J.P. Bowie
Time after Time
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Time after Time J.P. Bowie Bewildered by a series of erotic dreams, Michael Ballantyne, a young graphic artist living in Los Angeles is eager to uncover their meaning When he is informed that he is the sole beneficiary in an unknown man s will and is now the owner of a large estate in Hertfordshire, England, Michael feels that somehow he has been given a key to unlock the dreams mysteries This feBewildered by a series of erotic dreams, Michael Ballantyne, a young graphic artist living in Los Angeles is eager to uncover their meaning When he is informed that he is the sole beneficiary in an unknown man s will and is now the owner of a large estate in Hertfordshire, England, Michael feels that somehow he has been given a key to unlock the dreams mysteries This feeling grows stronger when he comes face to face with Jonathan Robertson, a handsome Englishman, who than just resembles the man in his dreams.Together they attempt to solve the mystery that surrounds the disappearance and apparent murder of Jonathan Harcourt, the son of the previous owner of Bedford Park.The mutual attraction they quickly feel for one another is hampered by the sudden arrival of Michael s jealous boyfriend, Steve Miller, and by Jack Trenton, a formidable and uninvited presence who has occupied the lodge by the estate gates.When Michael, along with his now ex boyfriend, Steve, is held hostage by Trenton, it becomes clear that Bedford Park holds many secrets than anyone ever thought Michael and Jonathan are soon to discover that the keepers of those secrets are dangerous men, willing to stop at nothing in order to make an ancient oath come to pass.. Time after Time Bewildered by a series of erotic dreams Michael Ballantyne a young graphic artist living in Los Angeles is eager to uncover their meaning When he is informed that he is the sole beneficiary in an un
  • Title: Time after Time
  • Author: J.P. Bowie
  • ISBN: 9781608200573
  • Page: 211
  • Format: ebook
  • Time after Time J.P. Bowie

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    1 Blog on “Time after Time

    1. Jenre says:

      This story of ghostly goings on in England begins with everyone s perfect fantasy Our hero Michael receives a phone call from a London solicitors telling him that he s a beneficiary in a will and that he has to travel to England straight away After travelling in first class splendour, Michael arrives in London to be told he is the new owner of a stately home and has millions of pounds willed to him by a man Michael has never heard of, on the understanding that he continue to solve the mystery of [...]

    2. Ije the Devourer of Books says:

      I have had this story in my tbr pile for ages I am glad I finally managed to read it because it was really enjoyable Two men Michael and Jonathan are brought together through dreams and a series of coincidences Once they meet they realise that they have both had the same dreams and that their long passed relatives were not only lovers but were killed or had disappeared in mysterious circumstances Coupled together with some hauntings and eerie happenings Michael and Jonathan discover the truth ab [...]

    3. Tara says:

      I think I liked this book than I think I liked it I know, huh I mean, it took forever to finish and I felt like it just went on and on, but I think there were a lot of outside factor that contributed to that for me.Michael is a graphic artists just making ends meet and in a dud of a relationship, living in LA He s also been having graphic erotic dreams about a man he s never met When he gets a call from London saying he has inheritance that he needs to collect, he thinks it s a scam But then he [...]

    4. Alina says:

      Wow really engaging and captivating story, couldn t put it down, till I finished As usual great MCs and at first I liked the idea of present time Michael and Jonathan being the reincarnations of the past time lovers, but later on as it turned out they weren t I think it s for the best Their love s even valuable and unique that way and it was so good seing original Michael and Jonathan being finally reunited.I only didn t like the original Jonathan sleeping with a woman while Michael was away at [...]

    5. Don Bradshaw says:

      A terrific book with a dual love story between the two main characters, Michael and Jonathan,and there murdered family members, Jonathan and Michael A well put together book by J.P.Bowie that keeps the reader caught up in both lover s lives and the people that affecter them Definitely worth reading if you ve past it up before.

    6. Ted says:

      J P Bowie has crafted an excellent intriguing romantic mystery Butere is The romance and mystery has its roots in 2 ghosts, who are the ancestors of the 2 MCs, who were also lovers.Two young men, one English and the other American, are brought together by their mutual dreams of their 2 ancestors, who had been lovers in the mid 1900s In addition, the 2 young men also happen to be carbon copies of their 2 respective ancestors The story is quickly thrown into high gear when the American inherits a [...]

