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Deception Jonathan Kellerman BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Jonathan Kellerman s Victims.Her name is Elise Freeman, and her chilling cry for help comes too late to save her On a DVD found near her lifeless body, the emotionally and physically battered woman chronicles a long ordeal of abuse at the hands of three sadistic tormentors But even shocking is the revelation that the offeBONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Jonathan Kellerman s Victims.Her name is Elise Freeman, and her chilling cry for help comes too late to save her On a DVD found near her lifeless body, the emotionally and physically battered woman chronicles a long ordeal of abuse at the hands of three sadistic tormentors But even shocking is the revelation that the offenders, like their victim, are teachers at one of L.A s most prestigious prep schools Homicide detective Milo Sturgis is assigned to probe the hallowed halls of Windsor Prep Academy, and if ever he could use Dr Alex Delaware s psychological prowess, it s now As the scandal conscious elite close ranks around Windsor Prep, Alex and Milo push to expose the dirty secrets festering among society s manor born But while searching for predators among the privileged, Alex and Milo may be walking into a highly polished death trap.. Deception BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Jonathan Kellerman s Victims Her name is Elise Freeman and her chilling cry for help comes too late to save her On a DVD found near her lifeless body the
  • Title: Deception
  • Author: Jonathan Kellerman
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  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Deception Jonathan Kellerman

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      462 Jonathan Kellerman
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    1. James Thane says:

      When a teacher at a very exclusive prep school is found dead in a tub of dry ice, L.A Homicide Detective Milo Sturgis is assigned to the case The murdered teacher has left behind a DVD on which she claims that she was subjected to relentless sexual harassment by three other members of the school s staff, whom she names on the video Because it looks like an interesting case, Milo invites his old pal, Alex Delaware, to tag along during the investigation Logically, Milo s investigation should start [...]

    2. Marca says:

      A teacher from a private school is found dead in a tub of dry ice She leaves behind a DVD that names possible suspects should something ever happen to her As Alex and Milo discover, the teacher had a of secrets So do the people around her Another good Delaware Sturgis novel.

    3. Rachel says:

      This and the one before it were both like Milo Sturgis novels than Alex Delaware ones The psychological part of the books have completely been sidelined, and we barely see any of Alex doing his doctorly thing any, or any of his relationship with Robin Getting to be your typical whodunit novels instead of the interesting psychological thrillers they were Two stars, because I am still interested in who did it and I am usually surprised by the reveal Although in this book, the reveal was so out of [...]

    4. Sheila says:

      Alex and Milo are thrown into a crime involving acadamia at an exclusive private school for entitled rich kids.

    5. Laura Beth says:

      I loved this installment of the Alex Delaware series The whodunit kept me guessing and interested until the end The book was Alex and Milo at their best.

    6. Jerry B says:

      We gave up on Kellerman s Alex Delaware series quite a few books back when it became clear Delaware s justification as a consulting psychologist to the police, especially the very interesting Detective Milo Sturgis, had evolved into little than being a sidekick Deception isn t much different, as Alex spends most of the book doing little that narrating the story for us OK, at least we didn t have to put up with his live in girlfriend Robin that relationship turned silly many books ago Best of a [...]

    7. Skip says:

      Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis are back yet again This time a substitute teacher for a toney L.A prep school is murdered, where the police chief s son attends so reputational issues are used to deter the investigation Bodies start piling up and the suspect list keeps morphing If you like Kellerman, you ll like this one too.

    8. Lukasz Pruski says:

      Deception continues my Kellerman mini marathon brainless entertainment for the holidays In terms of the premise, plot, and literary value the novel is weaker than Twisted , which I finished two days ago Still, it is a relatively good read, interesting and twisted than Twisted.A teacher from a super exclusive prep school in Los Angeles is found dead, along with a DVD in which she accuses three fellow teachers of sexual harassment The police chief s son is about to graduate from the school and th [...]

