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Coolidge: An American Enigma
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Coolidge: An American Enigma Robert Sobel In the first full scale biography of Coolidge in a generation, Robert Sobel shatters the caricature of our thirtieth president as a silent, do nothing leader.Sobel instead exposes the real Coolidge, whose legacy as the most Jeffersonian of all twentieth century presidents still reverberates today Sobel delves into the record to show how Coolidge cut taxes four times, hadIn the first full scale biography of Coolidge in a generation, Robert Sobel shatters the caricature of our thirtieth president as a silent, do nothing leader.Sobel instead exposes the real Coolidge, whose legacy as the most Jeffersonian of all twentieth century presidents still reverberates today Sobel delves into the record to show how Coolidge cut taxes four times, had a budget surplus every year in office, and cut the national debt by a third in a period of unprecedented economic growth.Though his list of accomplishments is impressive, Calvin Coolidge was perhaps best known and most respected by his contemporaries for his character Americans embraced Coolidge for his upstanding character, which came as a breath of fresh air after the scandal ridden administration of Warren G Harding the sleaze that characterizes much of American political life today was absent in his administration.In many respects Coolidge was of a bygone era He was the last president who wrote his own speeches, who spent hours each day greeting White House visitors, who had only one secretary, and who didn t even keep a telephone on his desk Yet he remains as relevant today as he was three quarters of a century ago Little wonder, then, that Ronald Reagan so admired Coolidge, whose programs in the 1920s presaged the recent movement towards smaller government and reduced taxes It was Reagan who ordered Coolidge s portrait to be placed in the White House Cabinet Room, next to Lincoln s and Jefferson s Through research and analysis, Sobel reveals Coolidge s clear record of political successes and delivers the message that Coolidge had for our time a message that speaks directly to our most important political debates.Coolidge remains an enigma to Americans because he was so unlike any other politician, past or present Coolidge rose to the highest office in the land without the politician s familiar trappings the glad handling, the glib tongue, the empty promises, the negative campaigning He lacked charisma, presence, charm, or any of the qualities that would make a politician attractive to today s media Coolidge s legacy is his deeds, not his words which is exactly how he would have chosen to be remembered by history.Coolidge An American Enigma dispels the myths that have gathered around this underappreciated president and gives him the serious consideration he merits With this timely and important biography, Sobel has surely challenged historians to reassess Calvin Coolidge.. Coolidge An American Enigma In the first full scale biography of Coolidge in a generation Robert Sobel shatters the caricature of our thirtieth president as a silent do nothing leader Sobel instead exposes the real Coolidge w
  • Title: Coolidge: An American Enigma
  • Author: Robert Sobel
  • ISBN: 9780895264107
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Coolidge: An American Enigma Robert Sobel

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    1. Steve says:

      bestpresidentialbios 2016 When published in 1998, Robert Sobel s Coolidge An American Enigma was the first comprehensive biography of Coolidge to appear in over thirty years Sobel was a professor of history at Hofstra University for four decades and a prolific author, focusing heavily on American business life He died in 1999 at the age of 68.Early in this 419 page book Sobel makes clear that his goal is to reintroduce this enigmatic and often misunderstood man and to catalyze a reconsideration [...]

    2. Jeremy Perron says:

      Robert Sobel does a very good job depicting one of our least known presidents Calvin Silent Cal Coolidge presided over one of the most prosperous times in our nation s history, but like many other successful presidents they get over shadowed by larger ones Coolidge is described in this book as the last nineteenth century president and that is a fair title Coolidge was admired by President Ronald Reagan and by libertarians today, although whether Coolidge would acknowledge any of them is an open [...]

    3. Brian says:

      There are very few books written on Calvin Coolidge but Robert Sobel s is one of the best This book covers not only his presidency but the man behind the presidency which is what so many of the other books lost Coolidge was a man who was in the right place at the right time during the end of bossism He represented the small government values but recognized the areas where a balancing the budget and giving tax breaks to stimulate the economy He stepped back and allowed consumerism to prosper whil [...]

    4. Colin says:

      If you read only one Coolidge biography in your life and you probably would read only one , this is the one to go for although, it s not like Jefferson or Lincoln, where you ve got hundreds to choose from While this isn t as partisan a book as it could be, Sobel is definitely a conservative critic, seeking to rescue Coolidge from the Bin of Forgotten Presidents He is, however, willing to criticize Coolidge at times, especially on the issue of race relations.If you ve ever wondered how the Republ [...]