    7. Elisa Rolle says:

      Michael is an average American gay guy with a loving and supporting family even if small, he has only his brother and his sister in law and a distant boyfriend, Steve Actually it s quite strange, usually it s the family that is distant, but here I believe, it serves to the author to prove that Michael s bindings with his past represented by his family are stronger than the ones he forged with his American boyfriend More, recently Michael is having strange and erotic dreams where he loves another [...]

    8. Lada says:

      Dropped at 28% I tried, but the story failed to rouse my interest.

    9. Pati says:

      Full Disclosure I won a copy of this book from the author This is my honest opinion regarding this book that has been in no way influenced by the author.Mr Bowie is a new author for me and I must say he couldn t have impressed me He is one hell of a talented writer This book crosses into many genres, m m romance, erotic, paranormal, mystery, suspense in other words a truly enthralling story.In this one book he s managed to hold my rapt attention through two romances and two convoluted mysteries [...]

    10. Didi says:

      This book was recommended by a friend of mine with quite a firm assurance that this wasn t to be missed Turns out she s right I finished reading in in a few hours The storyline gripped me from the first page to the last I wasn t much for paranormal story involving ghosts this is my first one on the GLBT genre.This book contains quite some steamy scenes both from past and present, in dreams and in real life of Michael and Jonathan our heroes in pre WWII, after, and in early 21st century Those are [...]

    11. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

      Time after Time pushed my gothic novel loving happy buttons big time Being a huge fan of those late 60 s early 70 s books with their haunted houses, heroines in peril, brooding heroes, ghosts, secret societies and curses, it was great to read a modern take on this beloved genre with a gay twist There were all the hallmarks of classic gothic fiction regular gay gay Michael Ballantyne finds himself the sole beneficiary of a large estate in Hertfordshire, England and finds a decades old mystery com [...]

    12. Trisha Harrington says:

      I really loved this book, there were only a couple of small things that made me rate this 4.I loved The modern day Jonathan and Michael Micheal s brother Brad The way the book developed The mysteryI did not like The original Jonathan slept with a woman while with Micheal I know they were apart while he was away but if he truly loved him he would not have slept with her The fact I guessed kind of what was going to be the outcome in some sense The ritualistic bit kind of became obvious to me.Overa [...]

    13. Eyre says:

      I liked this one I know some folks don t care for insta love, and it does bother me sometimes However, Jonathan and Michael did have a bit of a head start being intimate in their dreams view spoiler My biggest niggle was that Michael and Jonathan thought they were the reincarnations of the original Michael and Jonathan even though they and others had seen original Jonathan s ghost These were two intelligent guys It s just common sense that you can be the reincarnation of someone if his ghost is [...]

    14. Karen K says:

      I enjoyed this story The characters were personable and interesting and I really wanted to know about them I don t really consider it to be insta love because their relationship was fated than instant I loved the twists and turns and the whole realization of the plot just enough action mixed with romance to keep me wanting .

    15. Lesdmark says:

      What to say about the story It follows the formula for this sort of story to the letter I prefer my heroes to be a bit fleshed out as people they seemed a bit two dimensional Might try another book by this author to see how it goes.

    16. Rick says:

      I really loved this novel It has a really nice pace, great characters whom you actually like and a very mysterious paranormal situation going on Quite lovely and I will most definitely read of J.P Bowie

    17. Bookbee says:

      Overall, an enjoyable book with likeable characters Steve s unexpected arrival was, IMHO, superfluous really didn t add anything to the story I was also surprised by the view spoiler police cover up hide spoiler at the end.

    18. Indigo says:

      I finished this book but did not read all the chapters jumping ahead about half way through It my clumpsy way to state it was a bit long and I took a shortcut to get to the ending D

    19. OkayKim says:

      I really enjoyed this one Love the build up toward the end Nothing like a love that endures through time A true romance

    20. Jay says:

      Light read without a lot of depth Pretty much met what I believe the expectations were.

    21. Tamela says:

      1st read Feb 28, 20112nd read Nov 5, 2015

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