Carolyn Keene
The Case of the Dangerous Solution
May 01, 2020 Comments.. 345
The Case of the Dangerous Solution Carolyn Keene When the customers of the River Heights pharmacy take seriously ill after being delivered their medicine, Nancy is convinced that sabotage is involved and searches for the deadly drug.. The Case of the Dangerous Solution When the customers of the River Heights pharmacy take seriously ill after being delivered their medicine Nancy is convinced that sabotage is involved and searches for the deadly drug
  • Title: The Case of the Dangerous Solution
  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • ISBN: 9780671505004
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Case of the Dangerous Solution Carolyn Keene

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    1 Blog on “The Case of the Dangerous Solution

    1. LuAnn says:

      Wow, someone actually dies in a Nancy Drew Mystery Laughable that now George is working at a pharmacy she and Bess certainly have a lot of odd jobs in their short lives, but of course, it gives Nancy entre into a new mystery.

    2. Serena says:

      My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    3. Eric Wood says:

      A very good ND book Suspenseful and intriguing This one has a death in it, which is very rare for this series I believe this book was meant for the Files series, which is common for it s murders, but for some reason, this book got transferred to the original series There is two other books in the original series, 138 The Legend of The Lost Gold and 155 The Mystery in Tornado Alley that have a death in it, but other than that, death in the original series is not common at all Anyway, the death in [...]

    4. Melanie says:

      I may still have this book.

    5. Dharia Scarab says:

      I don t remember any of the classic books having an actual murder mystery as the plot It was odd to find it in this book.My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause If your local I encourage you to check them out For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already b [...]

    6. Y says:

      Decided to read a current book after recently going through a number of classic Nancy Drews Writing quality is about the same, just updated, but if this book is any indication of the other recent Nancy Drews, then it definitely seems to lean toward actual mysteries and sleuthing, whereas the classics felt like adventure stories and honestly, Nancy herself wasn t that great of a detective, seeming to pay less attention to little details and often having clues fall into her lap through variou [...]

    7. Kavya Agrawal says:

      This was indeed a wonderful book Till the end it seemed that the criminal was someone else, whereas it turned out to be the person who was the least suspected.

    8. Eliza says:

      It was okay it fit for the tyoe of book I felt like reading right now but I still don t like 90 s Nancy Drew nearly as mich as the Nancy Drew of the older books I don t think the newer Nancy Drew is as good a role model as the older one I m not sure how someone would crinkle their blue eyes as this book says over and over again This specific book is really exciting and unpredictable.

    9. Elizabeth Rachow says:

      I was obsessed with Nancy Drew books I would go to my school library and check out a new ones every week I loved mystery and trying to figure who did what or what happened I loved the romantic side of Nancy s life as well I could have both parts which was a nice mix for me Nancy Drew was such an enjoyment for me in elementary school.

    10. Miri says:

      George has been working at the local pharmacy, but when customer s order are discovered to have been tampered with, leading to at least one death, Nancy jumps on the case to clear George s name and prevent another death from a mad poisoner

    11. Jessica says:

      I read this as light summer reading while on vacation Simple, entertaining, and a typical Nancy Drew mystery.

    12. Emily says:

      I sort of got lost in this book I think the older Nancy Drew books were better because they have way adventure.

    13. Stephanie Moore says:

      I just loved this book It s a light mystery that s a fun and easy read The characters are all so loveable and charming and as for the who did it of the mystery, I never saw it coming.

    14. Winifred says:

      nancy Drew investigates the going ons in a pharmacy one customer who has had their prescription delivered has died and two others have become very ill.

    15. PRAMI says:

      Don t remember much but I know I liked it.

    16. Gale says:

      Read in 2005.

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