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Late Rain
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Late Rain Lynn Kostoff Desire, need, and ambition fuel Corrine Tedros, a Lady Macbeth wannabe who arranges the murder of her father in law, a soft drink mogul It s witnessed by a man in the late stages of Alzheimer s he provides scattershot details, but cannot accurately communicate what he saw Dark and beautiful, this novel explores the fear that drives how far people are willing to go to fDesire, need, and ambition fuel Corrine Tedros, a Lady Macbeth wannabe who arranges the murder of her father in law, a soft drink mogul It s witnessed by a man in the late stages of Alzheimer s he provides scattershot details, but cannot accurately communicate what he saw.Dark and beautiful, this novel explores the fear that drives how far people are willing to go to find what they want, and the steps they ll take to get it.Lynn Kostoff is a professor of English at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina He s previously written A Choice of Nightmares and The Long Fall.. Late Rain Desire need and ambition fuel Corrine Tedros a Lady Macbeth wannabe who arranges the murder of her father in law a soft drink mogul It s witnessed by a man in the late stages of Alzheimer s he pro
  • Title: Late Rain
  • Author: Lynn Kostoff
  • ISBN: 9781935562139
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Late Rain Lynn Kostoff

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    1 Blog on “Late Rain

    1. Elizabeth A. says:

      Characters, and issues of character, abound in the latest offering from author Lynn Kostoff, Late Rain The sleepy, second tier resort town of Magnolia Beach, South Carolina wouldn t seem to be the ideal setting for a drama of Shakespearean proportions, yet that is precisely what Kostoff delivers.Corrine Tedros, unhappy with her husband s lack of a sense of urgency in persuading his uncle, Stanley, to sell his highly profitable soft drink empire, decides to speed the process along by hiring a hit [...]

    2. Simon says:

      It s hard to review Late Rain by Lynn Kostoff On and various other online review sites, I ve read a lot of praises for both the author and the book Yet upon completion, I m left wondering if something is horribly wrong with me because I did not find the book that compelling I decided to read this book because it made it to the top of the list of free Kindle books Since it was free and I thought the product description was pretty decent, why not give it a try Beside paragraph long sentences which [...]

    3. Jim Thomsen says:

      Gorgeously written, quietly controlled, coolly brooding and as sneaky as a sucker punch with its surprises, Late Rain is quite possibly my favorite crime novel published in 2010 And I ve read 40 to 50 new releases in 2010 In a year clogged by self conscious genre stylists screaming and steaming overheated prose from every paragraph, Lynn Kostoff s third novel is a soft breeze on a warm beach, quite possibly in the slightly seedy South Carolina resort town that offers a backdrop to this drawling [...]

    4. LeahSt.James says:

      As a writer, I can imagine the amount of time and effort Mr Kostoff poured into this novel That time and energy paid off in terms of the brilliant phrasing and vivid imagery throughout the story despite some sentences so long they lost me now and then But where it really fell short for me was the actual story It depressed me I can take dark stories as long as there are elements of lightness here or there to break the mood, but I didn t find that in Late Rain I found page after page of sad, self [...]

    5. Anne says:

      I got the book because of decent reviews on Kindle and the fact that it was free.Unlike many reviews I have seen, I didn t think the writing was great I thought that it was overly flowery and dramatic, almost to the point of distraction the kind of language where you read the first couple sentences of a paragraph, then kind of skip down a couple paragraphs because you just don t care about the language, you want to know what is happening in the plot line.I thought that the plot was fine There we [...]

    6. Sally Beaudean says:

      Interesting, if not completely satisfyingHow do I explain the perplexing nature of this novel Where it moves slowly it seems to be intentionally so The language seems to parallel the thought processes of the characters, all of whom are deeply flawed, so much so that the criminal aspects of the plot and the resolution o the mystery are of little significance I was most taken in by the minor character Jack Carson who is suffering with Alzheimer s the author s depiction of Jack s struggle is quite [...]

    7. Derrick says:

      I enjoyed this book immensely and found it hard to put down The characters are truly memorable and the story was engaging I have read Mr Kostoff s previous books and while they were good, they pale in comparison to the greatness found between the covers of this book It may have taken the author years to publish this third book, but it seems he spent the time crafting a book that is bound to be mentioned in most Best of 2010 lists I hope he is working on a new novel, as I for one, will certainly [...]