    5. Dennis says:

      If you are interested in reading about modern presidents you should add this to your list Enigma is a great way to describe this man His ascendency to the presidency was as a result of Hardings untimely and unexpected death Coolidge, being an honorable man, carried out Hardings agenda in the remainder of the term Elected for a second term he established his own His presidency was one of prosperity and government surpluses Whether his presidency was responsible for the market crash of 1929 and th [...]

    6. Donnie Edgemon says:

      Now, this is my kind of biography Coolidge is interesting to me because he understood the roles of each of the offices he held, and never sought to do anything beyond the charters of those offices Plus, for a man known as Silent Cal , he was very quotable The biography is great because Sobel focuses much on accounting for the events of Coolidge s life than on flailing about trying to discover the psychology of the subject Too many biographers try way too hard to look smart rather than to descri [...]

    7. Jonathan says:

      A very readable if not particularly deep biography of America s 30th President 1923 1928 , Calvin Coolidge a man, as someone said, who could be silent in six languages Not a great President, but a good one, Coolidge was arguably the last chief executive of small government and low tax America As such, he is admired by today s conservatives, but the truth is that it isn t really possible to return to that style of government, even if it is worth emulating Professor Sobel s fine book will break so [...]

    8. Eric says:

      Spoiler alert Luckiest President to serve simultaneously during peace time and a period of economic prosperity, enabling him to do nothing for little over 6 years Sobel attempts to vindicate and raise the profile of Calvin Coolidge beyond public perception and previous authors appraisals Reminding us that he was one of Ronald Reagan s favorite Presidents He takes pages to correct the perception left by Arthur Schleinger Jr in his book on Roosevelt, and an equal amount of pages justifying nobody [...]

    9. Brian C Albrecht says:

      Although at times slow and difficult for me to follow I couldn t keep all of the party bosses straight this story is an enjoyable look at Silent Cal Written by a historian of the 20 s he continuously takes detours from Cal s like to tell bigger stories , the diversity is astounding At times a very intimate book, at other times a broad philosophical look at the times, Robert Sobel brings life to a dead President If anything, this makes me want to learn much about the President who minded his own [...]

    10. Dan says:

      An engaging biography that presents Coolidge as a kind of do nothing Lincoln, which is not entirely a put down preternaturally honest, ahead of his time on race and gender, genuinely sympathetic toward the downtrodden and unsympathetic and but determined to do no or less than what he believed he was elected to do, which in his extraordinarily strict separation of power model was not very much.

    11. Charles Blumberg says:

      Good biography on Silent Cal , and his story of implementing conservative ideals preventing strikes by public workers, across the board tax cuts, lowering gov t spending, overseeing the roaring 20s, and that the chief meaning of freedom is for people of America to work less for the gov t and for themselves

    12. Cami says:

      The best biography of Coolidge of the three that I ve read I would love to see a the policies philosophy of Coolidge contrasted with the current administration It would present such a STARK contrast I would totally read that In fact, maybe I ll write that

    13. Robert Morrow says:

      Coolidge has been dismissed by historians until Reagan put him in vogue I found him to be a far interesting and accessible person than the image as the result of reading this book The loss of his son to illness during his presidency was a memorable passage.

    14. Thomas says:

      President Reagan s favorite President Government should not interfere with the business of business My how things have changed An excellent read.

    15. Frank says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed most of this book, about a president who is unknown to most of us My interest in Coolidge piqued because he was a hero of Reagan s and is generally rated pretty low in a lot of rankings Reagan was also an enigma, so I was intrigued to read about an enigma s enigma hero I love this Coolidge quote, The words of the president have an enormous weight and ought not to be used indiscriminately Coolidge s uniqueness lies primarily in his quiet and terse communication style I wish [...]

    16. Christopher Sturcke says:

      Robert Sobel s Coolidge An American Enigma is a great place to start if on desires to learn about Calvin Coolidge Coolidge was a very private person and therefore the paper trail beyond his public life if relatively scant as compared to other presidents and historical figures of the modern era Therefore not much new information has been discovered regarding his life and contributions I say this because even though Sobel s is not the latest Coolidge biography it should thrown aside in favor of th [...]

    17. Drtaxsacto says:

      The title of the book is Coolidge An American Enigma the enigma for me was why a distinguished author would have done such a terrible job in explaining Coolidge The task is a tough one Coolidge destroyed many of his papers when he died And, as history tells us, he was a man of few words Sobel admits early in the book that he did not use original sources He seems to have started with a dogmatic respect for activist government think Herbert Crowly so many of the nuances in the book begin from that [...]

