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The Brightest Star In The Sky
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The Brightest Star In The Sky Marian Keyes Fate is on its way to the tenants of 66 Star Street, bringing with it love and tragedy, friendship and heartbreak, and the power to change lives One of them is falling in love another is torn between two lovers For some, secrets they want to stay buried will come to light and for others the unveiling of those secrets will have tragic consequences.. The Brightest Star In The Sky Fate is on its way to the tenants of Star Street bringing with it love and tragedy friendship and heartbreak and the power to change lives One of them is falling in love another is torn between
  • Title: The Brightest Star In The Sky
  • Author: Marian Keyes
  • ISBN: 9780141399973
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 Blog on “The Brightest Star In The Sky

    1. Chloe says:

      The residents of 66 Star Street in Dublin are all being watched but by what Maeve and Matt seem happy enough to anybody looking in, but behind the facade is a truth that neither of them wants to be made public Katie and Conall have a love hate relationship, but how will the arrival of TV gardener Fionn affect their relationship Lydia lives with Polish men Andrei and Jan, but can t stand either of them not to mention the problems Lydia is having with her own mother as well And Jemima lives with h [...]

    2. Nikki says:

      Before I start, I should say that I adore Marian Keyes I ve read all of her books I ve laughed, I ve cried, and I ve loved almost every word I could probably go as far to say that I worship the ground she walks on.So it pains me to say that I struggled with this book.The story focuses around a small block of flats in Dublin, and a mysterious character that is watching over all of its residents This supernatural visitor, who acts as a narrator, is able to see into the memories of everyone in the [...]

    3. Kirstine says:

      Why did I read this book I was waiting in the library and it looked interesting Am I regretting it No, I m not Not really.The thing is, if this book had held on to the atmosphere and narration from the beginning, it would have gotten 4 stars I would have thoroughly enjoyed it Instead it suddenly turns from oh, warm, cozy book about love and loss and finding yourself in a world of turmoil to PAIN AND ANGER view spoiler AND HERE HAVE THIS DETAILED RAPE SCENE AND A SUICIDE ATTEMPT hide spoiler Seri [...]

    4. Thomas Strömquist says:

      If the first few reviews you saw was the I usually love Marian Keys, but I m rewarding this one star kind, I m happy to tell you those unfortunates read this book all wrong Quite the contrary, it has all the traits and character and characters that makes me adore Ms Keyes books unreservedly.Yes, there is a very odd, seemingly omnipresent but certainly not omniscient narrator in this one and that detracts nothing from the warm and engaging story This is not the first time this author has pulled m [...]

    5. Sarah says:

      Ahh, another gem from Marian Keyes I didn t even know she had another book coming out so it was like an unexpected gift, so exciting I didn t like her last one This Charming Man so much but this one was back up to her usual top standard I spent a lovely day in bed racing through it and enjoying every minute I love the way she writes, I always find her characters so endearingly excitable and quirky possibly because M.K herself is like that Anyway I certainly am it s nice to know I am not alone in [...]

    6. Sophie says:

      I found the characters well rounded and despite their diverse personalities they were for the most part likeable with one very large exception.Although the story jumps about a fair amount, it is still quite easy to follow once you adapt to the style From a negative point of view, I did not enjoy the story, and found the book quite a distressing read Contains Spoilers view spoiler Sex, suicide, rape and death are major themes of this novel and I really did struggle to continue at points.The rape [...]

    7. Arielle Walker says:

      It pains me to give this one star and I d prefer to give it 1.5 but I justcan t as I love Marian Keyes, but this book took me by surprise and not in a good way I figured out the big secret with Maeve early on, but I m not sure whether that was due to it being obvious, or a recognition of subtle signs, so maybe not everyone would work it out so quickly While I understand that having any warning as to what had happened would essentially take away any suspense in the story, if I had known what the [...]

    8. Ash says:

      Just finished reading the book fifteen minutes ago, and am slightly scarred by the ending Very graphic and dramatic and the just desserts for David seemed unbelievable However, the writing was good and it was an enjoyable read, if you re in the mood for something heavy Let me clarify that this is not in any way a beach read, particularly the final 50 or so pages Many characters Rosie in particular I really wanted to slap She s like an annoying neighbour that pops over unannounced and stays for h [...]

