Charles Wheelan Burton G. Malkiel
Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science
May 16, 2020 Comments.. 242
Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science Charles Wheelan Burton G. Malkiel Explains our global economy in a way that is gasp actually entertaining Book Magazine Finally A book about economics that won t put you to sleep In fact, you won t be able to put this bestseller down In our challenging economic climate, this perennial favorite of students and general readers is than a good read, it s a necessary investment with a blessedly su Explains our global economy in a way that is gasp actually entertaining Book Magazine Finally A book about economics that won t put you to sleep In fact, you won t be able to put this bestseller down In our challenging economic climate, this perennial favorite of students and general readers is than a good read, it s a necessary investment with a blessedly sure rate of return Demystifying buzzwords, laying bare the truths behind oft quoted numbers, and answering the questions you were always too embarrassed to ask, the breezy Naked Economics gives readers the tools they need to engage with pleasure and confidence in the deeply relevant, not so dismal science.This revised and updated edition adds commentary on hot topics, including the current economic crisis, globalization, the economics of information, the intersection of economics and politics, and the history and future of the Federal Reserve.Also available Naked Statistics. Naked Economics Undressing the Dismal Science Explains our global economy in a way that is gasp actually entertaining Book Magazine Finally A book about economics that won t put you to sleep In fact you won t be able to put this bestseller down
  • Title: Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science
  • Author: Charles Wheelan Burton G. Malkiel
  • ISBN: 9780393337648
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science Charles Wheelan Burton G. Malkiel

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    1 Blog on “Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science

    1. Megan says:

      A highly ideological piece masquerading as a non controversial introduction to economics Wheelan proclaims that economics is amoral and apolitical, and then goes on to give very detailed political descriptions about what government should be He also seems attached to the false dichotomy of free markets vs communist state economies though he does recognize that the neoconservative vision that markets will operate efficiently without government is, as he puts it, nonsense I wanted to read this boo [...]

    2. Christopher says:

      Why did the chicken cross the road To maximize his utility If you like this joke as much as I do, congratulations You re an uber nerd, and this is the perfect book for you If you don t like the joke, stay away from my parties Either way, this book is a very thorough, very clear explanation of a good foundation of economic principles, written with the non Economists among us in mind Why are tariffs bad In what ways are sweatshops good Why does everyone care so much about interest rates, and how d [...]

    3. Hajar Alobaid says:

      trade off .

    4. Carl says:

      Charles Wheelan Tells It Like It Is would be an equally appropriate title for this fucking awesome overview on all things economic in this world As someone who s read than a few of the popular economics books currently glutting the market, and as a economics major in college, I was skeptical that this book could teach me anything I didn t already know or entertain me with wry anecdotes What surprised me was actually that the wry anecdotes and useful explanations such as what fast track authorit [...]

    5. Dan Phillips says:

      When I got into the second half of this book, I was joking with Amy that the experience was threatening to turn me into a Republican Which was especially odd since the beginning chapters made me realize instantly how politically agnostic the actual science of economics is Like any discipline, it s just another framework through which one can view and hopefully understand the world And there are plenty of lefty economists out there I subscribe to Paul Krugman s blog already, so I d picked this bo [...]

    6. Serene says:

      Apart from news articles, the last time I read any book on economics was high school I found Naked Economics explained how Western primarily US economic systems worked in very simple, easy to understand language Particularly in these troubled times, learning how the Federal Reserve and other government agencies try to tweak the economy to encourage fairness and stability He is unabashedly pro trade and explains his stance well, which helped me to understand it, though I can t say he addressed al [...]

    7. عبدالرحمن عقاب says:

      behavioural economic .

    8. أَحْمَد says:

      2009 Principles of Economics N Gregory Mankiw 200 Wheelan Mankiw

    9. Rosalie says:

      Scariest book I ve read in a while Econ for people who never took Econ in school, what were we thinking A good read for anyone, a must read for young adults Start investing, kids.

    10. Ali Gilani says:

      The book is an interesting primer on economics It is no doubt ideological but the author has given strong arguments for the ideological position he has taken The book, however, is limited as it is only good for understanding market based economy It doesn t shed light on feudalism and tribal societies economics and the complex socio political and economic relations such societies wield Apart from such limitations, the book convincingly give arguments for free trade, globalization and market based [...]

    11. Charles says:

      Sometimes I think it is a fool s errand to study economics and hope for enlightenment Much economics knowledge is too simple for that goal for example, the relationship of supply and demand to prices Such facts are easy to grasp through direct personal experience But beyond that, actual enlightenment never comes, because, as everybody knows, economics is not a science Economists can t even analyze the past with any precision or unanimity, much less the future Because I thought highly of the expl [...]

    12. Lada Moskalets says:

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    13. Billie Pritchett says:

      UPDATE 06 08 13 I reread Charles Wheelan s Naked Economics, revisiting it now about four years later It is still one of my favorite books, but I do have a modest perspective of it now I ll try to provide a better summary of Wheelan s book than I did four years ago.A market economy is really just a name for the transaction of buying and selling goods and services, and the scarcer the goods and services and the demand, the people are willing to pay for them This explains in part why LeBron Jame [...]