    8. Melissa says:

      This was free on the kindle and now I know why Interesting concept and a lot of potential, but it fell flat There were too many characters and some of them, including some major characters, were completely unnecessary Same thing for some plot lines This book desperately needed an editor there were many run on sentences I normally wouldn t care because I m guilty of run ons, but one was about a page and a half long, another was four pages long Four pages on the kindle is slightly less than a pape [...]

    9. Klaudyna Z. says:

      This one wasn t for me I felt like all the characters were emotion less and flat and didn t have a lot of substance I kind of thought the whole story was pointless and that the ending also fell kind of flat I didn t really understand the point of Paige s character and I felt like Jack s story was just kind of left hanging at the end I also thought that having two characters that weren t all there mentally was a bit much.

    10. Cindy Meilink says:

      Throw together a beautiful woman with a lot of secrets and a new husband, the murder of her husband s wealthy uncle, and a policeman trying to escape his past and discover a future mix in some great writing by Lynn Kostoff, and you have a winner in Late Rain.The well developed characters and storyline make this an intriguing book Murders mount up, but will the guilty pay for the crimes in the end Good story, and a very quick read.

    11. Dana King says:

      Kostoff expertly handles a multi POV story with well developed characters and a sense of place, all while propelling the story and its sub plots with perfect pacing There s a coincidence here, too, that I may have missed the explanation for, but, it s a piddly bit that does not weaken the resolution Late Rain is professional crime fiction suitable to be broken down by authors who want to know how to keep multiple balls in the air, and make the reader think it s easy.

    12. Rory Costello says:

      I was drawn to this novel because I thought the premise with how the crime was witnessed was remarkably clever I found the work overall solid and satisfying it s moody and effective Kostoff managed something quite difficult in making me somehow feel sympathy for Corrine The downright oddness of Croy was another element that entertained me I would read of Kostoff.

    13. Elizabeth says:

      Exactly the type of murder mystery I m getting a little sick of None of the characters are sympathetic or overly interesting The situations that make them act the way they act seem trite Wouldn t go out of my way to find books by this author If desperate at an airport, might buy one.

    14. Mindy says:

      To me this book was not really worth reading I think the author did a good job but had quite a few drawn out descriptions of situations that really didn t do much for the story The story part kept me reading, hoping for and ending but the ending never really came.

    15. SueTurner says:

      Finely crafted story with well drawn characters, each extraordinarily different and fully fleshed Dialog matched the speaker It s a book I ll remember and will probably reread for pure enjoyment of the descriptive phrasing and Croy s unusual inner musings.

    16. Mary says:

      That has got to be the weirdest ending ever Horrible ending I would never recommend this book to anyone It was bad enough to try to keep up with the separate characters, each chapter bouncing from the good guys to the bad guys Yuck

    17. Arlene says:

      A mystery that really isn t a mystery You know who did what, and why, as soon as it happens But the cops don t, and another thread of the book tells the story of the cop figuring it all out.Not a very satisfying book, IMHO.

    18. DK says:

      Available to lend through BN Lend Me see link below for info and reviews Leave a comment if you are interested in borrowing searchrnesandnoble Late

    19. Debbie says:

      Another free e book that was rated 1 on the top 100 free e books list.The ridiculously run on paragraph length sentences and numerous editing errors were quite distracting.There were interesting characters but not worth the read.

    20. Caitlin Meisenbach says:

      Slow start Great middle Abrupt and disappointing end.

    21. Joanne says:

      Really compelling crime novel, well written but kind left me hanging.

    22. John says:

      I enjoyed this book It was a good story with believable characters I will look for other books by this author.

    23. Kim Setser says:

      Good story, average writing.

    24. Rebecca Bush says:

      I am anxiously awaiting what Lynn Kostoff writes next LATE RAIN is beautifully written with dark humor.

    25. Donna says:

      The book was okaycently paced However, the ending was awful.I read it because it was free on the Kindle Would t recommend that anyone pay for this book

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