    9. Anne says:

      I ve been a massive Marian Keyes fan since way back in 1995 when I read Watermelon , and I ve read every one of her book since then, some have been better than others, especially those that feature the Walsh family, but I ve enjoyed all of them.Marian Keyes books always contain hilarious one liners, wittily drawn characters that are warm and that the reader cares about whilst usually dealing with quite serious and often serious issues.To me, this almost feels like s lagging off one of my best ma [...]

    10. Elaine says:

      A real disappointment It is over 600 pages and I got 150 pages in before I threw the towel in The story centres around a block of flats in Dublin and its various inhabitants and it switches from character to character with lots of flashbacks so that you get to know them all, but it does get a little confusing trying to get each one straight in your mind There is some mysterious ghostly type of invisible entity hovering over the flats and its inhabitants which keeps saying that everything is abou [...]

    11. Dani Jade says:

      Somewhat standard Marian Keyes novel funny and lighthearted whilst simultaneously poignant, moving and a little sad An ensemble cast of very different characters, all of whom you can t help but like at least eventually.Not one of her best IMO, but I think I ll always have an automatic bias for the first few I read Watermelon, Rachel s Holiday, Sushi for Beginners.Like all Marian Keyes books, it makes me want to start speaking with an Irish influence That d be grand, like.

    12. Rachel says:

      I ve read several of Marian Keyes s novels in recent years It seems that I continue to pick up better and better novels I originally thought she was a fluff chick lit author after reading Angels and Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, but was pleasantly surprised by Anybody Out There Given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this novel, I jumped at the chance.A great asset to this book are the levels of mystery that begin right on the first page The chapters are labeled as days and serve a [...]

    13. Rachel Gilbey says:

      It has been a while since I last read a book by Marian Keyes, so I really wasn t sure what to expect from this one Since I was reading on my kindle I initially didn t quite realise just how long it was For at 640 pages it is certainly one of the longest books I have read in a long while Despite the length my attention was caught pretty much from the beginning where the book started on Day 61 and counted down to Day 0 so the whole story took place over the course of two months and it featured the [...]

    14. Lindsay says:

      3.5 stars

    15. Faith says:

      The magic of Marian I didn t particularly like this book but still enjoyed reading it.To start from the good things Marian is good at characters I always love her sympathetic characters That s why I or less enjoy reading her books regardless of my other objections Even if I don t like the story, I want to know what happens to the characters Other good points are that Marian is always light reading and always humorous and funny.But Otherwise Marian s books have deteriorated in standard the last [...]

    16. Emma Meade says:

      As with all of her books, The Brightest Star in the Sky hooked me early on Mind you I wasn t very sure what exactly was going on at the start, or who the unusual narrator was but Marian s typical wit and flair for comedy kept me turning the pages I even missed Desperate Housewives because I had my head stuck in the book and I should probably thank Ms Keyes for this also.There are so many fun and varied characters to get to grips with and as is usual with Keyes, her women have strong personalitie [...]

    17. Emma says:

      It took me a while to get into this book, but I m so glad I finally did As always, Marian deals with upsetting subjects with good humour and understanding Whilst many tough issues are explored, the book definitely has a positive and optimistic tone.The book does take place from multiple points of view, which I think attributed to me taking so long to get into the book It was a bit annoying when you started to get attached to one characters storyline for it o suddenly change As the book progresse [...]

    18. Britany says:

      This was a quirky fun read involving a third person narrator who comes to check in on the residents of 66 Star Street All of the characters are funny and each is faced with their own sets of probelms For me, this carried on a bit too long for my taste, and the majority of the story could ve been accomplished and written in half the number of pages that it was I did enjoy glancing in on people s lives and how they interacted and were attracted to one another.

    19. Kat says:

      I definitely needed to read a novel like this It s been some time since I read something happy go lucky and it provided just that kind of entertainment.I laughed and smiled all through reading this book, Marian Keyes has such an easy going language and writes her characters so wonderfully cynical and sarcastic that I can t help but feeling intimately connected to them We have so much in common I m still smiling.

