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A Hathaway Wedding
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A Hathaway Wedding Lisa Kleypas This is a free Hathaway short story about Win Hathaway and Kev Merripen s wedding.. A Hathaway Wedding This is a free Hathaway short story about Win Hathaway and Kev Merripen s wedding
  • Title: A Hathaway Wedding
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: PDF
  • A Hathaway Wedding Lisa Kleypas

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    1 Blog on “A Hathaway Wedding

    1. Seffra says:

      Easily a 5 star read Even though this was only about 28 pages I loved it I was saving it for when I really needed some Hathaway love Kev and Win have a serious place I my heart So does Beatrix She kills me I love her love for animals and boy did we get it in here Kev is such an awesome, hardcore male I seriously love him And the Hathaway humour is very much present I actually found myself laughing out loud so many times in this short story I NEED MORE LISA KLEYPAS She is like a drug I ll always [...]

    2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

      While the title is slightly misleading because this book revolves around Beatrix than anyone else, this was such a sweet look at Kev and Win s wedding ceremony and a chance to revisit some of our favorite Hathaway characters I wish I had read this in order because I couldn t help but miss characters like Harry Rutledge, Catherine, Christopher and others we ve come to love.For a mere 27 pages, this story was full of charm and humor the way only Lisa Kleypas can do it and kept me smiling the enti [...]

    3. Eastofoz says:

      What a bunch of hokey, half assed, sloppy, slapstick romance writing Why do authors do this Yeah it was free and I can understand if it s not as polished but this was also a total waste of time This is supposed to be a short story about Win and Merripen s wedding whose story is told in Seduce Me at Sunrise Win is still the lovely read annoying delicate fairy like creature who s in love with that lummox Merripen The wedding though is of a backdrop than a story to Beatrix s St Francis of Assisi s [...]

    4. Dina says:

      This was a nice, quick and free fix for fans of the Hathaways series It was mostly focused on Beatrix, the animal lover quirky Hathaway sister, and not on Merripen and Win as I had expected.

    5. Sombra says:

      La mejor boda que he le do en hist rica Risas y adorabilidad aseguradas en tan solo 30 p ginas

    6. Kübra Yağmur says:

      Yaaa lg n Hathaway lerin d n nden daha az n beklemezdim ama Ollie mi Cidden mi Beatrix nk bu seni bile a an bir durum oldu.

    7. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا says:

      Kev Merripan and Win Hathaway wedding, yup Monday for healthTuesday for wealthWednesday s the best of allThursday brings crossesand Friday lossesbut Saturday no luck at all.And it is nice to read about Beatrix and her animals, the part in the church with Ollie is so funny

    8. Ðawn says:

      Meh Not worth it Not really about the wedding so much as it is to a set up for a Beatrix book Very unromatic Not at all what I expected Wedding night was a gypt too it is only 28 pages and I had to read it on my computer Could not find a kindle edition Glad it was free.

    9. Avid Booker says:

      He adored her with an intensity that approached worship THIS AINT NEVA LIED Merripen is the most worshiping, loving hero I ve ever met Especially in his own story Win was the one that caused problems for me in their own book But anyway, this was a cute little short story that took me entirely too long to finish because I kept putting it off and doing everything else I liked it It wasn t anything special But at least the family still felt like the family.


      Help needed I want to read this short story but can t seem to find it on Can anyone who read it let me know where they found it It doesn t specify where it can be found in the blurb Thank you

    11. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

      Wanna know what happens at a Hathaway wedding Well, here s your chance With this cute little short story, you can read about Win and Kev s wedding day God, I love them soo much So to be able to read anything with them in it makes me smile.Everyone makes an appearance so it s a fun and obviously crazy time There s lots of love and laughter and even an elephant Anything Kleypas writes is amazing and this is no exception

    12. Susan (susayq ~) says:

      4.5 stars And that is only because it was so short and I want This is another one of the Hathaway stories I read with a stupid grin on my face through the whole thing I love that it set up Beatrix to be able to be free to find a husband of her choosing without all the fuss of the times I m looking forward to seeing who she ends up withhopefully someone who s a vet

    13. Kimberly Carrington-Fox says:

      Salvo si algo de lo que pasa aqu que es bien poco aporta algo en alguno de los libros siguientes, poco aporta esta historia La Kleypas las sabe hacer m s cuquis.

