Anne Perry David Colacci
Funeral in Blue
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Funeral in Blue Anne Perry David Colacci The headlines were gruesome two beautiful women found strangled in the studio of a well known London artist To investigator William Monk and his wife Hester, the murders are a nightmare One of the victims is an obscure artist s model The other is the wife of Hester s cherished colleague, distinguished surgeon Dr Kristian Beck, a Viennese emigre who swiftly becomes theThe headlines were gruesome two beautiful women found strangled in the studio of a well known London artist To investigator William Monk and his wife Hester, the murders are a nightmare One of the victims is an obscure artist s model The other is the wife of Hester s cherished colleague, distinguished surgeon Dr Kristian Beck, a Viennese emigre who swiftly becomes the principal suspect With an intensity born of desperation, Hester, Monk, and their dear friend Lady Callandra Daviot, who cannot hide her deep love for the accused, seek evidence that will save Kristian from the hangman hoping to penetrate not only the mystery of Elissa Beck s death but the riddle of her life.. Funeral in Blue The headlines were gruesome two beautiful women found strangled in the studio of a well known London artist To investigator William Monk and his wife Hester the murders are a nightmare One of the vic
  • Title: Funeral in Blue
  • Author: Anne Perry David Colacci
  • ISBN: 9781587887390
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Funeral in Blue Anne Perry David Colacci

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    1 Blog on “Funeral in Blue

    1. Melissa Lenhardt says:

      If not for William Monk and his wife Hester, Funeral in Blue would have been a total disappointment I like these characters so much I will suffer through much, it seems In Funeral in Blue, every single characters spends way too much time asking themselves questions, navel gazing and occasionally contradicting themselves Perry pads the story with repetitions of the victim s heroism and beauty In fact, any time someone talks of the victim, her heroism and beauty is mentioned It is exhausting and c [...]

    2. Jamie Collins says:

      This is the twelfth book in Perry s Victorian mystery series about Monk, the amnesiac detective and Hester, the Crimean War nurse It s entertaining enough if you enjoy these characters, which I do, but the mystery is pretty weak.Monk and Hester have a wealthy patron, Lady Callandra, who occasionally finances their detecting adventures Callandra has long been in love with the married surgeon, Dr Beck But now Beck s wife has been murdered, so there may be a happy ending in store for Callandra unle [...]

    3. Becky says:

      First sentence The operating room was silent except for the deep, regular breathing of the gaunt young woman who lay on the table, the immense bulge of her stomach laid bare Premise plot The twelfth novel in the William Monk series focuses on Dr Kristian Beck This surgeon has appeared briefly in several other novels in this mystery series In this one, he s the prime suspect for his wife s murder There are two murders actually, and both murders occurred at an artist s studio Lady Callandra wants [...]

    4. Cheryl says:

      I really need to read of the books in this series and I need to find out about the Austrian uprising of 1848 This book deals with the question of friendship and what we would do if pushed to the edge of ruin and, to some extent, the question of political expediency When Dr Kristian Beck stands accused of the murder of his wife and another woman, Monk and Hester and Lady Callandra push themselves to the edge to prove him innocent While they all concede that he might have been driven to kill his [...]

    5. Beth says:

      Anne Perry writes strong Victorian murder mysteries with complex characters, including spunky, smart women, and plots that center on important social issues In Funeral in Blue she takes on women s property rights obliquely, and gambling and Anti Semitism directly This is part of the Monk series, and takes place in both London and post Revolutionary Vienna The basic premise is the murder of Dr Kristian Beck s previously mostly invisible wife, along with an artist s model, at a studio to which she [...]

    6. Ashley says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book Fair disclosure I got it as a book on CD in a truck stop for a long drive I enjoy them Make fun of me I don t care Ok, now that I got that out of the way I have not read the rest of the series I didn t know it was part of a series It stands alone although I suspect or could be even better if I had read the other 11 or so I enjoy turn of the 19th century historical fiction especially mysteries or detective stories, and I assure you I will try the first book in the s [...]

    7. Hilary says:

      3.5 starsIt s a good thing Monk s tentative truce with Runcorn remains in effect, because their best chance of finding the truth lies in working together This time, Kristian is the one with everything at stake and even if he wins, he may still lose As an immigrant, and a murdered woman s husband, he s first on the list of suspects Can anything be found to save him And what is Imogen s secret, that Charles can t bear to leave yet requires Hester s help Note for Kindle readers the last 12% contain [...]

    8. Lori says:

      4.5 Starstually This book was excellent up until the very end where the storyline wrapped up a bit too neatly and quickly for my liking Otherwise a great book start to finish.

    9. Carol says:

      Another enjoyable mystery by Anne Perry, up to her usual standard I always know I am going get a great mystery.

    10. Colin Mitchell says:

      This William and Hester Monk novel had a very predictable scenario A friend arrested for allegedly murdering his wife which leads William to the continent and Hester supporting Lady Callandra through a trial The twists were sudden and somewhat out of context, the style laboured and pace slow The characters are frustrating as they never seem to ask the obvious questions The oly change was that Oliver Rathbone was away.Not a memorable book.