    20. Kelly Hager says:

      This took me a little while to get into but once I did, it was magic.It centers around four apartments in Dublin and the lives of their inhabitants Here s what says Marian Keyes s inimitable blend of rollicking humor, effervescent prose, and stories that deal with real life issues have captivated readers around the globe She is one of the bestselling authors of women s fiction in the English speaking world Her new novel will delight fans of Candace Bushnell s darkly comic sensibility and Sophie [...]

    21. Ms Tlaskal says:

      I know, I know, it s trashy, but I challenge you to read one of her books and not be able to stop, like the mars bars that Connell, one of the main men is always chomping down The plot is predictable and by the end a join the dots conclusion but what she does well, is getting you hooked on her characters and her turns of phrase lift it out of the ordinary gold embossed cover fare She describes Connell as wearing the kind of quality dark suits you sign peace treaties in There is a mystery narrato [...]

    22. Andrea says:

      The Brightest Star in the Sky is hard for me up rate I m giving it four stars because I liked all the characters stories except Fionn, ugh and loved that they intertwined Katie, Conall, Matt, and Maeve were my favorites, even when they broke my heart Marian Keyes is easy to read and enjoy She s a go to, feel good author for me If not for these factors, I would rate the book three stars, because of the twist of the narrator view spoiler The narrator is a baby s soul, I think, looking for a couple [...]

    23. Jennifer says:

      I got an advanced reader s copy as a free gift at the Bookcellar hint, when you buy something off their recommended wall, what you get is a random mystery book wrapped in paper I read it in a sitting.I don t want to give too much away about the conceit that frames the story which I found to be, frankly, vomitous but the characters and day to day story involve your mix of middle class white people living in an apartment building in Dublin very Tales of the City , they have jobs and romantic entan [...]

    24. Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews) says:

      A bit odd especially who the narrator s turn out to be but a very funny, sad, engaging novel Unlike any other Keyes novel, but still chock full of her wit, charm, and immense storytelling ability.

    25. Hannah Rosenthal says:


    26. Vicky (A Backpack Full of Adventures) says:

      When people ask me who my favourite authors are and I start gushing over Marian Keyes amazingness, they tend to think right, she s a chick lit girl She s living in her fairytale world, likes pink, wears high heels 24 7, is addicted to chocolate and most importantly, doesn t like classic literature.Those people who tend to label us for reading chick lit should be prepared because are in for a surprise The Brightest Star in the Sky is so much than just a nice story.On a bright summer day, sometim [...]

    27. Vaishakhi Bharucha says:

      I read Marian Keyes with great eagerness and have read most of her books So to get one handed to me to read was just a sheer delight.I started The Brightest Star in the Sky with great gusto For those eager to lay hands on this book, I must warn you, it s rather a thick book Okay it s a fat book But Marian Keyes keeps you on your toes right from the start with a character you don t know moving through all the characters that live in a particular building.If you ve read Marian Keyes, you will kno [...]

    28. Julie says:

      Like any Marian Keyes book The Brightest Star in the Sky is like wrapping up in a warm blanket on a cozy, cool, Fall day by a crackling fire I laughed, I was sad, I adored the characters, I resented the day to day chores that ripped me from the pages and was not fully present anywhere else until I reached The End Also, I incorporate Irish slang into my dialogue the following week or so.LOVE Marian Keyes She is bloody brilliant The worlds she weaves are so realistic, so deeply funny, and absolute [...]

    29. Adriana says:

      Marian Keyes is one of my favorite writers However, like other reader reviews I ve read, I have to say that this book did not do it for me Marian Keyes is not just your typical chick lit author She really elevates the genre by pulling in serious issues I loved the way she moved from goofy to intense in This Charming Man, but it just didn t grip me the same way in the Brightest Star in the Sky Maybe it was a little too much too late Or maybe I just didn t care I m not sure what prevented my inab [...]

    30. Amanda says:

      Okay, but probably my least favorite Keyes so far One thing I didn t like was the mystery surrounding Matt and Maeve by the time it was revealed it wasn t a surprise this isn t the first time Keyes has made the mistake of dragging on the suspense a bit too long in my opinion Anybody Out There I didn t get some things, like Jemima And Fionn s magic pocket And the spirit s exit I found a bit creepy Just overall not very impressed.

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