and was very cute I could see myself using this with Kindergarten My son loved the quackers line at the end.

    20. Emily Carlyn says:

      Perfect for having kids repeat the phrase And the cow loves cookies Plus, the pun at the end is SO GOOD Will have parents laughing.

    21. Liz Goble says:

      I love Karma Wilson s books

    22. Viviane Elbee says:

      Fun farm animal book, with a cow that loves cookies.

    23. Jeremy says:

      A little odd that the cow and the farmer go off to be alone and eat cookies together, and he milks her and drinks the milk.

    24. Miss Sarah says:

      All the animals on the farm love their snacks but the cow will only eat cookies why toddler and up so cute and funny

    25. Heather says:

      Great for 3 6y.o rhymes and predictive text are fun, and the kids got into it Bold pictures are perfect for storytime, just wish we had it as a big book.

    26. Karen says:

      My two year old did not like this book as much as I thought he would considering he likes to point out animals he knows, and he also loves cookies Oh well.

    27. Erik Parsons says:

      This is a good selection for a Toddler story time The book flows well and gives the reader places to pause and ask questions comment from page to page Spoiler Alert The Cow LOVES cookies.

    28. Lori says:

      We read this book at the Boys and Girls Club today It was fun

    29. Jody says:

      Cute story with great rhyming schemes.

    30. Hannah says:

      Fun repetition Perfect for preschoolers

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