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Promises Linger
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Promises Linger Sarah McCarty Wyoming Territory 1868Elizabeth Coyote will do anything, anything at all, to save the ranch she loves, including marrying Asa MacIntyre, a broad shouldered, lean hipped, silver eyed gunslinger with a ruthless reputation for getting the job done.Asa dreams of a place of his own, a wife and the respectability that comes with both Marrying Elizabeth may have started as a meaWyoming Territory 1868Elizabeth Coyote will do anything, anything at all, to save the ranch she loves, including marrying Asa MacIntyre, a broad shouldered, lean hipped, silver eyed gunslinger with a ruthless reputation for getting the job done.Asa dreams of a place of his own, a wife and the respectability that comes with both Marrying Elizabeth may have started as a means to an end, but nothing in Asa s wildest dreams prepares him for the excitement of unleashing the carnal woman beneath his wife s prim and proper exterior.. Promises Linger Wyoming Territory Elizabeth Coyote will do anything anything at all to save the ranch she loves including marrying Asa MacIntyre a broad shouldered lean hipped silver eyed gunslinger with a
  • Title: Promises Linger
  • Author: Sarah McCarty
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  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Promises Linger Sarah McCarty

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    1. Eastofoz says:

      Was this ever good The setting was absolutely phenomenal McCarty writes a western so exceptionally well you d think she lived during the time and came back to tell everyone about it And then there s the sex Scorcher, scorcher, burns right off the paper scorcher and ick free to boot She has THE best oral sex scene with Elly on the kitchen table that I ve ever read Good god you have to remember to breathe when all is said and done Asa, the hero with the weird name, is soooooo beautiful inside and [...]

    2. Jennifer Leighton says:

      5 plus stars Wow This book was amazing I can t believe I waited so long to read it It was everything I could have hoped for SUPER steamy and erotic that one scene in the middle nearly killed me, LOL , but with a deeply satisfying romance you can really sink your teeth into The plot was well rounded, with just enough mystery to keep things interesting without overshadowing the romance The sex scenes were appropriately placed and with just the right amount of detail In other words, a LOT That Asa [...]

    3. Slavena says:

      What a piece of ______ This book is 10 for kindle and 18 for paperback, you d think that there is something to like about it First don t buy it because its historical romance It is modern day illiterate people in 19th century environment The entire book is terrible I read the whole thing because I wanted to get to the part that costs 10 to read, well I finished it and that part isn t there Second do not buy it because it is listed as erotica, unless u just like crude words, there is no sensualit [...]

    4. jenjn79 says:

      I m not sure I would have gotten around to reading this one if I hadn t picked up the MMP of the 4th book in the series And I didn t want to read that one until I caught up on the rest of the series This was a good book, though I think I may have enjoyed it if I d been able to read it in print or on an e reader instead of sitting at my desk reading on my desktop This is a hefty ebook at 280 pages and I couldn t seem to get in the mood to sit here reading for hours, despite enjoying the book Pro [...]

    5. Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter says:

      Even if you don t care for historical novels, if you like a good story, you ll love Sarah McCarty s Promises Linger.The setting and time in history are irrelevant when you have two characters who are each in awe of the other, and who see themselves as completely unworthy of the other person s trust, loyalty, and affection.What begins as a marriage of convenience becomes a beautiful and sensuous love affair between Asa and Elizabeth McCarty s narratives and dialog for sexual scenes is graphic, bu [...]

    6. Kathrynn says:

      I did not care for all the arguing, miscommunication, misunderstanding and verbal sparing from the h h Asa s character was sweet, very honest and direct Elizabeth had a lot of emotional childhood issues and her character was annoying as I felt those issues dragged out for the entire length of the book Sometimes I wished she d just shut her darn mouth There were some portions of the writing that did not make sense to me and once again some dialogue was written in a way that it was hard to determi [...]

    7. Chappy says:

      Re read Feb 25 28, 2017I m usually not big on historical books but this western kicked ass.Asa is one hot gunslinger who dreams of getting himself a ranch and a wife Elizabeth is desperate a single women she has no hope of hanging on to her family ranch She needs a husband, pronto Asa is at the right spot at the right time and does not hesitate.What I loved the most about this story is Asa s sexy dirty mouth He has a gentle heart and is determined to show Ellie how good sex can be He just has to [...]

    8. Dina says:

      Nice and unexpectedly sweet story I really loved Asa regardless of his strange name, LOL , but Elizabeth grated on my nerves sometimes not too much to ruin the book for me, but enough to take notice.