    9. Kristen says:

      In the 25th installment of the Alex Delaware mystery series, Deception dealt with the death of Elise Freeman, a prep school teacher, who was tortured and killed by her tormentors It was up to Alex and Milo to discover what remained behind closed doors of the well esteemed prep school They later learned her killers were also killers at the same school, too While the school close ranked against the scandal, they unearthed some rather disturbing and shocking dirty secrets When they were ready to ap [...]

    10. Jill says:

      Not bad, the best Alex Deleware book in a while, but makes me wistful for the older Kellerman books that had a lot detail and focused on psychology and Alex s life outside of working with Milo, like Silent Partner or Devil s Waltz Still a good read that flowed well and kept me interested.

    11. Elizabeth says:

      This was not Kellerman s best work Usually he adds about Dr Delaware s home life, and his dog and his girlfriend, and he usually even manages to come up with plausible reasons for Dr Delaware to be tagging along with his detective friend, but here, it seems like he let that go We hardly heard at all about Robyn and the dog, and he ended up tagging along with Miles not only for the arrest of two violent killers, for no good reason, he also ended up in the interrogation room with them, also for [...]

    12. Viji(Bookish endeavors) says:

      An above average story The theme was original corruption in entrance exams,the qualms of students and parents over it and the problems originating from the same But,the author failed in presenting it in an enjoyable manner The story seemed to be dragging at most places Alex Delaware s abilities aren t brought into much utility The obstacles placed by superiors at every point of progress seemed boring after the first few instances This is not my first read of Kellerman and so,my expectations were [...]

    13. Julie says:

      Kellerman has finally wrestled the series back on track His last two or three have been both lackluster and bizzare, full of completely repellent characters and bizzare motivations I worried that Kellerman was heading down the same Path to Crazy as Patricia Cornwell seems to have galloped Apparently not I was relieved to read a nice, solid mystery, with sensible suspects, the bad guy s are only normally repulsive, no inexplicable plot turns, Milo and Alex and back in their cop buddy groove, and [...]

    14. Tamsinwilloughby says:

      A teacher from an elite school is murdered and put on display in a bathtub full of dry ice On a dvd found among her belongings she accuses three fellow teachers of sexual harassmentAlex and Milo are fun characters to follow around while they try to solve this case Having read a lot of Kellerman novels by now it feels like catching up with old acquaintances.Kellerman has a deft hand with descriptions, bringing people to life with a few sentences Sometimes his mysteries are too convoluted for thei [...]

    15. Alasandra Alawine says:

      When a substitute teacher at the Chief s son s elite prep school turns up dead in a tub of dry ice, Milo is called in to investigate on the DL.When one of the poor students that the school paid Elise to tutor goes missing he becomes Milo s cheif suspect But soon Alex and Milo begin to suspect that Martin Mendoza is being framed and every new murder brings them one step closer to the motive a test taking scheme and the true killers.

    16. Sandra Vilka says:

      8 10.

    17. Staceyj says:

      Typical whodunit but it was entertaining.

    18. Goedele Billen says:

      Kellerman w s goed Vroeger.

    19. John Wiltshire says:

      I desperately needed a good to read so returned to a favourite author For anyone who hasn t read the Jonathan Kellerman series about Dr Alex Delaware, then I strongly urge you to give them a go Alex Delaware is a psychologist who gets involved in crimes through his best friend gay police detective Milo Sturgis I don t usually add gay in brackets as if that is relevant unless it is, and I think in this case it s highly relevant Milo is a superb character and it s his interactions with Alex that m [...]

    20. Beth Allen says:

      My doctor has me out of work for a few days nothing serious, I don t think , so I finished this book last night.Another fun story from Mr Kellerman, another murder solved by LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis and Dr Alex Delaware Kellerman s pretty good at pointing fingers, as Milo and Alex consider possible suspects to the murder of a teacher tutor at a fancy prep school And there s always one or two higher ranking LAPD cops just waiting to make wisecracks about Milo s sexuality, question Del [...]