    18. Christopher Litsinger says:

      Sobel makes a fairly decent case her that history has flattened our impressions of Coolidge as it often does to either a sort of pre Reagan template Reagan himself helped to build this idea of small government president or a bumbling fool who let the great depression sneak up on him Sobel s contention is that he was neither he truly believed that 1 as president, his only role was to enforce the laws passed by the legislative and 2 he thought that the progressive legacies of Roosevelt and Wilson [...]

    19. Frank Stein says:

      A very workmanlike biography, which provides the reader with just what they want to know and little else.Frankly, I was a little surprised that the book was so straightforward and balanced, because the introduction featured an extended rant about the inabilities of the leftish professorite to appreciate Coolidge, and the author indulges in another such lament halfway through the book Yet he also seems to come to the conclusion that Coolidge was not some forgotten Republican demigod The image tha [...]

    20. Patrick King says:

      Cooldige was far interesting a character than I thought he d be If Coolidge was a baseball player he d always get a single, he didn t swing for the fences so he never hit a home run I m paraphrasing an anonymous quote from a neighbor from the book He was timid but also very self aware knowing his strengths weaknesses and perhaps one the best Presidents to cultivate his own image by that time Sobel does an excellent job of de constructing the prejudices that we have about the 1920s as a whole Su [...]

    21. Martin says:

      I give the book only three stars due to its inability to keep me interested in the subject This is not the fault of the author, who clearly feels some passion for the subject I cannot imagine a difficult president to write about He operated justly and without scandal Practically without incident He destroyed most of his personal archives after leaving the White House, leaving little for future historians to discover He sounds quite intelligent, with a dry Northeastern humor that often went unno [...]

    22. Ed Callahan says:

      Coolidge An American Enigma is is a great title for this biography of our 30th President We learn that Calvin Coolidge chose to be one A consummate politician by birth, not artifice A Maine born, Vermont raised, Massachusetts trained politician whose career is a marker for the end of an era He believed that the purpose of the President was to be an administrator for the laws created by the legislative branch He had a point of view but not an agenda I had forgotten that Ronald Regan often used Ca [...]

    23. Ric White says:

      This a rally good book for a little known president I personally knew nothing of Coolidge and of his time in office After reading this book, I m still left with questions but believe I have a much stronger appreciation of the man There s not a whole lot here about Coolidge s personality and opinions, but I think that comes with the territory of the man, Silent Cal The book does a good job of hitting on Coolidge s work on the economy and some of his opinions on race, but not too much else I was a [...]

    24. Chad Lamb says:

      Well written, easy to read biography of Calvin Coolidge Sobel doesn t make any breakthroughs on Coolidge historiography understandable since Coolidge had all his personal papers and correspondence destroyed, except for what remains in his presidential material but he does a very good job of covering Coolidge s life in a laudatory manner that values Cal s presidential style unlike many liberal historians.

    25. Karen says:

      It puts Coolidge in the context of his time and is also a lovely study of his character and thought process I was surprised because this political view of the Roaring 20s doesn t mention much about jazz babies or gangs Apparently I ve been conflating history with culture It was well written and well organized The author uses an enormous number of speech exerpts and sections of letters to bolster his points I enjoyed the book enormously.

    26. Peter says:

      Interesting look at Coolidge This book helped to revitalize Coolidge s image among historians He is easy to dismiss, but complicated than portrayed He has been dismissed by Progressive historians who belittle pre FDR Republican presidents, paving the way for the coming of the savior and big government.

    27. Eric Smith says:

      Sobel s book is the best one volume biography of Coolidge is there a multi volume bio , it gets the facts out there, told in a linear structure, and that s about all it has going for it The writing is boring, the structure is traditional, but you will learn all you want to know probably about Silent Cal.

    28. Shae says:

      President Coolidge is a very helpful president even thought most people don t think him much if anything This book was both intriguing and informative He is a very important president and Vice President to the history of the United States.

    29. Patrick L says:

      The first half was quite interesting, as it covered the development of his personal and political philosophy It drags a bit when he becomes President, but only because he was not a glory hound like most are.

    30. Love says:

      If you have a libertarian attitude to government having a president like Coolidge who believes the president should do as little as possible in office might very well be a healthy thing It does however not make for a terribly interesting biography.

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