    11. Sue says:

      I have just read all 22 of Anne Perry s William Monk series non stop over the past 5 months and loved every minute of them I have never in my life before read an entire series back to back and even when I ve previously read a trilogy I ve had to stop for a breather part way through They are so well written and introduce all sorts of historical events and social issues of the time 1850s 60s.

    12. Tittirossa says:

      Un classico perryano con Monk A met si gi capito molto, ma l autrice allunga il brodo fino ad un finale discutibile Si portano a galle le miserie di 3 4 persone ed il colpevole non ha neanche una motivazione plausibile per l omicidio Perry sempre meno credibile e leggibile

    13. Kathleen Freeman says:

      A quick read, covered interesting topics.

    14. jill crotty says:

      Once again Anne Perry had me fooled to the end I love this historical crime series with Monk and Hester This delivers an intense story with a great history lesson of that era.

    15. Marge says:

      Two women are found murdered in an artist s studio and Monk and Hester become involved when their friend, Dr Kristian Beck, is charged with the crime.

    16. Sandy Kershner says:

      I love reading Anne Perry She is a good mystery writer and you are not quite sure who did it.

    17. Bethel says:

      Great adventure for Monk and Hester

    18. Rachel Beck says:

      I had to trudge through this.

    19. Marla says:

      This one felt like the author was showing off their knowledge of history with a slapped together, random conclusion.

    20. Teresa Stauble says:

      A true mystery to the end.Anne Perry is great at making one guess to nearly the last page It also makes the need to continue the series to see Monk s identity unravel.

    21. Kim says:

      Quite enjoyable A bit repetitive in the character development but I m looking forward to reading by this author and there are lots to choose from.

    22. Marilyn Fontane says:

      Funeral in Blue by Anne Perry is an unusual novel The primary victim is the wife of Kristian Beck, a doctor Hester has worked with and a man one of her best friends, Lady Callandra Daviot, has loved in silence and unrequitedly for years Dr Beck is accused of the murder, and Monk tries to find the real killer to free this physician he respects Both Kristian Beck and his wife Elissa von Liebnitz had been part of the underground when they were young in 1848 in Vienna, attempting freedom for the Aus [...]

    23. Jennifer says:

      Victorian mystery in the Thomas and Hester Monk series I thought this was one of the better ones in the series.

    24. Cathy says:

      This book was annoying than enjoyable, but funnily enough, I will read another of her books, out of curiosity, to see if the earlier ones were any better written Funeral in Blue is a William Monk mystery set in Victorian England William Monk is a former policeman who is now a private investigator, and Hester Latterly, his wife, is a nurse who is married to Monk In Funeral in Blue, two women are murdered in the studio of an artist, Argo Allardyce One of the women, Elissa Beck, is the wife of Kri [...]

    25. Pat says:

      Anne Perry s character development over this series is just fabulous Monk and Hester, now Monk and Runcorn, Callandra and Kristian, Rathbone The stories are compelling, the victorian atmosphere is well drawn, and the growth of each character as the books unfold keep me reading

    26. Jeni Enjaian says:

      To be honest I can t remember how I ever heard about this book or why I even put it on my list.Obviously I approached the book wary of what I would find, especially after I read what was on the dust jacket cover I was so afraid that it would delve into the seemier side of things that I never want to expose myself to I think what I m trying to say is understandable.I told myself that I would put the book away if I ever encountered anything like that I finished the book.Now, I realized as I delved [...]

    27. Amy says:

      Anne Perry does not disappoint.ever

    28. Cheryl Bradley says:

      Once again, Anne Perry takes us back to Victorian England Hester Monk s coworker, Dr Kristian Beck, finds himself accused of the murders of his wife, Elissa, and an artist s model, Sarah Mackeson in an artist s studio Dr Beck is originally from Vienna, where both he and his wife played active roles as revolutionaries in the uprising of 1848 Hester does not want to believe Kristian is guilty, especially since her dear friend Callandra Daviot is secretly in love with Kristian Callandra engages Mon [...]

    29. Laura Edwards says:

      Odd not to have Rathbone make an appearance at all, but in the end I guess it makes sense It was an interesting twist to have Monk and Runcorn working together I really like the growing understanding and respect between them Much believable when characters are three dimensional instead of cardboard cutouts with good guys and bad guys As much as I want to see Callandra and Kristian Beck get together, I m sorry his wife had to die She would have been a fascinating character to add to the series S [...]

    30. Katie Bee says:

      I feel like this series doesn t live up to what could be its potential Perry writes well, and many of her characters are great with the ongoing exception of Monk I have always found him terminally uninteresting, and the narrative too often just tells us he s brilliant without proving it But the plots The plots are buried beneath lugubrious layers and layers, and too often rely on coincidences introduced at the last minute to provide the necessary twist Twists are great when they re earned and pr [...]

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