    14. Paula says:

      One of the fallacies of poverty is that developing countries are poor because they have rapid population growth In fact, the causal relationship is best understood going the other direction Poor people have many children because the cost of bearing and raising children is low Birth control, no matter how dependable,works only to the extent that families prefer fewer children As a result, one of the most potent weapons for fighting population growth is creating better economic opportunities for w [...]

    15. Adrian says:

      Great primer on the often dull world of economics No charts, calculus, or arcane math, lots of good examples of problems and issues that we all are affected by but don t have much understanding of Things like the Fed, interest rates, trade balances, taxes, etc are covered and made easy to process My biggest problem is the lack of discussion of things like outsourcing, debt, and currency issues and how they are actually affecting our economy I d like to see a book that is not so theoretical or hu [...]

    16. Kathy says:

      If you are interested in learning about economics but find the topic somewhat confusing and boring, this book breaks down the major concepts in a way that makes it interesting and understandable Wheelan is a witty and sarcastic man which added greatly to his stories and real life examples he used when supporting topics within economics I am highly interested in developmental economics and his chapter on this topic broke down common misconceptions that people may have about developing countries a [...]

    17. Hend awad says:

      _ 4 5

    18. Adam says:

      Grabbed this one from a friend, Nate, who kept a hold of it long after his Econ 101 course and, well, I m glad he did Wheelan starts of by addressing the fact that many students who are forced to take Econ 101, or even do so by choice, are instantly turned away from the subject by dry texts, boring teachers and a heavy dependence on the mathematical aspects of the science.In Naked Economics, Wheelan promises to not only offer a broad overview of this overlooked science but do so in turn without [...]

    19. James Millikan says:

      If you are like me, you have a vague sinking feeling from not having the gumption to pick up, let alone complete, Thomas Piketty s Capital in the Twenty First Century You know somewhere deep down inside that an impressive tome by an erudite French economist would be just the ticket to help you thoughtfully contribute to the conversation at that gathering of MBAs, or progressives, or rich relatives that you somehow find yourself attending over the year But you also know that, given the choice bet [...]

    20. Ahmed Nasser says:


    21. Faiza Ahmed says:


    22. Yahia El gamal says:

      I love how Charles Wheelan explains concepts But sometimes I hate how he goes over and over about explaining some concepts The book is a great read to anyone who has any remote interest in how the world of economics works This is the first economics related book I read, but it won t be the last It shows how economics affects global decisions and how decisions affect economics as well as the micro and individual level.I feel so much enriched after reading the book, and I am going to read slightly [...]

    23. CherDuchess says:

      The title itself of the book is intriguing, but reading the book is funnier than people would think just hearing the word economics , because lets face it for some students even professionals the topic economics is boring This book is a surprise, I had fun reading this that I was not able to put it down As Book Magazine said Explains our global economy in a way that is gasp actually entertaining , with that kind of review who in their right mind would not be allured in reading this book Read thi [...]

    24. Ari says:

      This is a fantastic economic primer which skillfully introduces the reader to the most important economic concepts in a humorous and mostly detached manner There are of course some minor things that I would take issue with, especially some simplified categorizations but I trust that Wheelan is quite aware of this and has not done this in order to shoehorn any of his own ideas, but rather to make life simpler for the reader I m now working my way through complex books on economics, which I would [...]

    25. Jessica Carol says:

      For a book on economics I found this hilarious It wasn t hilarious in the sense that he didn t know what he was talking about but hilarious in that he made writing about economics funny his writing style is the key He is very knowledgeable about his topic and I found myself thoroughly enjoying it because he didn t bore you His writing was engaging, humorous, thorougly researched, instructive, and knowledgeable If you want to learn about economics I suggest this book.

    26. Jeeministerofpartying says:

      I would like to thank my AP Economics teacher for recommending such a piece of shit It was a time well spent

    27. Michael Cabus says:

      I don t consider myself ignorant of economics I did in fact study economic history in college and did quite well in the one MBA course accounting I had to take for my graduate degree Not that any of those qualifies me as an economist or even impresses anyone but I came to this book with some background The part I did not really understand was economic policy Before this book I only knew what politicians expounded upon around election season typically a promise to lower taxes and a hint their opp [...]

    28. Marcy says:

      Economics has never been my thing I have never understood the way the economy runs in our country, or in the world This book is great because there is no math or tables to study It is a simple course, explaining the in s and out s of why global trade is good, why creative destruction for small businesses has to happen for the greater good of the economy, why real estate agents will move a seller s house quicker for less money than waiting for money and a greater percentage, why human capital, t [...]

    29. Eliot says:

      This is the best non technical introduction to macroeconomics that I ve found thus far Wheelan explains the concepts clearly and in a fairly entertaining manner Granted, I already have an undergraduate degree in economics, so I don t necessarily represent the target demographic for this book, but it ll be the first I recommend to anyone who wants to understand why I m still in school It looks like many of the negative reviews here are from leftists complaining that the author has a rightward fre [...]

    30. يوسف زهدى says:

      A good piece of work either its your first time to read about economics, or you did read about it before or even if you are advanced with economics like i expect myself you ll still find the book beneficial and enjoyable.The book is divided to 12 chapters each addressing one economic issue, starting by most common issues we see at our daily life to country level economics and linking its different variables, then integrating most of them in the last chapter through discussing factors of developi [...]

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