    9. Julianna says:

      Reviewed for THC ReviewsWhile many erotic romance authors seem to fall into the trap of sacrificing story for sex, Sarah McCarty is one of the few who knows how to balance an engaging plot with great character development and scorching hot love scenes to create a beautiful story that s a pleasure to read It is because of this deft combination that Ms McCarty has become my current favorite erotic romance author and one of my overall favorite authors too I had previously read and enjoyed some of h [...]

    10. Ladiibbug says:

      1 Promises Historical Erotic Romance seriesGood solid plot, I loved Asa, the main M character Elizabeth, the main F character was a BITCH, so argumentative that I kept wishing Asa d kick her outta the house and send her to the barn till she could be nicer to him I understand Elizabeth s major issue with being quite competent to run the ranch and make business decisions in Wyoming Territory, 1868 , but since women were not respected or taken seriously at that time, she was continually frustratred [...]

    11. Corrine says:

      While I enjoyed this story, I kind of feel that beyond the sex, there wasn t really anything new or interesting about the plot It kept me interested enough to finish, but I don t know that I m interested enough to pick up the next book in the series.Elizabeth Coyote needs a husband to save her ranch well, a new husband that is, since the man she was married to for one day turned out to be a thief and a gambler At the advice of one of her men, she offers her ranch and her obedience to Asa MacInty [...]

    12. Allie says:

      After reading all the positive reviews I was looking forward to reading this and at first the first few pages were promising until the hero and heroine got together and she opened her mouth It may be a historical book but her prissy attitude made me want to punch her There was just something about her I could not stand enough that I couldnt finish the book She didnt deserve her husband and I dont know how he could stand to deal with her.

    13. Cherise Sinclair says:

      I learned not to put ratings on books when tired This is a really good book, especially since there s so few western historicals in the erotic genre 4.5

    14. Vallsykes says:

      A daughter of a deceased, renowned and hardened cowboy, with a considerable ranch, walks into a saloon and nearly pistol whips her husband of about 24hrs She demands and hustles back the money he stole from her and blatantly renounces him as a husband Then, knowing she has to make her rejection stick, she boldly proposes to another man, known for his fight and his gun, a man who is considered, by society, unsuitable, a man who can t believe everything he secretly dreamed of is being offered by a [...]

    15. Mitzi says:

      Reread againally like the 1st 3 books in this series Fab Book Book 1 in Promise Series The best erotic western novel I ve ever read I ve reread this series so many times my books are falling apart Edited 1 14 12This series is now available from Sarah McCarty as indie books at 5.99 at and I m so happy to have them on my Kindle I m loving me some Asa.n What a man

    16. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads says:

      I REALLY struggled to get through this book In fact, I ended up skimming roughly the last 20% of it Asa is a sweet, like able character, but Elizabeth is just a straight up bitch She is aggressively contrary without reason She treats Asa like crap, picks fights with anyone in her vicinity, and acts like an immature teenager who s not getting her way Between the contrived misunderstandings, the constant miscommunications, and the unrelenting bickering, reading this book became so unpleasant it bo [...]

    17. Kathy says:

      I m not usually left speechless but, after I picked myself up off the floor, I thought I can t possibly write a review Well, I ll try anyway Is it hot in here Asa is one steamy guy Whoa He can call me darlin any time it so moves him He s one of those bad boys who are soft on the inside and he sure is possessive with what s his.Elizabeth annoyed me on occasion but not enough to take off a star I can t put my finger on what it was because I certainly understood alot of her behavior stemmed from be [...]

    18. JoAnn says:

      Solid naughty little read with a decent plot My last book was a complete disappointment so this was exactly what I was looking for, something good that didn t take a whole lots of concentration The next on the series is Cougar so I will probably read that too

    19. Vins says:

      Genre Western Standalone Cliffhanger StandalonePart of a Series Installment Yes BK 1M F M M M M F etc M FHEA HFN etc Ending HEAContains Cheating NO Multi Luv n NoContains Children NoContains Flashbacks NoJealy Possy OTT Rating 4Angst Level Rating 2Feel Good Level Rating 3.5Steam Factor Rating 4.5Kink Level Rating 4.5Amount of Sex In The Book LotsOverall Smex Rating 4.5Hero Description Alpha 4, Rancher, GunslingerHero Likability Rating 4 , I liked him a lot.HEROINE Heroine Description Nice 3.5Her [...]

