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Violets Are Blue
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Violets Are Blue James Patterson Detective Alex Cross must confront his most terrifying nemesis ever and his own deepest fears in this electrifying new thriller from the master of suspense, James Patterson Alex Cross has never believed in vampires But when two joggers are found slain in a manner that suggests a macabre ritual, he has to reconsider Someone believes in vampires enough to have committedDetective Alex Cross must confront his most terrifying nemesis ever and his own deepest fears in this electrifying new thriller from the master of suspense, James Patterson.Alex Cross has never believed in vampires But when two joggers are found slain in a manner that suggests a macabre ritual, he has to reconsider Someone believes in vampires enough to have committed a series of bizarre murders that appear to be the work of one Local police are horrified, and even the FBI is baffled.Cross takes on the case and plunges into a netherworld of secret clubs and role players, a world full of poseurs and playactors and someone demented enough to have crossed the line from dark ritual to real blood At the same time, a lethal super criminal from Cross s past known as the Mastermind is stalking him, taunting him, and threatening everything he holds dear Cross has never been closer to defeat, or in greater danger In a shocking conclusion, Alex Cross must survive a deadly confrontation only to discover at last the awful secret of the Mastermind.. Violets Are Blue Detective Alex Cross must confront his most terrifying nemesis ever and his own deepest fears in this electrifying new thriller from the master of suspense James Patterson Alex Cross has never believ
  • Title: Violets Are Blue
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780446611213
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Violets Are Blue James Patterson

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      James Patterson

    1 Blog on “Violets Are Blue

    1. Maria says:

      According to this book, here are James Patterson s 7 Golden Rules of Writing 1 Write simple sentences Don t use big words or describe people wearing colors other than black or powder blue 2 Dialogue should be monotonous Have your characters say the same thing over and over Especially the hero He has to bemoan his life yet cheer himself on in the next breath, reminding himself how great he is Over and over Bemoan, cheer, repeat If that doesn t work, have other people say the same thing Bemoan, ch [...]

    2. Maureen DeLuca says:

      Alex Cross 7 oh what a disappointment Not going to trash this series or James Patterson I really to love the Alex Cross series all the psycho, crazy, serial , insane, cut up the bodies and send them to you type books but this one wasn t one of his best IMO Not giving up on this series I m late to the party with these books started from book number 1 and I ll keep on going some people may like this story it just wasn t for me On to book number 8 in the sometime future

    3. Salymar says:

      This is my second novel by American author James Patterson The first Patterson novel I have read is HIDE AND SEEK which I rated two 2 irreplaceable and stinky stars because it failed to court my inner bookworm side I am a merciful lol critique so I decided to give the author another chance And I must say, he failed me again.Right now, the efficiency of what Stephen King said about James Patterson s writings during an interview for USA Weekend is starting to sink in me I quote Stephen King, he re [...]

    4. Kevin says:

      The bodies of men and women are turning up all over the U.S showing signs of attack by animal and human teeth As it turns out, a pair of brothers who just so happen to also be vampires are responsible for the attacks Known by the FBI for his ability to profile killers better than just about anyone else, Dr Alex Cross is brought in to investigate and is terrified beyond anything he has ever experienced before in his life His investigation takes him to San Francisco where he meets and, in typical [...]

    5. Karschtl says:

      The book before this one ended with a Cliffhanger Unusual for Patterson, not to solve the case within the book but continue the chase in a second novel Fortunately I had the sequel at hand half of my books are in Germany, the other in Austria they re not always available right away for me New main characters for this new case are presented, including 2 vampire like siblings and 2 guys that reminded me of Siegfried Roy , and I m sure Patterson got his inspiration for them in Las Vegas Additionall [...]

    6. Jean says:

      This will be my last JP book It seemed like a recap of all the other books and I kept thinking why can t he come up with some new material I ve read all the others and didn t need to spend another 8 hours recapping Yes there was a new pretty good story but I got hung up on the numerous references to all of the past books.

    7. Alaina Meserole says:

      The Mastermind is back.But this book was kind of boring to me The same villain returns and another loved one is dead Violets are Blue opens with Alex walking into the murder scene of his latest romantic and professional partner, FBI agent Betsy Cavalierre She was murdered by the Mastermind, who was introduced in Roses are Red Of course he calls Alex to taunt him which of course was predictable.However, Alex doesn t just have to deal with his old nemesis in this book Oh no, he has to deal with a [...]

