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Shoeless Joe
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Shoeless Joe W.P. Kinsella John Radziewicz More than the inspiration for the beloved film Field of Dreams, Shoeless Joe is a mythical novel about dreams, magic, life, and what is quintessentially American Philadelphia Inquirer If you build it, he will come These mysterious words, spoken by an Iowa baseball announcer, inspire Ray Kinsella to carve a baseball diamond in his cornfield in honor of his hero, theMore than the inspiration for the beloved film Field of Dreams, Shoeless Joe is a mythical novel about dreams, magic, life, and what is quintessentially American Philadelphia Inquirer If you build it, he will come These mysterious words, spoken by an Iowa baseball announcer, inspire Ray Kinsella to carve a baseball diamond in his cornfield in honor of his hero, the baseball legend Shoeless Joe Jackson What follows is both a rich, nostalgic look at one of our most cherished national pastimes and a remarkable story about fathers and sons, love and family, and the inimitable joy of finding your way home.. Shoeless Joe More than the inspiration for the beloved film Field of Dreams Shoeless Joe is a mythical novel about dreams magic life and what is quintessentially American Philadelphia Inquirer If you build it
  • Title: Shoeless Joe
  • Author: W.P. Kinsella John Radziewicz
  • ISBN: 9780395957738
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shoeless Joe W.P. Kinsella John Radziewicz

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    1. Brina says:

      W P Kinsella passed away this weekend Fittingly, we have selected his novel Shoeless Joe, the basis of the movie Field of Dreams, as our fiction selection for the baseball book club for October 2016 Featuring the characters who star in the film as well as additional personae and locations, it was a joy for me to reread this novel filled with examples of magical realism on and off of the baseball diamond Although Kinsella hails from western Canada, at the time of this novel s publication he and h [...]

    2. Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

      Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Is this some kind of religion It may be If you are a fan of America s pastime, there s a good chance you believe the same My Sunday church is the Little League fields of flyover country and I couldn t think of a better book to read on opening weekend Unless you ve been living in a box living in a cardboard box you have probably heard of Shoeless Joe, at least in its movie format Field of Dreams In case you haven t, this is the story of Ray, an Iowa farmer [...]

    3. Andrew Smith says:

      Let me explain why I only gave this one star although I didn t hate this book I did fail to finish it I got about half way and I always give only one star to any book that forces me to abandon it before the last page is read I actually enjoyed bits of it, but in the end it was just too fractured, too American, too baseball and too surreal for me English don t do baseball well but I have successfully read stories based on this sport before, so that alone wasn t a show stopper I m a self confessed [...]

    4. Cherie says:

      I don t have enough words to say how much I loved this book I ve waited a long time to read it It has never been the right time until this weekend I know that sounds cryptic, but there was a reason If you have ever watched the movie, Field of Dreams and love baseball, this book is a must read Go buy it When you need it, it will be there I promise, you will not be disappointed The text is as magic as the story line Kinsella s text can transport you He can paint a masterpiece with words They are s [...]

    5. Jeffrey says:

      Wow I saw the movie years ago and I just picked this book up to have something to read at the beach I was blown away Kinsella has a beautiful way with language As the cover says, this is not just a book about baseball It is a book about love and memories, about the truth of our lives, and, in the end, like so many other great works, it is about fathers and sons and the heart rending distance between them that is filled with longing and love and the inability to express it It left me in tears.

    6. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* says:

      October 2016 read with the Baseball Book ClubThis book, I discovered, is an extremely visceral one It touches all of your senses as you read you can feel the grass and dirt under your feet, smell the worn leather of a baseball glove, see the lights come on in the stadium, and barely make out Shoeless Joe as he walks toward you from that door by the cornfield All just by reading And what a read it was Normally, a book this size 224 pages I should ve finished in two days Took a bit longer than pla [...]

    7. Casey says:

      It is so nice to read a book like this one.I admit that I approached it with apprehension I had been wanting to read it for a very long time, but the movie Field of Dreams was already so beloved to me that I worried the book might somehow lessen its appeal in my eyes This is not a book that is meant to be skimmed through for plot details, or main ideas This book is meant to be savored The prose reads like poetry and breeds fantasy and wonder The author puts his reader right in the moment with pr [...]