    20. Addicted2Luv says:

      I buzzed through this one this week end This was my first book from Elora s Cave and a very hot book I didn t know if I would enjoy reading erotica, or if I d be grossed out It turns out that I enjoyed this, and I m going to read the next one in the series The author actually made sex on horseback sound possible as well as fun.

    21. Ivana Azap Feješ says:

      It was OK I was little not buying the story of virgin that enjoys certain things in sex in 19th century society environment, but OK Great for passing time book collection

    22. Amber J. says:

      I am not big fan of the historical genre, but I am a big fan of Sarah McCarty s Through the course of their unplanned and impromptu marriage, we watch Asa and Elly navigate the uncharted territory of falling in love Asa is a strong, determined, kind and sexy alpha male I love his thoughtfulness and the way he takes the time to really listen to Elly and hear what she is saying from her heart even thought the right words don t always come out of her mouth Of course, he had his moments flying off t [...]

    23. Lauren says:

      Promises Linger4 StarsSynopsis Elizabeth Coyote will lose her ranch and everything she has worked for unless she marries Asa MacIntyre wants nothing than land of his own and a lady for his wife Are they a perfect match or a disaster waiting to happen Review Steamy historical romance erotica with an amazingly sexy and stunningly sweet hero and a feisty heroine The sex scenes are explicit but contribute to the construction of the relationship between the characters and to the overall storyline.El [...]

    24. Jill says:

      I wasn t expecting much from this book, the cover made me think it would be awful However, that was another lesson for me not to judge a book by it s cover.Yes this book is an erotic book, so yes it s full of lots of steamy sex But boy does Sarah McCarty write it well.Asa, oh boy, I could go on about this man He could become one of my favourite hero s of all time Patient, loving, full of humour and just genuinly a hero, a protector, a wonderful husband I wasn t expecting that quality of characte [...]

    25. Netanella says:

      Awesome western romance with so many steamy parts that I was almost nervous reading this book on the airplane, as I was seated in the middle seat between two little ol ladies Nonetheless, despite my heated face, my seat companions were none the wiser Promises Linger tells the tale of Elizabeth Coyote, so desperate to save her dead father s ranch, the Rocking C, that she marries the first gunslinger she meets in the local saloon Asa, the sensitive badass type, has been looking for a home and a wi [...]

    26. gert says:

      yes, absolutely good and graphic sex and yes, there is a bit of a story to separate the sex but I don t know, maybe not enough of a story Asa and elly do find true love in the end, but the cattle rustling and ranch bankruptcy aren t strong enough to make the book interesting but if you re looking for some alpha but sometimes tender erotica without the dirty feeling you may get from a contemporary framework, then this would be a good book for youn t think I ll bother going further with the serie [...]

    27. Alisa says:

      This was really sweet and I liked the whole Wild West vibe it had going I don t read a lot in this particular genre with historical romance books usually being about the British Ton or, you know, British soldiers and fantastic, brutish Scottish Highlanders sometimes Lowlanders, sometimes Irish, etc If anything, my cowboys or ranchers are usually contemporary ones Not ones from way back in the day So yeah, it was a nice change.I don t really understand why the heroine was the way she was It was e [...]

    28. Judith says:

      I am an unabashed Sarah McCarty fan, so was delighted to begin this series Just a really good book I liked Elizabeth a stalwart Western woman who is charged by her now departed dad to keep their ranch and to do whatever it takes to retain this family legacy Along comes Asa McIntyre, a true Western man of many talents and one of those self made individuals that are so much a part of the legends of the Old West A man who is looking for his settling place, who wants the presence of a lady in his li [...]

    29. Lorraine Lesar says:

      It was so, so good Asa have to admit that I ve never heard the name before, but he is so unique that the name is just so fitting and Elly, were one hell of a team In traditional Western style, we had the goodies and the baddies and the not so traditional style of hot, erotic sex Now for the purists out there, have to say that the dirty sex words that Asa frequently used, most probably didn t exist in those times personally, I didn t care, it just made the pleasure of reading it so much so much [...]

    30. Jan says:

      The word okay is a bit of a throwaway word It doesn t give any flavor to a novel set in the American west in the 19th century It doesn t belong there This book has at least 4 million instances of okay.The dialogue was disconnected to anyone anything any story line Sometimes I couldn t figure out what they were talking about By the end of the story, I didn t care I finished the book because I d paid for it The love scenes were ridiculous sometimes I was actually laughing Out loud.Not TRYING to be [...]

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