    8. 🔮⚡️Voracious says:

      Hugely disappointing follow up to the amazing Roses Are Red The whole plot was a little far fetched to be honest and what I was most looking forward to with this book, was Alex s inevitable meeting with The Mastermind the nemesis that had been taunting him for the entire previous book That too turned out to be a complete anti climax Alex s reaction just didn t compute with how he must have truly have felt upon discovering the identity of The Mastermind All in all, I can t help feeling a little b [...]

    9. Thom Swennes says:

      This book reads like a Thanksgiving supper What an appropriate simile and book for this time of year I say this because the author lays a table of different elements that combine to make a well rounded and delicious literary meal Alex Cross travels across the country on the trail of vampires If the murders occurring in major cities from coast to coast are not the works of a traditional Bram Stoker vampire than they are first rate imitations Bodies of men and women hung and bloodless become a rep [...]

    10. Carolyn says:

      Vampires Or are they Alex Cross encounters a most bizarre case in which the bodies of slain joggers are hung and drained of blood And not just one case but many of similar circumstances throughout the country And on top of this, Cross s nemesis, the Mastermind, continues to taunt and stalk This book is especially captivating to those who have already read Roses Are Red I can say no .

    11. Tonya Smith says:

      I enjoyed this book but I was surprised with ending.Soon I will move on to the next one in the series.

    12. Alana Juneau says:

      I can t believe I finished this book I wanted an easy, no brainer read during the crazy, busy school year and it fulfilled it s purpose It was so stupid, all about vampire murders Not sure how I got through it I ve read other books by Patterson and this wasn t one of the better ones.

    13. Nancy (Hrdcovers) says:

      VIOLETS AREPURPLE I usually try to make it my business not to read any books relating to either werewolfs or vampires As a matter of fact, I stopped reading Patricia Cornwall s Kay Scarpetta series for this exact reasone werewolfs had invaded the pages Since I like to read all of my series in order , Violets Are Blue was the next one up at bat in the Alex Cross series Little did I know that it would have the dreaded vampires as the main characters This book had two stories going on at the same t [...]

    14. Jasmine Diaz says:

      The book was about investigation of several murders that occured.They noticed that on each victum their was bite marks on the neck and that all the bllod was drained out of the body.The two brothers who are vampires would go on man hunts and suck peoples blood out while they were still alive Kyle Craig who is known as the mastermined was the one sending the two brothers to kill specific people Alex Cross got bit by a boy who claims hes a vampire and got an infection because he didnt go to the ho [...]

    15. Noah Cordray says:

      Violets are Blue is good book and is an enjoyable read The plot is never boring and seems to be always moving at a solid pace This was a detective crime story but it was so immersive due to its baffling murders and intriguing plot The main detective also the main character is a man named Alex Cross who is a nationally acclaimed detective who seems to be able to solve any crime, until it comes to these The victims would be killed but then drained of all of their blood and Alex could not figure th [...]

    16. Holly Haze says:

      At the end of Roses are Red, we figure out who the Mastermind is Violets are Blue kicks off in true Patterson bang up form, but Cross still has no idea who Mastermind is Cross figures out who it is at the very end of this book If you are reading this review and have read the series, you also know who it is In the event that the books have not been read in order, I am not going to reveal it here This crime spree involves tigers and vampires You read that right At first I didn t think I was going [...]

    17. Cindy says:

      Another quick read featuring psychologist detective Alex Cross and a continuing nemesis, the Mastermind Although the reader found out who the Mastermind was at the end of the last novel, Alex has yet to tease it out He s also got his hands full running across the country San Francisco, Las Vegas, Savannah after some real sickos No surprises here this is full of the staccato chapters and twists and turns that Patterson is known for And don t expect deep themes it s simple but fun mind candy.

    18. Anna Koch says:

      I thought this was one of the best Alex Cross books that James Patterson has written since Kiss the Girls The story line was just so different from the others Alex also got into a new love interest Patterson is very good with imagery It makes me creeped out to go downstairs in my dark house after I m done reading, as weird as it sounds I recommend this book to people who are already reading the Alex Cross series because the books just keep getting better and better.