    8. Simon Robs says:

      Baseball is a ceremony, a ritual, as surely as sacrificing a goat beneath the full moon is a ritual Ray Kinsella speaking to J D Salinger at Fenway Park during a Red Sox game explaining or trying to at this point 84 pages into Shoeless Joe why he has driven over a thousand miles to sort of kidnap him and drag him to this game and, hopefully, find out what that voice means by ease his pain Salinger is noncommittal, skeptical and befuddled at these Quixotic circumstances that has him listening to [...]

    9. Dan says:

      If you enjoyed the movie Field of Dreams, you owe it to yourself to read Shoeless Joe What makes this book such a joy to read is Kinsella s powers of description He creates characters that you love or hate sometimes both in the course of the story but to whom you just can t remain indifferent His metaphors are common things employed in such uncommon literary ways that one hears, smells, and feels all that the characters do These are the tools that Kinsella uses to frame his central message of st [...]

    10. Jason , etc. says:

      I have a feeling I would ve liked the movie better even if I d read the book first From a style standpoint, the author pumps out metaphors like a coke machine IRONY ALERT He s in love with describing one thing as being like something else, which is fine when done sparingly The story s great, though Annie sounds like the most perfect woman wife ever created by a writer, Canadian or otherwise And I spent a fair amount of time wanting to punch J.D Salinger, which seems about right given my previous [...]

    11. Bettie☯ says:

      Writer W.P Kinsella did things his way In failing health, he chose to end his life early Friday afternoon W.P Bill Kinsella invoked the assisted dying provisions of Bill C 14, at Hope, B.C and passed away at 12 05 p.m Friday, Sept 16, 2016, said a statement from his agent, Carolyn Swayze.

    12. Wayland Smith says:

      I don t remember when I first read this Probably shortly after Field of Dreams came out I loved that movie, and the book was damn good Baseball, magic, love someone or other called this a male romance novel, and they re not far off, really Ray Kinsella is prompted by a Voice that comes from nowhere to build a baseball field in the middle of his farmland Like most farmers, he s barely making it and can t really afford to lose the acreage But he does it Strange and wonderful things happen, bringin [...]

    13. April says:

      I am not a baseball person by any means, despite Cooperstown being 45 minutes away Maybe that is why I did not love this book Maybe it s because I m a curmidgeonly young person who hates those tourists who find it in their best interest to do 30 MPH in a 45 MPH, and the main character Ray, reminded me of those tourists Read the rest of my review here

    14. Guy Austin says:

      So, Ok I am no critic This is one book I have wanted to read for some time So much so that I bought a first addition and hold it high on my shelf displayed prominently With the 2016 season just about to start I thought it was a good a time as ever to pick up what many consider one of the best novels written around the game of baseball Honestly at first I was a little disappointed I am not sure what I expected I guess we bring expectations with us that cannot reasonably be met That unrealistic ex [...]

    15. Frank says:

      Who would have thoughte CUBS and the INDIANS in the World Series Today is game 3 of the series with it tied one game apiece The Cubs haven t won a World Series since 1908 and the Indians haven t won since 1948 This great matchup made me want to read a baseball novel and what better than SHOELESS JOE, the basis of the movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner I saw Dreams when it first came out in 1989 but I didn t really remember much about it other than the Costner character building a baseb [...]

    16. Lance says:

      This story is so inspiring and yet so down to earth and simple, it just seems too good to have been written But it was, and the prose to describe the journey Ray takes because a voice told him to build it a baseball field is great Definitely a five star read Instead of a full review, I am saving some comments for the discussion on this book that will start October 1 in the Baseball Book Club.

    17. Raquel says:

      A grand slam Don t groan too loudly An easy read it was in the young adult section of my library but the prose is really lovely The story is similar to the movie that was based on it, Field of Dreams, but has characters, who are all much interesting I learned about the Black Sox scandal and the class tensions behind it Interesting I highly recommend it I d offer to lend out my copy, but I don t own it.

    18. Amy Lane says:

      Haunting, spiritual, and written with such lovely, dedicatedly prosody, this is an Arthurian Quest, a history of the American spirit, and the story of cynicism and idealism, dream chasing and practicality, two halves of the same whole uniting in one perfect game I ve taught this book and read this book, and I ve adored every minute of it And I m not even a fan of baseball.