    21. Caitlin says:

      It seems that I ve been writing about reading comfort food for days now That s because I ve been recovering from gallbladder surgery am much better now and haven t been worth much beyond reading I love Jonathan Kellerman, although I ve been disappointed in his last two books He s gone through a period where I wondered where he could be going with the series and it looked like it was going nowhere good.In Deception Kellerman really regains his footing Once again the partnership between Alex and M [...]

    22. Styles says:

      I presume you know what the book is about I m letting you know what I liked or disliked about it.JK delivers as he always does so very well.I ve been reading Alex Delaware novels since the first one in the late 80 s I adore Milo and Rick, Robin, and the personalities of their French Bulldogs throughout the series The way JK describes Blanche almost always has me laughing out loud I had a yellow lab that smiled at me, I swear it But those are stories for another day One of the best things ever ab [...]

    23. pdxmaven says:

      It is SO exciting when I see another of Jonathan Kellerman s book are out in paperback, like knowing I can hunker down and disappear into escape indulgence reading land So spotted this one at the local Safeway store, put on my Pjs and went to bed early to read away.But you know, it seems like he s run out of steam With Alex and Robin now having resolved their relationship problems, and Milo and Rick having resolved theirs, that leaves only the plot to unfold, and it seemed to me to lack depth of [...]

    24. Steve Chaput says:

      When LAPD Lt Milo Sturgis is called in on a murder case he asks his friend, psychologist Alex Delaware to give him some insight on a DVD found on the murder scene It appears that the victim was ready to reveal problems she was having at a private school where she worked as a substitute teacher and tuitor for the SAT exams Restricted in his investigation by his superiors, Sturgis and Delaware have to carefully work to gather information on the victim and a growing number of suspects.Unlike some o [...]

    25. Nancy says:

      Alex joins Milo on another case, that Milo ropes him into, for NO good reason A teacher at an exclusive high school turns up dead, and in a video she made before her death, she points a finger at three other teachers on staff The Captain of the police department has a son at the prep school and wants to keep things hush hush, so the two men have to sneak around to get clues, for of course the men the teacher named are red herrings Three unlikely teens have a hero moment at the end, which was nic [...]

    26. Barbara Chambers says:

      I loved the book, the way I saw it was murder, greed with the politics involved for the families, students and police, a tangled web wonderfully contrived Although for me it would have been good to have a little involvement in the personal lives of Alex Robin, Milo and Rich, along with the main story line there s usually some content involving them all which I look forward to, the way I see it with each book it enriches their characters and I was thinking that if this were the first of the Alex [...]

    27. Nette says:

      Two books by members of the Kellerman family in one week Unlike his son s novel, this one was by the numbers Fun plot elite private schools always interest me , but I m so sick of his lame, not even trying dialogue The working people talk like palookas from the 1950s Jeeze, I never woulda thought , the rich men talk like William Powell in The Thin Man, and the cops call everyone either Loo or lad Kellerman Senior needs to go out and listen to some real live LA folks before writing his next one.

    28. Melissa says:

      I do like Jonathan Kellermen books.I think though I am now reading them so far apart that I can t remember what his relationship with Robyn is I thought that they were apart but then I read they were together and I guess I remember that they did get back together at some point .Anywhoo I liked it but I wish that there was a little bit psychological stuff in it Dr Delaware added a few tidbits here and there but these D3elaware novels seem to be leaning less to the mental health side and to the [...]

    29. Brenda says:

      Another rivetting Alex Delaware novel Had lots of twists and turns in the plot, making it hard to work out who was the bad guy until close to the finish Love it when I think I have it solved, then I m oh, so wrong Johathan Kellerman makes it easy to keep following Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis with each new mystery.

    30. Pat says:

      i alwys like the Alex Delaware books The characters are enjoyable, especially the contrast between Delaware and Milo Lots of twists and turns in the plot, Only disappointment was that half way throught the book I realized I had read it before, evidently right after it came out Didn t remember enought to spoil the ending for me so I continued to read it.

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