    19. Shannon Bernier says:

      wow another amazing book

    20. ❆ Crystal ❆ says:

      4 stars Another fun book in the Alex Cross series.

    21. Charlotte (Buried in Books) says:

      I thought the series was picking up again, because the last book wasn t that badBut then I start reading this and I just kept thinking WTF Vampires I can deal with, I enjoy vampire stories a lot In fact The Black Dagger Brotherhood is one of my favourite series But 2 cocky little f kwits going on a murder spree Stringing people up and biting, bleeding them In an Alex Cross book Don t even get me started on the tiger the f king TIGER Or Alex s trip to hospital because of an infected vampire bite [...]

    22. Karen Barber says:

      My first reading of James Patterson, and I won t give up immediately but I wonder if this is a side effect of being so many books into a series It just felt like someone going through the motions and ticking off a set of expected features.In this book we focus on some bizarre characters who claim to be vampires, biting their victims and draining them of blood The police realise there s links between a number of crimes, and suddenly we re into crazy mass killing sprees We are submerged in a murky [...]

    23. Carol Fellenz says:

      Keeps you on the edge of your seats.

    24. Erin L says:

      These books might just be fun to read than to listen to Or in the time since I read the last one and now, I ve lost my love for James Patterson, but this just didn t really do it for me.

    25. Jasbr says:

      Vor einigen Jahren habe ich die B cher von James Patterson regelrecht verschlungen und sie haben mir sehr gut gefallen Deswegen dachte ich, auch dieses wird eine sichere Nummer hat mich dann aber sehr entt uscht Das Positive vorweg Der Schreibstil ist wie gewohnt sehr fl ssig und ich liebe die kurzen Kapitel mit den Perspektivwechsel, die Spannung aufbauen und zum Weiterlesen animieren Das war es dann aber auch schon fast.Die Story konnte mich gar nicht berzeugen Ein brutaler Mord jagt den n chs [...]

    26. Andrea Ika says:

      My rating3 starsBlurbD.C Detective Alex Cross has seen a lot of crime scenes But even he is appalled by the gruesome murders of two joggers in San Francisco s Golden Gate Park killings that look like the work of savage beasts than humans Local police are horrified and even the FBI is baffled Then, as Cross is called in to take on the case, the carnage takes off, leaving a trail of bodies across America and sweeping him to Savannah, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles as his nemesis, the mercile [...]

    27. Jahnn Alexis says:

      Okay, so I m at that point in my life where I am so selfish with my time that, in order for me to truly like it, a book has to be either so meaningful that I have an existential crisis after every couple chapters or so frivolous that I justify its asininity using a sharp contrast to, say, the impending academic deadlines in my direct line of sight or should I say sniping rangeease, you treacherous ninja assignment due dates, have mercy I didn t realize vlogbrother video marathons were THAT long [...]

    28. Evan Bolick says:

      This is the first James Patterson book I have ever read All right The problem with this book was that the first two thirds were very good and incredibly tense and the pacing of the story was well done Patterson s hero, Alex Cross, faces three villains, the Mastermind and a couple of brothers who claim to be vampiresSPOILERS AHEADWhat ruined this was the final act Patterson spends the majority of the story building up the bothers as actually having super human powers They pull off incredible feat [...]

    29. Stefanie says:

      In typical James Patterson fashion, Violets are Blue begins in an explosive way Alex Cross s partner and girlfriend has just been murdered in a completely defiling way At the scene of the crime, the Mastermind calls Alex to taunt him The Mastermind begins calling Alex almost every day, at all hours, threatening, teasing Mystery One Mystery Two is unveiled as two joggers are killed in San Francisco People are turning up in various cities, hanging upside down, bitten and drained of their blood The [...]

    30. Barry says:

      This was my first Patterson book.Consequently, this will be my last Patterson book.I gave it 2 stars mainly because the mystery crime within the book was just barely strong enough to make you want to see what happened And the balance between Alex Cross s obsession with the killings and trying to be there for his family is enough to make you care about him that s all, though, reallyotherwise, he s a cardboard cutout.Now the bad stuffAbout 125 pages in, I came across 5 7 pages with some of the abs [...]

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