    14. Maria_Love_For_Books says:

      A short but cute and funny story

    15. Cristina says:

      What a cute short story I m now on the fifth and last bookn I just say I don t want it to end I will most definitely miss all the Hathaways.

    16. Loretta says:

      A parte il matrimonio, credo che Beatrix Hathaway sia pazza da morire e mi piace un sacco L elefante poi il massimo

    17. Ana Banda says:

      AMO a Kev Merripen su car cter 333Merripen vio el caos en el granero con ardiente furia Silencio rigi l.Todo el mundo se call Incluso el elefante Durante pr ximos diez minutos advirti Merripen a todos los concurrentes , nadie se mover , hablar , ni siquiera respirar Todo esto ser aclarado despu s del mediod a Por el momento, quienquiera que interrumpa esta ceremonia se encontrar tirado de cabeza en el recipiente de grano m s cercano Silencio dijo Merripen, haciendo un gesto de alto con la mano M [...]

    18. Perry ★TBBSisterhood Blog★ says:

      4.5 stars Just a delightful piece of fluff, but I thought it was hilarious Was some of it outrageous Absolutely, especially the parts about Beatrix s supposed ability to communicate with animals which was just a little over the top, but the humour was so well done, I couldn t help but laugh out loud It was just great to be a part of Win and Merripen s wedding I m a big sucker for the man and his crazy in love, jealous, possessive ways There are funny little examples all through this short story [...]

    19. ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖ says:

      Oficialmente termine la saga Hathaways Hace tanto tiempo que no terminaba una saga Bueno, esta me gusto, algunos no fueron muy buenos y les falto ese algo pero tengo debilidad por Cam y Kev aunque la mayor a del tiempo me dan ganas de darle una cachetada as que sus libros salvaron la saga Esta buena para pasar el rato.

    20. Anasylvia says:

      Aw.Also, I freaking love Bea, and I can t wait for her story.

    21. Lisa Kay says:

      Just a quick read, delightful for anyone familiar with the series.

    22. Elaine says:

      Oh, that was lovely I love the way Kev and Win interact with each other A lovely short read.

    23. ❤️☘D♡K☘❤️ says:

      5 cute stars Well I m so happy there was a small snippet of Kev and Win s wedding here So in LOVE with this couple

    24. Hina says:

      I love this short story of Kev and Win s wedding I think it is a nice transition from Seduce me at Sunrise and into the third book On top of it, its free

    25. Susana says:

      A short story about the Hathaways.

    26. Chi says:

      Ohmygosh That was adorable Don t be misled this is not just about Win and Kev s wedding it involves practically all the Hathaways save perhaps Poppy Strange that she doesn t show up here.Can you imagine it view spoiler A wedding to be conducted, save that the church got destroyed by a fallen branch Then finding out that the estate s chapel is now a granary And then realising that the vows needed to be completed by noon before the wedding is properly sanctioned and acknowleged except for it to be [...]

    27. Jessy says:

      More focus on Beatrix and her animals than on Win and Kev.

    28. Carrie says:

      You misunderstand, Merripen interrupted quietly I m not asking if we can negotiate, I m informing you that we will I love Merripen.I have only one complaint, tooo short I want MORE Oh Beatrix, I am so excited to read your story It s just that I can t help wishing to find someone who sees the world as I do How silly and senseless all these rules are Manners, corsets, gossip, asparagus forksd heaven help me, polite conversation If I can t talk about something real, I d rather not talk at all I hav [...]

    29. Amarilli Settantatre says:

      Novella deliziosa, con Merripen che si ostina volersi sposare lottando contro sfortune e maledizioni Giusto completamento del secondo romanzo della serie.

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