    19. James Adams says:

      Once I learned this book was the basis for Field of Dreams, it went onto my tbr Fast forward fifteen years, I see my library has a copy I grab it, I read it, life is good.This is one of those rare situations where I d say the movie beats the book I liked this, don t get me wrong, but the movie pared things down enough that it was a focused, less diffuse experience Also, some of the elements of the novel get a little silly Nothing book breaking, but occasionally distracting.Also, anytime a write [...]

    20. Jon Koebrick says:

      Shoeless Joe is the basis for Field of Dreams but is quite different than the movie Kinsella masterfully created a fantasy that pays homage to baseball as a classic game that pulls people together over multiple generations I especially loved the literary nature of Jerry in the story Recommended for baseball fans who like literature or literature fans who can appreciate baseball Of particular note, Kinsella s description of the love between Ray and Annie was perfect throughout the entire book Won [...]

    21. MJ says:

      The most romantic novel I have ever read.

    22. Stephen says:

      Just finished this and needed to re watch the movie Field of Dreams that it inspired While the novel has some characters, themes, and events that some might feel are missing from the film, on the whole, the film is faithful to the spirit of the book and in some ways even improves upon it This book is about the love of baseball, known for decades as the American Pastime The book is also about the love of the land and this is one of the themes that gets trimmed But the love of baseball is embellis [...]

    23. Carol Storm says:

      Not perfect but much better than the movie I read this book when it first came out, as a young Marine in 1988 I found it to be MUCH better than the movie with Kevin Costner that came out shortly afterwards The book is light, fun, playful, full of warmth but never takes itself too seriously The movie is slow, dull, self important and strangely inert, with a lot of dull, empty scenes and some strident Sixties posturing that has nothing to do with the book s exploration of baseball.When I look back [...]

    24. Walter says:

      Why do sports have such a hold on us It s an interesting question, since sports stars today make millions of dollars and are often influential than statesmen and scholars Perhaps it s the idea that sports are really a metaphor of life We all want to believe that we can work hard, have plenty of heart, and with those two things going for us we can conquer the world That is the basic idea behind WP Kinsella s novel, Shoeless Joe.This is the book upon which the 1980s movie Field of Dreams was base [...]

    25. Erin Quinney says:

      Occasionally, I actually like a movie adaptation better than the book This is one of those times It s not really fair since I happen to love the movie Field of Dreams and my opinion on the book is 100% biased because of that fact The book had too many characters I think removing the twin brother and switching the focus to a troubled father son relationship was a smart move, as was removing the Eddie character His baseball sermon was weird and out of place Shoeless Joe is also important in the m [...]

    26. Donna says:

      3.5 stars.First, I must confess my strong dislike for baseball I find it so boring But with that being said, I did actually like this book It was so well written The author s descriptive style was great and kept me interested throughout this whole book.The reason for the 3 stars and not 4, is only because it was kind of slow to start I found the question What have I got myself into floating around at the beginning But once I fell into the pace of the rhythm and noticed the writing style, I follo [...]

    27. Tim Healy says:

      This is a wonderful novel of magic and the mundane Yes, it s the basis for Field of Dreams, but try to keep that out of your head while you read You ll be surprised by how much of it you don t recognize.These characters are likeable, except when you aren t supposed to like them, and recognizable Strange things happen to them, and they adjust much the way you would have to if strange things were happening to you The actions they take don t make them change the people they are, they just draw them [...]

    28. Susie says:

      One of my favorite books, forever and for always I think you have to really love baseball in all its historical glory to enjoy this book, but I ve always loved the writing style It still makes me shiver, even though I ve read it at least three times.

    29. Lisa says:

      I thought it would be okay but it s fantastic One of those books to own and add to your collection, with such a great lyrical style, it s an amazing, beautiful book A little heavy handed on the baseball religion towards the end, but an awesome read.

    30. Jenn says:

      this books is amazing whether its your first time reading it or not Doesn t matter if you ve seen Field of Dreams neither is better than the other Both remind me of my love of baseball and its heroes.

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